How Often Should You Paint Your Walls

How Often Do You Need To Paint Ceilings

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Ceilings are the most left-out parts of a house when painting home interiors. Homeowners primarily think about the walls and trims, forgetting that ceilings can also make a significant difference in the general feel of a room.

Unlike other parts of your home, your daily activities do not affect the ceilings. However, they still get exposed to heat and sometimes moisture, bringing watermarks and other stains. These stains often look unsightly hence the need for a repaint.

I recommend having your ceiling repainted every six to eight years, even when there are no visible signs of damage. You can paint sooner if you need to change the style of your interior or whenever you are painting your walls and make it one big project,

How Often Do You Paint

An interior design friend of mine came over to measure my windows for some blinds yesterday. While she was here, we talked about changing the paint colours. Our home is only three years old, but with two kids, a dog, and a seeming never-ending stream of company , there are plenty of areas that could definitely use some touch ups.

However, I think the colour that I originally chose is a little off, and I am considering painting pretty much most of the entire main floor. Methinks dh will freak out completely when I tell him we need to paint after only three years as we lived in our old house for nearly 10 without ever painting the main areas!

I might consider tackling the feature wall in the family room, but the high ceilings and great room style of the main floor are a bit out of my league, so I would probably have to hire someone.


Living Room And Dining Room

A formal living room or dining room doesn’t usually get used very often, so the paint tends to last a little longer than in other rooms. These rooms also tend to have more furniture, which naturally acts as a buffer and stops people from touching the walls. For these spaces, it’s more likely that you’ll be repainting because you feel like it’s time to change up the look of your space, as opposed to repainting to combat wear and tear. On average, these spaces can go anywhere from 5-7 years, or possibly longer.

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Climate: Wet Or Dry Hot Or Cold

and other climate factors need to be taken under consideration since it can impact the lifespan of exterior paint. Look for properties that will protect your home exteriors from various climatic conditions.

Tip: Berger WeatherCoat Long Life 7 is engineered with advanced silicon protection that helps your wall withstand external conditions including heavy rain and dust.

How Often Should You Paint Your Trim & Baseboards

How Often Should You Paint Every Room in Your Home?

When you paint your house interior, dont forget about your interior trim! Your homes baseboards, doors, window trim, cabinets and other decorative wood details take the most beating inside your home. Aside from simply wanting to change the color of your trim, you will find that trim inside rooms with high foot traffic will show more signs of wear and chipping than those that arent frequently used. Most people tend to repaint home interior trim every 2 to 4 years depending on where the trim is located.

Painting Tip! Sometimes your painting company will leave you with extra paint leftover from your trim painting project. Use it to touch up major nicks and dings to prolong the life of your trim.

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Kitchen Bathrooms Laundry Room

These are very busy rooms. The most durable of paints have to go here. In the kitchen, there is a lot of cooking and food preparation going on and you should use the best interior paint you can afford. Despite any decorating advice to the contrary, the kitchen should always have an eggshell, pearl or satin finish. We have painted a lot of kitchens over the years, even some of the avocado glossy ones. Kitchens always require a lot of prep work before painting and quite often washing and priming. The main culprit in bathrooms and somewhat in laundry rooms is humidity and moisture. In the old days the thinking was that alkyd semigloss would be the best paint. Unfortunately that type of paint created a lot of mildew that was very difficult to control. Todays recommended paints for humid areas are all water based and are actually longer lasting. In fact, the gloss of the paint is not as big a factor in choosing paint as it used to be. One of the better paints we had great experience with is Benjamin Moores Aura Bath & Spa. The paint job in these rooms does not last as long and needs to be done every 3-4 years. Good ventilation will let some of the humidity escape and extend the time between painting.

There are structural reasons that would necessitate painting of course. For example, as a new house settles, joints will crack or drywall screws pop. This is not a paint issue but should be taken care of before the next paint job.

It Depends Which Room

It is common that homeowners repaint rooms separately, not only because it more manageable but also because the timelines for repainting is often very different. The paint on the walls in hallways and corridors, for instance, is subject to more wear and tear than some other parts of the house. It can be worth keeping an eye on these walls as they may need to be painted frequently every 3 years for instance. When you compare this to bedroom, which isnt used nearly as much, you may find that the painted surface looks the part for twice or three times as long.

