Floor Paint Colors For Concrete

How Do I Get Good Results When Painting Concrete

Add Protection & Color To Concrete Floors With Rust-Oleum® Concrete & Garage Floor Paint Primer

Any concrete surface you intend to paint must be free of contaminants and existing coatings, sealers, or curing compounds. Otherwise, the paint will be unable to fully bond to the concrete. The concrete to be painted should also have a slight texture for proper paint adhesion. If the surface is extremely smooth or has a hard-troweled finish, it may need to be acid etched or mechanically abraded first. Much of this advice on preparing concrete floors before staining is also applicable to concrete paints.

Although priming is recommended for some concrete paints, many products are self-priming and can be applied directly to bare concrete. Be sure to follow the paint manufacturers recommendations. Also adhere to the manufacturers guidance for minimum air and surface temperatures during application, especially when painting outdoor concrete surfaces. In most cases, temperatures should be above 50° F.

For paint to adhere properly, the concrete should also be dry and free of trapped moisture. An easy way to test the moisture content of concrete before painting is to duct tape an 18-inch square of clear plastic onto the surface and leave it in place for 24 hours. If condensation collects under the plastic after that time, the concrete is too damp for paint application and needs additional drying time. Learn more about reducing bond failures caused by moisture-vapor transmission.

Can You Paint Concrete

Almost any concrete surface thats in sound condition can be painted. That includes interior floors and walls as well as exterior surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, and pool decks. Just make sure the surface is clean and free of existing coatings or sealers that could prevent the paint from adhering.

Because concrete paint is a surface coating and vulnerable to abrasion, its not the best choice for high-traffic areas such as concrete driveways. For these applications, an acid-based stain or dry-shake color hardener will offer better wear-resistance.

Can I Paint A Concrete Floor That Has Cracks

Yes, but you will probably need to repair them first. Concrete paints are great at hiding hairline cracks and other minor flaws in existing concrete, but larger cracks, gouges, or holes will need to be patched first with a concrete crack filler. Before repairing the crack, clean away any crumbling concrete using a wire brush and then vacuum away the debris. Apply the crack filler using a trowel or putty knife, smoothing away the excess.

If the cracks in your floor are especially large and require extensive repair, you may be better off resurfacing the concrete with a rather than painting it.

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Best For Driveway: Daich Rollerrock 5 Gal Self

Courtesy of Home Depot

With all its bumps, cracks, and crevices, a concrete driveway can be a pain to paint. For uneven surfaces like a driveway use Daichs RollerRock Paint, which is is a pre-mixed self-priming formula that adds color and texture in one coat. It rolls on easily and performs well under heavy use and harsh weather conditions. After all, a shiny new driveway with texture can add significant curb appeal and traction on rainy days.

The attractive textured finish is impact resistant and can stand up to kickstands, ball games, and oil stains among the other issues that come with high traffic outdoor areas. While this paint does need a top coat, it is relatively easy to maintain and doesnt chip or fade quickly after proper application. Reviewers found it ideal for patchy or cracked concrete driveways as well as surrounding outdoor walls. They noted that the texture and thick formula covered up a wide variety of flaws with a professional-looking finish.

Price at time of publish: $164

Clear Sealed Concrete Floors

DRYLOK 1 gal. White/TB Latex Concrete Floor Paint

One of the most popular concrete floor colors is a clear sealed finish. A neutral gray tone coordinates well with other industrial aspects like metal and brick for a cohesive, polished environment. A clear seal allows the concrete to show its natural texture and movement while providing a smooth, protected finish.

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What Is The Difference Between Concrete Stain And Concrete Paint

The biggest difference between an acid-based concrete stain and paint is how they react with the concrete. Acid-based stains actually penetrate and react with the salts and minerals in concrete to impart rich, deep, translucent tones. Although the color is long lasting and wont chip or peel away, it can be unpredictable and will vary depending on the makeup of the concrete.

Concrete paint is non-reactive and fills the surface pores of the concrete to achieve opaque, uniform, consistent color. However, paint can chip and peel over time, especially if you dont prepare the surface properly.

How Do I Remove Paint From Concrete

Removing an existing coat of paint can be difficult but not impossible because paints dont penetrate into the concrete, as do stains. If the paint is peeling or blistering, you can often remove it with a wire brush, paint scraper, or power washer. To remove multiple layers of paint, try a gel-based paint stripper specifically for concrete and allow it to remain on the surface to give it a chance to penetrate and go to work. Once the paint is completely removed, you can repaint the surface or apply another type of decorative finish. Learn more: How to Remove Paint from Concrete


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Interior Concrete Paint Color Ideas

Before you choose a paint color for your interior concrete floor, think about your design goals. Indoor spaces are usually exposed to less light. As such, lighter shades of paint are often preferred in these spaces. Unlike concrete stains, concrete paints create a uniform coating. They also create a protective layer that fends off moisture, heat, and pressure.

