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Tips For Choosing Shutters Colors For A Brick House

Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Red Brick | House Design Ideas

Here are some helpful tips you can use with your shutter choice.

Create contrast using your shutters and allow them to act as trim pieces to help your home stand out.

Avoid using shutters with the same color as the bricks .

Use shutters that are at least one value away from the color of your brick.

Place the shutter against the brick before you install it and see how it will look from afar to be sure you made the right choice.

Whatever color of brick home you have, it is important to match it with the appropriate colored shutters to have a stunning color combination for your homes exterior. Lets explore all the possible options you have to help you decide.

How Do You Choose An Exterior Brick Paint Color

Wondering how to choose exterior brick paint colors? There are a few things to consider when choosing a paint color for your exterior walls. One of the first things you should consider is what impact you want the color of your home to have not only on your home but on the overall aesthetic of the houses on your street, or even your block depending on the type of neighborhood you live in.

If you just want a color that makes you happy and you dont have to appease a homeowners association, then go with whatever color, tone, and texture speaks to you However, if you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends then you should choose a color thats easy to paint over and can mix well with your future options.

Choosing a paint for your house is important, but the cool thing about painting brick is that the coating can be painted over and even altered if you change your mind, or if trends change. Painting your entire home can be a labor-intensive process though, so we recommend avoiding the latest cool trend and choosing a color, tone, and texture that will stand the test of time.

If you want something timeless but dont want to commit to something too bland you can paint the primary surface with a fairly unassuming color and then go ahead and paint your trim pieces like your shutters or window sills with a more vibrant color. This also makes it a lot easier to update paint colors that might not age so well over time.

How Do I Decide On Exterior Color Schemes

When choosing more than one color for your exteriors, its a good idea to use colors that contrast and complement one another. You can use any exterior color combinations described in this article, or you can talk with a painting professional who will advise you on the perfect colors for your property.

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Less Common Colors To Paint Brick Houses

Dont have a homeowners association to deal with? Dont like the usual grays and whites that other homeowners tend to go with? Do you want to stand out and really make your home pop? Well, do we have some colors for you! Below are some of the less common but equally good paint colors for your brick home that could very well end up turning some heads for all the right reasons.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

outdoor paint colors with red brick (24)

The ultimate combination of black and red brick is made in heaven. Yes, trust me this is one of the most sophisticated, modern, classic, and timeless paint colors that go with a red brick house. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the truest form of black that can well coordinate and contrast with the existing red brick.

Whether you have a Victorian style or Mid-Century Modern, this red brick paint color combination is definitely something to have an eye on. With a full-body exterior brick wall, SW Tricorn Black can be used on the entryway door, trims, and shutters. Else, you must choose brick as an ACCENT to complement the black exterior walls.

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// Black Forest Green

Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore is a fantastic moody exterior paint option. Its a unique color with undertones that lean black or green depending on the lighting and accent colors. In this before and after example, the brick texture makes the dark green color even more interesting. Black Forest Green is also used on new vertical siding. The wood panels lighten up the mood a bit.

Modern Farmhouse Color Palette With Red Brick

We often get requests for a modern farmhouse look, and this is a lovely simple version, also timeless. We picked SW Alabaster, a creamy off-white for the house. Whites need to be creamy with brick and for exterior palettes, and we would not pick a white that was brighter than Alabaster. It is as white as we would go. For this palette, paint all the trim, fascia, soffits, siding one color. Not only will it look amazing, but it will save you a fortune on labor. Top it off with a nice colorful front door. White paint colors make your house look bigger!

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Which Paint Color Will You Choose For Your Brick House

As this list of painted brick houses with before and after photos proves, there are a lot of color options to choose from. From white to black, and everything in between, you can find a great paint color option for any style of brick home.

Our designers are experts at choosing the right exterior paint color for brick homes. If youre unsure about which color options to pick, our exterior design service can help. We love making dream homes a reality, so lets get started today!

