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What Type Of Finish Should You Select

Unmatchable: Lights, Dry Sage Paint Color | Benjamin Moore

Personally, I prefer a satin finish for my cabinets, but Benjamin Moore offers many finishes through their ADVANCE line, so you have many options to explore.

If you go on their website, you can see that they offer ADVANCE paints in the following finishes: Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss. How do you decide what the best option is for your home? While personal preference is of course the primary concern, there are some things you can consider about their various finishes that can help you with your choice.

Ben Is A Great Paint If You Can Get It

Ben is perhaps the best overall product in this category. It doesnt cover quite as well as Hi-Hide, but handily outperforms Superpaint. Its far more durable, and it has a competitive price point. However, there is one thing that may make you reconsider Ben.

Its a great product, but depending on where you live it may be harder to find than the competitors. In central Indiana , for example, there are only three Benjamin Moore stores, and general hardware stores may not carry the specific product you want.

That means you will either need to drive around to find the paint or have it shipped to you, which incurs shipping costs. That doesnt take away from how great the paint is, but it does make it more of a hassle to acquire.

However, if youre dead set on using Benjamin Moore Ben and are willing to find it, you wont be disappointed.

If youre ready to start a project on your home interior or exterior, fill out the form below and get a free estimate from Heritage Custom Painting today. Its important to know what paint your contractors use, and we use products from all of the brands mentioned in this review.

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Ben Moore Advance Durability

Durability refers to how well the paint holds up after it is cleaned. After cleaning kitchen cabinets, the last thing you want to see is damage done to your freshly painted kitchen cabinets.

The durability of a paint is determined by any changes to the sheen or did the paint scrape off.

After the kitchen cabinets are painted, the paint must cure for 14-28 days. I then clean the paint with several products, including:

  • 20% Bleach and Water Mixture

After cleaning with the above materials, there was no change or alteration to the finish. The paint did not get soft or scratch.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Review: Is It Worth The Price

The Benjamin Moore Paint Company was started by, you guessed it, Benjamin Moore in 1883. Since that time, this award winning brand has grown to offer the finest paints, stains, and finishes across North America. Having used many competitors products like Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Duron and Ralph Lauren, we were curious how Ben Moore paint would compare and if it could live up to the hype.

To date, weve tested two lines of Benjamin Moore paint and can share over three years of durability results. In this article well discuss paint selection, availability, price, coverage and longevity.

Editors note: This post originally ran in July of 2008. Since that time weve received lots of comments, feedback and suggestions. In an effort to continue providing accurate information, weve updated this post, and conducted additional testing. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but weve preserved them to incorporate reader insights.

Both Brands Are Pricey

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

The high-end paints sold by both brands are a bit overpriced without contractor pricing or a paint sale. For example, Aura, a top-of-the-line paint by Benjamin Moore, is $72 per gallon for the interior matte finish as of this writing. Aura is an excellent paint, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it. Emerald latex paint from Sherwin Williams, a paint advertised as comparable to Aura, is almost the same price.

The pricing goes up from there for hybrid paint . The list price for Emerald urethane enamel, a hybrid paint from Sherwin Williams that I’ve used a lot for cabinet painting, is $93 per gallon. Less expensive paints include Duration Home and SuperPaint, both by Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore’s Regal and Ben.

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Some Significant Downsides Of Benjamin Moore Paint

There will not be many paints that do not have one or two downsides along with it.

Benjamin Moore paint is no different. If you look for it, then you will find several downsides of this paint as well.

But it is also true that a product only remains when the better sides of it outweigh all the downsides.

Not all people start the remodeling job of the home and the washroom having a good budget, some may start doing it on a tight budget.

So doing the painting job with an expensive paint like Benjamin Moore paint may be next to impossible for them.

That is why some people consciously end up avoiding this Benjamin Moore paint from purchasing.

  • Unavailability of local stores

It is not easily available. There is very little chance of finding Benjamin Moore paint in the local painting and hardware store.

So, you may have to depend on the online order, then you have to depend on your luck for a perfect delivery.

It is a common observation while working with Benjamin Moore paint, the workers often get irritated due to the strong smell of ammonia in it. Sometimes the final paint may be found thicker than the usual thickness.

These are some common downsides of Benjamin Moore paint that you must keep in your mind while purchasing it.

