Green Modern Exterior House Paint

// Revere Pewter Brick With Graphite Siding

New House | Our Exterior Color Choices

Not only does Revere Pewter look incredible when applied as limewash on brick, it works great when painted on brick, too. With a neutral brick, our designers opted for a darker shade for the siding to bring in some contrast. Benjamin Moores Graphite is an eye-catching, deep charcoal hue that is a perfect juxtaposition to Revere Pewters softer tone. The contrast between these two paint colors accentuates the different textures on this home, creating interesting dimension.

Modern Gray House Exterior

Get the modern house outdoors with this grey house exterior color scheme. This is a simple but effective way to make eye-catching exteriors. In this color palette, you have to add a bold pop of color along with the grey. You can go with any color as it will work with most of the grey shades.

Look at the above home as a reference. Here designers have used Benjamin Moores Kendall Charcoal on the siding and Sherwin Williams Shoji White on the trim. And for the burst of color, they have used a Benjamin Moores Wasabi on the front door. The combination of these three colors gives the outdoors a dramatic and creative aesthetic.

Modern Exterior House Colors For 2022

There are clear trends when it comes to modern exterior house colors, but modern color schemes are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Depending on your design style, you might lean toward a sleek aesthetic or something more striking and bold. Furthermore, small details, like the color of the front door or trim, make all the difference with modern homes. Whatever your tastes might be, we have tons of color ideas below to inspire you.

We stay up-to-date on the latest trends so you dont have to. Our team can help you transform your exterior and make your home stand out. We focus on understanding our clients design goals to recommend intentional, impactful updates. Learn more about our virtual design services.

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// James Hardies Night Gray

Are you looking for modern exterior house colors that will add drama and depth to your homes aesthetic? Look no further than James Hardies Night Gray. This sophisticated hue looks incredible with the light gray stone in the rendering above. As you can see, combining light and dark shades is a great way to bring dimension to a modern exterior. New to James Hardie? They offer a variety of siding options with different textures and tons of great color choices.

The Spruce Best Home Matcha

Painting Your Home This Summer? Here are the 19 Most Popular Exterior ...

The Spruce

“An inviting shade of green, such as The Spruce Best Home in Matcha , looks amazing in rooms with windows on more than one side of the room,” says John Mochelle, an architect out of New York City. “If you increase the paint sheen level, this medium green color will change as the sun moves throughout the day.” The soft hue is also muted enough to work as a colorful neutral in certain rooms. It’s a perfect shade for living room walls and guest bedrooms.

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Benjamin Moore Webster Green

The Spruce

Another lovely classic shade is Webster Green by Benjamin Moore. Taryn Bone, the principal architect at Interior Designer at Bone Collective Studio says, “It works so elegantly as a kitchen base cabinet or in a moody powder room. It is one of those colors that works in different settings from minimal to traditional.”

All The Magic Lies In Grey

So which modern grey house exterior color scheme do you like the most? With so many beautiful shades and tones options, sometimes it is challenging to find the right shade of grey. Not only you can use various shades of grey together but also combine other materials like wood, stone, and colors to create unique and personalized house exteriors.

Grey comes in between black and white thats why it holds the same power as these two powerful colors. So take the challenge, try these wonderful grey exterior ideas, and give a stunning makeover to your outdoor walls.

So, this is all about modern grey house exterior color schemes. I hope this blog has given you some ideas and inspiration to transform your house exteriors. If you find this blog on grey house exterior ideas helpful and informative, share it with your friends and family members.

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Deep & Dark Suburb Gray House

The above stunning home is located in an affluent suburb in Seattle. Built in 1921, this property was recently renovated and upgraded. With a 6,350 sq. ft, it features 5 bedrooms and 3.75 bathrooms. It also includes an outdoor basketball court and an amazing interior.

Apart from all these wonderful indoor things, its exteriors are something that you wont get enough of. The extremely dark grey modern house exterior with white trims are something that makes this home stand out among the neighborhood.

Cream Front Door On A Forest Green Home With Brown Stone

50 Houses with Green Exterior / Paint Design

Green homes are one of the few that look good with a cream front door and trim. Most rely strictly on white but cream gives the home a more harmonious color range.


Rust-Oleum Cream

Its a durable, high quality paint that can transform your front door in a few hours.

This paint will give you a beautiful, warm cream finish.

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Make Sure To Prime Before You Paint

Unless its a paint-primer combination, plan to prime before you paint, no matter what paint you choose. If youre painting over dark colors, plan to apply at least two coats of primer.

