Does Home Depot Take Old Paint

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Sell

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Home Depot currently sells a huge range of paint products for indoor and exterior use, including oil-based, enamel, lacquers, primers, shellacs, matte or lustre, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss finishes.

To learn more about if and/or when Walmart mixes paints, you can also see my guides on how to use multiple paintbrushes, and how to mix latex paint to thin out paint.

Paint Stewardship Program Products

Architectural paint products sold in containers of five gallons or less can be dropped-off for recycling at many retail and other collection sites throughout California, as a result of Californias Architectural Paint Recovery Program. The program establishes statewide requirements to ensure that leftover paint is properly managed in a manner that is sustainably funded. The program does not cover aerosol paints or empty paint containers.

How Does Home Depot Match Paint

There are several ways of matching paint. One of the most common ways to match paint is to bring in an old can of paint to the store or bring in a paint chip from your wall or another painted item.

With the cans of paint, sometimes home depot paint department database has the color on file, and sometimes their database does not.

Of course, if a new, unusual brand of paint is being used, the associate will contact the paint department to get the proper codes. Some of the codes are included on labels, but some arent.

If there is no label on the paint can, there is no guarantee what the actual color is. There is a chance that the can is labeled correctly, but there is a chance that it is not.

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Does Home Depot Take Old Paint For Recycling In

Home Depot does not take in old paint for recycling as of . However, if the paint was purchased within 30 days, customers can return the paint for a full refund. Additionally, customers can dispose of old paint at local waste plants or resell the paint on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

So if they dont take old paint, who will? Read on to find out more, including how to dispose of your old paint!

How Home Depot Matches Paint Homer, Your Home Depot Paint Pal!

Home Depots paint department uses several techniques to match paint. For example, you can bring an old paint can or a paint chip from a painted wall.

For paint cans, Home Depots paint database might already have the color formula on hand. If so, the paint department employee just types in the appropriate codes from the cans label. This normally works regardless of the paint brand or where it is sold.

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What Colors Can Home Depot Mix

Home Depot can mix any color under the rainbow. Even if you dont find the color youre looking for in Home Depots offering of color samples, you can bring in your own color sample and request a custom color match.

As far as we can tell, theres literally no color on earth that Home Depot cant match and mix.

What Products Does Home Depot Recycle

Home Depot does recycle various items despite not being able to recycle paint cans. For instance, it works with Call2Recycle non-profit organization to recycle batteries. Other items that you can drop at Home Depot for recycling include plastic bags, cellphones, and LED bulbs, to mention but a few!

And as usual, the fact that what you want to be recycled is on their list of recyclable items isnt an automatic green light to go ahead and drop it off. There arecertain standards that the product has to meet for it to be accepted.

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What Can I Recycle

Recycling is simple and convenient in South Carolina.

Each of the state’s 46 counties has a residential recycling program. Overall, there are 60-plus curbside programs, nearly 600 drop-off centers and more than 900 collection sites for do-it-yourself oil changers.

Almost all recycling programs accept aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard. The items listed below also can be recycled, but residents must check with their county recycling coordinator to find out if the material is accepted or what other options are available.

Visit RecycleHereSC for more information on recycling in your area.

How Big Does A Paint Chip Need To Be

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If youre bringing in a paint chip, a piece of something else painted, or another item youre wanting to match, you can use it as a palette.

Paint palettes are available in a variety of sizes and are great for holding several colors around the paintbrush.

Also, when you are using a black and white paint swatch, it is not as important as when you are using a color swatch.

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What Can I Do With All That Old Paint

No oil-based paint or aerosol cans can be disposed of at Home Depot or Lowes, however Sherwin Williams will take used paint for disposal if it doesnt include any of the above-mentioned hazardous ingredients.

There are several methods to recycle your leftovers, like asking individuals in your neighborhood whether they need any paint. To give you an example, a neighboring school could be in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, if the paint hasnt dried and is still in its original container, you can give it to Habitat for Humanity. Use the Freecycle network to check whether your paint is of any use to other Freecycle users.

Is It Illegal To Throw Away Paint

Everybody should do their best and learn how to properly recycle paint so it does not end up causing damage to the environment. For example, oil-based paints are created with toxic chemicals that when not properly disposed of can contaminate water and soil. Therefore, oil-based paints should never put placed in the regular trash. In fact, many states have passed legislation making it illegal to throw away paint that is oil-based.

