Difference Between Milk Paint And Chalk Paint

What Is Milk Paint And Why Do You Use It

What’s the Difference Between Milk Paint and Chalk-based Paint?
  • Unlike Chalk paint, milk paint has been around for years. The ingredients are natural and eco friendly.
  • You will find a lot of milk paint products in the powdered form. All it requires is to be mixed with water.
  • The main ingredients for milk paint are quark and lime. The downside to these ingredients is the smell!
  • The powdered form of milk paint will require the addition of a bonding agent if you dont want the chippy look.
  • Speaking of adding a bonding agent, this is the bonus for vintage lovers like myself. If you want the aged chippy wood look, all you have to do is apply milk paint without the boding agent and you will find that the paint will chip naturally over a period of just a few hours.
  • The downside to the powdered form of milk paint is that it can be rather tricky to mix the perfect consistency. Most new furniture painters would rather buy milk paint in a ready to go can. There are a few brands that come already mixed like General Finishes milk paint. unfortunately, with the ready made milk paint cans the bonding agent is already mixed in.
  • In my opinion, milk paint with the bonding agent does not always require a top coat. If the piece of furniture Im working on doesnt get a lot of wear and tear, I rarely use a top coat.
  • I have found that milk paint does show brush strokes much easier than chalk paint. It does not self level as well as chalk paint.

Suitable Uses For Milk Paint And Chalk Paint

Both chalk paint and milk paintwork on a similar array of surfaces, though they typically have different applications. For instance, chalk paint is generally used for coating furniture projects, such as handmade chairs or up-cycled sideboards. Milk paints such as Real Milk Paint, however, look great not only on furniture like chalk paint but also walls, flooring, kitchen cabinets, doors, and wooden instruments. With that in mind, suitable materials for coverage by both milk paints and chalk paints include:

  • Wood
  • Brick and concrete

How To Choose The Right Paint For Your Next Furniture Painting Project

There are many different types of furniture paint on the market. Chalk paint is probably one of the best known, there are others you might want to consider such as mineral paint or milk paint. We love using mineral paint, for reasons you can read about here. But today we want to explore the differences between milk paint and chalk paint. Once you know the difference, hopefully it will help you choose milk paint vs chalk paint for your next furniture painting project!

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Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint Suitability

Both milk paint and chalk paint work well for adding a farmhouse or country-style look to a select piece of furniture. But if you want to distress your home decor project, milk paints like Real Milk Paint wins the milk paint vs chalk paint debate. Milk paint-covered surfaces crack, chip and flake without a top coat, making it quick and easy to achieve a distressed look.

If you dont want a distressed finish, however, chalk paint might be more in line with your DIY project. Chalk paints offer a smooth finish that doesnt highlight brushstrokes, making it a great choice for painting furniture that requires a matte finish. Also, since chalk paints come premixed, they usually have more consistent flow and coverage, ensuring they work well for most home decor.

In terms of surfaces suitable for painting with these mediums, they come out pretty much even in the milk paint vs chalk paint debate. Both paint products adhere well to wood, metal, concrete, plastic, glass and drywall, among other decorative surfaces you may wish to give a makeover.

Adhesion And Prep Work For Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint

Milk Paint vs. Chalk Paint

As I mention in the video, painting with milk paint is a little different because it actually comes in a powder form. You mix the powder to a smooth consistency with water. If you want a more traditional, thick consistency, you want to add Miss Mustard Seeds Bonding Agent to your powder and water mixture as the bonding agent helps the milk paint to adhere to surfaces.

Milk-based paint can be difficult to mix to find the right consistency. For that reason, if you are mixing a large amount of milk paint, it is best to use a blender just for milk paint. Also, you have to be careful to mix enough paint in liquid form so you dont run out for your project.

For best results when refinishing furniture with milk paint, I recommend a light sanding on all furniture pieces. By sanding you are only roughing up the surface, not removing the paint. Here is a guide on sanding: How to Sand Furniture in 5 Minutes

If you are mixing in the bonding agent, you dont need a primer.

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Are Milk Paint And Chalk Paint Different

Yes! The paints contain different ingredients and create completely different looks.

Milk paint recipes have been used for centuries. They are natural and eco-friendly. You can make your own paint following the video below or buy ready made powders and just add water.

The main ingredients are milk and lime. They mostly come in powder form which you have to mix with water, then stir like crazy to get the lumps out.

This is part of their charm and their curse, especially if you are expecting a thicker paint consistency. You should consider using a blender if you are planning on painting large areas.

Chalk paint can be non-toxic or toxic depending on the supplier, so make sure you read the tin before buying.

Both paints give amazing paint finishes chalk paint finishes are thicker and more consistent, whereas milk paint is often less predictable. Now, lets look at some of the differences between the two famous paints.

