Ideas Of What To Paint

How To Paint A Sunset With Hot Air Balloons

7 Super Easy Painting Lesson Ideas – Painting For Beginner

Sunsets is an easy painting idea for beginners to learn. Follow this step by step tutorial and learn how to paint an easy sunset with this popular painting.

I think this would also be a hit at a paint night, especially a late summer one! I love the shadowed hot air balloons , very reminiscent of late summer/early fall.sunset with hot air balloons tutorial

Create Something For The Other Person

Whether its a scene, the first place they met, a piece with the couple depicted, or something else thats important to both of them, ask them to create something that will be meaningful to their partner. Arrange for them to sit together or opposite each other to mesh the date night with a romantic surprise for the final reveal of each piece.

And Now Its Your Turn

Youre now well-armed with what you need to know as a beginner in acrylics. Im going to turn it over to you now.

Your blank canvas awaitsWhat will you fill it with?

P.s. I would love to hear what type of painting you are going to make, feel free to drop a comment below and share your ideas, You might inspire another budding artist!

P.s.s If your dying to learn anything in particular with Acrylic paintings, let me know and Ill make sure I cover it .

And until next time, stay nifty and creative!


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Use Paint To Give Children’s Rooms A Smart Finish

Strong kids’ paint room ideas are a must since these spaces tend to be over-stuffed with toys, gadgets, books and… more toys. So, majoring on one main color, with a neutral accent shade can help it feel less chaotic and much smarter. As in other rooms, putting the same color in different tones across walls, woodwork and even furniture can create a sleek finish.

Be Careful Around The Eyes

15+ Aesthetic Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

If your young child cant sit still when youre painting near their eyes, or youre uncomfortable getting close to them, simply dont put paint in the area. If you have an older kid that can sit still long enough for the face paint application, Alyce says she tells kids to relax their face, gently close their eyes and mouth, and pretend theyre sleeping. After all, if kids scrunch their face or are wiggly, its difficult to paint their faces!

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Color Contrast Adjoining Rooms

Choosing contrasting colors in adjacent rooms and considering how room colors look when viewed from one to another is a clever way to create a flow of hues throughout the space. This lovely jade green bedroom has a view through to a candy pink hallway part of a series of colorful rooms designed by Natalie Tredgett.’When deciding what colors to use in two adjoining rooms consider the conversation between the spaces,’ says Natalie. ‘Our eye is drawn to warmer colors, so lead with a pink, coral, or terracotta to naturally draw someone in that direction. Then create layers and complexity by making the next room a cooler color like green, teal, or blue.’

Spin Painting Canada Day Craft

Spin painting is probably one of my kids favorite art activities and this Canada Day craft using spin painting was so much fun to do! We had fun using different color combinations and squeezing out the paint in different ways to try and make unique patterns.

Kids will love to make this colorful Father’s Day bookmark and card set for their dad or grandpa as a special handmade gift. A super easy watercolor art project for kids of all ages!

Kids will love making this fun and colorful popsicle Father’s Day card painting for dad or grandpa! Super easy for kids of all ages. 3 mix & match printables included.

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Hallways & Staircase Paint Effect Ideas

As hallways are often the longest, thinnest room in your house, a full wall of colour can sometimes be a bit overkill, but don’t worry colour lovers and paint fanatics! All is not lost. There are plenty of other ways to inject some pretty pigment into your hallways and staircases.

Long lines

Image credit:

If you’re still here reading and have got this far, then you’ll know where we stand on painting the ceiling. If you’ve been mainly skim reading , then we’ll just reiterate: painting the ceiling is a great idea.

The image above is a perfect example of continuing the line from the wall and door right across the hallway using the ceiling – this is lifting the entire room and creating continuity, adding colour and making a bold finish. Painting the door ensures that this look isn’t broken at any point. It’s fabulous.

Image Credit: The Frugality

There’s a lot going on in this image, all of it good. If you have a character property then you can really embrace the features with paint. Paint the woodwork and wall up to the dado rail or add some panelling if there isn’t any already! This will guide the eye through the property towards the main event , whilst still being a beautiful feast for the eyes.

The bannister is painted a soft blush here which is a beautiful contrast to the other dark woodwork and walls.

Painted panelling up the staircase ensures design continuity and makes for a completely cohesive house interior.

Image credit: Stijlinge

Add some pattern

What Paint Should I Use

Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners Step by Step

If youre asking for my advice, I definitely recommend craft paint. Its inexpensive, its easy to use, and theres just about every color of the rainbow available. My favorite brands are FolkArt or Martha Stewart.

