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How To Hire A Painter

Get A Factory Finish On Your Painted Cabinets |Step By Step | THE HANDYMAN |
  • Check the painters experience: Painting cabinets requires keen attention to detail, as well as experience removing cabinet doors or drawers without damaging the cabinet itself. For more tips on smart hiring, check out our safety page.
  • Ask about time: Ask potential painters to estimate how long the project will take so you have a good idea of what youre up for before you dive into the project. You may have to relocate furniture and other items ahead of time.
  • Ask about equipment: Ask if the pro is comfortable purchasing paint and other materials on their own, or if youre required to pick up some of those tasks.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Top 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas September 30, 2022 The kitchen brings your family together. Its a place for cooking, learning, tasting, and sharing. Getting your kitchen remodeled can add convenience, charm, and value to your home. Let us help with all your Pasadena kitchen remodelidea needs.

Here are our Top 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas that we can help you with today!

Jose’s Painting And Handyman Services Offers Affordable Cabinet Painting And Staining So That You Can Update Your Kitchen Or Bath At A Reasonable Price Get That New Kitchen That You Have Been Wanting At A Fraction Of The Price You’ll Be Amazed At How Quickly And Inexpensively Simply Painting Your Cabinets Will Give Your Kitchen A Fresh New Look Add Some New Curtains And Accessories And You’ve Just Saved Thousands On A Remodelthe Jose’s Painting And Handyman Services Cabinet Painting Process:

The expert cabinet painters from Jose’s Painting and Handyman Services will strip and sand your cabinets, repair any dents or cracks, sand the surface smooth and free of dirt and any prior finish, and then apply a durable long lasting paint or stain. The result will be expertly finished cabinets that fit your budget. Jose’s Painting and Handyman Services, can give those worn cabinets new beauty! Refinishing cabinetry is one of our favorites specialties! Call 227-4677 today to schedule a free quote.

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A Quick Overview Of Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

  • The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets in the Toronto area starts at $2,500 $3,500.
  • The cost per cabinet or drawer is $85 $125.
  • For larger kitchens, it would likely be anywhere from $4,000 $6,500.
  • You are saving anywhere from $5,000 $40,000 in the end by going with kitchen cabinet painting as opposed to brand new kitchen cabinetry!
  • Painting Tools And Techniques: The Basics

    20 Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    Paint with a mini roller: A good painter can work wonders with a brush, but for most of us a mini roller is a great alternative when painting kitchen cabinets. Youll find mini roller frames and sleeves at home centers and paint stores.

    Type of mini roller: There are many roller sleeves available, but when learning how to paint cabinets, mohair, microfiber or foam sleeves are good choices. Foam sleeves will leave the smoothest finish, but they dont hold much paint, so youll be reloading frequently. Experiment on the inside of doors to see which sleeve works best with your paint.

    Follow the wood grain: If youre painting frame-and-panel cabinet doors, follow the direction of the wood grain with your finishing brushstrokes. The vertical stiles should receive the last brush strokes running from top to bottom.

    Roll, then brush: If youre old-school and still like to paint with a brush, you can speed things up by first applying the paint with a mini roller. Roll on the paint. Then drag paintbrush bristles lightly over the surface to even out the coat and eliminate roller marks.

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    No Kitchen Cabinet Painting Job Too Big Or Too Small

    We are a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeling and handyman service located in Parsippany NJ. We perform tasks for our customers from routine maintenance to full scale remodels and makeovers to simple Honey-Do lists projects. Indoors or out, we tackle the job and make your dream a reality. We offer free estimates and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    Cost To Reface The Cabinets

    Refacing cabinets involves keeping the original cabinet box, but covering it with a veneer and replacing the drawer faces and cabinet doors. The average cost of refacing kitchen cabinets is $150 per drawer face and $265 per cabinet door. This usually averages out to a cost of $7,500 for a medium-sized kitchen. However, the cost commonly ranges from $4,500 to $15,000.

    As a rule of thumb, refacing your kitchen cabinets can save you 50% compared to replacing them. You can use a method similar to the one outlined above for figuring out the cost of refinishing your cabinets to determine the cost of refacing them. The hardware, such as the knobs, handles, and hinges, may or may not be replaced when refacing cabinets. If you decide not to replace them, your cost will be slightly less.

    Searching for the perfect indoor paint color is hard. We make it easy with this list of the best interior paint colors of the year.

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  • Greg HJuly 21, 2018

    Can you spray poly of some type over the paint to increase the durability?

  • Dan PerryJuly 23, 2018

    If youre going to do that, you should probably just use a harder paint which wont be water-based. Id recommend talking to paint pros and benjamin moore or Kelly Moore.


  • ChassidyNovember 19, 2019

    If you dont have chipping and have low gloss paint on your cabinets do you need to prime? Also, great advice on BM paint! Love their paints not just pigment and chemical smell is a huge problem and BM lines often dont smell at all once dried. After 1 bad paint experience BM all we use.

