How To Paint Flowers Easy

Lets Talk About The Bouquet As A Whole Now

Easiest Way to Paint TEN Flowers with Watercolor!
  • Flowers in the back of the arrangement will have less intensity, moregrey, less focus and sharpness.
  • Flowers at the front of thearrangement will have more color, intensity and sharpness.
  • Yourfocal blossoms will have the highest color intensity, sharpness anddetails.

So dont sweat trying to copy each and every petals on thoseback blossoms, they need to recede into the back of the picture plainanyway.

Abstract Flower Paintings With Color Splash

This gorgeous painting looks like the artist decided to drop several cans of paint on a white canvas. The result is an abstract flower thats sure to make a statement.

You too can create abstract flower paintings similar to this one using acrylics on a white background. The petals are literally an explosion of shades, including pink, purple, blue, and yellow.

Given that this painting creates chaos and manages it beautifully, you can feel free to use any color you want.

  • We suggest you begin by painting the background or purchasing textured colored paper unless youre comfortable with a blank background.
  • Then, using a thin brush, start painting the petals with different shades of your chosen colors.
  • Remember, its an abstract painting so theres no need for accuracy. In fact, the more creative you get, the better it will look.

Using a large canvas will also yield nicer-looking painting that will require less accuracy on your side.

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Make Bubble Paint Flower Hydrangea

Simple flower painting tutorial that nets you pretty hydrangeas with this bubble flower technique you are going to love painting. For DIY wall art that is sure to impress, try making this to hang up on the wall. a super cute DIY kitchen decor idea, this painting will look good with most all decor styles.

More Easy Flower Paintings:

Ideas for painting easy abstract flowers on canvas with acrylic paint ...

Easy Flower Paintings like the ones below look great on handmade cards, notebook covers, in your sketchbooks or journals, or as a piece of wall art! Grab your supplies and lets paint!

Watch the Video Tutorial and paint with me!:

Supplies used:

  • Paints: I recently purchased my first of Gouache paints! This set is super inexpensive and comes with just the basic colors.
  • Thick Paper: I used this super thick Watercolor paper that is 140lb in weight. The heavyweight paper allows us to layer paint and add water without too much warping of the paper. My paper is 11 by 15 inches in size.
  • Paint Brushes: Use a Round Paint brush- you can paint leaves beautifully with a round paintbrush. Ive used a Round 6 and Round 4 brush today from this set. Its a general set of brushes that is great for acrylic, watercolor or oil paints. I love that comes with a zippered travel case!
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    How To Paint Flowers 35 Ways

    You may not believe me, but anyone can paint flowers with the right tutorials and techniques. You will have to see to believe, but that is easy with these 35 step by step tutorials for flower painting. Learn how to paint easy roses, expert daisies, swirly modern flowers, fun and funky florals, plus lots of other lovely, flowery ideas. Decorate your crafts and product stand alone artwork that makes an awesome DIY gift. Create to your hearts content after you master these super-simple techniques. Learn how to paint flowers like these today! My favorite things about these painting tutorials is that many net you a cool piece or art to hang on the way in addition to honing your painting skills. Whether you want to make something for yourself or you need a DIY gift idea, you can learn flower painting while making something cool. From roses to daisies, realistic to modern, simple to ornate, these flower painting tutorials will show you how to paint a flower lots of different ways. Dont worry if you are a beginner, either. From learning how to draw a flower and then paint it with easy to follow step by step instructions to basic shading and brush strokes, you will be on your way to learning flower painting once you practice with a few of these easy tutorials for beginners. Once you learn, you can use these techniques on furniture, crafts and other decor to add an extra touch of creative flair and color to your DIY projects.

    Final Thoughts On How To Paint Flowers With Acrylics

    There are many different flower species, including wildflowers or perennials in a garden. It is no wonder, so many artists enjoy panting flowers.

    Discovering your artistic style will come with a little practice and trying different techniques you observe by watching other artists.

    The more videos you watch and classes you take, the quicker the learning process will be.

    Learn from watching artists like the one showcased in the videos above and study professional artists techniques like Tim Fisher.

    Soon people will be enjoying your art in their home, and emerging artists will be learning from you.

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    A Completed Bouquet Of Flowers Using The Flemish Technique

    While viewing your beautiful bouquet in front of you, remember to:

    • Learn to see the underlying structure of your flowers.
    • Continue to arrange them into something pleasing to you and that conforms to your golden rule template.

    Going back to these basic underlying structures, learning how to paint flowers can be kept simple.

    Most flowers will usually conform to these 4 basic shapes!

