How To Paint High Ceilings

Use A Thick Premium Cover

DIY Rolling High Ceilings & Walls. Interior Painting Tips Rolling Walls.

Here’s a tip that applies to most paint jobs but is even more important for ceilings. You want to get as much paint on the ceiling as you can in the shortest amount of time possible while minimizing spatters. To do this, you need the best roller cover you can buy. The best choice is a 1/2-in.-nap lambswool cover. If you’ve never tried a lambswool roller cover, you owe it to yourself to experience the difference. And if you’re worried about the cost, keep in mind that lambswool covers are easy to clean and can last a long time if you take good care of them.

Use The Right Kind Of Paint

Though of course, some would say that there are quite a few kinds of paint, there are not that many that are so well suited for painting your ceiling as a ceiling paint.

What sets apart ceiling paint is that it is an extra flat, which is good as far as painting ceiling goes, and it is usually made to drip as little as possible.

Having paint that is going to drip less is no substitute for having something to protect your floors, however you cannot possibly think that your ceiling paint will somehow not drip onto the floor at all just because it is designed to drip less.

Its therefore important to also cover the floor with a drop cloth which will protect the floor from the dripping paint.

Use The Right Tools And Equipment

To paint high ceilings like an expert, youll need the same tools and equipment the experts use. A sturdy ladder is a must, since you want to stay as stable, still, and upright as possible while painting. An extension pole will be necessary to get paint to the highest points and the hardest to reach corners of the ceiling. Then youll need a brush that affixes firmly to the pole, so that it doesnt move unexpectedly while youre applying paint.

Youll need a roller that matches the texture of the paint finish you want to achieve. And youll need a brush for smaller areas where detail painting needs doing. Rollers are good for the ceilings themselves, as they help you distribute a lot of paint quickly and evenly. Brushes will come in handy when you need to get the details right, like when painting trim between your ceiling and interior walls.

Its important your paint itself is of the highest possible quality. Paint thats too thin will not achieve the seamless finish you want. If your ceilings don’t look their best, you may end up spending additional time and money repainting them.

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Painting Ceilings For A Lower Effect

If your problem is a ceiling that looks disproportionately high or makes the room feel empty and cold, you can create a cozier, more intimate environment with these painting tricks:

  • Paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls – the deeper the color, the closer it will appear, but it doesn’t have to be a navy blue or black .If the walls are light, you can go drastically dark with your ceiling, or you can use a color that is only a couple of shades darker – both options will create a lowering effect. But if the walls are already dark, it’s usually best to use the same color on the ceiling – this will create an enclosed, box-like effect and make the high ceiling virtually “disappear” as a problem . Just keep in mind that a dark ceiling should relate to something down in the decor – it should repeat one of the existing colors to look connected to the rest of the room .
  • “Drop down” the ceiling by painting the crown molding the same color – this is a more conservative alternative to painting your ceiling a dark shade .To lower the ceiling line even more, drag the ceiling color down the walls .This idea works best when there is a high contrast between the walls and the ceiling color, and for an even stronger definition, you can also accentuate this new, lower ceiling line with a wallpaper border or crown molding.

Equipment For Painting High Ceilings

How to Paint a Room with High Ceilings

Before you get started, youre going to need something more than just a few brushes and a standard roller. Exactly what you need is determined by how big your space is and how tall your ceilings are. In most rooms, a ladder is all you need in order to be able to reach the edges and ceilings for painting. However, if you have a really large space, it might require scaffolding. If you dont already have these items on hand, you can often rent ladders and scaffolding from a hardware store.

You may also want to consider a sprayer, as it can speed up the application in larger rooms. However, sprayers can be expensive, so it might not be an investment you want to make just for one job. If you dont want to purchase a sprayer, you can simply buy an extra long handle for your rollers. Theyre fairly inexpensive and will allow you to apply paint from a greater distance if you cant get up on a ladder or handle spots that are tough to reach from the ladder.

Unless your ceiling is quite old or yellowed, you probably dont need a primer. If you do need a primer coat, it can be applied with a roller on a long handle. If you need to get up on the ladder in order to reach the highest points of the ceiling, you can still use the long handle on the roller to apply the primer, which means you wont have to climb as high up on the ladder.

