How To Match Wall Paint

Get A Real Sample From Your Wall

How to match paint color 100% the easy way

Bringing a real sample is always a better alternative to software recognition. Depending on the type of phone and setting, it can distort the right color. Thats why it is better to bring a real parchment with the color. Simply scrape off a sample with a razor blade. Then peel the paint off the drywall. Take the piece to the manufacturer or the local paint store and ask for that specific shade. They will be more than happy to help.

Tips For Storing And Disposing Of Paint

The key to paint storage is keeping air out of the can. For additional tips, go to .

  • Before closing the can, carefully wipe paint residue from the groove, or chime, and the rim of the lid.

  • Close the lid with a rubber mallet or place a block of wood on the lid before hammering it shut a hammer will damage the lid, preventing a good seal.

  • Don’t store paint in direct sunlight, inside a hot attic or garage, or next to something warm such as a water heater or furnace. Heat accelerates deterioration, and UV rays fade pigment.

  • Don’t store paint where freezing temperatures are possible. The freeze-thaw cycle will ruin latex paint.

  • Some experts recommend storing paint cans upside-down, but this technique will cause the paint “skin” to form on the underside of the paint. The paint skin is impossible to completely separate from the paint in the mixing process, leaving undesirable chunks. It’s easier to remove paint skin from a can stored upright.

  • Dispose of hardened latex paint with your household garbage. Use hardening agents such as kitty litter, sawdust or products purchased at your local paint store to solidify large amounts of latex paint.

  • Oil-based paint and solvents, including mineral spirits, are considered hazardous waste. You must take special precautions for proper disposal. Check your local regulations to ensure proper handling.

  • How To Apply Touch

    Once you match the right color, try the painting techniques below for the best results. Fix small holes, like from a picture hanger, with patching compound. Larger holes need a drywall patch, which you can buy as a kit or DIY.

    Sand, clean and prime your wall before painting. Dirt and grime prevent paint from adhering, so dont skip the prep work.

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    How To Match Paint Color With Fabric

    If there is a fabric with the color youre trying to match, bring the material to the local paint store and ask for that specific color. This is a cheap and effective way to find the color which closely resembles the desired hue. Ask the manufacturer for that same shade. This is better than to go to the paint store and choose from the limited color options there.

    Find The Most Useful Paint Matching App For Your Device

    How to match paint color on walls without messing up
    • University of Colorado at Denver
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    • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

    Need help finding the right colors to paint your walls? We compiled a list of the best paint color matching apps for iOS and Android to help make sure you get the colors you need.

    Due to variations in screen quality and other factors, the colors you see on these apps will rarely look exactly how the paint will appear on your wall. Use the apps in conjunction with color cards from your paint retailer, and start by painting a small area to make sure you have the color you want.

    • The process is quick and easy.

    • 1,500 colors to choose from.

    • Save the colors you like.

    • Paint color may show up on all objects in the scene.

    • Doesn’t always work great on textured walls.

    This free app allows you to snap a photo of a part of your house and turn the colors into a palette. Next, snap a photo of a room where you want to paint the wall and try out the palette colors in the scene. You can even share your masterpiece with friends online. Finally, explore similar colors to make sure you pick just the right shade and get information about coordinating colors.

    • Get color schemes to match the color you grab.

    • Include notes for each color sample.

    • Only works with the Nix sensor.

    • Must download a separate app to get digital color values.

    • Color matching feature helps you coordinate choices.

    • Save favorite colors or images to reference later.

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    What If You Can’t Bring A Sample Into The Store

    Paint matching apps and paint visualizers are both solid methods for finding the perfect shade for your space at home. The ColorSnap Visualizer phone and desktop app by Sherwin-Williams are tried-and-true. Be sure to check out Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match device and corresponding smartphone app by the same name to find a flawless color match without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Tips For Choosing Wall Colors For Wood Floors

    Determine the undertones present in your wood floors. The undertones present in the type of wood that you use for your floors can be used as a color guide for choosing the right shade of paint to go with it.

    No wood is plainly solid brown in color. If you examine it closely, youll find that wood usually has a base color that is highlighted with tinges of hues.

    Depending on the species, wood grains, mineral streaks and stain used in finishing, these undertones can range from beige, shades of brown, red, pink to golden yellow.

    These undertones may either be classified as warm or cool. Wood with warm undertones have inherent reddish tones, a yellowish base or an orange tinge. Whereas, wood with cool undertones have varying shades of gray and brown that show over its surface.

    When you already know the type of undertones present in your wood floors, you can easily narrow down your paint choices.