  • Joan RogersJuly 26, 2020

    I am contemplating spray painting kitchen cabinets flat black. I watched your video. Any other tips for me? I should use Benjamin Moore aura flat black enamel? Thanks.

  • Dan PerryJuly 27, 2020

    I actually prefer Sherwin Williams Emerald paint for cabinets. It goes on much smoother. Even if you apply it with a brush it will still have a flat, smooth finish.

  • Dan PerryAugust 31, 2020

    Sherwin Williams Emerald is my latest preference for cabinet paint. As far as wall paint goes, I honestly dont think it matters much as long as you choose the right color.

  • Is It Better To Spray Or Roll Kitchen Cabinets

    Don’t Paint Your Cabinets? | THE HANDYMAN |

    Rolling paint on kitchen cabinets provides a thicker, more consistent layer of paint, and is often used to cover up an existing dark color. Spraying cabinets provides a smooth and even coat surface, avoids drips, and the paint easily covers narrow crevices, complex textures, and detailed woodwork.

    • Professionals typically use spraying, which enables you to use higher quality lacquer paint and requires renting a spray gun machine for $40 to $100 per day.
    • Rolling is ideal for small kitchens or DIY projects but has drawbacks, including the likelihood of drops, drips, and pools of paint forming on the surface.

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    How Do Pros Charge For Painting Cabinets

    Professional painters charge on a per cabinet door, square foot, or linear foot basis depending on the cabinet design, size, and condition, and the painting method. Pros charge more for cabinets in rough shape that requires more prep work, primer, and additional coats of paint. Cabinets above 8 feet tall may incur additional costs due to difficulty.

    How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

    Painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to transform your kitchen, and if you do it yourself, it will cost you less than $200 bucks.

    In this article, Im going to discuss:

    This project is more difficult than painting a room and it will take more time. But, most handy homeowners can paint their cabinets and end up with a quality finish assuming they wont skip steps or rush the project.

    First, lets talk about

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    Add New Life To Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Installing new cabinets or repairing the ones you have can make your kitchen feel like an entirely new space. Plus, its much less expensive and involved than acomplete kitchen remodel. Yourlocal Mr. Handyman offers convenient and reliable cabinet repair and installation that can help transform your kitchen. If your kitchen looks tired and outdated, and you have been searching for cabinet repair near me,call Mr. Handyman!

    Give your kitchen the facelift it needs. Fix or replace that peeling laminate or add brand new cabinets to update the look and feel of your kitchen. Your local cabinet specialists at Mr. Handyman can take care of it all. We can repair or replace your old cabinets and give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Our Done Right Promise means your satisfaction isguaranteed.

    Cabinet Painting Diy Price

    20 Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    These two products will make up the bulk of your materials cost, which will amount to about $15 per cabinet surface. So, if you were painting 30 cabinet surfaces, you could expect your total cost of materials to be about $450. Add some more on if you dont have common painting equipment, such as drop cloths.

    That sounds pretty good, but be aware that the real cost is in the time and frustration you may experience. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is one of the hardest types of painting projects to tackle. A professional would expect to spend 1.5 hours per cabinet surface when refinishing all the kitchen cabinets. It would likely take a weekend warrior 2x that time. So, a kitchen with 30 cabinet surfaces would only cost you around $450, but over 75 hours of your time.

    Are you thinking about painting the rest of the rooms in your house? Learn about what to expect in our interior paint pricing guide.

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    Support Doors On Standoffs

    You can buy plastic painters pyramids, which work great for supporting doors while you paint them. Or you can make your own standoffs by driving 2-in. screws through 3-in. square scraps of plywood. If you dont mind a few barely visible dimples on the back of your doors, you can paint both sides of a door at once using standoffs.

    Heres how to get started painting your kitchen cabinets. Paint the back first, leaving the edges unpainted so youll have a spot to put your fingers when you turn the door over. Paint the back. Then flip the door over and rest it on the screw tips.

    Now you can paint the door edges and front, then let the door dry. If you look hard, you can spot tiny indentations where the screws contact the wet paint, but theyre inconspicuous.

    The Beauty Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Replacing your entire kitchen or bathroom with a new set of quality cabinets can be expensive, so many homeowners opt for professional painting services. The painting process for kitchen cabinets can be extensive since you have to take them apart, remove the hardware, sand them and prep them for paint.

    Instead of doing it yourself, you can connect with the contractors at Handyman Connection to get you the best results for your painted cabinets. We can remove the cabinet doors, prepare the surfaces, paint the cabinets and put them back together to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look. We can also give you suggestions on types of paint to use and shades that would look best with your style.

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    Common Painting Methods For Cabinets

    There are several different methods you can use to apply the paint, and each will result in a different quality of finish.