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Remove The Painters Tape:

After youve finished working for the day, clean your brushes and close the paint cans right away. Remove the painters tape once the ceiling is finished. This will assist you in avoiding removing any fresh paint. It would be difficult to remove the painters tape from a dried ceiling compared to wet paint.

Once you have removed all the painters tape and cleared the area, you are set to move back all items, including furniture and other wall hangings. Make sure to keep the area airy using fans or by opening the windows at least for one day. So, the paint can get entirely dried without any moisture restoration in the ceiling or walls.

Additional Tips And Considerations

Shop for paint buckets and other tools you can attach to the ladder or scaffolding, to keep your hands free for balance and painting. Soft extension ladder caps help cushion the top rails and prevent wall damage. Consider light, low-gloss paints that show less roller marks and imperfections than deeper, shinier colors show.

Ask a family member or friend to help, even if he doesn’t do any of the painting. An assistant can hold the ladder for added safety, retrieve work materials, and watch to make sure you’re not stepping too far back on the scaffolding.

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Painting A High Ceiling

When you paint a ceiling, it has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the space. Here are a few painting tips to take into consideration when painting your high ceilings.

1. Clear Out the Room

The best way to avoid messes and protect valuables when painting your ceiling is by getting everything possible out of the room. It will make the job much more efficient as youll be able to move around the room with ease. If you cant move the items into another room, try moving them to the middle of the room.

2. Use Good Drop Cloths

Painting the ceiling can create some extra drips. Gravity doesnt give you any breaks when painting your ceiling. Although dripping paint is inevitable, containing and managing it is possible with good drop cloths. Anything under your ceiling should be protected with a good drop cloth that is heavy and effective at keeping paint off of your furniture and floors.

3. Use a Sturdy, Quality Ladder

If you have high ceilings you may need to use a ladder while painting your ceiling. Some say scaffolding is better, but that should be left to the professionals. Scaffolding is heavy, hard to assemble, and hard to move. For ease of use, a good ladder will do.

4. Use an Extension Handle for Your Paint Roller
5. Choose the Right Paint Colors
6. Add Trim with a High Ceiling

Create A Feature Wall

Painting HIGH Ceilings. How to paint hard to reach areas. Painting with a brush holder.

A feature wall from floor to ceiling can help unite the two parts of the room. It can be achieved inexpensively with a can of paint, or you can do something more elaborate. If you have a fireplace, consider extending it upwards with more tile, brick, or stone. A wood pallet wall is another unique option that will enhance and not overwhelm the space. Wallpaper can work for this type of feature wall. Just be sure to hire a professional to hang it, since doing any work at cathedral-ceiling heights is too dangerous for a do-it-yourself project.

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The 15 Colors Of White Paint Top Designers Swear By

For a moodier feel:

1) Antique Pewter by Benjamin Moore: This is my go-to moody color for the different tones of blue, green, and grey that make up the fabulous hue, says Griffin.

2) Nightfall by Benjamin Moore: My team and I used this color in an office with tall ceilings for a dramatic effect, says McGee. This inky blue elevated the entire feel of the space.

3) Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore: This is a warm gray that helps your space feel cozy, but its not overwhelmingly dark, says McGee.

4) Benjamin Moore White Dove: This is another one of my favorites, says McGee. It has a warmer tone to it that keeps a room feeling cozy, especially when accented by wooden trusses.

What’s your favorite paint color for a large room? Let us know in the comments!

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How To Paint High Places With A Ladder

May 16, 2022

Despite the spacious feel of high walls and ceilings, it can be quite challenging to paint them. You may be required to paint a high wall or ceiling in your home or work building. It may be necessitated by aging paint that may require you to apply a fresh coat to bring some new life into the wall. You may also want to change the interior or exterior look. Regardless of the reason for painting, it is best to familiarize yourself with all the process steps to ensure excellent results. You may have to use a ladder in most instances, primarily working on high or elevated surfaces. It is best to begin your painting project by deciding the method of reaching the high surface that best suits you.

How Do You Paint a High Wall with a Ladder?

A ladder is an excellent option for reaching high surfaces such as walls and ceilings. It is crucial to ensure you use the right ladder when painting. It will make the process easier and more efficient. It is best to avoid ladders that require you to overextend yourself when painting to reach a surface. It can be dangerous and pose a safety hazard for yourself and others.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when painting a high wall with a ladder:

Step 3: Work on a solid and level surface It will go a long way in ensuring everyones safety if you work on a solid surface. You may have to dig the spikes into the ground to ensure the sturdiness of the ladder. It may be best to use a ladder leveler.

