Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Setup: Theres A Learning Curve

Graco X7 Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer – Everything you need to know!

The Graco Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer fits in a pretty small niche in the world of paint sprayers. Recommended for painters who will use the device fewer than 125 hours a year, its aimed at contractors who paint only infrequently or DIYers who paint enough to justify owning their own sprayer rather than renting one as needed.

Despite not being built for full-time painting contractors, the Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer can handle a variety of large painting tasks using either water- or oil-based paints and stains. The 125-hour recommendation is simply a guideline to help with product selection, not necessarily a reflection of the units capabilities.

Starting up the Magnum X7 for the first time isnt overly complicated, but it does take some time to acquaint yourself with the different controls, hoses, and switches if, like us, youre using a paint sprayer for the first time. The included instructions are clear and fairly intuitive once youve read through them once or twice and familiarized yourself with the controls. We also found the companys instructional videos helpful, and the website has a good archive of information as well.

Staining our deck took less than half the time it mightve had we used brushes or rollers to get the job done.

At this point, you can start priming the system with whatever paint or stain youre using and switch to just one bucket containing your paint since you wont need a separate bucket for the waste drain.

Final Thoughts & Review Conclusion

The Graco Magnum X7 comes from a leading manufacturer Graco that has put many years of experience into designing and perfecting some of the best paint sprayers that money can buy, and that shines through not just in clever and advantageous touches such as the airless technology, but also in the overall quality of the machine.

But you must remember that this isnt technically a professional-grade machine, so servicing will be an issue. If you need a machine that can be repaired and has spare parts available, you may be better off reading our review of the Graco X17 true airless sprayer.

This is a very well designed paint sprayer that will be perfect for smaller jobs around the home or even bigger tasks that would usually need a contractor, and it could easily be used by professionals to great effect, especially with its handy cart system.

If used correctly, and to the manufacturers instructions, cleaned after every use , and looked after with the supplied Pump Armor, the Graco Magnum will undoubtedly provide the home user or contractor with many years of reliable usage and excellent results.

While not the cheapest on the market, its is a very good value machine when compared to other models in this class.

If you do purchase one this great machine and stumble across any issues such as my Graco X7 wont prime then theres a great video on Graco Airless Paint Sprayer troubleshooting that you can find here.

Portability: Features A Built

The built-in wheeled cart is useful and necessary especially with the included 25-foot hose, which runs out quickly when traversing across our 40-foot-wide deck. While you might consider buying a longer 50- or 100-foot hose to minimize the number of times you need to move the sprayer unit, we suffered through with the supplied hose and just had one person moving the unit as needed while the other sprayed. This setup is less than ideal, so we recommend spending roughly $45 for the 50-foot hose unless youre confident you wont need to move the unit much while painting.

If youre not sure if you need a sprayer, it might be worth renting one for a day for less than $100 to find out if its the right fit.

The cart includes a hook for your 5-gallon bucket, which makes the process of moving the sprayer, hose, and bucket slightly less awkward. Despite the wheels being useful when on the deck itself, we ended up just lifting the whole thing up to move it when operating on the uneven ground around the base of the deck. Something to keep in mind if youre going to be lugging it around the outside of your house, for example.

Despite some gripes with the time to set up and hassle of moving it around, we took solace in knowing that staining our deck took less than half the time it mightve had we used brushes or rollers to get the job done.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Clean A Paint Sprayer

Take a little soft bristle brush Well clean that tip housing Then take your tip Give it a littleMore

We would happily leave paint in a sprayer for the day and even overnight if I was using it the following day However, if you are finished spraying, give it a good clean and get it ready for storage.

Do I Have To Clean Paint Sprayer Between Coats

Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Spray guns should absolutely be cleaned between coats if you are switching from paint to lacquer, or will need to use a second type or color of paint.

You have to avoid any dirty, sticky or messy stain in your paint sprayer Remember to wash it every time youre done using it The easiest way to do it is by running hot water through the sprayer.

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Introducing The Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X7 is one of many of the best Graco airless paint sprayers in the range, and this one is a particularly impressive model for both homeowners and professionals or handymen. In fact, its one of the best airless paint sprayers ever made if you look at the units sold over the last 5 years.

This sprayer comes on a well-constructed frame unit and stand with wheels attached, making it easy to move from place to place , and is ideal for smaller to medium jobs that require a fast, flawless finish.

