Garage Floor Paint Vs Epoxy

Which Is Better Polyurea Or Polyaspartic

PRO vs. DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Kits :: Whats the difference?

Both polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are good options for homeowners. Polyaspartic is a little less expensive and has a lot of flexibility, which can be helpful if you are going to be driving on it. Polyurea is more durable and able to withstand heavier traffic. If you plan on parking your car on the floor, polyurea is the best option for you.

If you want high performance coating for your garage floor but dont want the inconvenience of epoxy, polyurea or polyaspartic are great solutions that will last a long time in your home.

What Is The Benefit Of An Epoxy Garage Floor

Applying a coat of epoxy on your garage floor has a variety of benefits, including its creation of an impact-, stain-, and crack-resistant surface. In addition to their durable qualities, epoxy floors are also moisture-resistant to prevent mold buildup and come in a variety of colors to match your garages design.

How Long Does Floor Stain Last

Because the floor stain permanently penetrates the concrete, your stained floor will last a lifetime. However, your stained concrete floor does require regular sealing with a solvent or a water-based acrylic sealer. The sealer helps to keep the color and stain properties intact, allowing your floor to last longer. Most sealers will last about 18 to 24 months before a new application is required.

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Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Vs Epoxy Coating: Cost

Epoxy garage floor paints are considerably cheaper than Epoxy coating. The paint comes on a very small budget and you can easily apply it yourself so it can be installed and used at a very low cost. Whereas on the other hand, Epoxy coatings are expensive compared to paint. And since you cannot really install it yourself, you will need to hire an epoxy flooring company or flooring contractors to get the job done which is only going to add up the cost.

But if you consider other factors such as maintenance costs, durability, re-installations, and other factors: Epoxy coatings are a cheaper investment than Garage floor paint. With Epoxy coatings, you can apply it once and be stress-free for the next decade or two. But with garage floor paint, you will need to re-paint them very frequently which ultimately makes them more expensive. So, Epoxy coatings may seem expensive at first but it is more like a long-term investment that provides value for money.

What Is Epoxy Floor Paint

Garage Floor Paint Vs Epoxy

Epoxy floor coating or epoxy floor paint is made up of two-components: epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. Epoxy can be coloured or clear. If you have a coloured epoxy, its the epoxy resin that the colour is applied to.

The nature of the two components means the final product is a hard, very durable surface coating that provides a protective seal to the concrete floor as well as a stain-resistant barrier .

While you can purchase epoxy floor coating at hardware stores, there is value in having a professional supply and apply the epoxy coating for you. One key reason for this is because the higher the epoxy content, the higher the viscosity . So while DIY epoxy paint kits may sound very appealing and easy to use, if you want a high-quality result, its best to leave it to an expert epoxy flooring specialist, such as Kleenit.

In terms of cost, epoxy requires a higher up-front investment but will usually last at least 3 to 5 years before needing to be touched up.

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Pvc And Poly Garage Tile Tools

Manufacturers often say you can install their tiles without tools. Then they show a consumer using a rubber mallet to tape the tiles into place. If you dont have a mallet, you can jump on the seams.

You will need a sharp utility knife to cut the tiles at the walls. Its easier to cut PVC than to cut poly.

You might want pressure sensitive tape if you have unexpected movement in your installation. High quality tiles tend not to move.

In Conclusion Polyaspartic Vs Epoxy Flooring

Obviously, you dont want to sink all that time and money for nothing, so make sure you have all the facts as you make your choice. You can apply either one of these coatings yourself, however, many people choose to hire a professional to avoid the risks of a job gone wrong.

Now that we know a little more about both of these garage flooring options, lets compare them head-to-head! Epoxy vs Polyaspartic

  • Durability Epoxy is very durable, but it is still vulnerable to abrasion. Polyaspartic, meanwhile, is more flexible, and wont chip, scratch or scuff. Its definitely more durable and will not fade. It can be used outdoors.
  • Cost Polyaspartic vs Epoxy Polyaspartic costs more than Epoxy. The material on its own is pricier, and when you factor in the cost of hiring a professional installer, the difference gets even more dramatic. But looking at the long term, it lasts much longer as it is more durable.
  • Drying Time It takes an hour or less for one layer of Polyaspartic to dry. Compare that to epoxy, which can take approximately 16 hours for a single coating.
  • DIY Installation You can apply epoxy on your own using a roller brush. The longer drying time allows for a more relaxed pace. Polyaspartic requires application with a squeegee or roller, and it dries so quickly that there isnt a lot of room for mistakes. It is not recommended to try Polyaspartic as a DIY project.

