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Additional Tips When Using The Giani Countertop Paint Kit

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Review | Giani Countertop Before & After Video

Giani recommends that you wait 24 hours before using the dishwasher and getting any water on the countertops. Good excuse to order in or go out to eat right? Well, after the 24 hours you can use the sink and dishwasher without worry. But they recommend waiting at least 3 days before setting light appliances on the countertops. But any big heavy appliances should not be set back onto the countertop until after 14 days cure time. You can read more about this in the instructions that come with your kit.

Step : Apply Top Coat

After 12 hours, you can apply the top protective coat. the protective coat comes as a two part epoxy that needs to be mixed . Once you mix this together, you must use all of it within 4 hours.

Use the same process as above to paint it on. Using a paint brush for any cutting and painting any edges, and a roller the paint onto larger surfaces. We found that the roller that came with the kit was shedding and we ended up switching it out for some foam dollar store rollers we had on hand instead and were very happy with that. The little hairs in the first section of our painted countertop did not stay on forever, but they were very noticeable for weeks and I was very glad that we had switched rollers.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Or Countertops Which One Comes First

The quick answer to this question is: if your kitchen cabinets need refinishing, it does not matter if you perform the task before or after installing new countertops. However, it is crucial to hire a professional contractor to get the job done accurately.

Many homeowners install the countertop first and then refinish the cabinets to improve their kitchens aesthetics. Some homeowners think that installing the countertops after refinishing the cabinets can ruin the new finish.

However, no evidence supports this thought. We think this depends on the experience and skills of the contractor you hire for the project. So, in general, it does not matter if you refinish the cabinets first and then go ahead with countertops installation.

Hiring a professional countertop installation company will ensure the refinished cabinets stay in good shape because they know how to install countertops carefully without ruining the neighboring finishes.

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Remove Things From Cabinets

Remove everything from upper and lower cabinets and all fragile items such as artwork, antiques, mirrors, and anything else of value before installation.

Floors, cabinets, and appliances are usually installed before countertops. This is true for both new construction projects.

Since countertops sit directly on cabinetry, the cabinets must be installed before all final measurements, fabrications, and installations are completed.

If a farmhouse sink or apron is used, that sink must be installed before the template is installed.

Make sure you have your sink, faucets, soap pumps, and cooktops ready for the measuring and template process. Installers need this information to make accurate cuts in your countertop.

Who Makes This Decision

Before and After $300 Kitchen Transformation! Backsplash Tile $174 ...

Although it is good to follow the guidelines or advice of a professional contractor, the decision about refinishing your kitchen cabinets before or after the new countertops is entirely your choice. If you want to refinish the cabinets before installing new countertops, make sure you allow the proper cure time for the product you chose to use.

Once the paint cures fully, you can go ahead with countertop installation. Remember, the ultimate choice is yours but we recommend making an informed decision. Whether you want to refinish your cabinets before or after the countertops installation, make sure you hire a professional painting contractor to avoid any complications.

Some homeowners opt for a remodeling project in stages. In that case, we recommend refinishing the cabinets before installing the new countertops. It is because kitchen cabinets have relative a larger surface area than countertops.

If you carry out the countertop installation project yourself, you may damage the refinished cabinets. In that case, you will have to hire a professional painting contractor to perform the necessary touchups, including minor repairs, sanding, and applying a few more coats to cover the damages.

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Diy Painted Countertops And Reviews

Painted Countertops can easily change the look of a kitchen or bathroom counter on a budget. But, how well do they hold up? Weve gathered research and are ready to share the painted countertops durability in multiple cases.

After youve painted your countertops, consider adding a banquette bench to your kitchen and dining nook. Or add functionality with these IKEA kitchen hacks. And add a custom touch to your kitchen island.

When it comes to DIY countertops, painting can be a great option. If your countertops are still structurally sound but just a dated or unpleasant color a couple coats of paint and sealant can give you new countertops on a small budget! But, just like with concrete countertops, wood countertops, or even painted cabinetry you want to make sure that you do your research and know what youre getting into. So today we have some experienced DIYers to give you their DIY painted countertop reviews. Some purchased their materials separately others used a pre-assembled paint kit like Rustoleum or Giani. All of them are ready to share their experience and advice! Plus, rate their durability on a scale of 1 to 5 .

