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One thing that many people dont realize is Benjamin Moore classifies their paints by LRV, which stands for Light Reflectance Value. Andrea explains:

Light reflectance value refers to the amount of light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source, such as the sun. LRV is measured with a scale of 0 to 100, which 0 being the lowest LRV and 100 being the highest. The LRV of each color is noted in the Benjamin Moore fan decks.

To help mitigate energy consumption, its of the utmost importance to keep LRV in mind when selecting a paint color for your home. In hot climates, choose a high-LRV paint to reflect light, which keeps a home cooler, requiring less air conditioning. The reverse is true in cool climates. For those of us farther north, consider a low-LRV paint that will absorb heat and help offset heating costs.

Best Exterior Paint Colors To Sell Your House For $20000+ More

Selling a house is not always an easy decision, and unfortunately choosing the best paint color to boost resale value is not easy either. Homebuyers prefer a move-in ready house, and that includes a fresh coat of paint, which is why we have made this guide on the best exterior paint colors to sell your house for upwards of $20,000 more or even higher!

If only it were as simple as repainting the existing color or having the house pressure washed to make it look cleaner. While those are great options to make the house look more presentable, neither will necessarily add value to the house if the current color is an old trend, dark and dingy, or bold it could scare off potential buyers. Pressure washing a house can make the house look more appealing and clean, but it will do nothing to increase the value of the home if the paint colors are not attractive.

There are countless different aspects to consider when repainting a house. This article will look at the different things to think about when choosing the best exterior paint color such as architecture, landscape, other houses in the neighborhood, the size of the house, and the color of the roof.

No 5// Bracken Slate By Benjamin Moore

We are loving Bracken Slate by Benjamin Moore. With a blue green undertone, Bracken Slate evokes a feeling of happiness and more dynamic a typical black. We see this color often on houses with a Nantucket beach feel. Looking beautiful with white trim and wood accents Bracken Slate is another go-to dark in our color pallet.

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The Best Exterior Paint Colors In 202: Choosing The Right Hue For Your Home

Posted on May 24, 2022

Painting the exterior of your home is a big decision. Unlike painting your kitchen, there is no room for mistakes when changing the color of your homes facadeits an expensive endeavor that should last for decades and create curb appeal that will be visible to all passersby.

Yardzens new exterior design service helps homeowners reimagine their homes potential and avoid the mistake of picking the wrong paint or stain color.

We partnered with Benjamin Moores Director of Color, Andrea Magno, to choose a highly curated list of exterior paint color schemes available to clients as part of our exterior design packages.

How To Incorporate Redend Point Sw 9081 In Your Home

Here are the 19 Most Popular Exterior Colors

Sherwin Williams

We love that Redend Point SW 9081 offers something for both those with a preference for traditionally neutral home decor and color-lovers alike, and there are so many different, fun and unique ways to add it to any home.

Redend Point is an incredibly versatile color and has a place in several areas throughout the home. It can create a warm and inviting entryway or a relaxing bedroom when used on all four walls. I love to see color used in unexpected ways, like maybe painting a piece of décor or furniture to make a big impact in a space, painting it on a ceiling as a gorgeous accent color on the fourth wall, or even painting a mudroomthe ceiling, walls and trimall in this blush-beige, said Wadden.

If youre ready to try out Redend Point in your home but arent looking for a complete color transformation, try incorporating it in with some of the more core neutrals that you likely already have.

What helps balance out the color is complementing it with mushroom bone whites or deeper browns and taupes. I recommend grounding neutrals like Urbane Bronze SW 7048 and Foothills SW 7514 or tonal clays like Toile Red SW 0006 and Malted Milk SW 6057, Wadden told Forbes home.

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Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Deciding on a color scheme is one of the first steps to tackle. Start by choosing a color family for the siding, followed by color families for other portions of the facade, such as shutters, trim, and the front door. Pay attention to the elements you won’t be painting, such as the roof and gutters, and consider how these surfaces will look with your chosen colors. Once you’ve decided on a color family, select the specific exterior paint colors you want to use for each surface.

Test out colors, just like you do for interior paint jobs. If you don’t want to paint a bunch of color swatches directly on your house, apply the paint to large pieces of foam core. Observe how the colors look during different times of the day. Also, be sure to observe the color on all sides of your home. A color that looks perfect in a shaded spot might look different on a sunnier wall.

Pick a paint that is formulated for exterior applications and appropriate for the surface you’ll be painting. Painting your home is an investment of time and money. For a project that pays off, choose high-quality paint that will stand up to time and the elements.