Epoxy vs polyaspartic polyaspartic is the superior product!

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Epoxy Concrete Floor: Built For Durability

For commercial and industrial settings, along with some spaces within residential properties, concrete finished with an epoxy coating is an excellent choice for an attractive flooring choice that is both durable and affordable. Epoxy coatings consist of a hardener and a resin that, when mixed together and applied to concrete, create a strong, chemically-resistant surface that can withstand nearly any set of demands.

This innate durability makes epoxy concrete floors perfect for spaces that are likely to encounter water or chemical spills, lots of heavy foot or machinery traffic or other substances and activities that would break down a less durable flooring choice. While most applications are commercial in nature, some garages in homes have these types of floors. Epoxy can also be an excellent choice in other types of facilities where it is important to reduce mold, mites, and allergens, all of which can proliferate much more easily in carpeting than on hard, easy-to-clean concrete.

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor flooring solution, an epoxy-coated concrete floor can be an excellent choice for your needs. In heavy-traffic facilities like manufacturing plants, warehouses, showrooms, hospitals, and even airplane hangars, epoxy floors can stand up to the tough wear-and-tear that comes with these industries.

Should I Paint My Garage Floor

Epoxy, Polyurea or Polyaspartic : Which is the BEST garage floor coating?

The next step is the pre-epoxy primer. A base coat seals the concrete and thereby makes it easier for the epoxy to bond. Our pre-epoxy checklist:

  • wet the concrete surface
  • spread the primer in a smooth, even layer
  • wait for the primer to dry
  • spread another smooth, even layer of primer
  • wait for the primer to dry again

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Best Garage Floor Paint: Latex Acrylic Or Epoxy

Heres what you should use and how it will transform your garage into a special space.

Whether your goal is to have handsome place to park your car or a pro-quality location to scrape your knuckles working on it, a bare concrete garage floor is not the right answer. At Car and Driver we understand the desire for an upscale, professional-looking garageyou’re looking at one of our two aboveand that requires a properly finished floor.

Which type of garage-floor paint or coating is best? There are several and they all have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, colors, prep time, application processes, and, ultimately, durability. To help you make the right decision, we’ll sort through their pros and cons here.

Polished Concrete Vs Epoxy Flooring: Which Is Better For Your Garage

The average American spends many hours every week in their garage, doing home projects or accessing it for storage. And many surveys have shown that an overwhelming majority of people are not satisfied with their garage and would like to renovate it.

Your garage is part of your home and is often the main, daily entryway for you and your family. Also, during the COVID pandemic, more Americans have made use of their garages as semi-outdoor gathering spaces.

If you are thinking about refinishing your garage floor, deciding between a polished concrete vs epoxy finish is a major decision. There are many advantages to each, as well as a few drawbacks.

Which one is best for you will depend on what you use your garage for. Keep reading to find out how to make this important decision.

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The Role Of Dry Film Thickness

Dry Film Thickness is the thickness of the paint or coating film after it has dried. For a paint or coating product the DFT refers to the application of one coat. For a paint or coating system, the DFT refers to the entire system which may include the primer, 1 or 2 coats of finish and a top clear coat.

The DFT of a paint or coating depends on many factors including the type of resin used, the %age of solids in the liquid, application viscosity, porosity of the surface on which the paint or coating is applied, etc.

For example if you thin down a Latex paint before application, you will not be able to achieve the recommended or desired DFT.

You may also get a much lower DFT, than stated by the manufacturer, if the concrete floor is abnormally porous and has not been sealed properly.

DFT is measured in mils. A mil is a thousandth of an inch. As a thumb rule, Paints, including 1 part Epoxy Paints, will develop a DFT of less than 2 mils. Coatings on the other hand will develop a DFT of over 2 mils.

What Is In An Epoxy Floor Coating That Makes It More Durable Than Paint


Epoxy is made up of two-component materials, one part epoxy resin, and one part polyamide hardener. You will need to mix the two parts together before application. When you mix the two parts, you are limited by time and temperature to how long you have to apply. When it comes to colored epoxy, the tinted resin gives the epoxy its color. The resin is clear if it gives a clear coating.

That is paint and epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. The two need to be mixed together immediately before application. When the two are mixed an exothermic chemical reaction happens during the curing process. The coatings cure process will produce polymer structures that are closely cross-linked, and this will give the floor epoxy its superior strength and durability.

