Exterior Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Other Considerations For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Now that you have roughly figured out a color scheme in your head its time to have an eye on the other important considerations.

Its true that picking the best paint color for exteriors can be challenging. And especially if you have an existing roof, wall cladding, and surrounding landscape in place.

You must consider the color of your existing roof whether its a tile or stone, this consideration is important when picking the paint color.

For instance, the creamy beige perfectly ties with the gray interlocking tiles and black window frames.

However, at some points of the day, the reflection from the swimming pool and the lush greenery can hit the off-white walls to showcase a slight undertone.

Or, in case you have stone or brick cladding its best that you pop them out!

For instance, in this picture above, the exposed brick doesnt really stand out against the brown roof, garage door, and shutters.

Rather a blend of black and deep bronze will make a great pair with exposed brick just like in the picture below.

The deep gray on the roof perfectly complements with teal on the shutters and rustic exposed brick.

But in the case of shingles with deep red, green, or blue undertones youre probably restricted.

Generally, its best to pick the colors likewise. For example, the beach-style exteriors display a sage green tone with brown accents which truly make a great match .

For instance, the icy blue accent on the doors and shutters make a remarkable statement.

Alabaster White Sw 7008

You know you have the right color when you are featured in a magazine like Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle.

But honestly, you cannot go wrong with the color Alabaster.

It is such a versatile and popular color Sherwin Williams even had it as the color of the year in 2017. So if you are looking for a great white color then look at this white exterior paint Sherwin Williams color.

Some other great white colors by Sherwin Williams are Pure White and Extra White which you will also find on the popular Sherwin Williams paint colors list.

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Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors 2021

After all that we collectively weathered in 2020, the Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors trending this year reflect a renewed interest in our homes as both a place of respite and a way to express ourselves.

Many of the popular paint colors were seeing for home exteriors fall into the natural realm. This can mean everything from light, bright, and airy colors to warm neutrals. These home colors evoke soothing, peaceful, harmonious vibes.

The other big trend were noticing is eye-catching contrast. High-contrast paint color pairings are popular, as is incorporating a mixture of materials and textures into home designs. Plus, bringing modern appeal to classic home styles by using unexpected dark color palettes especially in the warm color family is a trend with staying power.

Comfort and stability, a balance of form and function, and homes with personality are what were cherishing now that the concept of home has taken on even greater importance.

Whether youre trying to decide between two specific paint colors for your homes exterior or all you know is you want to use Sherwin Williams paint, our expert designers are here to help. We create customized design plans for home exteriors based on your answers to a simple questionnaire. Give us as much information as you want.

Based on these trends, here are the best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors to use in 2021.

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Light French Gray Sw 0055

Although not as light as the name supposes, an exquisite shade of gray. It is actually a middle tone paint color that looks pretty light when applied to the exterior. A slight hint of blue penetrates its surface, offering it a relatively cool appearance. Designers suggest pairing it with a brown roof for an aristocratic feel or a dark gray roof for a modern look. Either way, white trim is a must.

Boat Rentals Lake Travis

Our Exterior Paint

Best exterior paint colors sherwin williams Reviews: Our 10 Picks. Many of us have used a exterior paint colors sherwin williams at one time or another. However, while personal. Apr 21, 2022 · This paint color is light, warm, and no less neutral a perfect choice for modern interiors and exteriors. Navajo White SW 6126 This charming shade of light beige with standout yellow notes feels exceptionally comforting and mesmerizing. In a space painted this way, you feel surrounded by the softest particles of coziness..

Feb 22, 2022 · Dark Hunter Green SherwinWilliams #0041. Artichoke SherwinWilliams #6179. Coastal Plain SherwinWilliams #6192. Rainwashed SherwinWilliams #6211. Sea Salt … and design styles, it’s no wonder that it tops the charts. If you didn’t know, Naval was SherwinWilliams 2020.. “/> . Dovetail. Dovetail is a dark, warm, earthy gray that has brown undertones. With a LRV of 26, it offers strong contrast and is great for things like accent walls and trim. Even.

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Best Benjamin Moore Paint Products

Benjamin Moores top paint product is Regal Select. In fact, over 50% of professional painters chose Regal Select as their favorite interior wall paint. Its a higher-end 100% acrylic latex paint that simply checks all the boxes. Accordingly, you cant beat Regal when it comes to coverage, thickness, and ease of application. Its also known for its durability and cleanability.