Dining and living rooms are obviously always used quite a lot, although given that they are tightly filled spaces with a great deal of furniture, there is some argument to be made that they are protected to some extent. Further, repainting is often put off given that its a much bigger job to move furniture and redecorate with new colours .

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How Often To Paint Interior Walls

Interior walls do not fade like exterior walls do, but they can see a lot of wear that necessitates a fresh coat of paint to keep the color vibrant and cheerful.

Before you dive into a project, its a good idea to check to make sure your paint hasnt gone bad while its been in storage. Improperly stored paint can spoil or be prone to quicker peeling


Likewise, you may just be ready for a fresh coat of color to change up the décor around the home and improve the living space. Interior walls should be repainted every 4-7 years, which is plenty of time for new trends to arise.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 2500 Sq Ft House Exterior

How To Roll High or Tall Wall Areas The technique used to paint high walls

The average cost to paint the exterior of a 2500 sq ft house ranges between $3800 $9800, but these numbers could go higher or lower.

A lot of cost factors go into calculating these figures, so you need to understand the full scope of your particular project to arrive at a price that is specific to your home.

Apart from the size of your home, the other factors that play a significant role in determining the cost of painting your homes exterior include:

  • The material of the siding
  • The paint you use
  • The kind of labor you use

The following is an in-depth look into all these factors.

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Mold And Water Stains

Water stains, mold, and mildew are common problems, especially in hot and humid areas. The stains are unsightly hence, you need to cover them up as soon as possible to keep your property looking good.

Looks aside, these types of stains can also indicate a more significant underlying issue or a potential health hazard. I recommend getting the help of a professional to help you identify the underlying causes of the mold and water stains, then address them accordingly before repainting your house exterior.

Other situations also call for fresh paint on house exteriors, apart from the obvious physical signs. These include:

Hiring Professional Painters For Interior Painting

Painting your interior may be exciting, but it can be daunting for some. Your DIY home painting ideas may be helpful at this moment, but you should consider that it can be tiring, and if you are not used to it, it may not end up good. Hiring professionals to paint for your interiors can then be a better idea.

Here are a few reasons why you should get professional painters to do the repainting for you:

  • Quality of work
  • There is no doubt that these painters can provide you with a good output. Professionals apply specific techniques that make the painting smooth and clean. There are just works that a pro can only do.
  • You have to admit that providing your house a new look can be very stressful and tiring. But when you get someone to do it for you, all you have to do is present the things you want to do and wait for it to be done. Also, there will be no major clean-up when a pro does the painting. Professional painters will leave your place tidy.
  • It saves you time and money
  • Professional painters have been doing their jobs over the years. And they know how theyll do it faster without compromising the quality of the work. You may also realize that you dont need a high cost to paint a house because the pros will do it once, and their work will last for years. This will help you save money in the long run.
  • Professional experience
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    Kitchen Paint: 3 4 Years

    Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Its where you grab snacks, make meals and catch up with your loved ones. Kitchen paint gets dirty from food splatters and grease. You and your guests also wear it down by leaning on it and brushing past it. We recommend using paint with a durable finish, like eggshell or satin, in your kitchen so that its easy to clean. With durable paint on the walls, it will look good for 3 to 4 years before it needs to be repainted.

    Factors That Affect The Repaint Timeline

    How Often To Repaint Interior Walls : 25 Cool Chevron Interior Design Ideas

    Its estimated that your interior walls should be repainted every three to five years and your exterior after five to ten years. The time can be different if you renovate your home. Below are vital factors to consider:

    1. Activity

    Your lifestyle, family, and activity level in your living space determine the paint redo timeline. If you have kids, theres more likely to paint your house early as compared to a home without kids.

    2. Quality of Paint

    If you first prepare your home wall and then apply a high-standard primer and paint , it will last longer. Good quality paint will last longer than a cheap one. For picking the right one, you can take a professional guide.

