Home Depot Paint Return Policy

How To Return The Product

Every Hardware Stores Return Policy Explained!

A.In-store return

If the customer wishes to return it directly to the store, then they should bring the things listed below

-The paint that needs to be exchanged or refunded

-Valid ID

-Shipping confirmation email.

If purchased online or from the warehouse cannot be returned to the Home Depot design center.

B.Online return

If the customer is not able to return it to the store then the products can be returned online using the following steps

-Log into the account

-Click on the items you want to return

-If the item is eligible for online returns, print out the return mailing label and stick it to the product.

Drop it off at the nearest USPS location

You can always contact the customer service who will further help them in returning the product.

Can You Return Opened Items

Most of the time, it is possible to return opened items and get a full refund, as long as you still have the original packaging and receipt. However, the store manager does have a say in it and can refuse the request if the opened item does not seem fit for a return.

Still, it is worth a try to head over to the store and return an opened item, especially if you have a valid reason for returning it.

The same rule applies for missing receipts. Even if you are unable to get a full refund, you may still have the option to get the item exchanged or receive store credit.

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So What Is The Home Depot Return Policy

For the most part, you can return things with the receipt and original packaging for a full refund of the original purchase price within 90 days of purchase. Still, note that all returns are at the discretion of a store manager.

So, if you used something lightly and werent satisfied or dont have original packaging, it may still be worth heading into your store and letting an associate know what happened.

The same goes if you dont have the sales receipt. You might not be able to get cash back, but you may be able to process an exchange or get Home Depot store credit.

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Home Depot Appliance Return Policy Is Only 2 Days And Only To Exchange Defective Products

Home Depot isnt messing around with their appliance return policy. Officially, all sales are final on major appliances, unless you find a defect, in which case you have just 48 hours from the delivery time or pickup at service deck to initiate your exchange. Thats pretty stingy, especially considering Lowes return policy allows 30 days to return appliances.

How To Return Mixed Paint To A Lowes Store

Wilson Pruning Paint

To return the mixed paint to a Lowes store, bring the original paint container at the time of visit.

Once you visit the store, the Lowes employees at the customer service desk will assist you with your paint return.

They will ask about the container, receipt, and evidence of ID. Once you verify the purchase and your ID to the Lowes employee, they will exchange your paint. The refund depends upon the users preference.

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What If I Lost My Receipt

In case you lost your receipt, youre in luck because Home Depot offers store credit for item returns without a receipt. Check out the table below for details:

Payment Method
  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
  • The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge
  • The Home Depot Commercial Account
You have a 365-day window to return your item without a receipt

Home Depots Refund Policy

The Home Depotâs return policy enables you to get a refund against a purchase proof.

You can also exchange the goods, or be credited to your account, or be refunded via The Home Depot store credit:

All per your choice.

Refunds will be issued to the original way of payment unless noted differently in the Home Depotâs return policy exceptions.

According to Home Depotâs return policy, returns for purchases made via gift card/Store Credit will be refunded as a Store Credit.

To conclude, itâs clear that Home Depot cares for customersâ satisfaction.

There are actually not may of stores offering a 365 return option for store cards holders, and 180 days for other customers, and in this sense we believe that Home Depotâs return policy is amongst the best policyâs out there.

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Lowes Mixed Paint Return Policy

Lowes is a hardware retailer of various local and business improvement products.

It includes various types of paint, mixed paints, sizes, and colors, online and store.

It is possible to return the paint if the user purchases paint from Lowes and is not satisfied with the result. We have searched the return policy of Lowes store, and look what we have found.

We hope it will help you in getting your desired answers.

Can I Return Paint To Home Depot

10 SHOPPING SECRETS Home Depot Doesn’t Want You to Know!


Home Depotâs return policy includes a special âpaint satisfaction guarantee policyâ:

You can return your paint with a receipt within a 30 days timeframe .

The paint will be refunded or replaced, per your choice.

Note that there are some exclusions to this policy and Home Depot might decide not to accept the return in specific cases.

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Lowes Spray Paint Return Policy

Spray paint isnt eligible for the traditional paint guarantee since it isnt considered interior or exterior paint in the product sense. However, you can return it if its unopened, resalable, and within 30 days of the original purchase. Youll just need to bring the receipt with you to make the return.

