Green Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

Nod To Fresh Notes Of Mint Green

Kitchen Design Ideas – Green Color Scheme Ideas

Mint green isn’t a color you often see in kitchens, but we are very much here for it. It sounds bold but as you can see in this kitchen it’s actually a really subtle color, barely-there almost and definitely not as saccharine as you would first think. It’s actually really calming and serene.

The white walls and worktops give this space a very fresh look but it’s still charming and traditional.

Green Cabinets With Brass Hardware

I like brass hardware with green cabinets for the same reason that I like gold: The warm yellow tones accent green beautifully.

Remember this kitchen?:

I realize that a lot of people have already lived, loved, and left brass in their lifetime, but its back!

Again, there are more cabinets in this article that feature brass hardware, but I didnt want to repeat too many photos.

Benjamin Moore Webster Green

The Spruce

Another lovely classic shade is Webster Green by Benjamin Moore. Taryn Bone, the principal architect at Interior Designer at Bone Collective Studio says, “It works so elegantly as a kitchen base cabinet or in a moody powder room. It is one of those colors that works in different settings from minimal to traditional.”

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What Are The Most Popular Green Colors For Cabinets

There are so many different shades to choose from, but below are the most popular green colors for cabinets, according to experts:

Forest green has seen a real surge in popularity for the coming year, as well as the more neutral sage tone which is perfect for adding a pop of colour while also keeping a more zen feel in the kitchen,’ says Benjamin Moore’s Helen Shaw.

One of our most-loved kitchen paint colors is our darker green, Cactus,’ says Neptune kitchen designer Annie Tullet. ‘Its a shade people gravitate towards because of its earthiness and its ability to make a space feel warm. Even though it has cool base tones that help it suit contemporary homes, too.’

According to ‘s Richard Moore, ‘Green is proving especially popular because there are so many different shades to experiment with, from soft sage and earthy olive greens to rich, forest tones. A combination of coordinating green tones add texture add warmth to a space and pair well with warm brass handles.’

Pick Warmer Tones For A Country Kitchen

10 Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Love a country kitchen? You’ll want to go for the more muted greens that are soft and welcoming. Pair it with white woodwork to keep the look crisp but add in plenty of wood and natural textures too that will work so well with this look.

And if you are swooning after that wall paneling you aren’t alone, but you can actually DIY a similar look with wooden panels check out The Victorian Emporium for loads of options.

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Baby Pink And Pastel Green

Does it get more dreamy than pale pink and sage green? Oh wait, yes, you throw in some copper too. You can recreate this combo by painting your kitchen cabinets and walls, but if your kitchen is already quite a neutral space, think about bringing in these two tones in a smaller, much easier way. Paint a pink feature wall and look out for sage green accessories and kitchen storage to create a similar vibe for just less effort.

‘A warm and playful color, pink is a versatile shade to use in the kitchen. It can be toned down and balanced out with muted timber accents, paired with black or grey for an industrial feel or placed with contrasting, vibrant shades for a lively and dynamic design.’ explains Jayne Everett, Design Director at Naked Kitchens .

If you love pink as much as we do, be sure to check out our pink room ideas gallery.

The Subtle Shade: Sage Green

Understated and timeless, this pale green is a beautifully peaceful colour. It works particularly well with rustic wood and natural stone. Sage green adds a freshness and warmth to a traditional country kitchen. Its an easy way to inject a bit of colour without it feeling overwhelming or dramatic. Try shades like Serpentine No.192 and Myrtle Green No.168 to create a sage look in your home.Think of it as a new neutral. Move over grey and the many shades of white. Sage green is here!

Woodwork in New Lime No.149

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Green Cabinets With Black Hardware

Black hardware is the second most popular choice for green cabinets, and it can look wonderful or just so-so.

On these lighter cabinets, black hardware works well. There is enough contrast to make it pop.

If you scroll back through all of the other kitchens you will see black hardware in several of them.

On medium to dark green cabinets, black hardware can either get lost, or make the statement a little flat.

How Do You Decorate A Green Kitchen

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas – White/Green/Cream/Black/Grey

How you choose to decorate a green kitchen will be decided by the style choice traditional or modern, country or contemporary. To fully immerse your space choose green painted cabinets and add a splash of paint on the walls.

For a softer approach choose green cabinets but decorate the room with a neutral wall colour. To dip your toe into decorating your kitchen with green, leave the cabinets in a neutral shade and paint the walls green instead.

A general rule when using a bold colour in the kitchen is to strike a balance. Therefore the darker the tone of green on the cabinets the lighter the colour should be on the floors to create a sense of balance. And vice versa with light green shades.

For those looking to introduce calming green tones into their kitchen design try lighter shades of sage green and eau-de-nil-coloured cabinetry and furniture.