Like most wall paints it requires two coats but its color pigment retention excels over other comparable paints. Regal comes in at a higher price point at $50-$60 per gallon but in most cases, its worth every penny. However, Regal both performs better and is $10-$20 per gallon cheaper than Sherwins comparable Cashmere product line. Benjamin Moores Regal also is a better paint than Sherwins Superpaint but Regal is $10-$20 per gallon more expensive.

Likewise, Regal Select is a low-voc house paint thats mildew resistant. This makes it safer to use indoors during and after the paint job is complete and reduces paint fumes.

If you are looking for voc-free or no-voc interior wall paint, then consider Benjamin Moores Aura paint line. It is a step above Regal Select which makes Aura $15-$25 more expensive but its a thicker paint that covers colors better.

Choosing The Right Colors For Your Home

These are just some of our favorite Sherwin-Williams exterior paint colors to use. However, that doesnt mean these are the only colors you can use for the outside of your home! Every home is different and WPL Interior Design takes careful consideration when choosing paint colors for our clients. To schedule a paint color consultation for your next home project, give us a call today at 215-592-9570!

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Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage is a gorgeous sage green – and as we know for this year, sage green is on trend!

This green is definitely a warmer, creamy and almost pastel green so it pairs really nicely with a warm or off-white trim.

I think you’ll agree just how quaint and pretty this color is!

Accessible Beige Sw 7036

Home Exterior Color Tips – Sherwin-Williams

The perfect beige shade for a fabulous exterior. This paint color has an intense beige base, and, unlike other beiges, which lean slightly yellow, this one reads greige, being slightly penetrated by gray notes. This fantastically neutral beige pairs with brown for an impressively welcoming look and works outstandingly with black for a fresh breath of contemporaneity.

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Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray is a wonderful exterior paint color for those looking for a gray with a little more depth.

It typically looks slightly darker in real life than how it translates in photo however it is a stunning midtone gray which looks even more stunning with a crisp white trim.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White

Source image: Peppeard Design

Shoji White was one of my favorites at first, because it has a tiny bit of a pink undertone to it, almost like the inside of a shell only whiter. Its a very creamy, very pale greige-white with an LRV of 74, although surprisingly it felt just as bright as Alabaster. I would love to use this on an interior room and then use blush pinks and pretty peach tones to pull that hue out even more. Its truly like the inside of sea shell like my neighbor said!

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Stunning Exterior Paint Colors

Posted: ·This post may contain affiliate links ·

Choosing an exterior paint color can seem like a daunting task. There are so many options out there and it’s difficult to know what will look best on your home’s exterior.

Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorite exterior paint shades to help you with your choice. No matter what look you are aiming to achieve – you will find a color here to make your home look amazing!

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Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Once I received a phone call from a client who was in tears because she was painting the exterior of her house and after many tries couldn’t find a color she liked.

My heart went out to her because she had lost all the excitement in decorating because of the paint, which is why I am sharing my top 10 go-to popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors.

Update: I have added a printable list at the bottom of this post for easy access to the colors when you go pick up samples at the paint store.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you purchase at no cost to you using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

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Concluding The Best 21 Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors This Year

I hope this best list will make life easier when deciding which best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors you should consider for your project this year.

Exterior painting is a big enough job, and so is picking the perfect exterior colors. My best advice for your research is to take your time, test, and sample, and dont settle until you find one youll love for many years to come. Happy Painting!

Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green

Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green is a stunning and moody choice of color if you are looking for something unique, earthy and inspired by nature.

This is a beautiful mid green shade with some blue undertones – it would be a wonderful color on the exterior of a home surrounded by greenery – almost allowing the home itself to sit and camouflage in with nature.

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Popular Interior And Exterior Trim Colors

Selecting your trim colors, whether it is interior or exterior, can be much more simple than deciding on your other paint colors. The key is to contrast. Making your trim contrast the primary paint color of that space will draw more attention to the detailing of your home. Our most popular paint colors for a light interior trim are none other than Pure White, Alabaster, and Origami. As for darker interior trims our top paint color selections are Repose Gray and Dorian Gray. Although, our exterior trim paint colors differ slightly. For a lighter exterior trim, many of our clients choose Pure White, Repose Gray, Gauntlet Gray, or Elephant Ear. Wanting a dark trim against a light exterior paint color? Black Fox is the shade for you.

Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year – Evergreen Fog

One of my favorite things to do as a designer is help homeowners choose new paint colors for their exterior. I love a good transformation, and a fresh new look for your home can dramatically improve your curb appeal. Over the years, Ive curated a list of my favorite exterior paint colors, and today Im sharing my top picks from Sherwin-Williams. It wasnt easy to narrow it down to just 12, but these are the best-performing, most consistent Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors that I turn to time and time again.