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Do You Have The Ability To Send Tinted Paint Back To Home Depot

Customers can only return tinted paint to Home Depot if they have tried it and found that it was not the correct shade within just a few days.

Home Depot will correct it, but it cannot do so in this case as opened tinted cans are not resold.

However, if you have been given the wrong type of paint , then you will be eligible for a refund as this is the associates mistake and not yours.

Can I Return Paint To Home Depot Without A Receipt

Imperial Stove Paint WB BLACK /340g

Yes. The Home Depot return policy states that customers can return an item to a store without a receipt, but they will need the credit card used for the purchase or another form of payment such as cash and debit cards. You may also be able to trade in your old paint for store credit valued at up to $150 per gallon this is done on a case-by-case basis with management approval.

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What If You Cant Return Mixed Paint To Home Depot

Home Depot will gladly accept the return of mixed paint that was wrongly mixed or is of unsatisfactory quality.

In most cases, Home Depot will only register returns due to the reasons noted above.

You may have to talk with the manager of the store if you change your mind about the color.

Keep in mind that like most paint products at Home Depot, you will have a time frame of 30-days to return mixed paint.

Home Depot Return Policy Updated In Detail 2022

Home Depot Return Policy Updated In Detail. You probably have no idea what to anticipate when starting on a DIY project. Youre in luck, though, if you shop at the huge orange store. One of the greatest return policies available is that of Home Depot Bank.

Continue reading to know more about Home Depot Return Policy.

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Can You Return Paint To Home Depot

Paint doesnt fall under the standard Home Depot return policy. If youre unsatisfied with the paint you bought at Home Depot, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. You must provide a receipt, and the can of paint must be unopened.

To return your paint to Home Depot, youll need to:

  • Use the store locator to find a nearby Home Depot
  • Visit the closest store to you
  • Give the paint to a Home Depot employee
  • Explain the situation to them and ask for a return
  • Home Depot Return Policy On Paint Sprayers

    What Is Lowes Return Policy?

    One thing that we were told by the Home Depot customer service representative was that there are two different types of sprayersthose cans you can use on walls and those for wood surfaces. For both, its a 15% restocking fee but also returns within 60 days from the purchase date to ensure a full refund.

    If your paint is over 30 degrees outside then they wont take back any products unless the temperature meets their requirementswhich would be minus 18 or warmer in Fahrenheit. Another important note: never accept a defective product as it happens. They want customers to contact them with any concerns about quality at once so theyre able to help out where needed before too many people have an issue!

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    Whats On The Home Depot 90

    Not all items purchased at Home Depot are allowed the 90-day return window. To protect itself from dishonest buyers, it has a few exceptions to the 90-day return policy. Thus, some items have a shorter return window of only 30 days, including

    • Product samples Paint, flooring, fabric, wallpaper, and related
    • Custom products blinds and custom paint

    How To Return The Spray Paint To The Walmart

    1. Get the Paint and Your Receipt: To Walmart, gather up the paint you want to return. For purchases made with a or debit card, its useful to have that original card with you when you make the return, especially if you want a refund or exchange.

    2. Go to Customer Service: Head to the customer service desk. Its usually located between two main entrances not including the Garden Center one along the front wall.

    3. Speak with an Employee: Let them know that youre returning paint and provide them with a copy of your receipt. Whether youre getting a refund, the employee can usually wrap things up quickly. If youre doing an exchange, continue to the next step.

    4. Find Your New Paint: Chat with the paint department employee to get paint mixed or tinted before heading back to customer service to finish the exchange.

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    How To Return Your Order To A Home Depot Store

    To return plants and trees, you need to provide valid proof of purchase and take the following steps:

  • Use the store locator tool to find a Home Depot near you
  • Pack your plant and take it to the store
  • Hand the item and your receipt to the store manager
  • Ask them to initiate a return request, providing a reason for returning the item
  • You will only receive a refund if you return the plant within the standard return window. If you return your order after the return period has passed, you wont be entitled to a refund and will either have to exchange your plant or get store credit.

    Home Depots Return Policy For Paints

    • Home Depots return policy for paints- Learn more

    The largest home improvement retailer in the US, Home Depot sells various home supplies from kitchen sets to various other supplies. It also sells paints in various colors and for various uses such as interior paint, exterior paint, concrete paint, spray paint, etc. If you accidentally bought the wrong shade and want to exchange it or want to receive a refund, then you should know Home Depots return policy.

