Green Paint Colors For Living Room

What Is The Most Popular Shade Of Green Paint

Beau Green by Benjamin Moore | Painting our Living Room

The best thing about green paint is that the color is super versatile. Not only can it singularly command a room, but it also looks lovely next to other colors. The paint can be used on several surfaces such as walls, floors, furniture, doors, exterior trims, and create a range of moods from soft and refreshing to moody and dramatic.

Some of the popular green tones are Studio Green by Farrow & Ball a deep-set color that can convey a sense of luxury and elegance. This is a great paint for kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, and for architecturally-detailed exteriors. Studio Green is increasingly being used instead of the leaden greys so popular over the last decade, says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Balls Color Curator. Its rich pigments respond extraordinarily to light, magically appearing much greener where it is surrounded by white, and in poor light conditions its deep hue appears almost black. It pairs well with wood tones, oak, and even metals like brass.

Balsam by C2 paints is an instantly calming, stabilizing, and embracing tone one that reminds you of a summer garden. It pairs beautifully with blue and yellow and can be painted on table tops, mantles, or cabinets.

Finally, another designer favorite is OMGreen by Clare , which is a lovely combination of a little sage and seafoam. The hue also has a slight cream undertone, so this warm blue-green is easiest to work with in interiors.

Try Gray With A Soothing Twist

Cesa often connects with homeowners looking for rich color that doesn’t overwhelm their space. “Gray, neutral, and white paint colors will always be integral parts of color palettes, but we are seeing a desire for individuality and escapism through our design choices in our home,” she says. “Colors that have a touch of gray or neutral to them, or neutrals and grays that have a stronger undertone of a color like blue or green, create the perfect balance to cater to those needs without feeling overwhelming.” Her favorites: The brand’s Morning Dew, “a cool, soothing gray with the softest touch of green,” and High Park, which “leans more green, but has a gray undertone that calms it,” she says. “These colors are a great introduction to bringing more expressive or bolder hues into your home without being too overwhelming.” Both shades play well with the rest of your room, too: Cesa likes Morning Dew accented by white, blue, and green fabrics and art alongside warm wood and gold accessories, and High Park with “woven textiles, dark wood flooring, creamy ceramics, and lots of leafy floral accents,” she says. “These are great transitional colors as you begin to experiment with finding your personal style with more creative and expressive design choices.”

Easycare Paint Garden Sage

The Spruce

A dustier sage tone is a great option when you want to use a hint of green color, but prefer the look of a subdued neutral. Adding a hazy finish over any hue, such as the Garden Sage green from True Value’s EasyCare paint line, instantly gives it a sophisticated twist and makes it more complementary to a variety of palettes.

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Bespoke Green By Magnolia

I love all things Joanna Gaines and Magnolia, so naturally I had to include Bespoke Green on this list of top green paint colors! Magnolia describes the paint color as A Dusty Olive Green.

Bespoke Green is another paint color in the extremely popular medium-dark olive category. With so many great options, it is so important to test out samples in your home I recommend using Peel-and-Stick samples from Samplize.

Paying Attention To Your Homes Interior Finishes

Forest Green Living Room

Its not just your exposure and personal tastes that count when choosing a colour, you also need to pay CLOSE attention to your surrounding finishes.

A countertop like this demands a COOL green paint colour

For example

  • If your countertop or tile has green in it, find out if its a warm green or a cool green. If youre not sure, bring home a WIDE RANGE of green paint colours and see which ones clash and which ones connect.
  • If your surrounding finishes have violet or pink undertones and are craving a green hue, I suggest a cool green over a warm one. Just keep in mind that opposites attract and can make each other STRONGER!

Because the green in this tile is a VERY slightly cool, stormy green, it prefers green paint colours with similar traits

On the other hand, if your room has reasonably flexible finishes, you can pick almost any darn green you want

Farrow & Balls Green Smoke

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Green Smoke By Farrow & Ball

Green Smoke has a very soft, tranquil quality. I loved using it in this powder room, because it brought in some of the natural elements from outside without feeling woodsy. I love this perfect green because it can act as a neutral, so other elements can stand out in a room, but can also complement other colors such as gold, black, ivory, brown, mustard, plum, navy, and more. Linda Hayslett, LH.Designs

Bancha by Farrow & Ball.

Katie Davis applies Bancha all over an interiorincluding on the ceiling.

Bancha By Farrow & Ball

We love the pop Bancha provides. It is a bright enough green that it makes a wow impact, but doesnt blind you. Our client wanted something dramatic for this entryway, but with limited natural light in the space, we didnt want it to feel too dark. We decided to make the paint lacquered, which extends an extra sheen to lighten up the color, but still gives that dose of drama. Katie Davis, Katie Davis Design

Shady Lane by Benjamin Moore.