Chalk Paint Vs Milk Paint: How To Decide Which Is Best For Your Project

Have you ever wanted to start a DIY project, but been uncertain about what paint to use? Youve heard chalk paint is great, but youve also heard milk paint is good too. and you arent sure which to choose. Well break down the differences, and similarities, between the two for you here so you can make the best decision for your next project.

Chalk paint vs. milk paint isnt quite the debate it may seem to be. Although the two types of paint have their differences, they are both the best options to create a dated, shabby chic look in your home. Understanding a bit more about the two paints, their value, and how to use them will help you to decide which would suit you and your painting project best.

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Which Is Easier To Use: Milk Paint Or Chalk Paint

In terms of convenience and coverage, the layers of paint and the type of painted surface are both equally important factors. For this example, well be basing our comparison guide on wood. Read more about the best type of paint for wood furniture here.

On the first coat, milk paint appears thinner and more lightweight whereas chalk paint provides a bit more coverage and thickness.

Milk paint is absorbed into the wood in the same way as a stain would while chalk paint seems to sit on top of its surface from the get-go. Finally, milk paint finishes off with a rough texture while chalk paint is a little smoother to the touch.

For the second coat, milk paint adheres to the surface pretty smoothly, making it easier to apply. Chalk paint, on the other hand, turned out to be a bit on the drier side.

Coverage is still pretty lightweight for milk paint whereas chalk paint already has full coverage on the second coat alone. Both of them shared a dry and matte finish, although milk paint appears more matte than chalk paint.

To cap it all off, if youre looking for a softer and smoother application, then milk paint is the best option, most especially if you plan to build up layers. However, if youre looking for full coverage, then chalk paint is definitely the better choice.

Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint Vs Latex: Whats The Best Furniture Paint For Beginners

Milk Paint vs. Chalk-Based Paint

You want a cute dresser for your bedroom without paying a lot so you check out Facebook Marketplace to find the PERFECT tall dresser with spindly legs that you would love to paint in a delicious light blue/gray.

But when you start to Google how to refinish it, you are inundated with claims about which furniture paint to use. The information is as clear as mud on which is best: milk paint vs chalk paint vs regular paint .

The information overload is enough to make a girl give up on the idea of hand painting her own unique furniture piece and head to target for something in white laminate.

There is nothing like the relaxing time spent personalizing your own one-of-a-kind furniture piece in the color of your choice! This guide will help you pick the right paint to make your project go smoothly!

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Comparing Application And Look

Both milk paint and Chalk Paint can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, drywall, and metal. Theyre both ideal for creating aged and distressed finishes on furniture, walls, and other projects. Milk paint, unlike Chalk Paint, comes in a powder form and must be mixed prior to use. And because its made with milk protein, unused milk paint may spoil after a few days, though the exclusive formula used in Real Milk Paint allows it to remain stable for up to two weeks.

Milk paint can be used to create a brushstroke effect when desired, but Chalk Paint dries to a uniform heavy smooth finish. When youre using Chalk Paint, you dont have to sand your surface before painting. With milk paint, sanding isnt strictly required but will give a surface more tooth for the paint to stick better. Neither Chalk Paint nor milk paint requires a primer before application.

So Whats The Best Paint For Furniture

For a previously painted piece, all three of these paints will work well but I prefer latex paint specifically Sherwin Williams Proclassic Hybrid. For best results, use a primer. I like to buy tinted primer so that it saves me a step of an extra coat of paint. The tinted primer gives great coverage and often removes a step by replacing a coat of paint. For my full process on painting furniture with latex paint, click here: The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint Furniture for Beginners

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Chalk Paint Technique: A 5 Step Process

To get started, tip the pot of chalk paint upside down and shake before use. Then open and stir it well. If the paint seems too thick just add a little water and stir. For the best results, they recommend using a paintbrush like the Chalk Paint Brushes to apply the paint. You can get more tips here: Annie Sloan Tips and Techniques

If you want good results, a light sanding is key. If you are taking more than 5 minutes to sand a piece of furniture, you are doing more than you need to: How to Sand Furniture in Less Than 5 Minutes. Remember, you are just roughing up the surface so your piece accepts the new paint to ensure a beautiful finish for years to come!

You will most likely need two coats of paint and then you will need to buff on a wax OR you can use a clear coat but most clear coats need a couple coats for maximum durability at minimum. So, in most cases you are looking at a 5 step process:

Chalk And Milk Paintdurability

Chalk Paint, Milk Paint and Specialty Paints: Differences

In the durability department, milk paints beat chalk paints hands down. Even without finishing waxes, creams, or glazes, milk paints such as Real Milk Paint are incredibly hard-wearing and retain paint color for years down the road. When you do use finishing products on items you coat with Real Milk Paint, you can extend durability even further. But to attain any sort of resilience with chalk paints, you need to apply several coats of wax sometimes even up to four!