    According to the Paint satisfaction guarantee, Home Depots return policy allows you to return the items 30 days after the initial purchase if the customer isnt satisfied with the color. The company will exchange it for another painting. However, no refunds on paints whether its mixed, opened, or tinted.

    Please enable JavaScript

    Here are the further guidelines on returns and exchanges

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    Policy For Purchasing Returned Paint In Exchange For New

    If the user is satisfied with the mixed paint previously purchased by another user, he returns it. Then, the user who foothold it wont be assigned a Paint Satisfaction Guarantee.

    The purchase will be a final decision by the user. Latterly if any issues come out, the mixed paint wont be exchanged or returned even if the 30 days policy persists.

    For oops paint, there is no 30-day policy. Users may purchase it by their own will and guarantee. Once foothold, then you are done!

    What Are The Steps To Return To The Home Depot

    Can you return paint to Home Depot steps are. You must need to have a receipt and the unopened paint when you want to return the paint. What are the steps to return the paint products to the Home Depot.

    There are some exceptions. For example, if youre dissatisfied with the color but didnt properly prepare the surface before painting, returning the paint isnt an option.

    The steps are: These are the general steps.

  • Use the location of the store.
  • Visit the near by store.
  • Give the paintto the employee of the Home Depot.
  • Ask questions about the paint you want to return.
  • These are the steps to follow if you have to return the paint compulsorily.

    1. Gather Up The Paint And Receipt: Get the paint and the receipt included with the purchase. That way, you can show that youre on the approved return window.

    2. Head To Customer Service: Returning the paint deals with the Home Depot customer service desk. You just go straight there to balance the transaction. It is one of the main entrance or exit. You need to ask the employee when you reach the door. Where can you get the help with your transaction process.

    3. Outline Your Request: Just let know the employee to know about what you are pleasing them.If the product is unopened, you can state if youre looking for a refund or exchange.

    4. Handle The Color Correction or Exchange: An employee there can adjust the color if thats what you need or make a new mix if that isnt possible. If you want any correction in the paint.

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    How Do You Return Items To The Home Depot

    You can return an item to The Home Depot by taking it back to any store near you. You will get your money back immediately or get another item in exchange.

    To make the return process smooth and hassle-free, you must have the following:

    • The original receipt,
    • Or the shipping confirmation email if you ordered online.
    • The credit card you used to make the payment.
    • A valid proof of ID.

    Stuff From Other Stores

    What Home Depot is hiding from all of us.

    Its not uncommon for different stores to carry the same merchandise, but its usually rare for a store to give a refund for something bought at a competitors store. Yet this post on Reddit by u/callmerandy says that is exactly what happened when a customer returned a cabinet restoration kit that contained custom tints. Each store attaches a label to the product being tinted. The label has information like the tint color, store name, and the date it was mixed, and this one showed it came from Menards and was about two years old.

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    What If You Want To Return The Tinted Painting Back To Home Depot

    Home Depot will only accept tinted paint returned by customers who have used it but not found the right shade.

    Home Depot may correct the color. However, it is unable to resell tinted paint that it has opened.

    But, if youre given the wrong kind of paint, for example matte rather than gloss, then you may be entitled to a reimbursement.

    Home Depot Return Policy In Canada

    The first, and most glaring difference, between the Canadian and American return policies at Home Depot, is the Home Depot credit card and commercial account purchases.

    The Canadian policy is a bit more specific on the 365-day policy. In Canada, purchases made with a Home Depot credit card or commercial account can be returned for up to 365 days.

    The American policy is worded differently. That Home Depot policy clearly states that purchases made using those methods can be located in the system for up to 365 days, not that they can be returned.

    Outside of that, the two return policies are largely the same.

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    Home Depots Paint Return Policy

    According to Home Depots Paint Return Policy, you can return your interior or exterior liquid paint if youre unsatisfied with the color. This policy is part of the companys Paint Satisfaction Guarantee. It does not apply to improperly prepared surfaces or application issues.

    You must return the paint within 30 days of purchase and have your receipt. However, the policy does not state it will issue a refund. Instead, it says it will correct the paint or give you a new can of paint in the desired color. This wording leaves the decision up to the store.

    The companys paint policy also mentions several exclusions. You cant return liquid stains, special orders, OOPS paint, paint samples, or non-stock merchandise. They also wont accept paint that you purchased through a third party.


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