    The general rule is that your walls must match the color temperature of your wood floors. For example, reddish wood floors are best paired with warm wall colors, gray wood floors are best paired with cool wall colors, etc.

    You Can Never Go Wrong with Neutrals

    Irrespective of the undertones present in your wood floor, they will coordinate well with a neutral shade of paint.

    Neutral colors like white, off cream, beige are all go to shades for a lot of interior design styles and they can work with a variety of floor colors too.

    Choose an Analogous Color Scheme

    Go Bold Using Contrast

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    Determine What Needs Touching Up

    There are a number of common imperfections requiring touch-up paint, including:

    • Scuffs: Whether its a mishap from moving furniture or general wear and tear, scuffed paint is one of the more common and straightforward imperfections to touch up.
    • Patch marks: Maybe youve fixed cracks and small holes or repaired a larger hole in your wall. Perhaps your original paint job was a bit uneven, with paint streaks or drywall showing through. Whatever the case may be, it can be a simple fix.

    How To Match Paint Color On Walls Without Messing Up

    How To Match Paint Colors On Wall (Get Sample)

    It can be quite infuriating to see your walls covered in scruffs and various marks. It can destroy a rooms atmosphere. Fortunately, you can fix those problems by simply repainting the walls. However, that can become a problem when youre trying to match the specific color.

    The right color can change the whole look of the room. Color matching can be a very laborious job. Lucky for you, weve compiled a list of tips on how to match paint color on walls in no time.

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    How To Match Wall Color With Wood Floors

    Here we share how to match wall color with wood floors including the best paint colors for light, medium and dark wood flooring designs.Floors and walls are two of the largest surfaces in a room and because of this they must complement each other. Choosing the perfect wall color to match with wood floors can be quite confusing because of the wide variety of paint choices available in the market. In fact, a single paint brand can offer hundreds of versions of a single color family.

    Regardless of the species, pattern and finish of your wood floor, you need the perfect wall color which will not only help enhance its beauty but also help reflect the vibe you want for your space.

    In this article, we will explore the best wall colors you can use to match wood floors whether it may be light, medium or dark colored.

  • Tips For Choosing Wall Colors for Wood Floors
  • How To Match Paint Color On Walls Method :

    The first, and easiest method to match paint on walls is to use a paint matching app. The Nix Mini 2 is an awesome system for doing this. The devise syncs up to an app you load on your smartphone. After scanning the surface you are trying to match, the app will show you some choices from major paint brands that are close to what you want.

    It would be a good idea to use this device at multiple times throughout the day. There will be subtle differences in the amount of natural light in a room at the morning, afternoon, evening and night time hours. Use the Nix Mini 2 on the same wall in the same location at these four times to get an accurate look at what the different light qualities might do.

    Just keep in mind that these choices are not going to be exactly what your wall looks like. Paint colors change in the room over time, causing them to not look exactly like they once did. For this reason its recommended to paint an entire wall, instead of just a patch.

    Another cool way to use this device is if you have a piece of furniture, or something else you are trying to match the paint color on. This is an easy way to pick a paint that will let you have multiple pieces of furniture that match each other.

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    Frustrated Woman Holds Her Head In A Room She Is Painting

    Home improvement projects cause disruption throughout the house, which causes stress. While the disruption is never stress-free, there are ways to manage stress during the project.


    The good news? Were here to save you and your wallet from having a butter-yellow kitchen fiasco of your own with help from Senior Color Designer for HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, Ashley Banbury. Keep reading to find Banburys top methods and professional tips for how to match paint like a pro plus our go-to tools to do so.

    Matching Paint Without A Sample

    How to Match Paint Colors on Wall
  • 1Clean the area you’re trying to paint match. Over time, fingerprints, dust, and dirt can collect on the surface of an object or a wall, and this can make the paint color seem darker than it actually is. To make sure you’re testing the actual color, wipe the paint down with a damp, soapy sponge, and allow it to dry completely before you try to match the color.XResearch source
  • In addition to giving you a more accurate color match, cleaning the wall will help the new paint adhere better.
  • 2Scrape off a 1 in sample of drywall paint with a razor knife.XExpert Source
  • Certified Color SpecialistExpert Interview. 27 March 2020.
  • If theres not an existing color that matches your object, the paint store can mix one up for you.
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    Medium To Dark Wall Colors That Complement Dark Wood Floors

    Dark colored paints can help enhance the luxurious look of dark wood floors. These paint colors are the perfect choice if you want to create a dramatic effect in a space.