    #1 Paintbrush Only This takes the longest and will yield a poor finish, so its not recommended. If you go this route, youll end up with brush strokes covering the cabinets. What you want is a nice smooth, consistent finish.

    #2 Paint Sprayer This is not only the fastest way to paint your cabinets, but it will also give you the best finish. Since you are spraying the paint on, there are no brush strokes. And, if you are using quality paint, you will end up with a smooth finish. Of course, there are downsides to this method. It requires more prep, and youll need to mask off all surrounding surfaces and set up a spray booth to paint the doors and drawer fronts. Plus, youll need to clean the sprayer when youre done. This method requires the most skill.

    #3 Roller & Brush You can also use a paint roller with the brush to get a pretty good finish. Use the brush to get into tight corners and the roller to produce a somewhat smooth finish on the larger surfaces. The finish wont be as smooth as if you used a sprayer, but it will be much better than just using a paintbrush. As long as you use high-quality paint, you will still be able to get a great finish.

    Watch the video above for more detail on this process.

    Diy Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    How To Get A Perfect Paint Job On Your Kitchen Cabinets | THE HANDYMAN |

    The DIY cost to paint kitchen cabinets is $200 to $600, which covers all your supplies and paint. The bulk of the cost when hiring a professional is labor. An average of 200 square feet takes 30 to 60 hours to thoroughly prep and apply a coat of primer and two topcoats of paint.

    DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost Estimator

    Drop Cloth $1.98

    Repainting kitchen cabinets may seem easy, but it’s a time-consuming job. When painting cabinets yourself, be sure to:

    • Start by pulling out all the drawers, removing the doors, and removing the knobs, handles, and hinges.
    • Tape down the area and clean the cabinets with a strong degreaser.
    • Use paint stripper, hand sanding, and make repairs to finish prepping.
    • Then apply a primer that seals the surface, so the paint adheres well.
    • Once dry, you are ready to apply two topcoats of paint, waiting for each coat to dry.
    • Now it’s time to put your cabinets back together, clean up, and enjoy!

    Compare this process to hiring a professional painter at $20 to $50 per hour. Professionals have access to expensive paint sprayers, which creates a smoother and more durable surface and shortens the time it takes. DIY-painted cabinets may chip, scuff, and crack sooner, so consider how important durability is when determining which way to go.

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    Why Is It So Expensive To Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

    Homeowners want a high-quality finish on their cabinets. Achieving a cabinet-level finish requires high-end materials and a lot of time consuming work. As a rough rule of thumb, cabinet painters usually charge about $90 per hour of work for labor. This doesnt mean that they make that much per hour. A lot of that money goes towards paying workers comp, insurance, and other overhead costs.

    It usually take a professional 1.5 hours to strip the old paint, sand, prime, and paint two top coats of paint per cabinet door. At $90 per hour, that amounts to $135 labor cost for each cabinet door. Material costs average out to about $10 per door. This leads to a total cost of $145 per cabinet door. The remainder can be attributed to equipment costs and profit for the contractor.

    Professionals also tend to use high-quality paint sprayers in order to get a super fine finish with the new paint. Homeowners should note that this is not the same as using spray paint. Specifically, paint sprayers use high pressures to atomize the paint. This results in a finer finish than other painting methods, such as using a brush or a roller.

    If you have expensive taste and are looking to move, check out our list of Most Expensive Michigan Cities.

    Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost 2021

  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost 2021
  • Kitchen cabinet painting cost is probably at the top of your mind if youve been thinking about cabinet refinishing and trying out coloured kitchen cabinets. There are a few different factors to keep in mind in terms of spray kitchen cabinets cost. Its a niche specialty service that not every professional home painting service is qualified to perform. So, how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets? Lets dig right in!

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    Cost To Paint Cabinets Per Door

    The average cost to paint cabinets is $50 to $100 per door or $120 to $170 per cabinet depending on the size and whether it’s an upper or lower cabinet. Some cabinets have one large door or two average-sized doors that are priced similarly. Small drawers cost $25 each to paint.

    Cost to Paint Cabinets Per Door

    Door Size
    48″ Lower Cabinet $220 $260

    Is It Cheaper To Paint Reface Or Replace Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets (DIY)

    Painting is the most cost-effective choice for kitchen cabinets, but your options are to refinish, reface, or replace if your current cabinets are showing severe damage or warping. Professionally painted cabinets often last as long as new cabinets, making it a long-term solution.

    • Cabinet refinishing costs $1,300 to $2,800 and involves removing old paint or stain, sanding the surface, and applying new stain to the bare wood surface.
    • Cabinet refacing costs$4,200 to $8,100 and uses laminate, veneers, or solid wood to give your cabinet doors a new look.
    • Installing new kitchen cabinets costs$3,200 to $8,500 for mid-grade materials, and $12,500 to $18,100 for custom cabinets.

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