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Alternative Paint Removal Methods

  • Donate it. Check with your local community center, place of worship or local theater. They are often working on projects with limited budgets!
  • Check with local hardware stores. They may have a take-back or paint recycling program available.
  • Save it! You never know when a project might come up. If sealed properly, latex paint is good for up to ten years! Oil-based paint can last even longer!

Can I Recycle Paint

Varathane 1 qt. Vintage Aqua Premium Fast Dry Interior Wood Stain ...

Oil pants are highly toxic and cannot be recycled , but latex paints can be recycled! Those wondering how to recycle latex paint should first try to store paint, storing it for reuse at a later time for touch-ups. If that is not an option, the second best thing would be to donate latex paint to Habitat for Humanity or other organization that can use the paint for a good cause. Lastly, latex paints can be mixed with kitty litter to form a composition that can safely be thrown in the trash.

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Paint Stick Push Tool

When it comes to working with saws, safety is paramount. But if you can get safety alongside great value, then you almost cant go wrong. Keep your free Home Depot paint sticks in a PVC tube near your table saw, and youll never have an excuse not to use a push stick the next time youre ripping a board.

Can You Use A Picture To Match Paint

There are a few different ways to accomplish this. The simplest option is to bring a printed picture of the desired color. For example, you might have gone on vacation and taken a picture of a wall color you really like.

There are a few problems with this method to consider, though. One is that the ambient lighting of the photographed scene may have an impact on the images color balance. This means the picture will not accurately reflect the color you remember.

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Will Home Depot Mix Old Paint

Home Depot stores have a paint mixing machine where you can make your own custom colors.

This means you dont have to buy mixing tools that would take up space in your garage or shed. This also means you can continue your painting projects once you have finished.

You can also get your paint mixed and tinted at the same time.

This means that you can choose a slightly different color or get a slightly different color by adding a little bit of paint to the old tin.

What Can Be Done With The Old Paint

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When it comes to home renovation projects, Home Depot is the final destination of every house owner. Operating across three countries, with over 2,000 locations in the US, the home improvement retailer sells a wide range of home improvement tools and home decorating items.

While working on home building projects or renovating homes, the common thing on the list is painting. In recent times, most homeowners have resorted to doing this job on their own by procuring paint from Home Depot. After completing the project, it is natural to have some leftover paint.

Since paint contains harmful chemicals, it should be dealt with utmost care to prevent contamination in landfills. While throwing away the paint is not the only option, several other things can be done with it. Let us take a look at other options-

  • Talk to your family, friends, or neighbors and check if anyone can make use of the leftover paint.
  • Enquire in your community and donate paint if they need it.
  • Look for local paint recycling centers and seek professional help to dispose of the paint.
  • If you have too much paint left out, list it on local sites to sell.
  • Save the paint for future use.

If none of those options mentioned above work, check with your local authorities and dispose of the paint yourself by following their guidelines.

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How Do I Dispose Of Old Paint

With DIY home projects on the rise, hardware stores are experiencing high volumes of paint sales as we stay home and work on projects weve been putting off. Once the project is complete, however, its important to know how to properly dispose of any leftover paint. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of material you are working with.

Oil-based paints are considered hazardous and must always be disposed of at a local Household Hazardous Waste collection sites or events. If improperly disposed of, these paints can leak into the ground or contaminate septic tanks.

Latex, or water-based paints are the most common paints sold at your local hardware store. Its used on interior and exterior walls. Latex paint can also be handled at HHW collection sites, however, because it is not considered hazardous and is very expensive to manage, the Illinois EPA suggests using alternative methods of latex paint disposal.

Inventory Your Leftover Paint

Sort through your leftover paint. There are two general categories of paint: water-based latex and oil-based/Alkyd paint. Water-based latex paints are not considered hazardous household wastes and can usually be dried-up or solidified, and where local governments allow, it can be placed out with the trash. Oil-based or alkyd paints, as well as paint thinners and other paint solvents are considered hazardous household waste and cannot be poured down drains or solidified and placed out with the trash.

After youve sorted through your leftover paint, begin opening each can and examine the contents. Both latex and oil-based paints generally have a 10- to 15-year shelf life, depending on how well it was sealed, on temperature fluctuations in the storage area and other factors. Paint that has been unopened has a greater chance of still being usable even after 10 years than a can of paint that has been opened in the past.

