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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Full House Painting

How Much It Costs to Paint An Exterior #painting #roofing

Several individual factors impact the overall cost of your painting project, including how many coats of paint you need and the type of paint you are using. As you may have guessed, higher quality paints cost more, but that is not the only thing that affects how much it costs. If youre planning on going from a light color to a dark color or especially a dark color to a light color, its going to take a bit more work and money. Older homes require more prep work, often including or siding repairs.

When it comes to exterior painting, any obstacles around your house, such as shrubbery, trees, or decorations, make painting more difficult. You can expect to pay more if you have uneven ground around your home. Uneven surfaces make it more difficult to climb up on a ladder safely. So, a home with more than one story will be more expensive to paint. For the exterior, it means covering more surface area and climbing higher to paint the entire house. For the interior, it means more rooms and hallways to cover. Other factors that impact the cost of an interior paint job include the size and shape of the room and the placement of the items inside it. Plus, you have to deal with doorways, baseboards, closets, and trim. Most painting contractors charge by square footage or by the hour. Check with the painters in your area for their specific rates.

Plaster Or Drywall Repair

If youre painting your homes interior, you may have an entirely different issue on your hands. Plaster walls can begin to crack from stress or age. Before you think about repainting, it is crucial to repair your walls. On top of making your wall look brand-new again, plaster and drywall repairs reinforce your space in terms of strength. On average, it will cost between $500 and $1,000.

Cost To Paint A 3500 Sqft House

A 3,500 sq.ft. home is even bigger, which means it will cost more to paint. This size home usually consists of four bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen–plus extra recreational rooms depending on the layout. An interior paint job for a house this size costs between $10,500 and $14,000, while an exterior job costs between $6,000 to $13,600. You can expect to pay between $16,500 and $27,600 for painting the entire house.

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Cost To Paint A House

Painting the exterior of your home is an investment. Whether you want a fresh new look, or your paint is in disrepair, it will cost roughly $3600 $4800 to repaint an average 2500 square-foot two-story home. Why the wide range in price? Because more than color, paint is a layer of protection against the elements. It shields siding from water damage and keeps insects away, so quality matters.

Painting is a project that requires intense preparation but done well it can last up to 15 years and add curb appeal that increases the value of your property. Lets take a closer look at how contractors estimate the cost of painting your home by using our simple paint cost calculator.

Exterior House Painting Cost Per Square Foot $2.38 $5.15

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House If Diy

How Much Does it Cost to Paint A House Exterior

Do-it-yourself projects are known for being inexpensive. It requires most of your time but little of your money.

You have control over the cost. That is why most people prefer to do it by themselves.

As for house painting, people would prefer to buy the materials and then do the painting themselves instead of hiring painting contractors.

However, if you are not used to painting, there is a greater possibility of failure. You may end up with unfinished projects, or you need more paints to cover the unproportioned area.

As a result, youll spend more instead of sticking within the budget.

When it comes to DIY home painting, there are pros and cons that you need to look into:

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Cost To Paint Outside Of House Based On Square Footage

The square footage of your home is a major factor in determining the cost of exterior painting.

Its also worth noting that the taller the home, the higher the exterior painting prices. Higher up, harder to reach areas require additional equipment, like scaffolding, as well as set up and clean up.

The average cost to paint a single-story home between 500 and 1,500 square feet can range between $1,000 and $3,600.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Price

Benjamin Moore paints are among the least expensive on the market, ranging from $14 to $53 per gallon. Every store across the country is locally owned, so if youre looking for a trustworthy and family-centric brand, Benjamin Moore is the right choice for you. Though they are known for providing affordable paints, they still have higher-end options that cost more but will be more reliable. When you choose Benjamin Moore paints, you can select your choice of color and finish from a wide variety of options.

Type of Paint
$32 – $60

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Does The Houses Exterior Need To Be Primed Before Painting

The short answer is no, but Licks decorating team adds: ‘Proper preparation is crucial to how flawless your exterior paint job will be.’

Prepare your surface by following these steps:

1. ‘Thoroughly clean and dry the surface. If the walls have been painted previously, remove any flaking or peeling paint with a pressure washer or wire brush’.

2. ‘Repair any cracks with exterior fillers’

3. ‘Move any climbing plants and trellises out of the way as much as possible.’

‘Once all the cleaning is done, leave the surface to dry completely before you start painting,’ says Lick.