Really Poor Service I Accidentally

Really poor service I accidentally double ordered because I thought my first order hadnt gone through. That was my fault but I Messaged same day to cancel but they said it was too late. I offered to return at my expense unopened but answer was no as they claim they never sell this colour so couldnt resell even though its a top colour on their website and designer magazines ! and theyve been selling it or it would appear not selling it for years! I guess they cant be doing as well as they make out although at their prices it doesnt surprise me. Very haughty attitude too. Apparently the customer is always wrong. I wont be buying from them again

Date of experience:September 26, 2020

Brilliant from ordering to 48 hour delivery,excellent coverage,high gloss finish and like painting with liquid silk,by far the best finish with a water based paint and after only 2 days has dried with an almost scratchproof surface.

Date of experience:June 18, 2020

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Benjamin Moores Aura Vs Regal Select

Before we get into what sets these two paint product lines apart, lets take a look at some of what they have in common. Both paints are:

  • Water-based interior paints available in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Paint and primer together to help reduce the number of coats needed.
  • Mildew resistant
  • Low-odour, zero VOC
  • Made with Benjamin Moores proprietary Gennex Colour Technology, which eliminates the need to use the chemicals on most paints that cause colour fading and inconsistencies.
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Why Is Benjamin Moore Paint So Good

ULTRA SPEC 500 REVIEW Is Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 A Good Paint?

There are a lot of reasons why Benjamin Moore paint is so good. Here are just a few:

1. They use high-quality ingredients.

2. They have a long history of making paint .

3. They have a lot of experience and knowledge about paint and color.

4. They have a good reputation.

5. They make a wide variety of paint colors, so youre sure to find the perfect one for your project.

6. They have a wide variety of paint finishes, so you can choose the perfect one for your project.

7. They have a wide variety of paint types, so you can choose the perfect one for your project.

8. They have a wide variety of painting tools and supplies, so you can get everything you need in one place.

9. They have a great customer service team that is always happy to help.

10. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Paint Coverage And Durability

With paint, you do usually get what you pay for in terms of quality and coverage. The high-end paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore aren’t cheap, but they deliver better coverage when brushing and rolling, as well as better durability.

Cheap paint usually, but not always, doesn’t cover as well as a pricier, higher quality paint, and brush marks won’t level out as nicely for a smoother finish. Cheap paints are also more prone to banding in corners, especially along ceiling edges, from cutting in. The banding is more noticeable with darker colors. Premium paints blend in better without the banding problem in corners.

Some people swear Benjamin Moore is better than Sherwin Williams, or the other way around, but both companies have great products that I personally use. I’ve used both paint brands for over 20 years. Aura is, by far, my favorite Ben Moore paint. The paint rolls on as smooth as butter and covers really well. I’ve painted quite a few homes with Regal Select too, an all-in-one paint and primer. I find that the Select covers much better than their regular Regal version.

The Sherwin Williams paints I use the most are Duration Home for painting walls and Emerald urethane enamel for trim and cabinets. Both products are very durable. The products SuperPaint, Cashmere, and ProClassic are also good options to consider.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Vs Aura

Aura and Regal Select are premium paints made with Gennex Color Technology that intensifies the color. Also, these lines are a paint and primer combo, which shortens the painting time. The fast-drying also contributes to an efficient painting process. With low VOCs, they wont release chemicals into the air or produce strong smells. Furthermore, they are available in Benjamin Moores vast array of colors. When we mean wide, we refer to a couple of thousands of colors. Aura is a brand new line made with Color Lock technology to preserve the hues.

There is a difference in the range of finished offered for these products, important to know if you prefer a specific paint finish. The Regal Select line lacks the Flat finish. However, it does offer Pearl, which has a moderate luster. On the other hand, Aura offers the Satin finish that Regal Select lacks. Aura has a thicker consistency and provides more coverage. Regal Select is thinner paint but can be easily spread onto large surfaces.

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Which Is The Better Paint Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin

So, is Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams leading the charge for a more eco-friendly solution in painting projects? Both should be awarded the gold medal, because not only do they each offer zero-VOC paint options, they are all highly durable and look fantastic. To stay on top, both companies make significant research investments that work toward creating a higher-quality and safer-to-use paint.

Does this commitment to quality and safety come at a cost? The short answer is yes, but definitely not in regard to health, safety, quality or durability. And as we have already mentioned, the durability factor ends up saving money in the long run.

