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How to Paint Metal File Cabinet | Spray Paint vs Roller | Part 2 #renarocsdiy

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While steel cabinets and tables are hard wearing and durable, they do need a paint touch-up from time to time.

To refurbish your steel cabinets and tables, a quick inspection is in order. This ensures that you locate any rust and dents that require repair. Beware of any metal cabinetry that is over 30 years old, as its likely covered with lead-based paints.

To safely prepare these cabinets, wear a respirator to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes.

You can paint over steel cabinets and tables so long as you prepare the surface. Depending on how rusted or dented the metal is, you may have to sand and knock out any damage and then treat it with an anti-rust compound before painting the final color. The metal must be sanded so that its smooth.

If there is no damage to repair and no rust to remove, the surface must be cleaned with soap and water or any commercially available cleaner. This removes grease and grime that will prevent the paint from sticking to the surface.

Lightly sanding with 240 grit sandpaper will roughen the surface enough to ensure that the paint can adhere to the metal easily.

How To Add Wood Veneer Tape To Raw Edges Of Plywood

Adding the wood veneer is so easy to do and will make the edges of the wood look perfectly smooth.

1. Use a rag to dust off the rough edges of your boards.

2. Heat up your iron . Lay the veneer along the edge and simply press it on with the hot iron. E-Z!

3. Presto-chango! No more rough edge.

4. If the height of the veneer is more than the height of the edge of the board, simply run a knife along the edge to trim the excess veneer or use the handy little edge trimmer.

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Now Think About Topcoat

Rustoleum 7769 is too good not to use, but it leaves you with a deep brown. If you want a light finish, prepare for 3 more coats. Normally I use Rustoleum 7780 for the next coat, but I gather you don’t want to buy yet another can of something, so I just say use a 3rd coat of topcoat. There is no such thing as a 1-coat topcoat, because a) it’s opacity isn’t that good, and b) your application isn’t that perfect. Marketing lies!

Since you don’t need to Rusto everywhere, you might make your first topcoat just over the brown areas.

Since this is equipment not a house, your topcoat should be an oil-based alkyd . Rustoleum’s topcoats are perfectly adequate. On one hand, color choice is very limited but on the other hand, a second can will match. Sherwin Williams will custom mix, but their second can will be a bit off. That’s just a fact of small-scale color mixing.

* Unlike the 2-pack “have to wear a moon suit” mil-spec stuff you see on new airplanes, which is loaded with PBA or isocyanates, and doesn’t work in cans, since you have to mix 3-4 chemicals and then spray it within an hour. It’s pretty good primer, though.

You don’t need to go to bare metal on paint that is well adhered.

Hammerite has a particular “look” surface which can help to hide surface defects under it – if that look is what you want. It’s a common machine tool or toolbox finish – less of a common choice for the living room. But if you look at some and like it, that works.

How To Make Drawer Label Holders

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet

1. To make the label holders, I spray painted mini dollar store frames with metallic gold paint.

2. I used the font, I installed on my computer and printed, cut out, and placed the labels in each frame.

3. I removed the easel from the back of the frames so that the frames could be attached flush to the front of each drawer.

4. I used a dot of hot glue on each corner on the back of the frames to attach them to the drawers.

I now have easy-to-move, glammed-up file cabinets, along with

another flat surface to organize my stuff. To find out how I made the wall calendar click over to this post.

I even glammed up the key by making a key chain with beads and buttons from my craft stash.

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Give Old Metal Kitchen Cabinets New Life With Paint

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Metal File Cabinets: Before

I have spray painted metal with great success, but I chose to use homemade chalk paint for this transformation for two reasons:

  • I want easy, If I used spray paint, I would have to empty the contents of the cabinets and move them outside.
  • 2. One of the questions I frequently receive is, Can you use homemade chalk paint on metal? The answer is a big YES! Chalk paint works beautifully on metal.

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    Diy Metal Cabinet Makeover With Paint

    August 25, 2017

    This DIY Metal Cabinet Makeover is part of the project mayhem going on around here. Now that we are solely concentrating on the projects in our garage, we are getting through them pretty quickly. We will be having a HUGE yard sale in the beginning of October so I have been a mad woman cleaning out all the things that we dont love or use anymore. That includes our garage. After this fall yard sale, we will be parking both of our cars in the garage and not looking back. Matt and I have agreed that we need to find storage space for future projects. I dont know if that means we will rent a storage garage or what, but we are going to change how the process looks around here.

