Fun Painting Ideas For Beginners

Easy Canvas Art For Teenagers

Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners Step by Step

Its not just kids who need some structured craft time, you know. A teen can benefit just as much from a fun and creative session of painting.

Then theres also the fact that a little time away from their mobile phones and iPads would definitely be a plus. So if youve got a teen to occupy, then this canvas art painting can be a place to start.

Since this painting involves a lot of wide strokes for the background, you might want to invest in some thick, wide brushes. You can find them here.

Why You Should Try Acrylic Painting Ideas

Painting is not only fun, but it also has certain health benefits, specifically reducing stress. You can paint as a hobby as it is a great way to switch off and be in the moment, away from everyday stressors. Painting is a way you can express yourself it does not have to be a masterpiece it can simply be a creative outlet. However, if you continue, you can easily build your self-confidence.

Painting can help with problems like depression, anxiety, and other terminal illnesses. Also, it can be a way for people to express themselves if they have been abused by helping to foster mental wellbeing. Painting can also help the aged, helping to prevent dementia and other age-related illnesses as it keeps the brain active, and you have to pay attention to what you are doing. So, the brain is continually building new neural pathways. Painting helps to boost creativity, which can lead to more innovative thinking and better problem-solving skills. Even if you make mistakes, you are learning and developing some amazing new skills.

You can paint in a group and make it a social experience, or for most painting alone is therapeutic as it can become almost meditative.

Acrylic Painting Ideas For Paper And Cardboard

The simplest place to start is on paper. Painting on paper is a great option if you are new to acrylic painting and do not want to commit to buying a canvas. Besides being widely available, paper can also be great for sketching or practicing painting ideas for beginners.

Painting on Book Covers

You can use acrylic paint to personalize your notebook or diary covers. These can help spark your creative energy every time you see the cover and get you excited to create. Start by priming your notebook cover with a base coat of black or white acrylic paint to create a blank background for your design. Make sure to put a scrap of paper under the cover so you do not get paint on the rest of the pages in your book. Wait for the paint to dry and then sketch out your design, or trace a stencil, in pencil on the cover.

Use your acrylic paint to fill in your design, working with one color at a time and waiting for each color to dry before starting with the next one.

One of the easiest designs to do, which is also very striking, is color blocking. You do not even need to have drawing skills, all that is required is some painters or masking tape. After applying a base coat of black or white, simply use your tape to create geometric shapes on your notebook cover and then paint each space a different color. Wait until the paint is dry before removing the tape and your design is complete.

Creating Bookmarks

Painting on Cardboard

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Use A Potato To Make Stamps

This is an excellent idea for kids who love to get their hands dirty. And, its a lot of fun to see the different designs you can create with potatoes.

Things Needed: Potatoes, Paint, Scissors, Paper


  • Cut the potatoes into different shapes with scissors.
  • Paint the potatoes in different colors.
  • Press the potatoes onto the paper to create stamps.

Use Your Fingers To Make Fingerprints

EasyMeWorld: An Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Fingerprints are unique to each person, so what better way to make a piece of art than by using your fingerprints? This is an excellent idea for kids of all ages.

Things Needed: Paint, Watercolors

  • Pour a small amount of paint onto a plate or paper towel.
  • Dip your fingers into the paint.
  • Press your fingers onto the paper to make fingerprints.
  • Make different patterns by using different fingers.

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What Type Of Paint Should You Choose

Choosing a type of paint for your work can be quite overwhelming at times given all the varieties out there. Some paint types can be more durable than others or can completely change the look of your final work of art. The right paint choice can be very important in accomplishing your artistic goal, depending on what you are creating. The different paint types vary in style and properties making a big impact on your next painting quest. Some popular types of paint are watercolor, acrylic, oil, and gouache. Read our comprehensive list of types of paint to get a better idea of which one is right for you and your project.

Making Coasters With Rope

You will need a few different colors of paint, a piece of rope, and some cork tiles.

Instructions: Paint the cork tiles in any color or design your child likes. Once the paint is dry, they can add a piece of rope to the top of each tile. This will help keep them from sliding around on the table.

Now lets discuss some easy and fun painting ideas that any kid can easily pull off!

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Acrylic Painting Ideas For Beginners

11. Impressionist Landscape

This is one of the easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas.

Wondering, What should I paint as a beginner? Impressionist landscapes are a good place to start with acrylics because you dont need to worry about fine details looking perfect.