As a professional painting contractor with years of experience using both paints, were not picking a favorite. However, there are situations where clients do have a personal preference and were happy to oblige them. Were fully confident that these two brands, which have practically identical satisfaction scores, have the qualities it takes for us to advocate the use of either.

How To Order Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Flat Base 3 Paint Exterior 1 gal.

You can now order Benjamin Moore paint online for curbside or in-store pickup at any of our 32 locations. We also offer everything else you need for your painting project, so don’t forget to pick up your brushes, rollers and trays. Order online today at the #1 Benjamin Moore paint retailer in Long Island.

You can find a wide range of paints, stains and primers on our website. Choose the type you need for your project and select the amount of sheen you want. The higher the gloss, the more washable the surface will be.

Select the size you need and then choose the color. You can visit one of our stores to browse our range of hues. If you need help deciding from home, we can mail up to six paint sample chips to you. Once you are ready to pick the color you would like, add the paint to your cart and check out. You can look up the store that is closest to you using your zip code.

Not quite ready to get started? Contact our helpful employees for expert painting advice.

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Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors Natural Green And Blue

Green and blue have been very popular over the last several years and the trend is continuing well into 2022. Natural, subtle shades of blue and green have been especially popular.

Whether you want to embrace a coastal style, add some vibrancy, or bring an earthy green into a modern style home, natural shades of blue and green can make your home look relaxing, and on-trend.

Per Gallon Pricing Differences

Most paint, with the exception of Behr and some paints sold at major home centers, are expensive at full price. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore aren’t far off from each other in pricing when comparing similar paints from each brand.

The cost largely depends on paint sales and contractor pricing too. Contractors get discount pricing based on their sales volume at the store, cutting the price by as much as 30% per gallon. Homeowners can also get paint discounts by opening a store account, but the discounts are usually less than what a contractor gets.

Both brands run paint sales year-round that can save you big money if you wait for the next sale. Sherwin Williams has the best sales, including the Blue Bucket sale they run two to three times per year, as well as their spring sale for paint and stain. These sales events can save you hundreds of dollars if you wait for them.

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Corotech High Performance Epoxy Coatings

Benjamin Moores Corotech High Performance Epoxy Coatings were developed to both protect and enhance commercial and industrial spaces. This line consists of both floor and wall coatings and has been used in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and just about every type of business imaginable. With nine different product choices that come in several different types of finishes, Corotech has the needs of all general contractors covered.

What Paint Should You Use If You’re Hiring Professionals

Painting Pros Review All-New Ben Interior Paint | Benjamin Moore

Kunz and Camper both said if your painting crew is pushing for a particular brand and type of paint, it’s because they know how to get the best results with it.

“What we find is like certain crews will get very used to using one of the types of paints, and they’ll lean towards it because they know just without even thinking about it,” said Kunz. “They know the coverage rate. They know the right nap roller to use everything that they need for that specific type of paint.”

Camper likes using certain products over and over for the same reason. “I become familiar with its characteristics, the way it flows, what the dry time is, whether it’s more apt to run,” he said.

Almost everyone we spoke with also suggested using higher-quality, more expensive paint. With a cheaper paint, “if you hire a professional painter, and you want a good job done, they’re going to end up, generally, using more product to cover with, so it’s going to cost them more in labor,” Camper said.

Materials, including paint, make up about 10% of the total cost, so it makes more sense to save on labor if you can, he said.

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Do I Need A Primer With Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

There are a lot of paint + primer options on the market right now, however, Benjamin Moore ADVANCE is not one of them. That being said, Benjamin Moore does offer an ADVANCE series primer that you can use to go along with your paint, so you dont have to go on an extensive search to find the right primer for your project.

Some people feel that they dont need primer and that its not a necessary step for their painting project, but I strongly advise against this. Primer is an extremely helpful step in preparing your cabinets or any other area for their final coats of paint. And using primer is the best way to help extend the lifespan of the appearance of your paint and ensure that the paint adheres well to surfaces.

Without primer, the paint may become tacky and refuse to stick to your cabinets, and stains can become a huge issue for your lighter paint colors. A lack of primer can also cause a greater risk of the paint peeling off down the road, so I always advise you to prep your surfaces with primer, and Benjamin Moores ADVANCE primer is a great choice to pair with these ADVANCE paints.

If you have never used a primer before, dont be afraid, its used in the same way that paint is. You can apply it with your typical brushes and rollers, but as Ill talk more about later, I recommend using a paint sprayer for your projects.


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