Cathie Hong identifies Shady Lane as one of the best green paintsand puts it to good use on a kitchen island.

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Create A Boho Vibe With Green And Wood

How gorgeous is this green living room? Just look at all those fabulous layers, the exposed brick, the beaded chandelier, the leopard print! And yet despite all these elements going on the room doesn’t feel overwhelming, in fact, it has a very relaxing boho feel to it. It’s down to the simple color palette green and browns which look lovely layered together and means you can go a bit bolder with your pattern choices.

Oyster Bay By Sherwin Williams

7 Stylish Green Living Room Ideas

Oyster Bay LRV: 44

If youre looking for more of a neutral green, Oyster Bay by Sherwin-Williams is an excellent option. Compared to other strong green colors, Oyster Bay can look almost like a true gray paint color.

Dont let the almost gray fool you Oyster Bay can be the perfect understated pop of green, especially against a pure white trim.

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Is Green Paint In Style

It was a palate cleanser. But as we tire of grays and seek something more soothing while still fresh and modern, green has become a go-to. In addition to popping up on our favorite designer Instagram feeds, the color has recently been recognized by paint experts and designers as a top trending hue.

How do you style a green living room?

25 green living room ideas that are the perfect spring refresh

  • Color block with green paint.
  • Create a boho vibe with green and wood.
  • Mix green with blush pink.
  • Go all out with one shade.
  • Create a serene feel with beige and green.
  • Transform the room with a bright emerald wallpaper.
  • Enliven dark grey with a green velvet sofa.
  • What colors go with bright green?

    Colors That Go With Lime Green

    • Black.
    • Orange.

    What color curtains go with lime green walls?

    White is neutral, which makes it an excellent choice to pair with a green wall. White curtains can help frame the window as well as a pop against the green of your room in your home. White can also be a light color against cool green walls.

    Does lime green go with GREY?

    Grey and green Especially a bold bottle green. Grey is the perfect neutral when combined with a splash of colour, it can really bring a room to life especially a vibrant green. Associated with nature this revitalising shade can perk up all shades of grey, from soft almost lilac tones to more brooding charcoal tones.

    What Colours go with bright green?

    Does grey go with green?

    Match The Hue Of The Furniture

    Similar hues on the color wheel make for a beautiful mix in interior design, producing a unified, lively, and vivacious whole. By using contemporary paint colors in the living room, you can create a unified design that is full of personality and style. Blue and black are complementing hues that look fantastic in this living room. Explore Endless Possibilities of Satisfying Your Lifestyle Demands in this $4,750,000 Elegant Country Estate in Connecticut

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    Neutral Green Paint Colors

    Not convinced youre bold enough to pull off a deep green paint? Green is natures neutral and works in every room, says Benjamin Moore color marketing and development manager, Hannah Yeo. When done right, she says, Green can surprisingly make the room feel intimate and cozy. In this small kitchen, green cabinets do just thatagainst an unpainted beadboard wall, the neutral shade looks right at home.

    Shop Our Favorite Neutral Green Paint
    Behr Ultra Halls Of Ivy

    Ocean Boulevard By Behr

    Tips for Decorating a Living Room with Dark, Bold Paint Color

    Ocean Boulevard is balanced between its blue and green elements and has a midtone LRV of 53. It has a cheerful feeling to it that evokes a day of fun in the sun, even though this is definitely a cool color. If you want to join in the fun, you could try Ocean Boulevard with bright colors like Kelly Green or Candy Coated.

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    Mix Green With Blush Pink

    Pink and green should never be seen right? WRONG! Pink and green should always be seen. A dark green and a blush pink are a combo to be reckoned with and the tones you choose to match can totally change the style of your living room. Pick a deep green and a dusty pink for a very 2021 contemporary look. Or go for a more Regency vibe with pale pink and pale green if you want a more period-style vibe.

    Our Favorite Green Paint Colors For Interiors

    If you’ve been keeping up with recent Color of the Year announcements from paint companies, you’ve probably noticed the top-trending hue for 2022: Green. Verdant shades from sage to cypress have claimed the title for several major paint brands, meaning green will define color palettes in the coming year. Blame it on being cooped up inside, but many homeowners have veered away from the neutral schemes that previously dominated design trends. In 2021, forecasters bet on earthy hues like soothing blues and dusty pinks to deliver tranquility after a difficult year. In 2022, expect to see energizing green hues everywhere. These lush, organic shades ground our interiors in nature and set a peaceful tone. Green also symbolizes rebirth and renewal, invigorating our homes with optimism as we enter a brand-new year. Treat green like any other neutral, and layer it with your favorite colors, patterns, and textures for a look that’s all your own. Here, we’re sharing five green paint colors we’re loving for interiors.

