How To Paint Over Wood Furniture

Can You Clean Polywood With Bleach

You can stain over paint?! || How to stain over painted wood furniture

Yes, you can use bleach for deep cleaning of your POLYWOOD furniture. This can be done annually or every once in a while. Bleach can help remove mold and most fungus stains. But make sure you dilute it with water. We recommended mixing two-thirds water and one-third bleach, but this can vary depending on the product.

Whats The Best Paint For Furniture

Now, which is the best paint for painting furniture? Honestly, its impossible to pick just one as it really depends on the look youd like. Personally, the two kinds of paint I prefer are acrylic and alkyd. They are both super easy to paint with and give a really nice finish.

If youd like a printable version of this information to keep as a reference for later, I put together two charts highlighting the main qualities of each of the types of paint. Plus, it includes a chart with specific brands for all of the types of paint mentioned in this post.

Original Ethan Allen Pineapple Pedestal Table

The first time this pedestal table made its way into my shop it looked like this. There were repairs needed before the makeover. Click here to see how this pineapple pedestal table was painted the first time around: Painted Pineapple Pedestal Table.

If you are new to furniture painting and want to learn how to update old furniture with paint you can always start at the beginning with How to Paint Furniture a Beginners Guide.

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How Do You Make Wood Smooth And Glossy

Mix half as much mineral spirits as gloss in a painter’s tray. Apply it to the sanded, clean surface of the wood in an even coat with a paintbrush. Apply two coats of polyurethane with a brush. After the seal coat is dry, use a clean brush to evenly apply a coat of undiluted gloss to the surface of the wood.

How To Paint Over Stained Wood

10 Tips for Staining Wood Furniture

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Painting over stained wood can be a great way to give your furniture a new and refreshed look. Whether youre hoping to make your home look more modern, or give it a rustic feel, paint can be an easy and effective tool for changing up your style. Even wood that has been stained a dark color can be painted over using the proper tools and techniques. All youll need to give your wood a new coat of paint is sand paper or a deglosser liquid, spackle, primer, and your favorite wood paint.

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Uses For Acrylic Paint

Ive found a use for this paint practically everywhere. I think its a fabulous paint to use if youre new to painting furniture, because it doesnt require much prep, and is very easy and forgiving to paint with. This is the only paint in the bunch that I have used to paint cabinets with beautiful results. Its durable and cleans up well.

Apply The Spray Paint

When painting metal furniture, spray paint tends to leave a smoother appearance, while brush marks tend to be more visible. Another advantage to spray paint is that primer is usually unnecessary.

When painting outdoor furniture, choose a kind of paint designed for outdoor use and consider the weather conditions. If the furniture will receive frequent rain, look for paint with a rust inhibitor.

  • Shake the spray can before painting according to instructions.
  • Holding the can about eight inches from furniture and spray a light coat. Multiple light coats will have a better appearance than one or two heavy coats. A paint sprayer may also be effective.

Tip: Be prepared to clean or switch out the nozzle as necessary.

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How Do You Antique Already Stained Wood

To get the aged look of antiqued wood, first sand the furniture lightly with a 150-grit sanding block. This step is essential in removing any existing stain or paint. The edges and high points should be sanded as well. The process will leave the wood looking worn and aged. The more paint that is removed, the darker the wood will look.

Once the base color is removed, use a paint brush to apply stain to the wood. Afterwards, you can sand away the excess stain and wipe away the excess with a clean rag. You can repeat this process if needed to achieve a deep color depth.

When applying a new stain to the wood, be sure to consider the wood grain. If you choose a dark tone, you can use zincsser wood bleach. This is a more robust solution that will remove the color without changing the grain. It is recommended to use this product only one time, but you can also use it several times.

Alternatively, you can apply a glaze to the wood with a stiff paint brush. Wipe off the excess with a rag to reveal the grain of the wood.

How Do You Paint Furniture Without Brush Marks

Furniture Painting for Beginners | One Step Paint Dresser Makeover

As you can see, I used a paint brush to do my cabinet makeover. This is a typical tool and I prefer it over small foam rollers. I think it gives a better finish and you have more control over the paint application.

I use this short handle angled brush for most of my projects and it is highly recommended.

You can see all of for quick purchasing!

I had so many people ask how I can paint furniture without seeing the brush strokes. And I actually have a very detailed article on how to paint without brush strokes already on the blog!

This post is geared towards painting trim without brush strokes, but all of the painting techniques apply just the same to painting furniture.

Make sure you head there next to get my best tips and avoid those pesky brush strokes!