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    3. Trends

    Its human nature that a human being gets tired of things very soon. With every passing year, trends and even your taste and preferences are changing. So, its another determinant when repainting your home.

    4. Exposure to Moisture and Sunlight

    The walls exposed to extreme sunlight and moisture can damage, fade out the colors and affect the wall redo timing.

    5. Contractors for Paint Work

    Getting your wall paints done by a professional can add years to your interior and exterior walls. You can check out Jim the handyman painting services for the best results.

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    Does Interior Paint Fade Over Time

    In the case of exterior paint, colors fade faster because of its exposure to UV rays, rain, sand, or other environmental hazards that can be harsh on any structure.

    Interior paint is not subjected to the same harsh weather than exterior paint is, so many homeowners may wonder if the paint fades over time or loses its luster in the same way that exterior paint does.

    Still, traffic within the house as well as regular cleaning can wear on the luster of interior paint, and indirect sunlight and UV rays from windows can cause the paint to fade over time.

    While this is inevitable, interior paint typically fades a lot slower than exterior paint, providing the color with a lifespan of around ten to twelve years before it begins to show its age and need for a re-paint.

    This timeline may be shorter than many homeowners suspect, but it is also a great excuse to refresh the color with something a little more modern, as each decade passes and new styles trend.

    The Bathroom Paint Takes On A Lot Of Responsibility

    Bathrooms have to be tough. Theyre small, so theyre relatively affordable to paint. But even a premium paint designed with gloss to repel condensation, heat, steam, and water can only last about five years in the best of conditions.

    Expect to repaint your bathroom every 3-4 years to keep the paint clean. One of the things that can help extend the paint in your bathroom is quality ventilation.

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    Could Your Home Benefit From A Fresh Coat Of Paint

    If your walls start to appear dingy and worn, call theprofessionals at Arizonas Best Family Painting to freshen them up. Our staffof professional painters can help you find the best paint finish to fit yourlifestyle. We offer residentialpainting servicesfor homeowners in the greater Phoenix area.

    Join our ever-growing family of satisfied customers bycalling 606-2200 for your free estimate.

    Living Room & Dining Room Paint: 5 7 Years

    How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home in 4 Steps

    The paint in living rooms and dining rooms tends to last longer than other rooms. You can thank all the extra furniture in these rooms for that. People and children usually keep their hands off the walls in these rooms. They put them on the furniture instead. Even matte paint can stay in good shape in a living room or dining room for 5 to 7 years .

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    Signs Its Time To Repaint Your House Exterior

    It is easy to estimate when to repaint your house exterior if you know the exact date you painted your home however, if you cannot pinpoint a particular date, you need to recognize all the signs that its time to repaint.

    Some signs of paint degradation are superficial, and a repaint can fix them quickly. However, sometimes they indicate an even bigger problem with the painted surface. In such cases, you will need to strip the paint, fix the surface then repaint it.

    The following are the primary signs its time to repaint your house exterior.

    You Want A Different Room Vibe

    If none of the above applies to the condition of your interior walls, thats perfectly OK. Sometimes, just switching up the feel of a room can change everything. Maybe youre going through a divorce or youre bringing your first baby home maybe youre sick of the awful job the previous paint company did on your crown molding.

    No matter the scenario, theres a paint mood for every occasion. Its only natural that our tastes change as we evolve, and acknowledging that by giving into the impulse to change everything with a fresh new color can be an invigorating and hopeful experience.

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    How Often Should You Repaint Your Walls

    You may be wondering how often you should repaint your walls. Modern paints are designed to last five to ten years. However, the frequency of painting varies based on many factors. While there is no harm in repainting walls every few years, you should consider the signs that its time for a fresh coat. This article will look at the paint job in a dining room and interior walls.

    The Paint Is Peeling Flaking Or Chipping

    How Often Should You Paint Every Room in Your Home?

    Another common sign that its time to repaint your exterior is when the paint starts peeling off from the wood surface or chipping away from the brick walls. This happens because of excessive exposure to moisture and humidity in the area where your house is located. If this happens with one part of your home but not with other parts, then it means that theres some kind of moisture problem in that area that needs to be resolved before you can proceed with painting again.

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