    • The disk shaped, like the Daisy. Just remember a tea saucer that is round and the petals will radiate from the center of the saucer. When viewed on an angle, the saucer then becomes elliptical. An exception to this rule would be the closed or early partially opened disk-shaped blossom. It will tend to be coned shaped.
    • The cone-shaped flower. Blossoms that grow on a long, single stem, are conical in shape.
    • Some flowers have many mini-blossoms that are cone shaped but their entire mass combined will form a sphere.
    • Sphere-shaped, these are my favorites, why? Because the rose is part of this group, as are peonies, carnations and hydrangeas.
    • When viewing these blossoms, most will have a multitude of petals but their collective groupings will form a beautiful sphere. Lots of artists are afraid to attempt them, but stick with me for some tricks to make them a little more easy.
    • Your largest group will be the combination shape .

    It goes into much more details about what to look for in this complex blossom.

    Learning how to paint flowers just isn’t that difficult anymore!

    Easy Diy Painted Flower Pots For Kids To Make

    How to paint flowers in acrylic painting | Painting Tutorial | Easy for Beginners

    Painting is always fun especially when you paint something to turn it from boring to fun and interesting. These flower pots have previously been very typical and boring and are now turned into exciting and fascinating pots. All this miracle is because of the painting that has been done. here!

    DIY Clay Pot Crafts Take a look at these small DIY Clay Pot Crafts for Beginners to create to add some flair to your home.

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    Traditional Painting Vs Paint By Numbers

    Painting has been used for centuries to express ideas, to release those emotions that we sometimes cant name or even realize that they are there. We use painting to break with tradition, to bend the rules, to challenge ourselves. Its a way to express ourselves, to relax, to take our minds off the daily struggles and work on something productive and beautiful.

    However, all good things must come with a price, and the price of painting is practice. Lots and lots of practice. To break the rules, first, we must learn the rules. What if I told you, there was a way to get all the perks of painting, without having to stare at a blank canvas not knowing what to do?

    Heres whats great about painting by numbers: you will paint a perfect masterpiece every time without spending hours perfecting your skill. Its so easy to pick up, even I can do it, and trust me, I cant even draw, let alone paint.

    If you want to be able to create beautiful masterpieces and lose yourself in a project but dont know where to start, why dont you try out an easy paint by numbers?

    Paint Flowers In 15 Minutes Or Less

    In this project, you can see a step-by-step process of painting flowers. Follow this technique presented here and you will end up making some amazing and good-looking flowers on canvas. Some special paintbrushes are used in this project in order to paint flowers beautifully. Gather the supplies and start this project right away. here!

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    Prep Your New Iod Stamps

    Every new set of IOD stamps needs to be conditioned before use. After you open the package, remove the plastic layer that covers the stamps. Use a worn, fine grit sand paper on the textured side of your stamp to give your stamp some tooth for the ink to stick to. This step needs to be done just once, the first time you use the stamp. Is your first time using IOD Stamps and Decor Ink? Check out Stamping Basics.

    Smear Technique Poppies Acrylic Flower Painting

    Learn how to paint pictures like these whimsical flowers at Big Cedar

    For this gorgeous design, youll need acrylic paints of various colors, a canvas, and a few brushes. Using brushes of several sizes helps you create different effects.

    • Set your canvas up on an easel or somewhere you can easily reach it.
    • Dip the larger brush into some red paint and smear it across the top of the canvas.
    • Then add some yellow and green to create a varied color palette.
    • Next, use the smaller brush to add details to the flowers.
    • Finally, add some highlights and shadows to make them look realistic.
    • Dont be afraid to experiment with different colors!
    • Furthermore, try to combine broad strokes with short ones to achieve a nicer-looking effect on your acrylic flower painting project.

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    Easy Watercolor Flowers: How To Paint Watercolor Flowers Step By Step

    Watercolor flowers are one of the best projects to to try if you want to get into watercolor painting. Youll be able to master the basics very quickly and youll soon be making your own beautiful paintings.

    Watercolor flowers are easy and immensely satisfying to paint. There are so many different kinds of flowers that you could potentially paint, from roses and poppies to primroses and geraniums. When you first start painting, you may find it useful to have some flowers to work from in front of you or you might find it easier to work from photos.

    You can paint realistic flowers or looser watercolor flowers which are quicker and look more like illustrations in appearance. Experiment and see what works for you! Youll begin to develop your own painting style and learn what works for you.

    You can use your easy watercolor flower paintings to decorate your journals, to create cards for friends or as artwork to display on your wall. The whole process is deeply relaxing and its a lovely way to spend an evening or an afternoon.

    Looking for more watercolor inspiration? Check out our watercolor painting ideas for beginners, learn how to paint a watercolor galaxy or our how to use watercolor pencils guide.

    How To Paint Easy Watercolor Flowers

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    Ever wanted to learn how to make watercolor flowers? Its easy! This video tutorial will show you how to make easy and gorgeous watercolor flowers.

    Flowers are one of my very favorite things to paint. Reason being, NO painting skills are required. Anyone can make themreally!

    Today, I have a video for you where I share the step-by-step of painting watercolor flowers.

    I also share all my supplies, and am including the tutorial in written form. Lets get started!

    Also, you can create your own basic dyes: how to make natural pigments if youd like to!