You can graduated to the fine art section/acrylics and oil based paints later. Start in the craft section and you wont worry as much about blowing your budget on supplies.

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Easy Painting Ideas Perfect For Beginners

Looking for easy painting ideas? Whether you just started painting or yet to begin, this curated list of painting ideas will inspire you to pickup a paintbrush and add some color to your life.

And create art that youll be proud of.

Whether youre looking for painting ideas for your wall, painting as a hobby, easy painting ideas for kids, family and friends, landscape painting ideas, or use as sip and paint ideas, new acrylic painting techniques, my wish for you is the enjoy the process of painting- no matter the outcome.

All you need to get started are some paints , paintbrush, canvas, and the most important element: an open mind.

So you can create art that youll be proud of.

Before jumping into some awesome paint ideas, lets go over which type of paint to choose, and supplies youll need- since many beginners dont know where & how to start.

Take Notes With A Chalkboard Calendar


Remember Harold and the Purple Crayon, the book about the kid who liked to draw on walls? You don’t have to be a fan of the bookor even be a kidto share Harold’s compulsion to scribble anywhere you like. Luckily, with the right surface and writing tool, you can erase your scribbles and do it again.

Chalkboard paint isn’t new, but creative minds keep coming up with new ways to use it. Consider the dramatic wall calendar shown here. It began with a floor-to-ceiling coat of standard gray chalkboard paint. With the help of a yardstick, squares were drawn in pencil, then taped off. Three-fourths were filled in with different shades of light and medium gray, leaving the remaining squares the same color as the wall.

The hardest part is coordinating the taping: After you paint the first set of squares, pull up the tape, wait a day, and put down a new line of tape to do the next set.

Once it’s had a couple of days to cure, the chalkboard should last years. It’s the kind of project that might inspire a Harold wannabe to paint erasable surfaces almost anywhere, including tabletops and canisters. Can’t quite picture it? Click “Next.”

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How To Keep Yourself Inspired

As an artist it is important to know what inspires you and then immerse yourself with those things. For example, there are specific artists that inspire me and give me painting ideas so I look at paintings by those artists regularly. Find out what inspires you and give yourself opportunities to spend time with that.

Travel is another one for me. Being in a very different environment and seeing new things gives me many painting ideas. I am sure the same is true for many others as well. If so, make time to travel! It doesnt need to always be going overseas it could mean just exploring the town next to yours that you dont know very well.

Experiment With Color On Woodwork

49+ Fluid Pour Painting Ideas For Beginners

It’s a classic choice and perfectly natural to reach for a white or off-white color when painting woodwork, especially in hallways, but by choosing a less obvious shade, you can create a far more sophisticated effect plus you can use this color to connect to adjoining rooms that might use that shade as an accent shade.

Just as you would opt for a contrasting, harmonious or tonal shade when painting a separate panel on a wall, look to using that color on the woodwork instead.

If painting woodwork on a wallpapered wall, color match your paint to a shade from within the pattern, using that instead for maximum effect.

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Paint An Old Pair Of Shoes

Feel free to and check off as many as you can!

Painting is an amazing way to feel great, get creative, and can even become a passion project or side-hustle in time.

For those days youre struggling to get inspired, use our awesome list of 100+ painting ideas to get inspired!

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Give Old Floor Boards A New Lease Of Life

Painted floorboards are a classic look, and you can create so many looks to suit your style from super simple whitewashed boards to checkerboard flooring or stripes as can be seen here.

Painting the floor with an accent color brings a huge amount of drama to a space, says chalk paint expert Annie Sloan . Keep the rest of the room neutral with soft nude browns such as taupes or fawns to focus attention on the floor. Or go for white walls but be sure to choose a warm-toned or neutral white rather than one with blue undertones as this could make the space feel stark.

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Use An Idea More Than Once

No rule says you can use an idea only once. On the contrary, a painting idea can be used to create a whole series. Take an old painting you like and work on variations, pushing the idea around and further e.g. different color sets, different angles, different lightingMonet’s haystack paintings are a prime example.

“One of the best-kept secrets of artmaking is that new ideas come into play far less frequently than practical ideasideas that can be re-used for a thousand variations, supplying the framework for a whole body of work rather than a single piece.” Art & Fear

Clever Painted Pot Ideas

Make Your Watercolor Painting Look MAGICAL With These Easy Watercolor Techniques & Ideas!