Prime with at least one coat of standard primer before using a paint-and-primer-in-one. This is solely to save you money since paint-primer combinations are typically costlier than traditional primers.

Priming before you paint ensures a longer-lasting, more durable paint job. It provides better adhesion, evens out the surface for painting, and prevents cracking and peeling.

Dark Green And Grey Color Combinations

Opting for a splash of grey color with a little bright color will help you create a contrasting effect on your house exterior. You can choose the forest green shade with a dark undertone of grey for the exterior of your house. It is also one of the leading modern grey house exterior color schemes.

This color scheme will not only look cleaner but will also give your house a modern aesthetic look! Adding green with making your house stand out. These two colors speak volumes and balance each other well.

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Green House Color Schemes: Moody Blue Green

Theres an assumption out there that waterfront homes sided in dark colors are gloomy and depressing. Some people even say that dark homes feel small and claustrophobic. But nothing could be further from the truth. When dark palettes are executed properly they are cozy, dramatic and full of life.

Despite what many people believe, dark colors work well on just about any home. True, you do have to be extra careful when selecting shades. Its risky when you start choosing bold colors. Everything goes with grays and other neutrals, thats not the case with color. The darker and more colorful the home the more things can clash or look out of place.

Dark colors can be dramatic, thus giving a home a much bigger presence than it might otherwise have. Its important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. A mix of materials is essential use different textures in your siding, roofing and accent pieces. Some items should pop against a dark background, so use some light and/or even darker colors on occasion and make use of interesting shapes. Use plants and other landscaping to add tasteful splashes of bright colors you wont find on the house.

Grey And Green: Sage Green House Exterior Ideas With Stone

30 Beautiful Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors Ideas

Sage green exterior house paint colors have a grey undertone that ranges from modest to strong. This property makes grey a go-to color to blend sage houses with. These tones can be blended into the exterior design to make an attractive facade.

Grey-stoned walls can be combined with the sage-painted ones. The flooring and paneling can also be mismatched to compose a well-balanced and appealing design.

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Exterior Paint Colors 202: Focus On The Roof

Start from the shade of the roof when choosing the color of the facade of the house, not vice versa. Although now a wide selection of materials is presented slate, profiled steel sheet, classical, metal their colors are not so diverse.

But the walls can be painted or plastered in any tone, and it is relatively inexpensive to redo everything if the result does not suit you. By the way, the combination of a light facade with a dark or bright color roof is much more popular than the opposite.

Roofs in neutral gray or black provide more flexibility in choosing the main color of the building.

But if the roof is brown, and even with, for example, a red shade, then you have to look for color balance you cannot choose any color for the facade here.

Classic White And Off

White is a neutral color that tends to go with anything, and you can vary the tone. For a crisp, bright look, go with pure white. But, if you prefer a subtler look, choose an off-white shade.

Pairing white with a green roof offers a classic cottage feel to your home, reminiscent of a charming farmhouse. To keep it classic, go with green or light gray trim and shutters. However, if you want a more dramatic look, try black shutters.

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// Raccoon Fur Siding With Alabaster Trim

While we love the way two darker shades work together, we also love the contrast offered by combining a darker hue with white accents. Similar to Deep River, Benjamin Moores Raccoon Fur is a dark, rich shade of gray that has blue undertones. Our designers chose to pair the saturated siding with the light, fresh Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. The softness and warmth of the Alabaster trim is the perfect companion for the depth of the Raccoon Fur exterior.

Black Exteriors With A Contrasting Door

Exterior House Painting Colour Ideas 2022 | Modern Home Outside Painting Color Combination Designs

Suggested Exterior Paint Colors:Off Black No. 57 + Blue Ground No. 210, Farrow & Ball

“Darker shades are playing their part in this quiet revolution,” O’Donnell says of the monochromatic paint color trendbut don’t forget about the front door! Using black siding with a lighter entrance can help draw attention to the architecture of your home in a fresh, unexpected way. Try replicating the look of this home, which pairs siding and trim painted in Farrow & Ball’s Off Black with a cheery Blue Ground door.

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// Black Forest Green

Benjamin Moores Black Forest Green, which made our roundup of the 17 best exterior house colors of 2022, is a blackened shade of green thats complex and undoubtedly dark. We especially love the weight and warmth of this gorgeous green color. In this rendering, a light color on the porch steps and columns creates contrast against the homes dark base.

Earthy Green Paint Colors

Earthy green paint colors are shades that tend to have more brown and yellow undertones.