Basement Floor Paint Options

How to paint concrete floors – DIY makeover

A concrete basement floor doesn’t have to be boring. Add simple basement floor paint and achieve a fresh look with an extra layer of durability.

It might seem unnecessary to paint a basement floor, but consider that cold, hard slab of concrete and imagine if it were a warmer color. Better, right? While there are a number of basement floor paint options from which to choose, contractors and homeowners agree that epoxy paint is the best choice for preserving and enhancing a concrete floor.

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Why Use Garage Floor Paint Or Epoxy

An untreated garage floor poses many problems, mainly related to safety and cleanliness. It can easily become slippery when rain is brought in with the car tires, or through the minor oil drips and spillages that are a fact of everyday auto life. Using concrete paint or epoxy will increase the traction qualities of the floor, making it safer and more comfortable to walk over.

Concrete floor paint is also available in a wide range of colors to brighten up your garage, reflecting more of the overhead lighting than concrete alone.

Best For Basement: Kilz Basement & Masonry Waterproofer

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking to paint your basement, the paint you choose should definitely be waterproof. KILZ Basement & Masonry Waterproofer forms a barrier to keep water out and dampness down in basements and other areas that are susceptible to wet conditions. An alkali-resistant coating gives it a durable finish. A tinted base allows for a decorative finish of your choice. One gallon can cover up to 125 feet. Two coats are recommended by reviewers for a smooth, glossy surface. The double coat isnt difficult for users because the paint isnt as thick and difficult to work with as other mildew-resistant brands. It dries completely within 1 hour of the first coat being rolled onto the wall or floor.

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How To Paint Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floors can be a wonderful, affordable way to upgrade your flooring! Its very easy, it just requires time and a little patience. Today on the blog, Im showing you my exact process for painting my concrete floors!

I have been wanting to build the ultimate greenhouse for decades and when the opportunity arose, I ran with it! I knew I wanted everything just right, which included a focal point on the floor. I had seen similar flooring and wanted to give it a try! It was actually my first attempt ever, and I could not be happier with the end result of painting my concrete floors. It was definitely a labor of love! Lets get into the tutorial, shall we?

The Best Garage Floor Paint Of 2022

Painted concrete floor. I took black concrete paint and covered the ...

Your garage floor has seen better days and its time to give it a lick of paint.

Instead of investing time and effort into painting your garage with a subpar product destined to chip, crack, and peel up, let us help you find a product that will last.

These six garage floor paints and coatings have proven track records for holding up to everything your garage can throw at them. Each has shown a unique ability to stand up to stains, damage, and hot car tires. One is so tough that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you are looking for something budget-friendly or easy to apply, weve got your proven-tough recommendations below.

Disclosure:It is important you understand that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. All opinions are our own we pride ourselves on keeping our articles fair and balanced. For more info see our disclosure statement.

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Why Choose Concrete Floors At All

Concrete, while cold and hard, is more durable than almost any known surface . Its virtually impenetrable. But does this factor alone determine whether concrete floors are right for your space? Not necessarily. There are several components that, when combined, can create the perfect environment for this style of flooring.

  • Exterior Spaces: Because the outside is exposed to elements of every kind, concrete floors are ideal for their durability and longevity.
  • Slab Foundations: Laying flooring on a slab foundation requires extra layers of waterproofing, subfloor and other material, making installing flooring on these foundations pricy. But you can skip these steps by building up, coloring, and sealing a slab foundation, creating beautiful concrete floors.
  • Commercial Areas: Colored concrete floors are ideal for commercial areas, since theyre hardy, and concrete floor paint colors can increase safety and improve the overall working atmosphere.

How To Choose Concrete Floor Paint Color

A concrete floor paint color is a multifaceted decision, with several options and factors weighed alongside each other. Here are some things to keep in mind, helping you choose the right floor color for you:

  • Utility of the space: Utility is probably the most important factor to consider, since different types of concrete floor colors have different levels of durability and can be used in different spaces. For instance, in an interior space you may choose a stain over a paint, which is a very big difference. But in a garage, a paint may be just the right thing.
  • Atmosphere: Its no secret that color choice heavily influences the atmosphere. Blue creates a sense of relaxation, browns are soft and natural, and red makes a bold statement. So make sure the color you choose suits your desired atmosphere.
  • Location: Location is just as important as utility. A high traffic location will wear down faster, so make sure the color you choose is still attractive when some wear begins to show. Its also important to consider how natural light sources in the location will affect the look of the room as a whole with concrete floors.