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What If I Lost My Receipt

In case you lost your receipt, youre in luck because Home Depot offers store credit for item returns without a receipt. Check out the table below for details:

Payment Method
  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
  • The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge
  • The Home Depot Commercial Account
You have a 365-day window to return your item without a receipt

Paint Can Opener As A Mini

1 gal. Flat Black Interior Wall Paint (2

Freely available from your local Home Depot paint department, these tiny metal devices make surprisingly great utility tools. The looped end lets them be stored on pegboard hooks or a tool bag carabiner. Their hooked pry lip makes for a relatively gentle pressure point, especially when combined with a scraper.

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Transfer Usable Paint To A Smaller Can

If you find yourself with enough leftover paint to keep but not enough to fill a gallon or quart can transfer it to a smaller, air-tight paint container that leaves as little room for air as possible, since air will cause the paint to go bad quickly. These are the best options for storing paint in a smaller container:

  • A wide-mouth glass or plastic jar with a screw-top lid.
  • A clean, dry pint or quart size paint can.

Tip: Store a clear paint container out of the light. A dark storage room or closet will help keep the color from fading.

How To Properly Dispose Of Paints And Chemicals

Paints and other chemicals can also be dangerous if not disposed of properly. Here are some tips on how todispose of it safely:

  • Use a hazardous waste facility
  • Dispose of paints in their original containers
  • Ensure that the container is well sealed
  • Label the container with Paint or Chemicals
  • Contact your local health department on how to dispose of any oil-based paints properly
  • Donate any leftover paints to charities, churches, schools, or service clubs
  • Estimate the amount of paint you need beforehand to reduce leftovers and wastage. You can use the Home Depotsproject calculator to get the right amount
  • Exchange leftover paints with neighbors and friends

For safe disposal of paint, you can find paint recycling centers near you that double up as home improvement centers. Outlets like Sherwin Williams or Lowes accept old paint, albeit with some conditions. For example, most of these outlets wont take hazardous waste products like oil-based paints and empty aerosol cans.

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Door To Door Paint Pickup Service

Do you have more than ten gallons of paint to recycle? For a limited time, PaintCare is offering a direct pickup service for households in certain counties that have leftover paint, stain, and varnish. There is no charge for this service, the cost is covered by the PaintCare fee on sales of new paint in Colorado.

Colorado Springs AreaEl Paso and Teller CountyVisit or call 333-9222 and select option 3 to see if you qualify and submit a service request.

Denver Area

Do You Have The Ability To Send Tinted Paint Back To Home Depot

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Customers can only return tinted paint to Home Depot if they have tried it and found that it was not the correct shade within just a few days.

Home Depot will correct it, but it cannot do so in this case as opened tinted cans are not resold.

However, if you have been given the wrong type of paint , then you will be eligible for a refund as this is the associates mistake and not yours.

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How Does Home Depot Paint Match

In the old days, the only way to match your paint color was to bring in your old paint can or, barring that, a chip of the wall or other painted item with the desired color.

You can still use this method at The Home Depot. In the case of paint cans, the associate helping you may be able to look up the color formula using the paint codes on the can. They can do this even if its not their own brand it can be from other home improvement stores, such as their major competitor, Lowes.

Even if you dont have the can or the formula, , it can still color match. The Home Depot has a national database of colors that can be accessed from every store by a computer. Each store should have its own spectrophotometer, a light meter that can read color.

If you give the associate material with the paint on it,they will place it on the sensor, which will scan the color and match it in the database. The paint sample will need to be about an inch in diameter for the sensor to be able to read it.

Can You Return Items Containing Hazardous Materials To Home Depot

Items that use flammable liquids or gases can only be returned to the local Home Depot Store. Note that it is not allowed to use mail to return these products even if the hazardous material has been drained.

These products include:

  • Items that use flammable liquids or gases

Note that the store also considers paint to be a hazardous material item that needs to be processed in a special way after the return, so the same rules may apply to your paint purchase.

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How To Tell When Paints Gone Bad

Maybe you already have a cluster of old paint cans shoved into a cobwebbed corner of your home. No judgment! Sometimes previous homeowners leave behind the paint colors to use for touch-ups. Its never too late to tidy up unsightly and under-used parts of your home. The first step in de-cluttering is to determine if the paints gone bad.

Just like the milk in the back of the fridge, a simple sniff test will tell you if your paints have gone bad a rancid smell means its time to get rid of it. Dont despair if a skin has formed on the top, just scoop off the dried portion and give it an enthusiastic mix to recombine the color with the solvent. If the paint recombines smoothly, then you can use it worry-free! To make sure the paints recombined, brush some onto a clean surface. A smooth application and even drying show the paints still good.


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