The subtly stylish shades will incorporate a pop of pastel into your home, bringing a light, fresh feel to the kitchen. To decorate a traditional setting, pair these soothing shades with natural wood worktops and stone flooring. To make the lighter shades feel more contemporary, pair with touches of black marble and black ironwork.

A great tip for picking the right shade is to be inspired by the shades of green found in the natural world and in the kitchen, too! Think of a lime, an asparagus spear, a slice of cucumber, the skin of a cooking apple, or a fragrant bunch of sage.

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Mix A Vivid Green With Warm Woods

Loving the retro, mid-century modern vibe of this kitchen and the bright olivey green gives the simple space a clear focal point. The wooden wall cabinets bring in a depth and warmth that you wouldn’t get if this was an all white kitchen, the natural texture stops the space from feeling a bit 2D.

Pair this tone of green with bright accessories in reds, blues, and yellows, and pick out retro decor to complete the look.

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colorsby Sherwin Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via Well Donefeat. paint color Retreat by Sherwin-Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via Well Donefeat. paint color Retreat by Sherwin-Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via Well Donefeat. paint color Retreat by Sherwin-Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via Room for Tuesdayfeat. paint color Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via Young House Lovefeat. paint color Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams

ABOVE IMAGE: via @sherwinwilliamsfeat. paint color Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams

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Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green

Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green is another very dark shade of green that can look black.

It looks gorgeous in this kitchen by @bespokeredesign with white countertops and brass hardware.

In this brighter photo you can see that Black Forest Green does have a blue-green quality.

Black Forest is my favorite kind of cake. Is it your favorite kind of green?

Oyster Bay Sw 6206 By Sherwin

Good Colours for Kitchen Walls Lovely 31 Green Kitchen Design Ideas ...

Indianapolis-based interior designer Whittney Parkinson loves to use green cabinet paint in her projects. For this space, Parkinson wanted a light, minty shade that felt both fresh and cheerful. Sherwin-Williams’ Oyster Bay had the winning combination. “An easy way to elevate a laundry room is with paint color,” she says. “The color green symbolized freshness, which is why we chose it to perfectly complement the cement tiled floor and contrast the space.”

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Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom

Yet another very dark green, Rock Bottom is like a smoky forest green.

It looks very sophisticated, and is neutral enough to go with most wall colors and finishing choices.

You will want to make sure that you have a good amount of light in your kitchen if you choose a color this dark .

Here the kitchen was not quite done, but brass or gold hardware would be a welcome pop of color to finish off this space!

What Color Cabinets Go With Green Walls

Besides the countertop, you also need to match your cabinets once you decide to go for sage green kitchen walls. You can always paint your cabinets in the colors that go well or complements the color sage green.

A sage green kitchen is a chic and trendy one so if you want to maintain that style, you can go for dusty pink or buttery yellow cabinets. These soft shades will add to the welcoming vibe thats already been introduced through the sage green walls. They will also make the kitchen feel lighter and bigger than it actually is.

But if youre going for something more elegant, hardwood cabinets with neutral colors and wood tones will create a traditional and rustic feel. Since sage green is already light, go for a darker-colored wood with rich tones like walnut and mahogany. They will offer the elegance and high-end feel to your kitchen.

Along with the wooden kitchen cabinets and drawers, another element that goes well with sage green is metal. When sage green is partnered with metallic colors, the metallic colors shine brighter and somehow add a unique touch to the subtle color of sage green. So for your cabinets, you can use brass handles and knobs for a more vintage feel to it.

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+ Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

August 3, 2022| By Jenna SueDesign and DIY Tips

If youre looking for examples of the most popular sage green paint colors on kitchen cabinets, this post is for you! Ive scoured the internet and rounded up more than 40 real-life examples from the top three cabinet paint brands: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Farrow and Ball.

Today the color is more popular than ever, with several paint brands choosing a muted green as their 2022 Color of the Year .

While the color is red hot right now, sage green is a neutral and earthy tone found in nature, so you dont have to worry about it becoming outdated. Ive always had a love for greenspecifically the soft and subdued variety, so Im 100% on board with the recent rise in popularity.

Invite The Outdoors In With Subtle Green

Off Grid Kitchen Makeover | Painting our Kitchen Cabinets Green!

Painted wood panelling on a breakfast bar matching the built-in kitchen cabinets helps to ensure this kitchen is immersed in this latest colour trend. The soft shade of apple green is subtle but effective enough to inject a touch of nature into this otherwise white kitchen . The use of house plants helps to add further greenery, welcoming a real touch of the outdoors inside.

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Global Interior Design Firms Provide Style Inspiration For Dream Kitchens

Deirdre Sullivan is an interior design expert and features writer who specializes in home improvement as well as design. She began her career as an assistant editor at Elle magazine and has more than a decade of experience. Deirdre contributes content for brands including The Spruce and, and has been a featured speaker at various conferences.