12. Easy Roses

What Do I Need For Acrylic Painting

Watercolor painting ideas for beginners – fun diy project

Set up your workspace with acrylic paints, brushes, a canvas, a palette, and masking tape.

Before you dive into your first project, youll want to gather your materials. While some of the tutorials below require specialty materials, you can make most easy acrylic paintings with a few basic supplies:

Many art supply stores also carry acrylic painting sets for beginners, which come with everything above.

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Valentines Twig Heart Canvas

It is never too early to plan your Valentines day decor. If youre someone who likes to go all out on holidays, then V-day has plenty of decorating opportunities for you to explore.

Check out this canvas, for example. Its so pretty and simple to make, all you need is a canvas, some twigs, hot glue, and a hot glue gun.

Once you have everything you need, just trace a heart on your canvas. You will be using this as a base of sorts.

What Is Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint consists of a color pigment that lays suspended within an acrylic polymer emulsion. These pigments can either be natural or synthetic and do not dissolve hence, they are suspended within the mixture. The acrylic polymer is the binder that helps to keep the pigment in place on the surface. Water is what then carries everything or acts as the vehicle for the pigment and binder. After the paint has been applied to the chosen surface, the water then evaporates, leaving behind the pigment color.

Since it is water-based, you can easily clean acrylic paint while it is still wet with water.

However, once dry, it becomes permanent and forms a polymer or a type of colored plastic film over the surface, which is then difficult to remove. Acrylic paints cannot be reactivated as with other mediums, which makes them popular for layering techniques. Acrylic paints can be made to resemble watercolor and oil painting techniques, as you can dilute it or add various mediums or gels to modify it. One of the popular benefits of using acrylic paints is that it is very forgiving. You can make a mistake, and once it has dried, you can fix the mistake by simply painting over the area. This is due to the paints opaque nature.

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Benefits Of Using Acrylic Paints Part One

Wide range of color options Acrylic paints come in a wide range of colors, including bright hues and subtle shades, so you can easily find the perfect colors for your project.

Easy to use Unlike other types of paint, acrylic paint is easy to apply and does not require any special techniques or skills. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to explore their creativity without worrying about complicated painting techniques.

Easy Painting Ideas Inspired By Everyday Life

EasyMeWorld: An Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners

If youre looking for more easy painting ideas, check the list below. Theyre inspired by day to day life, which makes the projects more interesting and hopefully more personally significant.


  • flowers in a vase
  • portrait of your friend/BFF
  • a sunset/sunrise
  • a bicycle with a basket of flowers
  • a monarch butterfly
  • a bird on a branch
  • a small table with your favorite trinkets.
  • your favorite bangle/earrings jewellery laying on a table

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Abstract Black Strokes On White

Well, I called it abstract art is getting more abstract and thats just the plain truth. Now you might think that this is just a plain old white canvas with black brush strokesand youd be right, mostly.

But even that, when placed in the right decor theme, can become a stark accent piece. So go ahead and give it a try!

Acrylic Painting Ideas For Glass

Ceramics are not the only crockery that can be painted with acrylic paint. Glass cups, plates, or even fruit bowls can also be painted with acrylic paint. What is great about glass painting is that you are able to see your designs even if they are painted on the underside of your glassware. Just as with ceramic crockery, only paint surfaces that will not be in direct contact with food. You can mix acrylic paint with dish soap to create temporary glass paint, which makes a great family activity that can be washed off at the end of the day.

Acrylic paint can also be made permanent on glass by sealing it with an acrylic sealant or varnish, otherwise, it will chip off after a few years.

If you do not have any wall space for canvas art, then why not paint your art onto your glass windows using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is also great for holiday decorating as it can be scraped off at the end of the season. Glass mason jars are great to try out your painting ideas.

You can paint labels onto the jars for easy pantry organization.

You can also paint scenery or landscapes that wrap around the jar. To create an easy nightlight, try adding a small bundle of battery-powered fairy lights into a painted jar. Secure the battery pack to the lid for ease of access when you have to change them.

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Differently Shaped Or Sized Canvas Ideas

Acrylic paints are well-liked because you can use them on different surfaces besides canvas. You can paint on glass, wood, plastic, metal, and other surfaces. Your easy acrylic painting ideas do not have to be limited to a flat canvass. You can create beautiful glass art, paint pillows, shoes, paper bookmarks, pre-cut wood slices, and more.

When it comes to canvasses, there are different sizes you can choose from.

You can go small or large, and even try out different shapes. Why not try a round, heart-shaped, or triangle shape canvas for your next acrylic painting idea? Another idea that has become extremely popular recently is to paint rocks or pebbles. This is a fun idea for the entire family.

