Interior Paint Cost Per Square Foot

Painting Cost Per Room

What is the cost of painting a 1600 square foot interior house in Toronto?

The price for interior painting services changes when the computation is by room type. Typically, professional painters charge anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per room. The labor cost is between $180 and $650 per room. Additional fees mayarise from the materials and equipment used.

Here are the average costs for the following types of rooms:

Basement $800 to $2,500

These numbers may adjust based on the rooms actual size, unique features , and other services .

Interior Wall Primer Price

While it is entirely possible to paint over paint, some colors and types of paint do better over a or a material that prepares the surface to receive the paint. If you are switching types of paint, such as going from oil to latex,primer helps ensure that the new paint will adhere without cracking or peeling.

There are a few types of primer. They are directly related to the type of paint you will use and the surface you are painting. Oil-based primers are good for painting on wood and work with both oil- and latex-based paints. They help prevent stains from bleeding through the new paint. Oil-based primers cost between $25 and $70 a gallon. Latex-based primers are good for drywall and work with latex paints. They can cover and seal small stains. Latex primers cost between $15 and $60 a gallon. Shellac primers are good for wood and for covering major damage from smoke or water. They can seal in the smell of smoke and any staining. Shellac primers cost between $30 and $80 a gallon.

Buy The Right Paint For The Space

One of the most important things to do before you start your project is choosing the correct paint. Flat and matte finishes may be cheaper, but they are harder to clean than an eggshell or satin finish.

Consider how the space will be used for your lifestyle. A high-traffic area, where children and dogs will spend a lot of time, needs a more durable paint than a bathroom. Ceiling paint is thicker than wall paint and grips the surface with fewer drips.

Some paint is more durable and washable than others, Watson says. Some are designed to smoothly cover an interior with rich hues and specific types of sheens, and some paints can help sanitize or reduce odors.

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Cost To Paint Vaulted Ceilings

Typically, the size of the ceiling will directly affect the total cost of the entire painting project. Additionally, the height of the ceiling contributes to this as well.

Normally, hired contractors will find it challenging to paint a high ceiling. This would entail additional costs and equipment to do the job efficiently, such as ladders and scaffolding.

With this, the cost to paint high or vaulted ceilings will also increase depending on the height of the ceiling.

For reference, below are the average costs for painting a ceiling depending on its height:

Height of Ceiling
$500 – $750

Preparing Interior Walls For Painting

Interior Painting Cost Per Square Foot

Before you can begin painting your interior, you have to do a few things to prepare your space. Some of these preparations may be included in your contractors painting fee, but you can also take care of some of the jobs yourself. If youre planning on doing things yourself, be sure to have everything prepared before the painters arrive. Otherwise, youll be wasting their time and potentially adding expenses to your project.

Some of these pre-painting tasks include moving furniture away from the walls, covering furniture and flooring, taping off areas, removing knobs and other hardware if youre painting cabinets, filling holes in drywall, and cleaning them. Its a good idea to clear away pictures, vases, and other knick-knacks, so they dont get in the painters way as they work. Plus, this ensures your belongings stay safe.

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Cost Of Painting A House Per Sqft In India : Paint Type

One of the most obvious factors that impact the cost and overall look-and feel is the type of paint being used for the job.

There is a very clear demarcation in the painting cost per square foot for paints of different types. Lets find out more!

Lustre paints can be water or oil-based and provide a pearl-like smooth finish.

The most expensive option is called texture paint. It is mainly used for accent walls. These paints require a special base preparation and some tools. Additional labor charges may also be involved in this case.

Price for Distemper per square foot: 8 onwardsPrice for Emulsion per square foot: 12 onwardsPrice for Texture paint per square foot: 80 onwards

How Do I Create An Interior Painting Listing

The DIY cost to paint a house interior may be less expensive, but youll need to spend time, effort, and resources on the prep work it requires to get the job right. Thats why its better to hire a professional house interior painter to transform your home.

To post a task on our platform, accomplish the request form and tell as much as you can about the paint job to book a Tasker faster. Here are some suggestions on what to include in your listing:

  • Your house size, room type, or number of rooms

  • The type of paint job

Remember that the more details you provide in your listing, the easier it will be for Taskers to offer an estimated cost to paint your house interior.