In this post, Im showing each exterior paint color with simple white trim, so that you can easily see the pure color by itself. However, each of these colors can be combined with other hues and shades to create a gorgeous and sophisticated color palette for your home. Ive mentioned a few of my favorite coordinating colors below.

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Popular Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Anytime I get a call about selecting exterior colors I begin with a list of my most popular Sherwin Williams Exterior colors.

You see, if they are popular, then most likely the color has been tried again and again. It’s going to be a great color for your house, too!

Once my client narrows down to three colors, we searched for houses with that paint color. To make this easy for you, I have collected some great examples for you in this post.

So, without taking up any more time, let’s get to the fun part and see how lovely these colors look on houses.

What About Duration Or Emerald

If you are painting the exterior and want more longevity, try Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald paints. These are $20-$30 more expensive than Superpaint but offer superior durability and last 8-10 years on average. Like Superpaint, these premium latex paints from Sherwin Williams are also low-voc.

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Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

Source image: Homebunch

Natural Choice is another creamy, warm white color with a light reflectance value of 73, thus similar in brightness to Oyster. Neither bounce off nearly as much white as Alabaster, so if you are looking for a deep, non-stark white, this is a good pick! We noticed that the undertones of Natural Choice stayed pretty neutral with a beige or slightly peach hue underneath the white tones, and it didnt lean too cool or too green/grey in the sunlight. This color feels like a white youd find in nature, for sure, rather than coming across as stark or too cold.

Time For Some Accent Fun

Sherwin Williams SW 6230 Rainstorm The exterior paint color is Sherwin ...

Now I have to admit, half the fun of painting the outside of a house is how to add splashes and pops of color.

Its not necessary that you choose a single color theme for all the siding, trim, gutters, shutters, railings, and doors.

You even have the opportunity to pick from a monochromatic or contrasting palette.

Have a look at the monochromatic palette in the image above. The various soothing shades of aquamarines and cyans make a fun-loving statement.

In such a case, you can pick lighter tones for the exterior walls and a shade darker for the main door.

On the other hand, if you have lighter tones on the siding, why not pick a contrasting bold statement on the front door?

This bold, deep red stands out and creates a stunning and inviting element to the front of this home.

Trust me, this is quite a trend and you must not hold back from making your home appear stylish and dramatic from the outdoors.

Other than reds, you can pick some intriguing hues like yellows, teals, and purples as well.

Yellow works amazingly with bronze, grays, and off-whites. Isnt this truly eye-catching?

Trust me, the residents walking by your home would love to gaze at this door!

Lastly, another color that I truly love is the rich plum and purple.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful combination of cherry, white, and pumpkins?

Looking for some notable examples to incorporate in your home?

Sherwin Williams Antique Red

Trust me you can never get bored of the beautiful red front door!

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Exterior Body Paint Colors

The best exterior paint colors for the body still stick to a rather neutral approach, including various gray shades, although bold accents of the kind are also [art of this top. Designers suggest that starting with a neutral is the first step to success while enriching it with particular undertones, cooler or warmer, darker or lighter, soothing or vibrant, is a reliable source of individuality. We kept this in mind and came up with the following list:

Exterior Highlight Paint Colors Picking Paint Colors White Paint

We have wanted a painted white brick home since three homes ago, and we finally took the plunge! Over the past few weeks, weve been trying out different tones of white paints and polling my IG buddies to find the perfect color. We wanted a saturated, creamy, warm white that felt like it could be found in nature as opposed to a cool or very bright white. White paint is so hard, you guys! We walked around our house and looked at samples forevvvverrrr, but we finally decided! Here are the 5 white exterior paint colors we tested, our observations about each one, and the final choice for our home!

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Popular Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing your cabinet paint colors is such a fun experience when designing your home! This selection makes such an impact on the look and style of the interior of your home. Dark cabinets and light cabinets both give off such completely different looks, but both always turn out absolutely stunning. For an all-white crisp and clean look Pure White is the way to go. If you prefer in between light and dark cabinets, Greyhound is a great selection. Otherwise, for a darker contemporary look Stone Gray is one of our most popular paint colors. At Signature Homes, we offer pre-fabricated cabinet options. These cabinets come in already finished and do not need painting. Our most popular pre-fabricated options include Pewter Green and Natural Stained island cabinets.

All of these paint and cabinet colors are selected at your design appointment. For more tips on How to Nail Your Design Appointment visit this post.

As the leading home builder in the South, Signature Homes has infinite ideas and inspiration for all things homes! Find out so much more when you to our blog and follow us on all social platforms @signaturehomescommunity. Be inspired endlessly through our award-winning homes!


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