The stand also allows for the hose to be tucked away nice and neatly when not in use, so the whole machine can be stored without taking up too much space when not in use.

These X7 machines are made from good quality materials to give longer life and are designed not only to be easy to use and adjust but also easy to clean and maintain.

Although it is not the cheapest on the market, it is sensibly priced for an airless sprayer of this size and build and from such a highly regarded manufacturer.

Lets have a look at some of the potential uses for this machine.

Graco Magnum X7 Convenient Cart Airless Paint Sprayer


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Graco Magnum X7 Convenient Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X7 Convenient Cart Airless Paint Sprayer can spray from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers with minimum spills. The Graco Magnum X7 HiBoy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer has a hardened stainless steel, built in hose. The pressure control offers durability and simple operating modes which allows you to paint everything you need in minutes. These sprayers are ideal for spraying interior wall, ceilings and doors, or exterior work like decks, fences and homes.

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Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

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  • Flexible Suction Tube to insert directly into 4 or 20L paint containers.
  • Includes convenient cart, ideal for exterior applications.
  • Adjustable pressure controls.
  • Power flush to connect to garden hose, making cleaning fast and easy.
  • Whether youre a hobbyist, fixer-upper, or absolute beginner, Gracos DIY Series sprayers deliver amazing results.
  • Recommended use on indoor and outdoor home improvement projects like ceilings, sheds, decks or fences.
  • Includes SG2 Metal Spray Gun, RAC V 515 SwitchTip, 25 ft. Duraflex paint hose, Pump Armor storage fluid, PowerFlush adapter, Quick Start-Up Guide and Operation Manual.
  • Larger Tips available for spraying heavier coatings.

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What you need to know before purchasing

Will Vinegar Hurt My Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer Review (and priming a whole home!)

Vinegar can corrode your sprayer if you let it sit for a long time Carefully rinse your sprayer out after every use Dump the excess vinegar out and then fill the sprayer with water Be sure to pump and spray the water to clean out the hose and nozzle.

Remove the paint canister and replace it with a can or jar of paint thinner Run paint thinner through the sprayer until the thinner comes of the sprayer clean Do not run the same thinner through the sprayer more than once.

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Who Is This Product Best For

The Magnum unit is primarily targetted towards homeowners, semi professionals or odd job handymen that may use it a handful of times a month or less.

If you fall into any of the below categories then this could be the best choice for you:

  • Homeowners looking to paint interior walls or ceilings every 6-12 months
  • Tradesmen that require a machine in storage in case the need arises
  • Odd job men that may spray a couple of small rooms a month

Who this machine isnt really suited for:

  • Professional decorators looking to buy a paint sprayer to use heavily daily/weekly
  • Industrial sectors looking for a heavy duty sprayer for the work site
  • Manufacturing lines or factories that require a permanent spray solution

That said, theres no reason why a professional decorator or contractor couldnt use the Graco Pro X7 to great effect, its robust and extremely fast, but its just not built to withstand constant heavy usage and because of how an airless paint sprayer works, will most likely have issues after a few big jobs.

There are bigger, more powerful commercial sprayers on the market that are much better suited to larger, more regular jobs that require a professional grade machine that can be repaired, customized and serviced.

How Do You Get Dried Paint Out Of An Airless Sprayer

Step 1 Remove the nozzle of the sprayer Youll have to clean the nozzle and tip thoroughly in order to get any other work done Step 2 Remove and clean the filter inside the spray gun Step 3 Run clean water through the sprayer Step 4 Prime the sprayer with water once again Step 5 Clean out the inlet strainer.

Mineral spirits are simply a type of paint thinner, mineral spirits paint thinner has characteristics that distinguish it from other products such as turpentine or acetone Unfortunately paint thinner is used on labels that are referring to mineral spirits in a less refined form.

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Can I Leave Paint In My Airless Sprayer Overnight

This is your siphon hose you throw that in the water too And then then its going to give it a fewMore

What Cleaner To Use To Clean the Paint Sprayer If you are using a water-based product in your paint sprayer, youll want to use warm water and soap If you are using an oil-based product, youll want to use mineral spirits as your cleanup solution.

Can I Spray Trim Work Such As Window Frames With It

Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

It is possible, however, its not easy. Because of the speed of an airless sprayer, its extremely difficult to do more delicate work without getting paint build-ups and drips.

