How To Make Puff Paint

How To Make Puffy Paint

The BEST DIY Puffy Paint Recipe (Dries SUPER Puffy!)

Puffy paint is so much fun and you can easily learn how to make puffy paint. This is always a huge hit with kids.

You only need a few simple ingredients and this fun activity is sure to be a hit. Most likely, you already have all that you need at home. It is that simple!

Feel free to tuck this away for a rainy day project or surprise the kids with this fun activity.

How To Make A Puffy Painting: Fun And Simple Art That Jumps Off The Page

Need ideas for engaging activities to keep kids discovering on a rainy day? How about a craft that engages your budding artists senses thats also lots of fun? Why not try making a DIY puffy paint recipe to create some fun 3D artwork to hang on your fridge? Its super easy and so enjoyable for both you and them from start to finishso much that your kids will be asking to make puffy paintings rain or shine!

How Do You Paint Cupcakes

To paint cupcakes, you will need to gather a few supplies. You will need paint, paintbrushes, and a cupcake.

First, you will need to decide what color you want to paint your cupcake. Once you have decided on a color, you will need to gather your supplies.

Next, you will need to put some paint on your brush and start painting the cupcake. Be sure to paint evenly and smoothly.

Once you have finished painting the cupcake, you will need to let it dry. Once it is dry, you can enjoy your delicious cupcake!

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Can You Use Puffy Paint On Wood

The answer is definitely yes! Its a multi-surface paint and using it on wood will be much easier actually than on other stubborn surfaces. Puffy paint looks beautiful on wood. Thats why it was mostly used in the 80s and 90s by kids to paint pattern son wardrobes and beds.

Wood has a rough texture and perfectly absorbs paint thus making it the best surface to use puffy paint on.

If drawing 3D patterns and designs is your passion, then you need to embrace the use of puffy paint. Its the best that you can use for such paints and patterns. Unlike the two-dimensional paints out there, the puffy paint is quite outstanding with its 3-dimensional appearance. This makes it the best choice for making décor patterns around your home. Above all, you can easily make your homemade puff paint which is non-toxic.

Best Puffy Paint Recipe That Stays Puffy

How to Make Puffy Paint

Bring some fun and novelty to your childs coloring activities with Puffy Paints. These paints give a 3-dimensional texture to art projects, making them stand out from the regular coloring and art activities.

Puffy paint art is a great way to get children excited and is super fun and easy to make at home. There are many puffy paint recipes out there, but if you are looking for that one recipe that gives your art puffy effect even after drying out, this is the recipe you need to try!

Homemade puffy paint is a fun and easy way to enjoy arts and crafts time with your kids. Our simple recipes require just a few easily available ingredients, and the results are hours of fun for all ages!

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Need Some More Craft Ideas

If your young artists enjoyed working with puffy paint, why not check out our other craft ideas for kids? Go beyond painting with ideas like the Astronaut Moon Mission Craft or Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils. Theyre easy to put together, come with free printable templates, and will keep the kids experimenting. Or, if you need a break from arts and crafts, why not switch to a science-based activity like making fluffy slime with the leftover shaving cream?

Did your kids have a blast creating with their homemade puffy paint? If so, theyll love exploring STEM-based activities with our Science Expeditions subscription box. Or shop our other STEM kits and products.

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Puffy Paint Recipe: How To Make Homemade Puff Paint That Stays Puffy

Puffy paint is such a fun and crafty activity for kids. Knowing that you can mix up a puffy paint recipe in minutes at home with just a few common ingredients makes it even better!

I’m going to share the best DIY puffy paint recipe. Why is it the best? Because it dries AND stays puffy!

Tips For Making Diy Puffy Paint

How to Make Puffy Paint

Easy Measuring If you dont want to use your measuring cup for the glue, just pour half of a 4 oz. bottle into your bag.

It Will Expand The shaving cream will expand, so dont worry when it ends up being a little more than a 1/4 cup.

Best Way To Mix You can mix this all together in a bowl, but we prefer the bag more fun to squish, and cleanup is a breeze!

Storage Use travel-size shampoo bottles to store the paint. I found mine at Walmart for less than a dollar each!

How Long Does Puffy Paint Take To Dry Its definitely tempting to poke at the puffy paint while its drying because of the fun texture! Be sure to let the projects dry for a few hours before hanging them up. The colors will become more vibrant as the paint dries.