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Painting Over Painted Wood Without Sanding First

I don´t know anyone who likes to sanding. Thats also why one of the most asked questions I usually get is how to avoid sanding at all costs. Most of the time you won´t be able to avoid at least a little bit of sanding when working with wood but in this specific case, you might be in luck!

As a general rule, it is possible to paint over already painted wood without sanding it first if the surface is not damaged or the previous paint job is not peeling or chipping off. Simply prepare the surface by applying a high adhesion primer. Once the primer has fully dried apply the paint.

Before you decide on painting over previously painted wood without sanding it first it is important to check if the surface is not damaged in a major way.

Add A Protective Topcoat

With wood furniture, a topcoat will help protect the surface from scratches and other forms of wear and tear. Satin polyurethane can make the finish more durable, but look for non-yellowing varieties. Consider furniture wax for white pieces.

  • Apply one to two coats with a brush. Be prepared for it to take at least a day to fully dry.

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Can I Use Any Paint On Wooden Furniture

Before you choose to paint wood furniture, you should choose the type of paint that suits where the furniture will be used. Certain paints work better under different conditions.

Acrylic, latex, or water-based paints are the best to use on wood, because they can be slightly absorbed and will adhere better to the wood. This means the paint will last longer.

How To Spray Paint Wood Furniture

How to Paint over a Laminate Furniture Desk

Do you have some worn wood furniture in need of a makeover? You can easily update pieces of furniture inexpensively with spray paint. Read this guide to learn how to spray paint wood the expert way.

Everyone has outdated pieces of furniture floating around in their homes: theyre well-made or they may have sentimental value, but their color or finish is outdated. Updating these pieces of wood furniture with paint is inexpensive and is a very satisfying process.

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Painting Over Painted Wood Furniture

Once your painted furniture is properly sanded, cleaned and prepped you may paint. Grab your paintbrush, make sure its clean and get your favorite furniture paint. I like to swap back and forth between Cling Ons and Zibra brushes. They both have soft bristles, are easy to work with and clean up well. To be honest, I like them both and dont have a true preference. Zibra brushes are a bit more affordable and can be ordered online . Cling Ons can be ordered online .

This table is being repainted using warm, creamy off-white chalk type paint. Click here to see this color on the Painted Farmhouse Bench You can find similar shades of off-white as well as other great paint colors with Dixie Belle that can be shipped to your door .

Strip Paint From Wood Furniture

Before starting, outfit yourself with chemical-resistant gloves and goggles. Work in a well-ventilated area on a leak-proof drop cloth. Using a brush, apply a paint and varnish remover to the areas to be stripped following the manufacturer’s directions. To remove varnish from stubborn areas, such as turned legs, use abrasive stripping pads soaked in odorless mineral spirits .

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Can You Paint Over Wood Furniture Without Sanding

The number one question I get when refinishing furniture from is, Can you paint over wood furniture without sanding?

The answer is, yes! There are actually quite a few ways to refinish furniture without sanding.

Im going to use this new Facebook Marketplace find as an example of my favorite way to paint wood furniture without sanding!

Ive refinished quite a few pieces. Some Ive kept wood, and some Ive painted, but here are a few ideas if youve wondered how to refinish furniture!

How To Paint Furniture

How To Paint Over Dark Wood Furniture


Over 1 day

Painting furniture can rejuvenate your home as effectively as buying new pieces, but at a much smaller cost. Whether you want to bring fresh life to familiar furniture or have acquired an old piece that needs a new look, applying furniture paint is fairly easy and affordable. Painting wooden or metal furniture meant for indoor our outdoor use can have different requirements, but most of the tools and supplies are the same.

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Choosing The Best Paint For Painting Walls

For years, I wondered if there was a difference between the different levels of paint available at the home improvement store. Being a budget decorator and remodeler, I usually just bought what was on sale, or one of the lower grades of paint. This past year, I was painting a very large, very red wall and knew I needed to put different types of paint to the test. Heres what I found to answer the question: Do I need to buy the most expensive paint for walls?

Buy The Right Paint Mixture And Brushes

Paints are specifically formulated for different types of surfaces. The ones you should look for at home improvement stores are oil, alkyd, and shellac-based paints. Water-based paints dont adhere to plastics, take a long time to dry, and easily chip off.

You can use any type of brush to paint POLYWOOD® furniture. But its better to buy different sizes to easily cover small and large areas with paint, especially during the final coating.