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

When you do not have the cash for a full-on remodel, a spanking new paint job will add oomph to a kitchen without having to overhaul everything else. But here is the thing there are a bazillion colors to choose from at your local home improvement store. And that can make finding the best shade for your cooking space a mind-boggling chore. So, how do you pick?

To help you have that aha moment, we are sharing our favorite hues for cooking spaces. From neutral palettes to bold color schemes, here are 26 kitchen paint ideas you can easily copy.

  • 01 of 23 CaSA Colombo and Serboli Architecture

    Not too long ago, pink walls were usually relegated to children’s bedrooms or retro bathrooms. But thanks to the rise of millennial pink, pink-colored walls are popping up everywhere. An example is the salmon pink wall in this mostly white kitchen by Casa Colombo and Serboli Architecture based in Barcelona, Spain. But the colorful goodness does not stop there. For a touch of lovely contrast, they painted the shutter apple green.

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  • Add Dark Grandeur To A Gothic Masterpiece

    While green can be gentle and soothing, it can also bring elements of the rich and regal so if you are looking to add a bold splash of color to a neutral, white or pale gray kitchen, this painted kitchen island is the perfect inspiration.

    In this sensational Gothic-style scheme, a deep emerald green island is a rich and powerful centerpiece, enhanced with wrought lantern-style pendants and ornate stools featuring beaded legs.

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    Calke Green 34 By Farrow & Ball

    Houston-based interior designer Mary Patton used a number of Farrow & Ball’s rich green shades throughout this home. Patton chose Calke Green as a “medium neutral tone” for this media space. “Even though it’s green, the color is neutral enough for their art to pop,” she says. “We decided to paint every inch of the room this color including the ceiling, walls, trim, etc. I love the way it adds drama to the room!”

    Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Cabinets

    10 Green Kitchen Design Ideas

    This color has been one of the most popular greens for kitchens for yearsyou might find more examples of it than any other sage green online:

    Its also one of the darkest examples in this post, and I will add that it looks even darker in a lot of other example Ive seen .

    This shade also tends to lean towards gray/blue, although in the kitchen below, it looks much more green:

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    Highlight With A Punchy Green

    Design by Gundry + Ducker

    A punchy shade of leaf green was chosen as a highlight color in the renovation of this London home. Its picked up in areas such as the hallway, windows and skirting boards, and helps to pull the different elements together, says architect Christian Ducker of Gundry + Ducker, the studio behind the kitchens bold design. Where possible, we always build the room and the joinery before choosing colors. We tried a range of green shades, ranging from dark to light, and decided this one was the most impactful. I think, if we had picked a lighter color, you might miss the visual link to the other parts of the house.

    What Color Goes With A Green Kitchen

    Green complements a host of different shades, from lustrous metallics to soft pastels. Inject green into a white-and-wood scheme for a hit of subtle color, or combine with muted versions of primary colors, such a as rust red, mustard yellow and inky blue – there are so many colors that go with green that it makes it a perfect shade to decorate with.

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    Go Green With Your Appliances

    Excuse us while we slowly fall in love with this dreamy green range cooker! It’s by Lacanche and in the color Light Olive and while it might be stuff that only dreams are made of for us, it did make us think appliances could be an easy way to bring those green tones into your home.

    Ovens, kettles, toasters, fridges, you can find them all in a rainbow of colors now and there will be something to suit your budget too.

    Sage Green Kitchen Walls

    Open plan kitchen living decorating idea with green paint | Dulux

    This gallery of sage green kitchen walls showcases the best paint color ideas, designs, the shades that go best with sage walls, and the complimenting hues.Are you looking for a color that can make your kitchen unique and different from the standard white? Sage green is an amazing color to consider and check out!

    A white kitchen is a clean standard look for most homes but you can get as quirky as you want if you choose to. Sage has become a popular color option for many things, from the color of ones journal to a homes kitchen walls.

    Designers have become fond of this color and kept on pushing them to different aspects of todays lifestyle. And its not surprising since the color is pleasing to the eye and accents a space without overpowering it.

    Sage green is considered a versatile color that can produce a particular vibe depending on what you pair it with. It is currently on trend and whether its a passing fad or not is still unknown but you can just chalk it up to the future.

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    Brighten A Dark Green Kitchen With Marble

    When you opt for a darker shade you can really have fun playing with contrasts and you can introduce this with dramatic kitchen countertop ideas. The deeper green you choose, the more dramatic the marble will look and if it has a high level of veining then all the better, as it will add a fabulous decorative element to the space.

    We love the idea of having a marble shelf too an interior design style trick to steal from this beautiful deVOL green kitchen.


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