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    More Simple Garden Crafts

  • Dip your brush in water and wipe on the newspaper to clean. Dip the brush

    into a different color and with the longer edge of the brush, press from the

    edge of the circle and out to make the petals.

  • You can fill in any open spaces or freehand the petals for another option.
  • Let the rocks dry out completely.
  • Using the Clear Glaze, spray all of the

    rocks until completely coated and allow them to sit and dry.

  • Project Type: Category:

    Quick Super Easy Painting Tutorial

    Quick and easy flowers – Acrylic painting for beginners | Diy | step by step

    If you’re new to painting or just want a nice quick painting idea, this short video tutorial is for you. Watch as I show you how to paint an easy simple flower painting that’s super fun to paint and looks fabulously colourful and happy when it’s done!

    If you’re a beginner artist or first time painter, this is a great one to start on.

    Paint it on canvas and hang it to cheer up any room, or paint it a little smaller on gift cards to give to people to cheer them up too!

    I had such fun painting this one and I know you will too.


    • at least one small to medium round brush and a medium to large flat brush.
    • paint: you can use any colours for this one – choose all your favourite flower colours!
    • a small canvas or whatever you want to paint on
    • a small jar or cup of water
    • paper towels or an old rag

    This one is so easy and fun and you’ll end up with a super colourful flower painting to enjoy.

    If you still need to shop for art supplies, Ive got an awesome FREE shopping list of basic, must have art supplies for you! Includes tips on where to shop for best prices. Don’t risk wasting money on the wrong art materials, this will make buying your art supplies and getting set-up with the right materials so quick and easy.

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    Add Strokes With A Different Shade

    For the next strokes, we have selected a lighter shade of pink and similarly painted dashed circular strokes over the previously painted rose pattern. Overlap certain parts of the previously painted pattern but do not paint over it entirely. Use a thinner brush to give the painted pattern a rose-like shape.

    Make Your Own Diy Kids Charcuterie Board With Painted Flower

    This project gives you an insight into how you paint beautiful flowers on a wooden board for a purpose. Select beautiful colors of your choice and make a beautiful bunch or a bouquet just like you see here. For this project, you need a few materials like a wooden pizza peel, pencil, non-toxic acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cookie cutters, fruits, crackers, cheeses, nuts, and other snacks liked and loved by your kids. here!

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    Painting Flowers With Acrylic Paint In Sketchbooks:

    I love practicing easy flower paintings in my sketchbook itself, make sure to read my tips for acrylic paint on paper! These could be the easiest flowers to paint, they are so simple!

    Supplies used:

    Start by choosing a color palette: Add your paint colors to a palette beforehand, this way you can focus on painting and not waste time thinking about colors midway.

    Paint simple flower shapes using your first paint color, here I have pink. I like to scatter my flowers around the page and have them in odd numbers- 3 or 5.

    Repeat with a second color. Vary the shapes and sizes of the flowers. Make some bigger, some smaller. Paint a few flowers partially along the edge.

    Add at least two leaves per flower, again varying colors. I like to go whimsical use blues, aquas and even pinks for leaves.

    Mix your colors to create extra shades: Here I mixed some of the blues with yellow and white to create a nice muted greyish green. Since you are mixing this color from the existing colors it will coordinate nicely with our flowers.

    Add details to your flowers: Mix your primary color with a little bit of white to create a softer version of the color. Add this color to the flower petals. These will create the highlights.

    Layer more colors onto the leaves similarly as well. You can go further and add another lighter shade on top of each petal, but I stopped here.

    Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

    Easy Flower Painting Ideas for Beginners

    Do you want to try something absolutely breathtaking? How about trying a classic cherry blossom tree in paint by numbers? With little artistic liberty, you can make it a tree bursting in bloom or make that beautiful night sky exactly the one you want to see.

    Step by Step Painting brings you the basic technique, now its up to you to make something incredible.

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    Fun Flower Painting With Fingers

    If you are a beginner wanting to learn how to paint flowers, youll love this technique.

    Although many people think finger painting is meant for children, the truth is that you can create incredible artwork using your hand as tools.

    From painting glorious macaws to enchanting cityscapes, there isnt anything you cant create with some paint on your fingers.

    The first step to painting flowers with your fingers is to familiarize yourself with the shape of your subject. It will allow you to create a rough sketch of the flowers before getting your hands dirty literally! Next, dip your fingers in your favorite acrylic color and start dabbing on the canvas.

    Once you are satisfied with your creation, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before picking up a paintbrush to fill in the missed spots. You can also use your brush to draw the stems and add more details to your painting.

    This acrylic flower painting technique works best to create lilacs, cherry blossoms, poppies, lavender, hydrangeas, dahlias, and sunflowers, to name a few.

    NOTE: If you have just started acrylic painting and are looking for some guidance, please make sure to check out the comprehensive Acrylic for Beginners Bundle: A-Z Guide to Your First Acrylic Masterpiece. This bundle includes an 87-page e-book, free video courses, detailed blending techniques, and a handy shopping list for basic painting supplies.


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