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Creative Ideas For Using Puffy Paint

After following the recipe above, you now have a bottle of puffy paint to work with. All thats left is to put your kids creativity to the test. You are likely to find that your children become focused and purposeful as they paint. This may come as a surprise when compared to the way they squeeze their toothpaste with all their might!

Using Your Puffy Paints To Make Your Hearts:

To start, cut a square of white cardboard for each child. Our squares measured approx 5x 5.

With a black crayon, draw the outline of a heart on your cardboard. Make your lines nice and dark.

Cut out your heart, snipping just outside of the black outline youve drawn. Note: If you will be stringing your hearts into a garland, punch a hole in the top of each heart before painting.

Using your Q-tips to paint with, decorate your heart with the puffy paint. Be generous with your application. A thick layer of paint will puff up more than a thin layer will.

When youre happy with the look of your heart, its time to puff it up!

Place your heart in the microwave, and heat for 20-30 seconds on high. Watch in amazement as your artwork is transformed right before your eyes.

Now you can use your puffy hearts to decorate for Valentines! Make cards, buntings, fridge magnets, or whatever you like! With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Want to see more of our fun and easy crafts and activities for kids? Check these out:

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How To Make Puffy Paint: Recipe Notes And Tips

The paint should be used the same day it is made. The flour being mixed with water can very slowly continue to expand, as natural yeasts will activate when the water meets flour. If the bottle is full with the lid on, the bottle could pressurize, causing the lid to pop off and the paint to overflow.

This puffy paint is made with 1:1 ratio of water to flour. You can adjust the amounts made as long as your ratio is exactly the same. This will also help in making only what you need in one day or session.

Love crafts and easy DIY projects? Grab this mini activity book for more by clicking the image below free!

What You Will Need

Puffy Paint

You will need self-raising flour, salt, food colourings, paint brushes, paint tray, measuring spoons, water and cut up pieces of cardboard. There are a number of recipes out there for puffy paint but I had a bit of an idea of what was included and had a play around with the main ingredients until I found the right consistency and quantity for our paint pots. Here is the recipe that I found to work well.

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Magically Transform It In Your Microwave:

Now for the science!

When youre happy with your masterpiece, pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and watch your painting puff up!

Your artwork will be warm when you remove it from the microwave, but it will be completely set.

Ta daaa

Arent these paints remarkable?

What a fun art/science activity to do with your kids!

Diy Puffy Paint Is So Much Fun

Give this recipe for puffy paints a try! The kids loved it and played with it a long time.

It is so fun to see the fun designs and pictures everyone makes. Everyones creativity really shines and the pictures turn out just so pretty.

Start having fun and make puffy paint this week. You will not be disappointed.

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Glue/shaving Cream Puffy Paint Recipe

  • 3+ cups of shaving cream .
  • 1 cup white glue.
  • Food coloring .

Mix the shaving cream, flour, and glue together, taking care not to over-mix this concoction. You want to keep the air bubbles in the shaving cream to allow for puffiness.

Then you will want to divide this mixture into separate bowls to allow for different colors to be made. Again, do not over-mix the colors into this mixture, as we still need the air inside the shaving cream.

Finally, put your colors into plastic squeeze bottles or sandwich bags, and let your children have at it. Once theyre done, you can choose to dry them in the microwave or to simply let them air-dry and puff up overnight.

Please note that any homemade puffy paints dried on clothing will most likely come off in the wash, as the materials used to make it are not as durable as more manufactured paints or substances.

Heres a video showing an example of DIY puffy paint.

Have you tried making puffy paint?

Check Out This Video On How To Make Puffy Paint

How to Make Puff Paints with Mod Podge and Shaving Cream!

Did you know you can also make Homemade Mod Podge? Its SO easy!

We love being creative and doing new projects at home. They are definitely a plus if the ingredients are easy. I love the activities like this one that call for things we already have.

This makes it so much easier to quickly and easily make DIY Puffy Paint! The kids are going to love this.

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How To Make Outdoor Diy Puffy Paint

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This DIY Puffy Paint recipe takes less than 10 minutes to throw together and is a great summer pastime to get the kids outside in the fresh air. Learn how to make puffy paint and teach the kids this easy recipe too!