What Equipment Is Needed For Painting Exterior Brick

How We Painted Our Brick House Exterior

If youll be painting your exterior brick yourself, youll need some basic equipment to make the job smoother and easier. A large roller or sprayer is essential to cover large areas at a time. A sprayer will be much faster and easier overall, but make sure to spray from different angles to ensure thorough coverage. Youll also need a tall ladder, brushes, and drip cloths to protect your landscape and walkways.

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Black Brick Paint Color

Our next exterior painting project was a textured brick home facade due for an upgrade. We chose Onyx Black by PPG as our brick paint and Pure White by Sherwin as the window sill color.

The black brick color was paired with a lively yellow front door that really brought the house into a new light. As a reference, the front door shade in these before and after home photos is Cheerful Yellow .

Accordingly, our homeowners were thrilled with the results. No question, the black painted brick tone made it look like an entirely new home.

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Buff / Tan Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

Bricks that are predominantly tan, or tan overlaying another color, have a warmth that feels welcoming. Tan bricks are a natural partner for a palette of warm colors. Cool tones can work too, especially when used as accent colors in tan brick exterior color schemes. Find inspiration from our Five Tantalizing Tan Brick Exterior Color Schemes

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Details On This House With White Brick

This home is a classic colonial style. While it was likely built 4-5 decades ago, its so timeless that it looks like it could be from any decade!

This white brick house is contrasted with the prettiest black shutters, too, which is another classic color combination that will never go out of style! Black double doors, a metal roof over the entry, and the pretty pebble circle drive add even more charm.

It feels polished, cohesive, and grand. This combination of colors and style could be replicated in any size or style of homewhich means it may work beautifully for you, too!

// Revere Pewter Iron Mountain And Onyx By Benjamin Moore

50+ Exterior Paint Colors Brown Brick

With a little paint, mixed materials act as collaborators rather than competitors. This home has a brick addition, shaker siding, and natural stoneall beautiful materials on their own, but the color palette made it feel a bit overwhelming to the eye. In this situation, the right brick and paint color combos can make all the difference. By painting the brick in Benjamin Moores Revere Pewter, a neutral, our designers allowed the natural detail of the stone to come to the forefront. Iron Mountain on the shaker siding provides gives the house more dimensionnotice how flat the façade in the before photo feels when compared to the after?and pulls out the grays and blues in the stone. Onyx paint on the shutter gives a pop of contrast.

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Best Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes

Red brick houses offer a lot of character and charm, but matching brick with the proper paint color may be challenging.

You want to pick a color that adds beauty to the red brick without detracting from the original homes beauty.

So, without wasting any more time, lets jump head-on to the eleven best paint colors that look amazing on red brick homes.

Try them out, and I am sure you will love them

What’s Here in the Article:

Whatever the subject, white is always first.

It is impossible to dispute that white always looks beautiful with any other hue.

The same is true when it comes to the exterior of a house thats made up of red bricks.

If you are seeking the proper paint color to modernize your home, the first paint color choice that we will propose is white.

The coupling of the white hue with the redness of the house is more than just about compatibility or the fact that its neutral enough to pair.

It is more about the aesthetic effect that the combo may provide.

Red brick material may produce a classic effect when coupled with white paint.

It applies to any white color, from pristine to warm or even with a yellow undertone.

Shutter Color For Red Brick House

Bricks usually come in the color red and this became the classic look with brick homes. With this kind of brick home, what shutter colors can look and match it?

Picking the shutter color for your red brick home requires choosing colors and shades that complement the red brick. Before you even pick a specific color for your shutters, make sure you know well the overall tone of your red bricks.

This includes the different shades and colors in each brick, as well as its texture and the possible color changes from one brick to another.

Here are some colors that will surely look good with your red brick home:

Black Shutter This is the classic pair of red bricks for old-fashioned homes that make each color stand out from the other. They are perfect to be paired with white trims and frames.

Gray Shutter The color gray color looks stunning when coupled with red bricks. The shutters will offer a nice contrast with the red bricks without looking too dark. It offers a softer look than black but still provides a strong contrast that makes both colors stand out.

White Shutter This color is another popular choice to match with red bricks. Pure white shutters look clean and crisp when placed together with red bricks.

And when it comes to the color white, it is easy to match with other colors primarily because it serves as an empty canvas you can paint anything into. Red bricks will stand out when paired with white shutters and a wooden front door will complete this ensemble.