Cost Of Repainting A House Vs New Construction Painting Cost

Cost To Paint The Exterior Of a House DIY | The Real Cost

As a general rule of thumb, newer homes involve much less prep work to start painting the exterior. New construction will already be on even ground and wont have anything obstructing the sides so that it will be less time consuming and cheaper. The painters will be able to come on the site right after the exterior construction is complete.

This is also true for a homes interior. When painting new construction, it is often done before any furniture, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, and other items are inside, so there is no need for extensive preparations. Generally, painters start their work after all the drywall, plumbing, and electrical work. Since the flooring wont even be down yet, you dont have to worry about post-paint cleanup either. Due to all these facts, the interior and exterior painting cost for new construction will range from $7,000 to $11,000 to paint the average 2,500 sq.ft. home during the construction process.

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Play With Paint Chips

One way to narrow down your options is to pull paint chips from your local hardware store in a range of tones that youre drawn to. Once you have your chips, tape them to the side of your house in an area that gets plenty of sunlight.

Observe how the colors change throughout the day and how they look in relation to your homes existing features . After a few days, you should have a better sense of which color are the best fit for your home.

Cost To Paint A House Interior

There are a huge number of painting jobs you can ask a professional decorator to do inside your home. Smaller jobs, such as painting a hallway, will cost considerably less than painting all interior surfaces in a home.

Here are some ballpark figures for interior painting jobs:

  • $1,000 for a professionally painted bedroom and ceiling
  • $5,000 for repainting a two-bedroom unit
  • $7,000 for all interiors in a three-bedroom property
  • $9,000 for all interiors in a five-bedroom property.

Interior painting isnt restricted to walls, either. It can also include:

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Additional Considerations And Costs

  • HOA. If you are a part of a homeowners association , you need to remain compliant with their rules and regulations. As far as exterior paint goes, youll probably have to choose a color that unifies the neighborhoods aesthetic. However, some HOA rules control the paint you use for your interior.
  • Repainting. Often, you can paint over your old paint. However, there are times when it is necessary to remove the old paint. If your existing paint is in bad shape, the new layer wont settle correctly. So, youll have to completely get rid of the old before bringing in the new.
  • Weather. If youre planning on bringing painters in for an exterior job, be sure to choose a day with good weather. If it is too hot or too cold, the paint may not set the right way. Also, avoid rainy days at all costs.
  • Choose the right color. If youre going with a more vibrant color, be sure to choose one that gives your room the vibe you want. Reds increase energy levels. Yellows open up a space. Orange shades invoke enthusiasm. Greens bring positivity into a space. Blues elicit a feeling of calm. And, purples make a space feel more luxurious.

House Painting Cost: How Much For The Paint

The Cost Of Painting The Exterior Of A House In Canada

Each type of paint has a varying cost. This will depend on the type of paint used to paint the house exteriors. The three main types of exterior paint are latex, oil-based, and acrylic. Latex has a $20 $70 cost per gallon. As for oil-based paint, its a bit more expensive, with prices ranging from $30 to $90. Acrylic paint, meanwhile, is comparable to latex paint when it comes to its price between $20 to $70 for a gallon of paint.

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Exterior Paint Cost By Brand

When it comes to painting your exterior, you may not put too much thought into the brand of paint you use. While most popular paint brands will get the job done, there are some differences between them that you may want to be aware of before you begin your project, There is a wide range of brands available across the country, and most offer a variety of paints with different finishes: flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

However, high-gloss paints should generally only be used to highlight details and accents rather than on your entire house. This is because it can magnify your homes imperfections and almost make your exterior look like its made out of plastic. Semi-gloss paint is best used for surfaces that are cleaned frequently, such as exterior trim, doors, gutters, shutters, railings, and window sills. With that being said, it can be used for the entire exterior. It is resistant to diverse weather conditions, but it isnt the best choice for concealing cracks or chips.

Finally, we have flat paint finishes. This used to be the most popular option but has recently taken a backseat to other glossier options. This is because it is susceptible to fading and mildew issues. On the other hand, it can easily disguise flaws in older homes. Whereas the other finishes are best used on architectural details, you should only use a flat finish on the walls themselves to ensure it lasts longer. Lets take a look at the price breakdown for each.