    Now, to the latest makeover that happened from the garage stash.

    I picked up this metal cabinet because of the drawers. Anything with a lot of drawers or cubbies will always come home with me. Not only did this metal cabinet have a lot of storage, but it had all of the label handles still on it . The size of the cabinet is also great. It is small enough to fit in any space and yet big enough to give you ample storage.

    The piece did have some rust. Rust never scares me. It wasnt horrible on this cabinet and I knew I could work with it.

    I was really excited to get started on this metal cabinet makeover.

    What Type Of Paint Do You Use On The Metal Cabinets

    Filing Cabinet Makeover with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

    The best paint for metal cabinets

    • Acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is the popular choice of painters.
    • Chalk paint. Versatile and striking, chalk paint is the ultimate paint for the avid DIYer.
    • Spray paint. Spray paint is the ultimate in easy painting.
    • How to paint metal filing cabinets.
    • How to paint metal lockers.

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    How To Add A Stripe Pattern

    I decided to add a stripe pattern on top of the cabinet. This is how to do it:

  • Get painters tape and a level.
  • Add the painters tape and make sure it is straight. Use the level for straightness.
  • Press the edges on tightly, no paint should get below the tape.
  • Get your small paint foam roller and the accent paint. Roll the accent paint color between the tape gaps but over the tape edges.

    Make sure you add two layers of paint to cover the whole stripe.

    Watch the short video to see how it looks when you take the tape off:

    And here is how it looks after the tape is taken off and the cabinet is back in my home again.

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    Both of the metal cabinets came out great. Each one is painted differently, but both look very cute compared to the blunt look before.

    If you are thinking of painting a metal cabinet, just get one or two sample paints, this is plenty of paint to cover the cabinet. I had leftover paint samples I used for both metal cabinet updates.

    That means, it was a very inexpensive project for me to do. I love it.

    Can You Paint Over Steel Chairs

    With metal chairs being so popular, it makes sense to keep your old ones and just give them a new lease on life with a lick of paint.

    The process is not as difficult as you may imagine.

    Painting over steel chairs is simply a matter of preparing the surface by brushing and sanding any rust and old paint. Then degrease the surface using soap and water or a commercial degreasing agent. Apply a primer to the dry metal and, after 2 hours, spray on your first coat of paint.

    You can apply a two-in-one paint that also prevents rust. These advanced paints do not require you to apply primer first.

    The products ingredients include a rust inhibitor that will prevent corrosion while giving your metal chairs a modern new look.

    This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 08/03/2022.

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    Use Primer Only If You Need It

    You will need a primer only so the new paint sticks to the metaltherefore, you need only prime any bare metal spots. You can choose to apply primer before you paint, or choose a paint that already has primer mixed in. If you are applying a separate primer, make sure you purchase a spray primer, as it is much harder to manually paint metal without leaving brush marks. Metal paint primer can be found at most home improvement stores without too much difficulty.

    What To Do With The Hardware

    How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet

    Paint the hardware in a different color to add an accent.

    If you decide to add a stencil in an accent color as I did, then just paint it the same color. If you have pretty tape, then cover the hardware with it.

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    Apply The Paint In The Right Way

    Painting a metal surface necessitates the application of the proper technique. Additionally, subsequent shaking can accomplish while painting. Furthermore, when utilizing spray paint, the on/off action mechanism is required.

    Expert painters typically spray three inches of air before the paint makes contact with the metal surface, then spray until the paint reaches the end of the surface before pulling the trigger. Before depressing the paint-can trigger again, you can shift your hand in the opposite direction.

    How To Paint Hardware Or Metal Handles For Your Kitchen Cabinets

    You can easily paint hardware or metal handles for an instant change in any room! This is especially true with your kitchen cabinets whenever you want to spray paint them matte black or any other color.

    If you are looking for a total makeover for your home, then be sure to read my full guide on painting kitchen cabinets!