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How To Choose Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations

What color goes well with red brick and paint color combinations? Is it necessary to select a neutral paint color? It is a common thought when it comes to brick exteriors, there are a few options for selecting a paint color to complement it.

For starters, we know that red brick is more subdued and subdued. As a result, well need to keep that in mind while choosing paint colors to complement it. If youre going to use white, for example, go for a creamy white rather than a brilliant white. When paired with brick, the dazzling white might look a touch too harsh. An off-white will seem white against the brick, but it will be softer.

Second, we want the paint colors to complement rather than contrast with the brick. One method to achieve this is to use colors that come from the brick itself. Redbrick, on the whole, comes in a variety of hues. Choosing one of those color choices will help maintain the houses appearance together.

// Natural Red Brick And Sandy Hook Gray By Benjamin Moore

DON’T Pick the WRONG Exterior Colors for Your Orange Brick Home

If youre keeping your red brick au natural, greige trim can give it a polished look. Its one of the best brick and paint color combos in our book. In fact, many bricks naturally have specks of gray and beige stone in them, and mortar often appears greige from a distance. Painting your trim in Sandy Hook Gray by Benjamin Moore will pull out these tones.

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Pale Gray Accent Wall

If youre trying to bring some character to your exterior home, an accent wall is a great way to do it. Give your house a modern update by painting the brick accent wall with pale gray.

It will look like the bricks have always been there, weathered only a little by time and wind. Using this design, you can make your brick accent wall the focal point of attraction of your exterior.

Black / Brown Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

Not purely brown or black, these bricks feature rich dark neutrals that are brought to life by contrast and color. When creating black brick exterior color schemes give contrast with a light to medium main color and then add medium to dark accent colors. Here are Five Beautiful Black Brick Exterior Color Schemes

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Brick Is Used For A Variety Of Home Styles Including Traditional And Contemporary And It Looks Especially Fetching When Accented With Paint On Home Exteriors These Tips Will Help You Choose The Best Exterior Paint Colors With Brick

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Brick offers a great advantage for home facades: Unlike other siding types, such as vinyl or wood, brick siding typically needs no repainting or restaining. However, most brick homes still have some spots that require paint, such as window trim, front doors, and soffits. For those areas, it’s important to choose a paint color that works well with your brick for the most attractive exterior color scheme. The ideal shade will depend on the style of your house and the color of the brick. Use these tips on combining shades and matching materials to help you find the best exterior paint colors with brick.

Black Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas

outdoor paint colors with red brick (43)

Black is bold and elegant. If you like darker colors, black can be a stunning choice. If bold is your thing, you could consider using black as your main exterior color. If you dont want something quite so dramatic but you still love the classy elegance of black, you can certainly use black as an accent color.

Black works well in many areas, especially as a trim color or front door color. Black trim looks especially beautiful when paired with white brick. Here are a couple of black shades for you to check out:

Onyx by Benjamin Moore is a very dark black without any noticeable undertones. It makes a great base to highlight other colors.

Raccoon Fur is a deep black with a slight blue undertone for a cooler, cleaner vibe.

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Southern Cottage Color Palettes

This palette uses SW Jogging Path, a mid-toned green-gray the same as the grout color. The blue ceiling is a typical treatment for classic southern cottages. The tradition comes from a century ago when homeowners thought that painting their front porch ceiling blue would keep ghosts out of their house because they didnt travel over water. An urban myth was that the blue would keep wasps away too!

The secret to picking a yellow paint color for your house is to choose a beige with yellow undertones. Otherwise the yellow color would look harsh like a caution sign! SW Straw Harvest is one of those colors. If you took it inside it would look like a boring beige. Outside, its vibrant and lovely.

Benjamin Moores Sea Pearl And Onyx And Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Both kinds function admirably when painted on properly prepared brick. Because the front-facing bricks seem off-white and the cracks between the bricks appear gray, Seapearl looks particularly attractive on brick. Painting all of the non-brick sidings in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and the trim and accents in Benjamin Moores Onyx creates a rich, deep contrast that brings out Seapearls gray undertones.

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