When I think of an earthy green color, I think of ferns and moss. Earthy green paint colors tend to work well in a lot of the same spaces as dark green paint colors. But, where dark green paint can look sophisticated and dramatic, earthy green shades tend to look a bit more fun.

Earthy green shades of paint work well in a lot of different style homes, including traditional and modern.

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Mint Green Siding With Painted Brick And Tan Trim

This beautiful cottage home has curb appeal. The inviting, mint green siding with tan trim and painted brick along with a classic, wooden front door and concrete walkway is sure to sell in just about any housing market.

Choosing a color for the exterior of your home is quite a commitment. Especially when you factor in the nuance of color. After youve made the choice to go green you still have to pick the perfect shade. And that shade will change with lighting conditions and the other colors around it.

Consider mint green siding with a tan trim. This home had red brick that were painted mint green to match the siding. With painted brick you retain the beautiful texture of brick but get a harmonious color scheme. With a natural house color scheme like this consider the front door color carefully. Here we see stained real wood with matching shutters. Its a great look although with a siding color scheme like this red, black, white or even orange would like great. And any shade of wood including just a simple seal would work.

What Is The Most Popular Color For A House Exterior

Exterior Paint Color Trends for 2020

The most popular color for a house exterior is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. The creamy off-white exterior color looks great on every type of siding including wood, vinyl, brick, fiber cement, and stucco. Alabaster also works as a siding or trim color so it’s quite a versatile exterior paint color as well.

Chicago Location

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Where Should I Use Green Paint

Green paint is a great color paint color for a lot of different places in a home. It works well as a main wall color in a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen. Green is also a popular color to use as an accent wall shade.

Recently, painted green cabinets have risen in popularity. These dark green hues are often highlighted with warm neutrals and crisp whites, like the gold handles and white backsplash in this picture.

Since green paint colors vary in depth and shade, they can really be used all over the house.

How Often Should You Paint Your Exterior House

You should paint your house exterior every 5 to 10 years. Painted wood surfaces last 4 to 8 years while brick and stucco can last 6 to 11 years. Of course, this depends on how much care your painters put into exterior prep work. A poorly painted exterior wont last 1 or 2 seasons before the paint starts peeling. Thats why hiring an exterior painting company with a good written warranty like Improovy is important.

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White And Other Light Exterior Paint Colors 2022

A white roof or a facade is a controversial choice, because neither one nor the other will remain clean and beautiful for a long time.

But if you are determined to use white, it is better to paint the walls of the house, because they are easier to tidy up than the roof.

Pros of a white facade:

  • visually enlarges the building
  • reflects the suns rays, keeping the house cool in the heat
  • the brightness of the facade remains longer
  • you can choose any color paired with white.
  • Cons of a white facade:

    • easily soiled surface
    • high-quality preparation for painting is necessary .

    // Kendall Charcoal Siding Shoji White Trim Wasabi Front Door

    TOP 10 Exterior Paint Color Combinations | House Design Ideas

    Some of our favorite modern gray house exterior color schemes include a bold pop of color as a companion for the gray. In the rendering above, our designers suggested Benjamin Moores Kendall Charcoal on the siding and Sherwin Williams Shoji White on the trim. Including an exciting burst of color by using Benjamin Moores Wasabi on the front door results in a dramatic, creative aesthetic.

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    Beautiful Green House Colors: Dark Green

    When it comes to green vinyl siding colors youve got plenty of options. Even more so if you choose fiber cement or some other painted siding product. Green shades go far beyond what youd find in a box of crayons. Green house colors are timeless and work on virtually any size or style home. The key is to add a variety of textures, colors and materials all working together to create one flawless design.

    Here we see cedar shake paired with vertical siding in dark green. Dark brown entry door with white trim, white columns and railings. The real stone chimney and hardscaping colors go perfectly with the forest color scheme. This is an absolutely beautiful, crisp home design thats sure to make you the envy of everyone on your block.

    Theres just something about a muted color palette that adds a sophisticated beauty to a home. And while many assume neutral has to mean beige, there are actually a lot of options that work really well. You dont have to choose bold bright colors to make a lasting impression.

    Green house siding colors will always be in style and provide the perfect backdrop for creative accents and architectural features.

    Try Canary Yellow + Soft Gray

    You may have seen many modern homes with neutral tones, but have you ever seen a house like this?

    The saturated yellow exterior of this home is the statement factor. Valspar Golden Yellow and Valspar Voyage have been used on the exteriors. Here the gray covers most of the front exterior, and yellow is used in smaller doses, but still, it makes a striking effect.

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