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    The Spruce Best Home Matcha

    The Spruce

    “An inviting shade of green, such as The Spruce Best Home in Matcha , looks amazing in rooms with windows on more than one side of the room,” says John Mochelle, an architect out of New York City. “If you increase the paint sheen level, this medium green color will change as the sun moves throughout the day.” The soft hue is also muted enough to work as a colorful neutral in certain rooms. It’s a perfect shade for living room walls and guest bedrooms.

    Create A Neutral Palette With Muted Greens

    Dark Green Living Room Makeover | MOODY Transformation ð? | SINGLE MOM DIARIES

    If you prefer a neutral decorating scheme, but still like the idea of going for a green living room, go for muted green shades such as sage or mossy green. If in doubt, pick shades that lean more towards grey or blue for a more understated effect. Again, these tones of green look wonderful matched with greys.

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    Free Paint Color Organization Printables

    If you frequently paint your home like I do, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all your colors organized! I recently created a free paint color organization printable set that I think you will all love!

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    I hope you found these ideas and the best green paint colors helpful! Any other colors youre on the hunt for?

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    Everything You Need To Know About Green

    When it comes to choosing the best green paint colour for your home, youre often one small step away from a room that looks like its designed by Kermit or Shrek. This is why its SUPER important you do your research .

    As with EVERY paint colour, its never just as simple as choosing the colour that tickles your fancy. To pick the best green for your space, its about tuning into your surroundings to see which TYPE of green your home is asking for. And while youll find everything from olive and chartreuse to pickle and sage, there are generally TWO TYPES of green to choose from


    Choose the RIGHT green and youll be giving yourself personal high-fives. Choose the WRONG green and youll be twitching in the corner, cursing the pea soup, baby poop, or mint-inspired colour of your walls.

    This SUPER dark green-gray is striking with the wood cabinets

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    Behrs Thyme Green 420d

    A little more green than Shamrock, Behrs Thyme Green is a bright hue that feels lush and summery. Thyme Green has a warm undertone that allows this shade to be reminiscent of the summer sun across blades of grass. When using this color, we recommend trying it out on decorative cabinets and side tables for a fun accent color or using it on your kitchen cabinets for a unique spin on traditional kitchen home design.

    Green is a stunning color with a breadth of tints and hues that can allow it to be subtle or vibrant, depending on your preference. As a tone that promotes liveliness and character to any space, green could be a wonderful paint color to experiment with in your home this year. So, use these green paint colors as inspiration for your next remodel and see how you can incorporate the trend into your space.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    Best Blue Green Paint Colors Of 2022

    Green Family Room Walls

    Cool and soothing, the blue green family brings refreshing vibes to any space. The blue side brings us thoughts of carefree beach days, boating on a lake, fresh cold mountain streams. The greens bring us lush vibrancy, tall trees and perky succulents, all our gardening favorites.

    Combining these two colors provides so many options in terms of depth, feeling, and coordinating colors. More muted blue greens come across as traditional and sophisticated, while brighter ones are lively and playful. All of them can create a refuge of calm and serenity in your home.

    Youre likely to see blue greens in coastal decor, but you can also find them in farmhouse, cottage, traditional, and modern styles, among others. Dont feel limited in using them just because they arent neutrals!

    In this article were going to take a look at some fantastic blue green paint options, including some of the most popular colors being used in real homes. Lets take a walk on the cool side!

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    The Best Dark Green Paint Colors In 2022

    In our hectic and driven lives, a connection with nature is more important than ever. The benefits of simply spending time immersed in nature, such as the Japanese practice of forest bathing, have been shown to reduce stress and improve well-being.

    Theres no better color to bring that natural connection into our homes than dark green. Whether youre working with lush forest green, earthy sage green, warm olive green, cool jungle green, or silver pine green, youre creating a peaceful and harmonious space.

    In this article well look at 12 of the best dark green paint colors. Then well check out those colors in real homes to get style ideas, and review the best coordinating colors to use with dark green. Finally if youre not already up to speed on light reflectance value, Ill fill you in. When its all done, youll be ready to use dark green like an expert.

    Lets take a deep breath, pause, and get in the moment with dark green.

    Verdigris By Benjamin Moore

    Verdigris is one of my favorite greens its a unique bluish green that results from the process of oxidation on copper and brass. We found it was the perfect compliment to the wall covering, which is Extra-Fine Arrowroot, Key West by Phillip Jeffries. It really emphasized the architectural trim work and is still soft, but also a little out of the box. While this room is not in a beach home, I also love it for coastal projects. Its less predictable than nautical blues, but still gives context to the setting. Heather Hilliard, Heather Hilliard Design

    French Gray by Farrow & Ball.

    Worksteads Stefanie Brechbuehler identifies French Grayseen on the wall of this interioras one of the best green paint colors.

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