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How To Budget For Entire House Painting

Its recommended to put aside 1% of the purchase price of your home annually to cover future repairs, including painting. To save on painting costs, consider these tips:

  • Only paint accent walls to change the look of a room at a fraction of the cost.
  • Do the prep work yourself, such as moving furniture, dusting and cleaning the walls, removing outlet covers, and laying drop cloths.
  • Do the cleanup yourself, such as removing the drop cloths, and moving everything back into place.
  • Combine multiple painting projects at once to get a bulk rate discount.
  • Let contractors buy the paint since they get it cheaper and typically stick to high-quality paints that last longer.

How To Prepare Interior Walls For Painting

What is the cost of painting a 1200 square foot interior house in the GTA?

Before you begin, prepare your walls for painting. Use a good cleaner-degreaser or an emulsifying soap to thoroughly wash the walls and any painted trim. Rinse the walls with clean water and allow them to dry thoroughly.

This is a good time to patch any holes with a wall repair patch kit. Sand any patches, scuffs, gouges or other imperfections to create a smooth surface. Finally, wipe the walls again with a clean, damp rag to remove any remaining dust.

Time to start painting! Start at the top and move down. Paint the ceiling, then the walls. Finish the trim and doors last.

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The Condition Of The Building & Other Factors

Paint only adheres correctly to clean, undamaged surfaces. When a painting professional encounters a surface that requires repair, this will mean extra labor, materials and tools to get the job done, which will add to the overall price.

We already mentioned prep work as a factor, and most painters will include nail holes and blemishes into that prep work. If they encounter more substantial damage, such as drywall that needs to be replaced, this will fall into a category outside of prep work, requiring more labor and materials to fix.

If your property includes textured walls, you could be subjected to an extra cost, because these surfaces require more paint than a smooth surface, which means labor is also more extensive.

Finally, if your project requires the painters to move equipment around so they can paint all the surfaces, this will be reflected in the labor costs.

Getting to the final cost of a commercial property painting project

Weve determined that a 2,400 square foot facility, which does not require extensive cleaning or rehabilitation of damaged surfaces, will require $1,320 to $1,560 in labor $880 to $1200 in paint and supplies which comes to a total of $2,200 to $2,760.

Calculating your project cost in 5 steps:

STEP 1: Accurately measure square feet

STEP 2: Estimate the time it will take to complete the job, which includes prep work and clean up

STEP 3: Include the costs for special equipment used for the job, such as lifts

Other Considerations And Costs

  • If you have to dispose of paint and materials, do not throw them in the trash. Contact your city or waste removal service to ask about paint disposal and if there is an additional charge. Ideally, your painters should take care of this.
  • This cost chart assumes using mid-range paint and primer. If you choose higher-quality paint, it may impact your total project costs.
  • If you choose to hire an interior decorator or some kind of design service, expect to pay an additional charge for this. Usually, their fees are $50-$200 per hour.
  • Some painters will charge by the square foot for a full interior painting job, while others may charge by the room, the job, or even by the hour.
  • If you have excess detail work, trim, wallpaper that needs to be removed prior to painting, or other labor-intensive tasks, this will significantly increase your total project costs.

Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

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Calculating Interior Paint Material Cost

First, calculate the actual paint product cost. Assume that at least two coats of paint will be needed for adequate coverage with any color change.

Next, find the square footage of the surface to be painted by measuring each wall in a room across. Now you can multiply the length of the surface by the height of the wall. Learn more about calculating the total square feet of a room.

After getting the total square footage, our experts recommend dividing by 350 to find how many gallons will be needed.

Now, in the likely case that two coats are needed, youd take the number of gallons and multiply by 1.7 for the second coat. This is the industry standard for second coat coverage, which normally takes 30% less material than the first coat.

Cost of Paint Gallons

Next, multiply the number of paint gallons calculated above by the price per gallon of paint you want to use for the project.

If you choose a higher quality interior paint from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore, expect to pay $50-$70 per gallon. If choosing lower-grade paint for a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot, you can expect to pay $30-$45 per gallon.

A Quick Note:

Now, if you enjoy painting and have all of the supplies already, you can skip these next two steps entirely and get to painting.

Looking for the perfect interior color for your home? Our design experts created this nifty interior painting color guide with the most popular interior color choices for any room!