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    How To Paint A Metal File Cabinet

    Do you have an old metal filing cabinet that you dont want to throw away, and you might think about repurposing it? If yes, you might be surprised by the alternatives available when thinking about what you can do with an old rusted metal filing cabinet.

    The best approach to paint a metal file cabinet is to take out all of the drawers first. After that, sand the old rust off the metal file cabinet and apply rust primer before painting. Finally, a metal file cabinet can be painted using a metal primer spray paint.

    Filing cabinets are now commonplace in both homes and companies. You can pick one up and restore it at home because older ones can be obtained at second-hand stores and even by the side of the road on occasion. Lets look at how to paint a metal filing cabinet and give the cabinets a completely new look effortlessly and affordably.


    Step : Prime Prime Prime

    Metal Filing Cabinet Makeover | Furniture Flip

    Once the file cabinet is clean and rust-free, the next step is to prime!

    Some people ask me if you have to prime furniture before you paint it. My answer? It depends.

    You can read more here about when you may need to prime furniture, but when it comes to painting metal, you should prime it first before painting.

    Here are the rules of priming metal:

    • If there is no rust on the metal, use Rust-Oleums Stop Rust Clean Metal Primer.
    • If there is rust on the metal, use Rust-Oleums Stop Rust Rusty Metal Primer.

    Since there was no more rust on my metal file cabinet, I used the Clean Metal Primer.

    Before priming, though, any parts that you dont want to get overspray on should be covered up with painters tape, like the wheels.

    Here are a few helpful tips when using spray paint:

    • Spray paint is best applied when furniture is lying down, not standing up. Gravity is not your friend when spray painting, no matter how careful you are! Let the spray paint dry 20 30 minutes before flipping the furniture over to another side to spray paint. Be careful that the overspray on the cardboard, plastic sheeting, or tarp doesnt stick to the wet spray paint on your furniture.
    • Shake the spray paint well before spraying, and keep shaking it while spray painting.
    • Wear a mask! Even when spray painting outdoors, the particulates continue to float around you. A respirator mask is best to block any nasty stuff. At the very minimum, wear an N95 mask.

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    How To Add Wheels To A File Cabinet

    1. Attach wheels to the bottom board with wood screws. Place the base of each wheel at each corner. Leave about two inches from the edge of the center of each wheel. I marked and pre-drilled each hole to make the process easier.

    2. Turn the base board over and put the locking wheel in the ON position so the base doesnt move. Place the file cabinets on the base.

    I did not attach the file cabinets to the boards they weigh a lot and are very secure. If you want to secure yours remove the drawers and drill a hole through the bottom of the cabinet and the wood. Use a carriage style bolt to attach. Do the same for the other cabinet.

    You could also use wood screws. Working from the inside of the cabinet -remove the drawers and drill a small hole in the bottom metal so the screw has a place to get into the wood. Screw a wood screw through the hole and into the base wood. Add as many screws as you think you may need.

    3. Place the second cut plywood board on top of the file cabinets.

    How To Paint Metal Cabinets

    Before you start painting your metal cabinets, you need to clean them with a strong industrial cleaner. This will remove grease and dirt, allowing the paint to adhere to the metal. Next, sand with a light sandpaper like a 220 strength. Finally, apply a metal primer before using acrylic paint.

    With that overview, lets get into the details for how to paint metal cabinets.

    If you are painting indoors, make sure the floor and walls are covered. Newspaper, painters tarps, and painters tape are great for catching splashes and drips of paint while you are busy being Picasso.

    Once your surfaces are covered, follow these steps to paint your metal cabinets.

  • Clean the metal cabinets with soap and water to get rid of dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Sand your metal cabinets with a 220 or higher grit. Make sure you remove all rust and smooth the surface.
  • Apply your metal primer and allow it to dry completely.
  • Paint the first coat. You can use a foam or bristled brush.
  • Let it dry completely and then follow up with the second coat of paint.
  • Once the second coat is dry you can decide to repeat this step and add a third or fourth coat.
  • Once you are happy with the color, allow your cabinets to completely dry and then put away your supplies.
  • If you are painting a large space of cabinets, you wont have to wait long in between coats since they will dry as you continue to paint. Use thin coats to help it dry quicker and keep an even look.

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