Stacy is a writer and freebies expert with nearly two decades of experience. She has appeared as an expert on Dr. Oz Show and several radio shows, published hundreds of articles, and co-authored a book. Stacy’s written about how to celebrate the holidays for less, decorate your home with free printables, and has curated the best free resources for parents and teachers. Stacy also has an extensive background in academia.

These clever painted pot ideas are going to inspire you to create something new from something old. Take an old pot or planter and use any of these ideas to give your pot a new look. You may already have a pot you can use, but if not, you can pick these up at thrift stores and garage sales. Just make sure that the pot you plan to paint doesn’t have any cracks or broken-off pieces.

There are all different types of projects here for any style of home. There are tutorials on how to get pots to look old and ones that really add some glitz and glamour, and everything in between.

These painted pot ideas include tutorials on how to transform terracotta, plastic, and ceramic pots. Many different types of paint are used, including acrylic, chalk, and spray paint. Be sure to use the type of pot and paint that each tutorial suggests to get the best look for that particular project.

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Expand Your Knowledge Of Painting History

Don’t ignore rich heritage and sources of ideas from past centuries of painting. If you got put off art history by a college course you found boring, or think it’s something too academic to be interesting, then approach the past through artist’s biographies or TV documentaries and films instead. It’s not the subject that’s boring, it’s how it’s written or approached that makes it interesting .

Paint A Checkered Floor Design

The burgundy red floor in the master bedroom of Sara and Andrew Taylor’s Massachusetts farmhouse didn’t fit the fresh and energetic personality of the newlyweds. But refinishing wasn’t an option on a limited budget. So to update the space, they painted the floor in a light checked pattern, using beige and white to warm up their cool blue walls. Recently, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers used their techniques to create a similar floor in his own house.

View the complete step-by-step instructions at How to Paint a Floor.

Floor paint: Bay Harbor Beige and Patio White by Benjamin Moore about $39 per gallon

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Painting Ideas Perfect For Beginners

Choose from these easy painting ideas for beginners. Try acrylic, oil, watercolor and more.

Painting is a fun activity and creative outlet that almost anyone can try. Because there are several different types of paint, all with different qualities and advantages, you can find a medium and a style to suit your interests and skills.

If youre a beginner, you might not know where to start, or which medium to try first. Check out these 35 easy painting ideas for beginners, which include watercolors, acrylics, oils, and gouache, as well as some easy canvas painting ideas for beginners in different paint media.

Painting Inspiration From Food And Pantry Items

70 Easy and Beautiful Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners to Try

I personally have not painted many food items but it is a subject matter I want to incorporate more in the future. There are so many wonderful examples of food used in paintings throughout art history as well as today.

There is a huge range of different food items you can make into a still life fruit, vegetables, baked items, canned foods, or even like these vegetables! The list is endless.

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How To Paint A Large Red Poppy Flower

Learn step-by-step on how to create a large red poppy flower with acrylic paints.

The sky is the limit to what you choose to paint your poppy on. Whether it be on a blank canvas, or a stained wooden boards for a farmhouse look, or even in a art journal.

You can apply these flower painting techniques in many types of project, the sky is the limit! How To Paint a Poppy

What Supplies Will You Need

Once you choose the paint type you want to work with, you can focus on other supplies. Outside of your paint set, you will need brushes, possibly a canvas or painting paper, and maybe even an easel if you’re feeling fancy. We have recommendations for three of the most popular types of paint. Check out our guides for the best watercolor paint sets, top acrylic paint, and best oil paints that beginners and pros will love. Although these paints are the most popular, you can go beyond a brush and pick up a paint marker. We even have a guide for the best paint markers, too.

Once youve got your watercolor, acrylic, or even oil paint, you can get started right away on honing your craft. But even having all the right supplies cant save you from the dreaded creative block sometimes, you just cant think of anything to paint! Luckily, weve compiled a list of prompts that are jumping-off points for your work. The easy painting ideas are divided into two listsone is inspired by life while the other challenges you to use your imagination.

When looking through the list, consider the following: what sounds like fun to paint? What will challenge you to get better? Are there certain techniques youd like to try? A leafy tree, for instance, gives you the opportunity to experiment with texture, while imagining these subjects in monochrome is a great exercise in understanding tonality, light, and shadow.

Photo: Stock Photos from Kuznetcov_Konstantin/Shutterstock

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Acrylic Paint Vs Oil Paint

Oil Paint is a very popular paint chosen by professionals. But if youve ever worked with oil paint, you know that its definitely a bit of a trickier paint.

Fortunately, you can get a very similar result using Acrylic.

But just in case you arent completely convinced, lets go over some the differences between oil paint vs acrylic painting.


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