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Clean And Prepare The Ceiling Surface

If you dont prepare the ceiling surface before painting by removing old, chipping, or peeling paint, your new paint job wont look like new. Any debris, holes, or other imperfections in the ceiling surface will affect the way your new paint looks. Youll need to know how to properly remove and repair anything that doesnt leave your ceiling super-smooth so your paints and primers will stick properly and have that professional look.

Are There Any Other Tools That I Can Use

How to Paint a Room with High Ceilings

All right, some of you might say after reading all that we wrote above, we have an extender pole and a paint edger. But is this all? What if I cant use those for any reason?

Well, of course, these two tools are most commonly and frequently used. But if you really have no possibility to make use of each of them, dont get upset!

Here are a few other tips and suggestions for you regarding the painting tools that can be used instead of an extender pole or a paint edger.

Purdue power lock extension and 18-inch rollers can become a great substitute!

This equipment spreads the stripe of paint twice the normal width without the use of a ladder.

As an option, you can try to make use of a texture terminator.

This tool will help you to solve the problem of scraping popcorn ceilings which is both painful and untidy and makes all the homeowners suffer.

This equipment possesses a replaceable metal blade which makes scraping much easier! In addition, it also has a built-in container to catch the falling fragments.

Finally, there is an adjustable length handle that is designed in a way that it accommodates a range of ceiling heights.

Try using scaffolds instead. Scaffolds are important to use when working at a height for continuous periods. They give a strong stand from which to work and allow the painter to have the tools and paint supplies at the working level for ease of use.

So, this is all that we wanted to tell you regarding the painting of high locations in your home.

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How To Paint A Room With High Ceilings

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These how tos will show you how to paint a room with high ceilings the easy way!

Yesterday, I posted our living room reveal and was so tickled that you guys liked the paint color as much as I do!! It is gorgeous at all times of day and is such a true gray!

There were 2 things that I was stressing over leading up to this project:

1) Picking the right color

2) How we were going to paint these walls ourselves given that our ceiling peaks at about 18

We absolutely did not have it in our budget to hire a painter. Even if we did, though, I dont think I could have stomached that expense, especially knowing that we were perfectly capable of painting 90% of the room ourselves without much effort. I just couldnt see paying someone to do the entire room when it was such a small portion that was seemingly out of our reach.

So with a combination of research and some frugal creativity, I pulled together some tips on how to paint rooms with high ceilings without scaffolding!

Remove Everything You Can

Lastly, its a good habit to remove as much from the room that you can prior to starting the painting process.

Youre going to want to do this because when you have things in the room, they tend to get in the way and if this is the case when you are painting the walls of the room you can just imagine how much more it will be the case when youre painting the ceiling.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

You may not want to paint your ceiling yellow, but don’t be afraid to deviate from plain old white. Painting the ceiling a color can make a small room seem bigger, or a room with a high ceiling seem more intimate. Plus, it’s just more interesting. Ask at any full-service paint store for help in choosing complementary wall and ceiling colors, or search online for examples of rooms you like.

Best Ladder For Painting Ceiling

HOW TO paint ceilings FAST and like a professional PAINTER

An extension ladder can get you from the ground floor or staircase landing up to the ceiling. Remember to place it at the correct angle for safety. OSHA recommends setting the base of a ladder “a quarter of the working length of the ladder from the wall or other vertical surface.” For example, the bottom of an 18-foot extension ladder should be placed 4 1/2 feet from the wall. The top of the ladder will rest slightly below the 18-foot ceiling. This allows you to stand a few rungs down and reach up to paint the areas of ceiling you comfortably can reach. Adjust the extension and angle of the ladder as needed to prevent any unsteady crouching or stretching to reach the surface. Never stand at the very top of an extension ladder.

Consider a multifunction ladder for ceiling work over staircases. These adaptable devices can be adjusted in a variety of ways to work safely on stairs, as extension ladders or as scaffolding.

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Your Different Options For Painting High Ceilings

You actually have a lot of different options to choose from when painting high ceilings. Which option is best is going to depend on what type of ceilings youre going to be painting, how big your room is, the equipment you already own, and what your budget is.

I am going to cover each different strategy for painting ceilings and when that strategy is your best option.


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