I grew up in the era where puffy paint was all the rage . We used puffy paint to decorate our clothes, book bags, cards and more. We thought we were pretty cool. LOL

This DIY recipe is a little different take on the puffy paint of days gone by but the kids are going to go love it!

This recipe is a nice change from my DIY outdoor sidewalk chalk paint recipe. Theyre both fun and perfect for encouraging outdoor play. This DIY puffy paint will look more thick and full but the both wash away super easily!

Love crafts and easy DIY projects? Grab this mini activity book for more by clicking the image below free!

The kiddos can easily make a batch of homemade puffy paint with just a couple simple ingredients.and with your help of course. Then just slather on the sunscreen and head outside for some ultra-fun in the sun and fresh air!

If you want more family kid-friendly activities, try 25 Addictively Fun Virtual Summer Camp Activities, a Customizable Summer Program for Kids or 30+ Adorable Apple Crafts for Kids.

What Is Puffy Paint Uses + How To Make It

Growing up in the 80s and d90s was fun and especially when it came to decorating wardrobes. If you grew up in those times, you probably understand how fun it was to make puffy paint designs and patterns on wardrobes and room walls. Funny enough, what we always called puffy paint its not puffy at all. Its called puffy because it resembles a raised puff but its rock hard when dry.

So what exactly is this puffy paint?

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Here Are Some Ideas For Making Artwork With Puffy Paint:

  • Paint pictures on paper: Let your kids come up with their own designs, which could range from abstract squiggles and polka dots to forest scenes with flowers and trees.
  • Smear the puffy paint: The unique 3D quality of puffy paint presents opportunities for even more creative artwork. Give your children a few toothpicks and cotton swabs to move the paint around the paper in unique ways, creating more dimension by smoothing out backgrounds while keeping objects in the foreground puffy.
  • Paint on wax paper: Have your children paint letters, shapes, or anything else they want on a piece of wax paper. After the paint dries, peel it off and enjoy the little 3D creations.

You wont be painting your house with puffy paint, but its a great way to entertain the kids! If you enjoyed this art project, avoid cabin fever and find more DIY crafts for a bad weather day from Window GenieLink opens in a new tab. Then, for your next house painting project, rely on the professionals at Five Star Painting for a job well done. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule services.


Book: Super Steam Activity Book For Kids

âQuick Dryâ? Homemade Puffy Paint

Learning all about science, technology, engineering, art, and math sets kids up for scholastic successand it can be so much fun! Watch kids enjoy building STEAM skills as they color friendly fish, help water find its way to tree roots, solve math problems with mazes, and more.

Find out more and grab your copy here.

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Best Diy Puffy Paint Recipe The Process Of Trying And Creating Recipes

Let me show you the process of how I ended up making my own recipe, which became my personal favorite. Ill show you the results of each test recipe, and you can decide which result you like the best in terms of puff and texture.

Let me clarify that this IS NOT the recipe that you put in the microwave. If you want to see that recipe, I encourage you to click back to see our microwave puffy paint project.

I am lucky to have little helpers in the kitchen to aid me in mixing up my concoctions.

Kids love to mix and pour. I always encourage you to get your kids involved in every step of the process.

I know too well that this can feel more chaotic. However, now having kids that can bake on their own is super encouraging.

Warning: If you raise kids to make things like inexpensive homemade DIY puffy paints, and Borax-free gak, you might end up with highly creative kids that have big ideas allthetime. Expect some beautiful chaos in your home.

Above you notice I tried four different recipes. Which one is your favorite?

You can see all of the recipes above, but Ive provided the written recipe for the pink color, since it was my preference. The texture was nice and it puffed up just perfect for me.

Ingredients For Puffy Paint:

  • 1.5 cups of foamy shaving cream
  • 1/2 cups white Elmers glue
  • a squeeze bottle or a plastic Ziploc bag

Begin by mixing the first three ingredients together. Use a spatula to mix it up. Add in some food coloring. Then use a spoon to pour it into a squeeze bottle or plastic Ziploc bag. You can also divide the paint before adding food coloring to make multiple colors.

I think a squeeze bottle is easier for a child to use. But if you dont have one on hand, you can put it in a Ziploc bag, seal it shut, and snip a small corner for the paint to squeeze out.

After your little one designs their picture, just let it air dry. It will last for months!

Check out how to make it with this video below.

Puffy paint is so much fun for kids. Its easy and doesnt cost a lot to make! Hope youll try out these recipes!

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