Acrylic Painting Ideas For Fabric

7 Super Easy Painting Lesson Ideas – Painting For Beginner

Fabric is another great place to try out your painting ideas. All different blends of fabric can be painted on with acrylic paint without much preparation. Simply wash the fabric as normal to remove any oils or dirt and dry completely before painting. Fabric acrylic paintdoes not crack on drying like conventional acrylic paints, and it will stay on permanently but may fade over a few years and need to be touched up.

Fabric can be used in a variety of acrylic painting ideas for beginners. Acrylic painting on fabric provides a way to change the look of your décor and furniture at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of going from shop to shop. Throw pillows, placemats, and dining chair cushions are a great way to add color or patterns to your space. Why not use acrylic paint to change inexpensive, plain pillowcases into something that is perfect for your space.

Acrylic Painting on Clothes

Painting t-shirts is a great activity for the family or a way to create something unique to mark an occasion. You can even use glue to sketch an image onto your t-shirt. Once it has dried, paint over it with multiple colors, then peel off the glue to reveal your design. You can also paint your shoes with acrylic paint. Pencil your design onto clean, dry shoes and check to make sure it looks good from all angles before filling in your design with paint.

Fabric acrylic paint is essential because normal acrylic paint will crack once dry with the everyday movement of the shoe.

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Easy Painting Ideas For Kids

Whether you have a kiddo who is a budding Picasso or just want to keep a little one busy for the afternoon with a non toxic paint, painting makes for a fantastic and sensory-rich art experience for kids of all ages! Here you will find over 30 painting ideas that are fun and easy for any kiddo to paint.

Good Painting Ideas Inspired By The Imagination:

  • A person with flowers growing from their head
  • Create an image inspired by your favorite song
  • A majestic unicorn with a rainbow-colored mane
  • Create a self-portrait in a Cubist style
  • Reimagine a scene from your favorite Disney film
  • Imagine a dog could walk and talk like a human. What would they say and do?
  • Create your own repeat pattern
  • or mandala-inspired design

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Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Keep at least two jars of water around whenever youre painting, one jar for cleaning the brushes and another one for adding water to the paint as and when required.

To take good care of your paint supplies, you could use different brushes while using different colours from the palette to keep the paint clean and pure.

5. Washcloth To keep your workstation clean

A waste cloth is necessary while painting to clean up after any messes caused during the process. Keep these few things checked off your list before beginning your creative process to avoid having to get up in between your painting sessions.

Now that we are all a bit more familiar with some art terminologies and techniques, Im curating for you some easy painting ideas for beginners that you could try for a fun, relaxing experience.

Making Mugs With Marbles

EasyMeWorld: How To Paint An Easy Acrylic Painting For Beginners

You will need a white mug, marbles, and paint in various colors.

Instructions: Place a few drops of paint onto the marbles and then roll them around inside the mug. Be sure to cover the entire inside surface of the cup. Let your child pick out which color they want for the outside of the mug and paint it on. Once the paint is dry, they can add a design with a Sharpie if theyd like.

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Abstract Butterfly In Flight With Ocean Wave Background

If you want to learn how to make abstract art on canvas, this tutorial will get you started. This beginner abstract painting uses some calming blue acrylic hues to create the abstract ocean wave background.

A simple gold leaf pen is used to create the butterflies in flight. An easy abstract painting idea that will infuse your home with some ocean-y calm vibes!

Check out the step by step tutorial.How to paint abstract butterflies

Natural Canvases For Acrylic Painting

Nature provides lots of inspiration for acrylic painting. While already beautiful, seashells can be painted to add interest, or you could layer a few painted shells onto a canvas for an eye-catching piece. Acrylic paints do not get absorbed into the shells surface like watercolor paints would, so you can create layered designs without losing the unique texture of the shell.

Painting a beach scene or landscape on your seashells is a great idea, or try turning them into fish by gluing a googly eye to one side and smaller pieces of shells to the other to create fins.

Smooth shells without any cracks or chips are best to use for acrylic painting. Make sure they are clean. You can use an old toothbrush and warm water to clean them. If you want to paint the whole seashell, then prime it with a base coat of paint and allow it to dry before painting the rest of your design.

Rocks can also be painted to create doorstops or paperweights. You can paint them as ladybugs or toadstools and hide them amongst your plants to add some whimsy to your garden, or even use them to label your herbs and produce. Be sure to choose acrylic paint that is suitable for the outdoors if you want them to last.

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