    Muted Shades of Green

    In general, muted colors complement wooden floors but one of the best hues that work with this palette is green. Green and brown go well together because they produce an organic feel to a space.

    This pairing reminds us of nature, combining the right amount of warmth with a cool toned hue, which in turn renders a naturally cozy ambiance to a room.

    Muted shades of green are those which are toned down with a bit of gray , such as sage, moss or olive. These colors help enhance the richness of dark wood floors without making the space feels too overwhelming. This pairing is ideal for traditional and contemporary spaces.

    Shades of Brown

    The color brown in general is one of the best colors which you can use to create a monochromatic scheme. Just to give a bit of background, mochromatic color schemes make use of one hue in different shades and tints.

    In interior design, monochromatic color schemes are often effectively achieved by taking a color then toning it down to a lighter shade or adjusting it to a darker shade , then applying the resulting varying shades to the different finishes in the space.

    Lets say you have dark espresso wood floors, you can either go with mocha walls and medium toned wooden furniture.

    Deep Jewel Tones

    If All That Fails Just Scrape Some Paint Off

    Lets say that youre out of ideas. You cant find anything else in your house that matches that specific shade of green on your bedroom walls, and nothing is quite like the off-white you put in the kitchen.

    Youve been to the craft store to look at all the shades of thread, and nothing seems right. Youve even tried out the apps and still cant match that color.

    An easy way to match your existing paint color is to simply take a knife and peel off the top layer of paint, says Scott Specker, owner of Five Star Painting in Suwanee and Alpharetta, GA.

    Dont worry, theres no need to dig a deep gash into your otherwise pristine drywall or to remove a large section. Scraping a super thin, 1-inch-square sample will do the trick. Its like creating your own paint splotch!

    If you take that piece into any local home improvement store, they should have computerized color-matching technology that can assess your paint and tell you its exact color, he adds.

    Finally, when all else fails, consider consulting with a colorist. The pros have all the tricks for matching paint colors.

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    What Paint Color Goes With Golden Oak Trim

    One of the most popular questions we get is what wall color goes with honey or golden oak trim or floors? We recommend a white or cooler neutral shade to offset the yellow in the honey oak trim and flooring. Its best to avoid warm whites or orangey neutral hues when pairing with honey oak floors or trim wood tones.

    Even strong wall colors like Sherwin Williams Naval or Pigeon by Farrow and Ball can modernize honey oak shades. Each can act as an accent color or the perfect tranquil bedroom color. No doubt, these darker neutral green, and blue paint colors coordinate naturally with golden oak flooring or trim.

    If you are still finding it hard to match wall colors to your honey oak wood, you can always paint the trim white. While popular in the 90s, honey or golden oak trim can seem outdated today.

    Accordingly, painting the trim, windows, and door casings of your entire home white is a huge upgrade to any interior design palette. As a reference, the best white color for trim is Extra White from Sherwin Williams.

    Next, well explore some gray or cooler flooring shades and the best paint colors to match them with.

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    Find The Best Paint Match

    This is the most important step in the process. Unless you plan to paint an entire wall which is a good option for major damage precisely matching the paint color and sheen is key to a successful touch-up.

    Read on for the best ways to match paint already on a wall when you dont have the original paint can, backup gallon or brand name.

    Purchase The Nix Mini 2

    Try using a color scanning tool like the Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor to get a close match to your paint color. It uses the color sensor tool and your smartphone to scan any item you want to match the paint color of. You are not limited to wall paint, but rather your options are limited by your imagination.

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    Paint Match Apps Run The Gamut But Here Are Six Picks That Can Help You Find A More Precise Paint Color Pronto

    It always seems easy enough. You want a simple gray, a navy blue or even white. You peruse piles of paint chips and make multiple trips to the store for samples. Then it goes up on your wall, and somehow the gray looks green, the navy pulls purple and the white is suspiciously yellow. Ugh. Matching already-existing paint can be an exercise in futility.

    Apps to the rescue! Using phone cameras to analyze RBG, CMYK, Pantone or other color codes allows the app to match it to a branded paint color library, or give you the codes that may help your local hardware store find the right match. Keep in mind that light, texture and the variations on phone screens do make this an imperfect science. Still, it can help winnow your options and may even provide the perfect hue.

    Here are six promising paint match app picks:

    On This Page

    Platforms: Apple & Android

    Cost: Free

    The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match app features a bunch of tools to find your perfect color match. Use Instant Paint to try out Sherwin-Williams 1,500 paint colors on any of your walls without the commitment. Just snap a photo and choose a color.


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