“When looking for exterior paint be sure to get a high-quality primer that will coincide with your surface materials, like wood or stucco,” says Travis Nolan, founder of Old Crow Painting, “For top coats, always go premium for a long-lasting finish that will secure your investment.”

Which Exterior House Colors Have Positive Energy

According to Feng Shui practitioners, colors represent feelings and moods. Choose a lighter shade or consult color charts and energy patterns that interest you. The main thing to remember is you dont have to paint your homes exterior with a suggested color. The trim, accent, or color in landscaping is enough.

The position of a home will influence its colors. Well look at different factors and paint colors and their significance in nature. According to Feng Shui Pundits, you should consider the following scenarios:

  • North Facing. The element associated with this direction is water, and the colors to use are black, dark blue. This combination is said to influence wealth, success, and career trajectory.,
  • Northeast Facing. This direction is connected with Earth and the relevant colors are Black, blue, and green. These colors are believed to connect with education and personal power.
  • East Facing. Homes that face the east are ties with wood and should use colors like green, turquoise, and aqua. This combination of direction and colors is tied to family harmony.
  • Southeast facing. Also associated with wood, these homes are best when painted green or blue, but also purple or red. These colors are tied to growth and wealth. A green house would be an obvious choice.
  • Southwest facing. This orientation is also connected with the earth, but the best colors are red, pink, and white. Marriage and relationships are the life aspects involved in this direction.
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    No 6// Wrought Iron By Benjamin Moore

    Slightly lighter, Wrought Iron is a deep, dark, soft, gray. If you arent fully committed to black, Wrought Iron is a great choice. It still adds drama and interest but isnt as deep as other shades. Great for trim, doors, and often used on the popular modern farmhouses. With Wrought Iron, you cant go wrong.

    Top Exterior Paint Trends 202: Sleek Matte Black

    TOP 10 Exterior Paint Color Combinations | House Design Ideas

    Painting an exterior with black color might sound too bold or dramatic, but it actually looks very contemporary, sleek, and polished in all building types.

    Moreover, matte black is actually one of the top exterior paint trends 2023 which is a very popular color for modern style houses as well as urban style commercial and apartment buildings.

    The color black is also widely used for modern Scandinavian type houses that seem more attractive and stunning in this color scheme.

    So if you are not afraid to make bold and trendy design decisions, then you should surely consider painting your exterior with matte black paint.

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    Amazing Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

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    These 20 Amazing Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors will eliminate all the headache and stress involved in finding an exterior paint color for your home.

    When it comes to our homes exterior its safe to say we all want it to look beautiful and put together. Thats not asking much right? Right.

    Well, we have a clear vision of what we want, now where do we begin?

    The exterior paint color of course! Finding the right exterior paint color for your home is the first step to take to boost your curb appeal.

    Im aware, choosing a paint color can be stressful. I find people tend to get so overwhelmed with all the choices there are. Thats one of the reasons why I like putting together lists like this one. I already have a list of BM Best Grays to prove my love of list-making. I also find that a lot of people tend to have an easier time choosing from paint colors that have been already tested and loved.

    Also, isnt everything ten times easier when the choices are narrowed down for you? I mean whos against an awesome list?

    Youll be happy to hear that today I am providing 20 of the absolute best, most inspiring Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors. Yes, I said 20. I told you I really love making lists.


    Understand How Sheen Affects Exterior Paint Color

    When it comes to sheen or finish, theres a bit of a trade-off between washability and texture enhancement. In other words, shinier paint is easier to clean, but using it on a really textured surface can be a bit garish. Generally speaking, you want to give more heavily textured areas a lower sheen paint . Save shiner finishes for smoother surfaces. A higher sheen will also feel brighter than a flatter finish .

    These recommendations are based on how paint typically acts on these surfaces but may vary depending on what part of the country you live in . When choosing exterior paint colors, check with the experts at your local paint store to find out what sheens work best in your environment.

    • Cement, stone, or brick: Eggshell or low-lustre finish. Anything shinier will likely be too intense with all the texture of masonry, but either of these finishes will be easier to clean/hose down than flat or matte paint.
    • HardiePlank, wood, or vinyl siding: Eggshell or low-lustre finish. If the surface is super smooth you could go with a satin finish, but make sure its a good quality paint.
    • Doors, trim, shutters: Satin.