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Pros To Acrylic Paint

  • It can be used for both interior and exterior applications.
  • It does not require top coat like chalk paint or milk paint. Its finish is strong, but a top coat can be added for extra durability.
  • It levels beautifully. Simply put, you might see brush strokes as youre painting, but once this paint dries, those brush strokes are gone!
  • It has a little bit of a longer drying time than chalk or milk paint, which means that it gives you a little extra time and flexibility to catch a drip or fix a mark without it ever showing once it dries.
  • Ive read some people say you dont need to sand prior to using this paint. It does adhere well, so they might be right, but Ive never tried it out. I always lightly scuff up the surface with 220 sandpaper and it always has adhered perfectly. Either way, its less prep than most other paints require.

Wood Furniture: Prepare The Surface And The Painting Space

do it yourself divas: DIY: Painting Solid Wood Furniture White/ How to ...
  • To minimize the effect of paint fumes, paint in a well-ventilated a space. If you cant take the furniture outside, open a window or set up a fan to circulate fresh air. Dust the room as completely as possible and vacuum if needed to prevent dust in the air from settling on the wet paint.
  • Place the furniture on a drop cloth or tarp.
  • Clean the furniture with mineral spirits.

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Distressed Wood Furniture Is Perfect For Rooms Decorated With Flea Market Finds And Antique Treasures Learn How To Distress Furniture In Almost No Time Using This Easy Guide

  • Total Time:2 days
  • Skill Level:Kid-friendly

Before getting started, choose the piece of furniture you’re going to give a distressed paint finish. Scour flea markets or secondhand shops for a piece that’s solid wood with a stained finish. Don’t worry if it has scratches or watermarks the painted finish will hide those flaws. Look for a wood furniture piece with lines you love and that will look good in your space.

You’ll also need to select two colors of furniture paint to complete your distressed finish. You can choose two shades of the same color as we did or choose complementary or contrasting colors for a bolder look. We chose latex paint for its ease of use however, oil-based paints are known for their durability and oftentimes the go-to option for wood trim and cabinetry. Once you have your wood furniture and paint colors, it’s time to get started! Follow our step-by-step instructions for painting and distressing wood furniture for an aged-over-time look.

Find A Sturdy Piece Of Furniture With Good Bones

Have you ever heard the term, Good Bones?

When referencing furniture, good bones means that the piece is structurally sound, has good lines/details and will be a functional piece for your family.

As you can see from the before photo above, my cabinet is a solid piece of furniture and has very clean lines for a modern feeling. The shelving is exactly what I was looking for to display my favorite decor and the storage underneath is very functional.

This is the first step in refinishing a piece to bring it to your style. Make sure it is solid and functional and the aesthetics will come later!

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Mistake #: Chipped Paint

Youre painting outdoors.

If you werent aware, its totally safe to paint indoors. It used to be that paint had lots of fumes and it was something best left for the outdoors. Thats not the case now. Many furniture paints have little to no VOCs and can safely be done indoors. But just because it can be done indoors doesnt means youve got the space to do it indoors . When painting outdoors, use a Spray Shelter like the one I own, which is a quasi-like small tent that will protect your project from falling leaves and other debris. It also is great for spray painting and will protect your lawn from that neon pink youre using. .

Youre painting indoors.

Painting indoors, as mentioned above, is perfectly fine. But if youve got AC units or heating units blowing, dust or pet hair can be circulating and fall on top of your project. Either temporarily turn off the air conditioning or heating unit , or create a makeshift shelter to protect your surface .

How To Paint Laminate Furniture

How to Paint Furniture | Refinishing Wood Furniture | The Home Depot

My cabinet was solid wood, but more often than not, thrifted furniture is laminate. So the question becomes, Can I paint laminate furniture without sanding too? Yes!

The priming step is the most important for painting laminate furniture since you dont want to sand an already delicate surface. Take care to follow these same steps and your laminate furniture will turn out just as beautiful.

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Here Are The Steps To Paint Wood Furniture Flawlessly:

1. Prepare if at all possible, paint your furniture in an area that is well ventilated or outdoors. You should sand the furniture with 150 grit sandpaper to remove the old finish and rough up the surface so the primer will adhere to it. Use a tack cloth to wipe down the furniture before priming. Remove any fixtures or use painters tape to cover them

2. Prime Even if you are using paint with a primer included, you should use a primer first. A coat of primer will cover the underlying color and allow the paint to stick and cover with fewer coats.

3. Paint Begin painting the furniture. Use several light coats instead of one heavy coat because it will stick to the wood furniture better and look better.

4. Finish It is a good idea to apply some type of protective finish to the furniture, especially if you are going to use it regularly. Some finishes can easily be sprayed on for a brushmark-free job.

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