Painting Supply and Equipment

Average Commercial Exterior Painting Cost

Cost of Interior Painting a 3000 Square Foot Home

Exterior painting projects are more extensive. Commercial painters usually paint large warehouses, buildings, and other facilities.

Lets estimate the painting cost per square foot of a large warehouse with the following example:

Exterior Painting Project: A warehouse with four walls, each measuring 80 feet long x 50 feet high.

Total Measurement: 16,000 square feet

Estimated Hours of Labor: 53 hours for the first coat and 53 hours for the second coat

Labor Rate: $60/hour

Cost of Labor: $6,360 or just under $0.40 per square foot

Cost of Paint: $35 per gallon, with one gallon covering 300 square feet or $0.12 per square foot

Cost of Other Materials: $0.03 per square foot

Labor + Paint + Other Materials/Tools = $0.55 per square foot

Breaking this down by square footage, the average commercial exterior painting cost is around 53 cents per square foot for two coats of paint.

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Labor Cost To Paint A House Interior

If you are wondering how much it costs to paint the interior of a house, you should consider the labor price as one part of the cost. Hiring a house painter implies that you have incurred the labor cost, unlike painting the house yourself. The best thing about working with expert painters is that they do everything for you. That means you will not go through the hassle of measuring the house interior or any other work necessary during painting preparation.

Each professional or contractor will charge a different price for painting a house interior. Each contractor will have his or her technique for charging the painting job. Some will charge based on the square foot, while others will charge per hour of work or number of rooms in a house. The labor cost of painting a square foot of a house interior is between $2 and $6. On the number of room basis, the labor cost will be $400 to $2,000 for every room, while the cost per hour ranges from $25 to $100 depending on the contractor.

ProTip Takeaway: If you are working with a contractor, be keen when selecting the one to do the painting job. Be keen with the contractors that charge too low. Its better to pay a fair amount to get the job done perfectly and in time.

Determining The Cost Of Labor

When you hire a professional to handle your painting tasks, you will notice a stark difference between what they can do compared to the DIY approach. And while labor is one of the more costly aspects of the overall price, its well worth it.

Professional painters are highly skilled, accurate, but also fast. They can cover around 200 square feet in an hour. The average labor cost today is between $55 and $65 per hour. If you want to break this down by square footage, youre looking at around 28 to 33 cents per square foot for the first coat of paint. Most surfaces require two coats of paint, which pushes the cost to 55 to 65 cents per square foot.

Most jobs will require prep work, which can add another two or three hours to the overall labor cost. This includes scraping, cleaning, caulking and priming. Professional painters also come equipped with the right tools, which are also factored into the cost of the project. This includes brushes, rollers, spraying equipment, etc.

For example:

Your painting contractor has determined that a 2,400 square foot project will require between 24 and 27 hours of labor, which equates to a cost of $1,320 and $1,755.

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Interior House Painting Costs Guide

by Andre Kazimierski | Apr 29, 2022

When it comes to painting your homes interior, there are many factors that can affect the cost. Whether youre moving into a new house or updating your interior with new paint colors, knowing the costs will help you make the right choice.

From square footage to room ceiling height, well cover the most important aspects of average interior painting costs. Improovys painting industry experts created this handy paint cost guide to help take the guesswork out of painting your place.

Should you DIY or hire a professional painter? By the end of this guide, youll be better equipped to make the smartest decision when it comes to your interior painting project. Not to mention, using our tips below might actually help you save some money!

Want to get a fast & easy painting quote? Get your free estimate online or over the phone with Improovy in 10 minutes!

Check out Improovys exterior painting cost guide in case your house is due for a repaint.

Interior painting costs can fluctuate depending on factors like wall height, surface conditions, and ease of access. Walls taller than 10 feet can increase the cost per square foot by $0.55 $1.10. While walls that extend 14 ft or more in height can add an extra $0.74 $1.49 per square foot.

Calculate Overall Painting Cost For Different Paint Categories

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The Average Cost To Paint A House

Whether you just recently purchased your first home or you want to spruce up a house youve lived in for a while, a new paint job can be a great way to refresh your property. Concerned about what that might cost? Heres everything you need to know about the average cost to paint a house. Well cover both interior and exterior paint jobs.

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