Again you can purchase a smaller spray tip which is much more suited towards gloss paint and spraying trim work but youll certainly need to have some good practice behind you before you can get a perfect finish on more detailed work.

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So What Can You Use The X7 Airless Sprayer For

If you have a few rooms you would like to redecorate around the home because they are becoming tired, have heavy usage, the walls get dirty quickly or your wife simply wants new color schemes every 12 months.

Perhaps you run a property rental business and prefer to do as many painting projects yourself as possible, the X7 is excellent for tenant changeovers where the property needs a fresh lick of paint once a year or less.

If you own a large outdoor space that needs wood staining every winter , this sprayer is ideal with a larger spray tip.

If any of these sound familiar, then the Magnum X7 Paint Sprayer is an ideal machine to buy as it will provide you with plenty hours of constant, reliable performance and will allow you to cover large areas without any effort at all.

You will get a professional paint job even as DIY homeowners with just a little practice, and it will be far easier than painting with the rush and roller method .

However dont be put off if you are looking for a sprayer to use for other projects around the home, garden or in commercial premises, as the Graco Magnum X7 could still be an excellent choice.

Here are some of the jobs that a Graco airless can help you save a lot of precious time and money.

  • Protecting the exterior of your home with specialist waterproofing masonry paint
  • Outdoor fencing and
  • Protecting outhouses, barns, and garages
  • Painting multi story homes

Can You Run Paint Thinner Through A Paint Sprayer

Often one can run some lacquer thinner through the pump for awhile and get out most of the old dried debris if the sprayer does not have too much in it If your sprayer has a flexible intake tube, flex it, move it around while running the thinner through it to try to dislodge the dried material inside it.

If necessary, lukewarm water can be used To do this, put the suction of the airless device in the one bucket with water and allow it to draw water in At low pressure you can pump the remaining paint into the paint bucket, using the prime pump, until water comes.

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Do You Have To Clean A Airless Sprayer Everyday

Cleaning the HoseWiping down the exterior of the hose with water or mineral spirits daily will help keep the hose flexible and more pliable longer term.

For a standard room, if you begin by cutting in above the trim, below the ceilings and around the window- and door frames, followed by rolling the walls, it can take you 1-2 hours per coat It takes less than 10 minutes to paint a room with an Airless paint sprayer.

How Messy Is An Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco X7 Paint Sprayer Review

As with all airless spray systems, they can be quite messy and do require quite a bit of room preparation before you can start spraying. This will include covering all windows, fittings, floors, and doors with painters tape or masking tape.

Its worth knowing that you can reduce the amount of overspray by using smaller, more controllable spray tips which can be purchased online separately .

This is something youll slowly learn as you gain more experience and learn to manage the pressure control.

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Shipping Should Be Simple

We offer free shipping on orders over $80, less than $80 we charge a single flat rate fee of $8.50

Our primary carriers include UPS and USPS and for large items a variety of freight carriers.

Please note for certain product categories particularly filters there is at times an additional charge for shipping.

Graco Magnum X7 Electric Trueairless Sprayer Vs Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus

For a little more than half the cost of the X7, you can get the comparable Project Painter Plus, which has similar capabilities but drops the rolling stand. We tested both and found the Project Painter doesnt accept as large of tips as the X7 and has slightly lower flow/power in terms of maximum gallons per minute. However, most DIYers wont need either capacity.

The biggest limitation of the smaller Project Painter unit is the maximum hose length it can power: 50 feet versus 100 feet for the X7. If you are painting a multi-story house or just want to be able to move longer distances without moving your unit and paint buckets, the 50-foot limitation could be a drag.

Yes, if you know you need it.

The Graco Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer is a capable, time-saving sprayer thats worth the money if you know youll use it more than once a year. If youre not sure if you need a sprayer, it might be worth renting one for a day for less than $100 to find out if its the right fit.

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How Do You Store An Airless Sprayer Overnight

Take the pickup tube put it in a thin bucket of water and take this prime tube and put it in theMore

The size of the airless nozzle is not suitableIf you choose a nozzle too small, your gun may become clogged quickly, making it impossible to use If you use a nozzle that is too large, you will spray too much paint, which may leave traces, splashes or spills on your surface.


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