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Is It Possible To Put Milk Paint Over Chalk Paint

If you would like to get chippy, distressed finish with layers, you should brush milk paint over chalk paint .

Painting over old, dry paint will create that antique or provincial feel. If you dont want to go for a distressed look, make sure your base coat is dry, and then use the Miss Mustard Seed Bonding Agent.

This way you can apply the milk paint directly on top of the Chalk Paint® it will still provide wear resistance and an extra layer of protection. The same method works if you are applying milk paint over the stain.

Chalk Paint Vs Milk Paint Whats The Difference

I love the countless looks you can get from using simple milk paint and chalk paint.

If youre on our email list you know I love finding new ways of doing things simply and inexpensively.

The kitchen cabinets below were professionally done, but you can get the same look following some of the tips below.

Its a long post so grab a cup of coffee or a pot of tea.

Lets talk about milk paint and chalk paint. Ive written about milk paint and chalk paint but everyone wants to know what is the difference? These pointers should help you decide which one is right for you.

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Kitchen Cabinets: Chalk Paint Vs Milk Paint

Milk paint on kitchen cabinets is a simple and enjoyable DIY project for homeowners that like doing their own thing. Its not only quick-drying and long-lasting, but its also silky smooth to the touch.

Milk paint is very flexible and blendable, so youll be able to get the appearance and finish you want, no matter how unique it is.

Meanwhile, chalk paint kitchen cabinets are quick and simple to apply. It doesnt take many coats to get complete coverage https://designingidea.com/chalk-paint-kitchen-cabinets/.

If youre working on a tight deadline and need to update your kitchen cabinets, this is the paint to choose.

Check out our paint sprayer vs roller website for additional information on milk paint vs chalk paint.

So, you have decided to do some DIY to save money on paint. First things first, lets get your priorities straight. Paint doesnt just come in one type. There are many different types of paint, depending on the purpose. Chalk paint is a great choice to use on interior walls or woodwork because it is so versatile.. Read more about what is milk paint used for and let us know what you think.

How Milk Paint And Chalk Paint Differ

Differences between General Finishes Milk and Chalk Paint

At the heart of it, one ingredientmilkis the main difference between milk paint and chalk paint. Both paints are mineral-based, with calcium carbonate as the chief mineral. Select pigments such as ocher, umber, iron oxide, and lampblack, as well as other minerals and water, comprise the rest of the paints. But milk paint differs because it has that organic ingredient: milk protein. Chalk paint is 100-percent inorganic.

Milk paint comes as a dry powder base with separate dry pigments, all of which must be thoroughly mixed with water. Chalk paint usually ships complete and fully-mixed. Before application, though, the chalk paint must be stirred to redistribute the pigments.

Both milk paint and chalk paint lack that pronounced chemical smell found in latex paint and especially in oil-based paint. However, chalk paint has no smell after it is applied. Milk paint, owing to its caseins, does have a faint smell of fresh-cut grass that lasts for about one hour after application.

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How To Paint With Milk Paint

Milk-based paints are usually in powder form that you mix with water in the ratio of one to one. If you want an old, flaked appearance you can paint your item straight away just like that. For a more even, sleek finish on items that do not absorb the paint like glass or metal you will need a primer to bond the paint to the surface. Powder-based paints can come out quite lumpy, so a great tip is to use a mixer to even out the paint and make it glossy without the lumps. If you use the correct ratio of powder and water your mixture will not be overly thick or too watery.

Let your mixture rest for up to thirty minutes to bring out the color in the powder. You can then go ahead with the chosen project as a primer is not necessary. It is, however, advised to lightly sand the wooden surface to create a worn finish. The more you sand the greater texture you will create. After sanding, clean your item to get rid of any residual dust and dirt.

Differences In Brands Of Chalk Paint V Milk Paint

Most of the brands of chalk paint and milk paint are similar in their main ingredients and can come down to what your particular project requires .

When it comes to purchasing Chalk paint, the two main producers produce slightly different consistencies even though they are pre-mixed.

Annie Sloan chalk paint, , produces a bit more of a thick consistency while Rust-Oleum tends to be a bit thinner.

Depending on the specific details of your project consider this before you buy.

Rust-Oleum tends to distress slightly easier, for example, due to its variable thickness.

Milk Paint is more typically sold in a powder form which you mix in a 1:1 ratio.

The limitations of this are that you may end up with several batches that dont match exactly. Especially if youve underestimated how much paint you need and have to mix another batch.

To avoid this, try to make the appropriate estimates for your painting needs so you can have your best chance at mixing the exact right amount of paint.

I think its better to have too much paint than not enough in this case, especially when it comes to milk paint.

Rust-Oleum does have a pre-mixed milk paint formula which is a bit of a game-changer in the milk paint game.

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