These are the most important factors, but take time to consider what may impact your unique concrete paint color decision before jumping the gun. Here are some concrete floor color options to get you started:

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Are Concrete Paints Slip

Painted concrete surfaces can become slippery when wet. For areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as porches, steps, pool decks, and patios, a good option is to use an anti-slip concrete floor paint that contains fine aggregate, which gives the surface a light sand finish. If your paint is not slip-resistant, you can find anti-skid additives that can be mixed into the final coat of paint to improve traction.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Paint To Color Concrete

Paint a concrete floor with epoxy resin paint | Rizistal

You cant beat concrete paint if youre looking for a product that is:

  • Offers a broad selection of colors
  • Provides good coverage

Unlike acid stains, which must be applied with a sprayer, you can apply most concrete paints with a simple paint brush or roller. Cleanup is easy as well, since most concrete paints are water-based acrylic latex formulas. Concrete paints are also safer to apply, especially indoors. When working with acid-based stains, its important to take precautionary measures because they often contain corrosive components that can cause eye and skin irritation and produce strong odors.

Like latex-based house paint, most concrete paints are tintable, giving you an endless array of color options. And because concrete paints are opaque and can be applied in multiple coats, they are great at hiding hairline cracks and other minor flaws in existing concrete, as opposed to a translucent stain which would allow those imperfections to show through.

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Exterior Concrete Paint Color Ideas

Dark colors are typically preferred for outdoor concrete paint applications. Colors with dark bases are less likely to fade or stain. They also do a better job of concealing blemishes, which are more likely in outdoor spaces. Most homeowners opt for deep grays and burnt oranges. Terra cotta, brick, and slate are popular options for patios and driveways. With that said, lighter colors stay cooler. As such, they are popular options for pool patios and places with the potential for barefoot traffic.

What Type Of Paint Can I Use On Concrete Floors

Always look for a paint formulated specifically for use on concrete floors. They are more durable than standard interior or exterior wall paints and can withstand a lot more abuse. Generally, you have two options to choose from: a water-based acrylic latex or an epoxy concrete coating. An acrylic latex concrete paint is easier to work with and is applied similarly to latex-based house paint. Although technically not a paint, an epoxy concrete coating will give you a similar look but requires you to mix the two-part epoxy formula before you can start painting. Epoxy coatings are not as easy to work with as paints, but they are longer lasting and will stand up to heavy traffic.

Learn more about choosing concrete paint.

Megan of TwoFeetFirst.net painted her concrete basement floors using an enamel porch and patio paint.

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Perfect Basement Concrete Floor Paint Color Ideas

Basement Concrete Floor Paint Color Ideas 10

30 Perfect Basement Concrete Floor Paint Color Ideas

Because a roof is among the pricier pieces of a building structure, it is important to pick the most effective possible structure that meets any budget program. The floor doesnt stain and theres no need to wax. Put simply, you dont wish to walk within the room and bump into the rear of the couch.

Create your own collection of things you wish to get shown in your home. Every house can suffer from damp troubles, for a lot of reasons, but there are specific things that will get the job done for everybody to remove damp once and for all. My house does not have attic everywhere. Pick a Color The real elegance of a house can be complimented by picking a color that suits each homes own character. The tighter you seal your home the not as likely youre going to acquire bed bugs.

Is Painting Concrete A Diy Project

BEHR Premium 5 gal. #GG

In most cases, painting a concrete floor yourself is an easy job requiring minimal experience. But you may want to consider hiring a professional concrete contractor if your floor requires extensive surface preparation or you have a large project to tackle. Although using a professional will add significantly to the overall cost, its often worth the extra expense to make sure the job is done right. Keep in mind that if your DIY attempt fails, it can be very time consuming and labor intensive to strip paint from a concrete surface.

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Benefits Of Reading Customer Reviews Before Choosing The Best Non Slip Paints For Concrete

So, you’re thinking about trying out a new product, but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you. You’ve read the description and you understand what it does, but you want to know what other people think about it before you make your decision. After all, everyone’s experiences are different, and what works for one person might not work for another.

One of the best ways to get an idea of whether or not a product is right for you is to read customer reviews. Customer reviews can give you insights into a product that you wouldn’t be able to get from reading the description alone. Here are seven benefits of reading customer reviews before choosing a new product:

1. You can learn about a product’s quality

When you’re reading customer reviews, pay attention to what people are saying about the quality of the product. Are they generally happy with it? Do they feel like it’s worth the price? Or are people complaining that the product is cheaply made and not worth your money?

2. You can discover hidden features

Sometimes, customers will mention features of a product that you didn’t even know existed! Reading customer reviews can help you learn about all the different features of a product and how to use them.

3. You can find out if a product is easy to use

4. You can learn about a product’s customer service

5. You can see what others think of the brand

6. You can find out if a product is worth the price

7. You can get ideas for other products to try


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