The floor epoxy coating reaction will cure instead of drying. This will benefit a concrete floor because the process seals the porous concrete, while the resin gives the floor a shine. Epoxy coating is more resistant to chemicals and abrasion than an ordinary paint-on application. It is also impact resistant and hard and durable. making it perfect for a garage floor coating. This means that it will not fracture, crack, or split if heavy loads are dropped on it. This includes equipment and machinery being driven over the surface. Epoxy can also have two coats and if it gets sanded, you can apply an epoxy coating to cured epoxy so its more durable.

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How Much Does Floor Stain Cost

Floor stain for your garage floor is an economical solution that can transform the way your garage looks. Compared to other options, floor stain is one of the most affordable choices. Expect to pay between $2 and $4 per square foot for a concrete floor stain.

Of course, there is a great deal of price variation depending on the type of stain you choose. If significant preparation is required to get your garage floors ready for the stain, you can add high cost to the overall project.

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Single Floor Paint Advantages

Traditional floor paints are great to use for when you want a variety of colours and are budget conscious, most people are confident to get painting themselves, scratching up on their DIY skills and a sense of self accomplishment.


Prepping the floor is nice and simple, just ensure the area that youre looking to paint is clean. For more harder to remove stains and dirt, grab yourself a Jet wash as itll make the process quicker and cleaner. This type of paint is commonly used in Garages and rooms with wooden floors.

Colours and More Colours

Weve all been there when were set on a choice of colour for the project in hand but then when applied, you want to change itouch!

Never mind though as standard floor paints have a huge variety of colours to choose from and to reapply another coat of a different colour is easy, no need to call in the professionals as youre a DIY guru already.


If youre deciding to paint on Concrete, such as your garage floor then cleanliness is a big pro!

Bare concrete always produces a layer of dust and holds dirt well, this is a major pain when walking from the garage inside your house or getting in your car that youve just valeted.Painting even a single coat on the floor will prevent issues like this.

Garage Floor Paint Vs Epoxy Durability

Epoxy vs. Polyurea : I forgot to tell you this one thing about garage floors…

Epoxy is more durable than the paint. Epoxy will not peel and chip.

Paint will deteriorate in three to ten years, depending on exposure to extreme temperatures and abrasives.

Reapplying epoxy is usually not necessary. It will last for decades.

To fix chipped paint, you need to scrape it off, wash the floor, and apply the paint anew.

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Garage Floor Paint Vs Epoxy: Which Do I Choose

When deciding between garage floor paint vs. epoxy, the options can feel overwhelming. However, you dont need to rush into a decision that you will regret. Those working on strict budgets and time limitations will favor roll-on paints. These products can be completed by inexperienced homeowners, and they dry quickly.

Professional epoxy flooring can require days of preparation and cure time. Also, with a specialized contractor installation, they will cost more to complete. That being said, paints wear out quickly, leaving you disappointed with the results, while epoxy has better results and more durability.

What Is A Polyaspartic Coating

A polyaspartic coating is a type of flooring coating that is often used in industrial settings where heavy traffic and the need for a quick return to service are important considerations. This type of floor coating can be applied very quickly and dries very fast. It also has excellent durability and resistance to chemicals, heat, and other environmental factors.

Polyaspartic coatings are liquid-based formulas that are applied as one or more thin layers to the surface of a concrete floor or other hard surfaces. As it cures, the polyaspartic material forms a solid layer over the existing surface that protects it from damage while providing an attractive protective layer.

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Cleaning Garage Floor Tile

Cleaning plastic tile is easy. Sweep or vacuum first. Use a mop and soapy water on dirt. Plastic responds well to warm water and mild detergents. Treat scuffs with a polish like Armstrong Shinekeeper. Street tar stains will probably come up with a cleaner-degreaser such as Purple Power or Oil Eater. Very hot tire can melt onto the PVC. Youll find it easier to replace these tiles than to clean them.

Mix And Apply The Epoxy Coating

Garage Floor Epoxy Kits

Before applying the first coat, make sure you adhere to these guidelines:

  • Make sure the temperature is 50 or above.

  • For optimum results, wait for a dry period when there is no rain in the forecast. Do not thin the product.

  • Using a three-eighths-inch nap roller or nylon polyester brush, apply an even coat.

  • Never apply paint to a hot surface area.

  • Provide adequate ventilation for normal drying. Wait a minimum of four hours before applying the second coat. Drying times may be longer in high humidity and cool conditions.

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