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How Are Your Painted Countertops Holding Up

Very well. The final step of painting counters is applying a thin, protective layer of shiny epoxy. It effectively seals the paint and makes the counters more durable . In the past year, I have put these counters to the testprepping and cooking hundreds of meals, entertaining friends and family, placing all kinds of appliances on them, spilling thousands of things on them, and Ive cleaned them a million times with all kinds of products . Through all of that, they still look great. There are only a few minor knicks and dings and theyre from times when Ive dropped something relatively heavy and sharp and the paint very slightly chipped . And even in these instances, since the look of the counter is a faux granite , it all blends right in.

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Can You Paint Granite Countertops

Date:Find A Pro

If your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or fireplace has old, faded-looking granite surfaces, you may want to have a fresh new look. However, maybe you dont have the budget to spend $30 to $100 per square foot on a new set of granite countertops? That could be a normal situation given you will be spending many thousands of dollars in the process.

So, what do you do? Give up and wait till you have the budget to purchase or replace your countertops, and in the meanwhile, tolerate the scuffed, faded, surface?

Not at all we will show you how you can refresh your granite countertops with a minimum of fuss and a fraction of the cost.

Would We Use The Rustoleum Countertop Paint Again

How to Paint Countertops – Looks Like Slate – $65 DIY Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

Short answer: yes. The process of applying the paint is very easy, and it made a HUGE difference in the look and feel of the space. I was so happy we did it when it was done. Over time, it has gotten more scratched, but honestly, I feel like for a countertop paint, it has held up really well. And this is just about the most traffic a countertop will ever see.

I would definitely use this paint in a bathroom, or bar, or somewhere that doesnt see as much traffic because I feel like it would hold up even better. For a kitchen, its not a permanent solution, but its a great option for a few years. After that you can either buy a new kit and touch it up again , or buy the new countertops youve been saving for!

If youre curious how the peel and stick tile in our kitchen held up, you can read about it in this Peel and Stick Tile Review!

Another quick upgrade we did was painting our window frame in the kitchen black! It made a huge difference, and was a very easy project to tackle!

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Seal With A Top Coat Or Resin

Once the paint is dry, you’ll need to protect the surface with a top coat or glossy resin. You’ll want to do two coats to ensure the longevity of the countertop, but the kind of top coat will depend on the original surface. The total cure time for most countertop paint jobs is around 14 days, so be careful about using your space before then.

Materials For Creating A Painted Backsplash

  • Foam Paint roller and paint tray these small foam rollers are great for painting smooth surfaces quickly.
  • Primer if you are painting a laminate or tile backsplash, you definitely need to start with a good primer. This is my favorite primer for slick surfaces because it really helps paint adhere well.
  • Semigloss paint in at least two colors
  • Foam paint brushes for painting the edges and corners of the backsplash
  • Makeup wedge sponges these work so much better than a paintbrush for stenciling small areas like corners
  • Spackling optional, you may need this to fill in nail holes if you are stenciling on drywall
  • Sandpaper if you are stenciling a laminate backsplash, 150 grit sandpaper is great for scuffing up the laminate a bit before painting. If you are using spackling to fill holes, you will need high grit to smooth the spackling once it dries.

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Step : Paint Base Coat

If you are applying one of the countertop transformation paint kits that has decorative chips in it, you will have to mix that first before applying the base coat. If you are applying decorative paint chips, you will have to do this while the paint is still wet. Our kit did not have chips in it, so read your instructions thoroughly if you are completing this step.

Next mix the base coat and apply it to your countertops. You will probably want a Face Mask for this as it is very stinky. Your Rustoleum countertop paint kit will come with a foam roller that you can use to apply the paint. Apply it smoothly and evenly on all of the surfaces. Any cutting that needs to be done can be done with paint brush. You can apply a second layer of the base coat after two hours. If you have any paint runs or missed spots, make sure to sand them down and fix them at this stage.

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Before and after painting tile countertops.

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Next figure out the location of the countertop of yours you will cover, a particular key thing to this is understanding the big difference between linear feet and a square feet. The primary reason folks opt laminate counter tops for the kitchen counter tops of theirs is since they are the cheapest of the countertops and are available in a wide range of patterns and colors.

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DIY: Painting My Laminate Countertops

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Summary: Updating Old Laminate Countertops Using Giani Countertop Paint Kit

I had a great experience with this countertop paint kit. And, I would choose to do it again if given the chance. Yes, I would 100% prefer real granite or quartz countertops! No questions asked, if its in the budget I would go for the real deal. However, given that I was on the hunt for a fairly easy budget option for updating my old ugly laminate countertops, this Giani kit certainly fit the bill!