    This client wanted to update the color scheme of a gorgeous older home shed just purchased. The trim got a fresh coat of crisp white paint and Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog applied to the doors and shutters for a more modern, beautiful pop of color!

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    Do White Exterior Houses Get Dirtier

    Such as the location of the house, the type of climate it is located in, and the amount of traffic or other activity that takes place around it. However, in general, white exterior houses may require more cleaning than houses with darker exteriors, since dirt and dust can be more easily visible on lighter-colored surfaces.

    Elegant Exterior Color Scheme

    Exterior Paint Schemes And Consider Your Surroundings â HomesFeed

    Judicious use of an accent color can lend your home a more refined exterior scheme. It’s a choice that works well with classic home styles, particularly because it doesn’t overpower their traditional forms. This home, which deftly matches a deep green-gray with a lighter tone, also relies on an orange-red hue found in the copper roof accents and repeated on the wood front door. That tone carries over onto rooflines and side doors to provide a continuing color line for the eye to follow.

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    Sample Sample And Sample

    Now that you have picked a color, there are so many variables when it comes to the impact of colors on exteriors including which direction your home is facing and how much shading your home has that its impossible to safely choose a body color without sampling and looking at your samples at morning, mid-day and at dusk. This is such a critical step, especially when choosing exterior paint colors because the sun can pull out strange undertones that you may not see on the paint card.

    I tested multiple paint colors on my stucco wall to get to the right color for my pool house and stucco wall. I was so surprised at how warm I had to go. Its critical at this point that you do the same and sample colors either on a poster board or directly on your home to get to play it safe and get the exact color that you will love for years to come.

    Tips For Choosing The Best White Exterior Paint Color

  • Take surrounding homes into account. Luckily, white is as neutral as a home can get, so in most locations a white home wont look out of place like other colors can. But its still important to take the immediately surrounding homes into consideration. For example, if your neighbor to the left has a dark brown tudor home and your neighbor to the right has a warm brown brick home, these surrounding houses will influence your home to take on a warmer hue.
  • Keep your homes landscaping and background in mind. Similar to neighboring homes, the background and landscaping surrounding your home should be taken into account when choosing a white exterior paint color. Anything that catches the eye when glancing at your home can affect how the paint color appears. Its best to have a full landscaping plan to go along with your new paint color.
  • Consider the direction your home faces. The direction the front of your home faces significantly impacts the amount of sunlight on the house. In return, paints on homes facing the sun will appear brighter, while homes that are in the shade most of the day will appear darker. White exterior paint on a north facing home can look significantly different compared to the same paint on a south facing home.
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    Opt For A Dark Color For A Modern Look In Cooler Climates

    For a modern look, consider dark paint colors for the exterior of a house. However, you need to be careful when opting for darker shades, especially if you live in a warm part of the country.

    Dark colors absorb both light and heat, and as such will make your home feel warmer. While this is a great choice if you live in a cooler place where you are actively trying to increase the insulation of your home, dark colors should be avoided if you want to keep your home cool. For these houses, light colors are better for as they help to reflect light and keep your home cool.

    If opting for dark paints colors for the exterior of a house, then be sure to lighten the look with a bright white shade for the trim and opt for colorful front door ideas too.

    The Inspiration Behind A Year Of Soul

    Exterior House Painting Color Ideas! *COLOR COMBINATIONS*

    Sherwin Williams

    The paints that we choose to use in and around our homes serve such a larger purpose than simply adding color. While yes, your chosen color will obviously impact the look of a space, it will also have a direct, and distinct, impact on the feel of the space as well. This years color aims for intention with that power and helps to evoke a rich, warm and joyful disposition in any room in the home.

    Wall color is proven to have a profound effect on a persons mood, and confident colors that keep with current trends can accomplish even more than that, allowing homeowners to explore the color and mood of their room, enliven a space, and celebrate personal expression, becauselets face itwhen we re-do a room, we want that room to feel unique and not like everyone elses home, Wadden told Forbes Home.

    The soulful vigor of Redend Point envelopes each room that it adorns, and those who dwell in it, in a warm embrace of comfort and confidence, simply with the energy that it evokes.

    colors energy can be another consideration when choosing the best paint because it can influence how you feel in a space. In color psychology, the wavelengths from light bounce off your retina, change into electrical impulses, and travel to your brain, said Wadden. Rooms painted in red have a stimulating effect and can create feelings of warmth, motivation and comfort. Rooms painted in orange create confidence, warmth, and creativity, and they can serve as a social center.

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