Cost To Paint A 4000 Sqft House

The layout of a 4,000 sq.ft. home generally includes four to five bedrooms, three to four bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and additional rooms, depending on the layout. If youre planning on painting the interior, it will cost between $12,000 and $16,000. For the exterior, you can expect to pay between $7,000 and $15,000. If you want to get both jobs done at once, the price ranges from $19,000 to $31,000 to paint the entire house.

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Cost To Paint A Porch

With the right color, an ordinary porch can be transformed into a welcoming and inviting greeting area. Porches have a square foot painting cost of between $2 and $3 per sq.ft., so the larger the porch the higher the overall cost to paint. Your costs could also be higher if you have a lot of decorative trim on your porch or railings. The cost to paint a more detailed porch railing could add $1 to $2 more per sq.ft. Porches are usually painted at the same time as the rest of your exterior, and they frequently are painted to match the trim on the rest of the home.

Do It Yourself Or Hire Someone Else

How Much it Costs to Paint an Exterior in 2022 #painting

Speaking of labor, can you repaint the exterior of your home without professional help? Yes, but expect it to take some timeand skill. Exterior painting involves a lot more than simply slapping a coat of your favorite off-white onto your siding and calling it a day. Instead, there’s plenty of prep work that has to happen to make sure the paint will adhere well and last. Your exterior has to be washed, repaired, caulked and primed before you can even begin painting.

However, all this hard work happens for a reason. After all, first impressions mean a lot, and the paint job on your house is definitely one of the first things people will notice when they look at your home.

Is DIY-ing the entire exterior painting job a bit too labor-intensive for you, but you’re still hoping to save some money? Consider doing some of the prep work yourself to save on labor, like patching holes, removing hardware, and cleaning your existing siding.

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Cost To Paint A 3000 Sqft House

A 3,000 sq.ft. home is a bit larger than the average home and generally has three to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. The cost to paint a 3,000 square foot home ranges between $9,000 and $12,000 only for the interior. An exterior painting job ranges from $5,000 and $11,400. Therefore, the typical cost of painting a house this size will be between $14,000 and $23,400.

Other Considerations And Costs

  • If you or the painter needs to use the landfill for disposal of materials, you may be charged a fee for this service. Some professional painters will include this fee in their services.
  • If you are also painting shutters, trim, or other detailed pieces, you will probably pay more for the labor. You can figure on spending an additional $60-$80 per shutter.
  • Doors are usually not included in painting estimates. If you also want entry doors painted, add $100 for each door to the cost estimate.
  • If there are any structural repairs or replacements that need to be addressed prior to painting, you will need to add in the cost of materials for this and the additional hourly labor.
  • Homes that have unique designs or architectural details will take more time and therefore incur bigger labor costs with professional painting.
  • If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, you can expect to pay an additional 10 to 20 percent of the overall cost because special paint is required.
  • Consider pressure washing before you paint, which is something that you can do for less than $100 in most cases. If you let someone else do it, expect to pay about $350 for the service. This will guarantee that the surface is prepped and will have the best chances of holding onto the paint.

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How To Save Money On Professional House Painting

While painting a home’s exterior can be a costly project, there are a number of steps you can take to save money when hiring a pro for this job.

Maintain your siding: Keeping your home’s exterior clean and in good repair reduces the amount of remedial work and prep work your chosen pro has to get through before they can start painting.

Choose the best quality products you can afford: While it sounds counter intuitive to spend more, it saves you money in the long run. High-quality paint lasts longer and is better equipped to properly protect your home from the elements. Buying the lowest priced paint is a waste of money that means your siding may suffer water damage or weather damage. Plus, you’ll have to have your home painted more frequently, costing you more in both supplies and labor.

Wait until the off season: Be flexible with your timing and avoid booking the project during peak times. You can save a lot by waiting until winter or watching for special promotions run by local house painters around major holidays.

Do the prep yourself: While you might not be able to tackle the entire project, you can save money by doing as much as possible yourself. Clear the area around your home and give your siding a thorough clean. Sand away any areas of flaking or bubbling paint and look for any obvious minor damage you can repair yourself.

Ready for a Fresh Coat of Paint to Spruce Up Your Home?

Cost To Paint A Garage Exterior


The average cost to paint a detached 2-car garage is around $1,500 to $3,000. If your garage is attached to the house, it will be included in the total cost to paint the siding. Todays garage doors are often made of different materials than the rest of the home. They may have windows or some type of design. Detached garages, while unique, have separate costs.

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