If you are in the same boat and looking for a budget makeover option, I highly recommend that you consider checking out the Giani Countertop Paint Kits. There are several options for colors and they are available both online and in some select stores. This paint kit does not take a professional painter to use. It is very doable for even beginners! So if you are considering it Id encourage you to go for it!

P.S. If you have any questions feel free to send me a or comment below and Ill try to reply.

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For Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertop Decor for your new countertops I created a list of my favorites! You can find that list by clicking the blue link to take you to that post!

How to DIY your own Faux Shiplap Plank Wood Wall:

How To Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets Using Chalk Mineral Style Paint Without Sanding First!

Sponging On The Minerals

Next comes the fun and creative part, but also the tricky part! You now get to sponge on the minerals. This is where the magic happens. TIP: It will look weird at first, but it gets better as you go and you begin to see the final outcome. Another TIP: use the practice pad they provide to try before you start. But dont let this part scare you!

They provide a yellow sponge that you cut into four equal pieces. TIP: wear gloves. This part is messy. Work in small sections as you go. Your kit will have different colors that work together to create the faux granite look. This is so cool and really is what creates that look you are after.

To be honest my countertops were so ugly that after I put the black primer on, I was seriously thinking that even just that step alone was an improvement. But once you begin to add the minerals and work in small sections until you get the look you are after, you will be even more pleased! This Giani Countertop Paint Kit is the bomb diggity! Giani does a good job of explaining in each kit how your colors work together to create the faux granite pattern.

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What Did I Use To Paint My Counters

I used the Giani White Diamond Countertop Paint Kit. The kits come in multiple colors and styles but this Whtie Diamond shade that I chose is bright, light, and cool-toned with flecks of silvery white and gray. You can buy it directly on the Giani site or . The kit includes almost everything you need to paint your counters and very detailed instructions on how to do it . Id highly recommend it.

Heres what it looks like on your countertop:

Here are the contents of the kit:

Coat The Surface With Primer

How to Paint Old Bathroom Countertop & Vanity Sink: Easy & Gorgeous Transformation Before-After!

Before painting, use a paint roller to evenly apply a coat of primer to your countertops. Read the manufacturers’ labels to best apply primer. This white base bonding color ensures that any underlying colors stay hidden behind your new, fresh coat of paint. Let it dry overnight and ensure proper ventilation.

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A Few Other Basement Updates:

More After Photos of Basement Bar Makeover:

Up close of bar countertop:

Jason, my husband, and I made the heavy duty rustic shelves. Or I should say, I made them and he hung them! They were incredibly inexpensive and totally worth it!

Rustic Shelves:

Another beauty shot of our updated bar / countertops:

One word of caution, the countertops have tiny chips in a few places. Be sure to give them plenty of curing time prior to use in hopes of avoiding this.

I will likely have my family use coasters as much as possible to keep them in good shape! Either way, it’s definitely an improvement.

Now you know how to paint your tile countertops!

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The Cheapest Diy Backsplash Ever

My budget kitchen makeover continues! Today Im sharing my new painted backsplash, which is arguably the cheapest backsplash ever.

Thats cheap as in low-cost, save-your-money-for-something-more-important. Not cheap as in inferior.

My freshly painted cabinets completely transformed my kitchen, but I never dreamed a painted backsplash could also make such a huge difference.

Previously, our kitchen still had the laminate backsplash from when the house was built in 1973.

Functionally, it was perfect.

Aesthetically, it was horrendous.

I have absolutely nothing against a laminate backsplash in fact, Ive seen some really beautiful ones.

Mine was not one of those. It was that lovely gold and white veined laminate that everyone loved in the 70s.

And not only that, it was super thick in a weirdly noticeable way. As in it dwarfed the window trim, it was so thick.

So it had to go.

There are tons of awesome DIY backsplash options and many of them are pretty budget-friendly, but I decided to go with the least expensive of all.


Because as you may have noticed, I am incredibly devoted to painting all the things.

What can I say? I love what paint can do and I understand paint so well. It is cheap and never comes with hidden surprises.

And if painting is my favorite, stenciling is my favorite favorite. As soon as I saw this antique tiles stencil from StencilGirl, I knew it was going to make an amazing backsplash.

Plus, StencilGirl is a family-run company, which I love.

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