Colour Matching Paint On Walls

Matching Paint Without A Sample

3 Ways To Color Match Paint for Walls
  • 1Clean the area you’re trying to paint match. Over time, fingerprints, dust, and dirt can collect on the surface of an object or a wall, and this can make the paint color seem darker than it actually is. To make sure you’re testing the actual color, wipe the paint down with a damp, soapy sponge, and allow it to dry completely before you try to match the color.XResearch source
  • In addition to giving you a more accurate color match, cleaning the wall will help the new paint adhere better.
  • 2Scrape off a 1 in sample of drywall paint with a razor knife.XExpert SourceExpert Interview. 27 March 2020. If youre trying to match paint on sheetrock or drywall, the easiest way to get a perfect match is to bring a sample with you to the paint store. Use a utility knife to score a square into the surface of the sheetrock about 18 in deep, then peel away the paper.XResearch source
  • Place the sample in a plastic bag or an envelope so it doesnt get smudged before you get to the paint store.
  • Once the store has analyzed the color, dab a little of the paint onto a corner of the sample and let it dry to ensure its a perfect match.
  • Or A Swatch Of Fabric

    Another way to color match paint without a paint chip is to find the shade you need on a piece of fabric in your house.

    Maybe the color is one of several in a print pillow, or maybe the color matches a piece of clothing in your closet, says Levin. Take the fabric to the hardware store and let a staff member color match the fabric to a paint color.

    Take Advantage Of Pro Tools

    Did you know that the color reading tool mentioned above is also how pros perfectly match paint to hues found beyond paint pails? Yep. Color reading equipment reads the CMYK, RGB and HSV codes of your same to determine the values and achieve the best match every time. Ashley explains, Most stores have color reading equipment that would help find a lighter or darker option of the color sample provided. The equipment can also read color values for non-paint samples like textiles. Other non-paint samples to consider include those hand-painted ceramic tiles you brought home from Europe, that gorgeous wallpaper sample collecting dust in your closet or the vibrant, vintage area rug you inherited from your grandmother. Take full advantage of that technology and head into the store with all your inspiration pieces in tow.

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    Moody Hues: A Family Of Dramatic Purples

    Our Moody Hues set a sophisticated scene, starting with the lightest shade a warm and creamy peach through to the deepest mulberry.

    ‘For those of you who want a colour that no one else has to create depth and mystery this family of colours is for you. It’s stylish and sophisticated, the dusky mauves are stand-out favourites,’ says Sarah.

    Colour personality: Deftly mixes modern and traditional.

    Complementary colours: According to the colour wheel, pair Moody Hues with citrusy yellows and greens .

    How To Get A Professional Color Match

    Have trouble mixing and matching color in your home? Not sure what the ...

    Some larger hardware stores allow you to get a professional paint match through a color mixing service. ‘Valspars colour matching technology can scan, match, and mix any color the eye can see: thats 2.2 million shades,’ says Tobie Lewis, Head of Marketing, Brand and Digital Communications at Valspar paints .

    ‘This means that whether youve forgotten the name of the color you decorated your room with, or you want to color drench your living room with the exact same tone as the sofa, Valspar can easily create your custom color of choice,’ he adds.

    To do this, you can visit any B& Q store in the UK with a small sample and the Valspar team will generate a unique color formula in their interior or exterior paint. Stores in the US, such as Ace, also offer custom paint matching.

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    What If You Can’t Bring A Sample Into The Store

    Paint matching apps and paint visualizers are both solid methods for finding the perfect shade for your space at home. The ColorSnap Visualizer phone and desktop app by Sherwin-Williams are tried-and-true. Be sure to check out Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match device and corresponding smartphone app by the same name to find a flawless color match without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Step : Deliver Sample Paint Colour To A Professional

    After you have acquired your sample, take it to your local hardware or any other paint store in Toronto and give it to the paint colour specialist there.

    • Most paint experts will be able to tell the luster of the paint, and they should be able to paint colour match for you too
    • Make sure you bring the sample of wall paint in a plastic bag or envelope to avoid it being lost or damaged

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    Set Your Future Self Up For Success

    While the ol cut-a-piece-from-the-wall technique is reliable, it doesnt hurt to have more than one paint-matching solution up your sleeve. If you can, hold on to an extra can of paint when youre done, Micetich notes. If youre buying a new place, ask the seller if they can leave behind extra paint or, at the very least, the name and brand of the paint colors used for each room. Label cans with the rooms theyre in, so you can be sure to match to the right walls when the time comes.

    Option : Remove A Sample From Your Wall & Have It Color

    How to match paint colors on wall | Color match

    This is reasonably easy to do if your walls are drywall. You can use a craft knife to very gently cut through just the paper layer of the drywall. Choose an obscure area of your wall and cut out a square shape around 4 x 4 inches and take it to your paint store. They should be able to color-match it and tell you what the finish of the paint is.

    The best case scenario is that you will wind up with a perfect match! Then all you have to do is use some spackle to patch the area where you removed the sample. Then sand it smooth, prime and touch up that area, as well as the other areas that need a fresh coat of paint.

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    Compare Paint Charts & Chips

    Getting a hold of some paint colour charts or paint chips is a fab way of finding the perfect colour for you. Not only do you get a full spectrum on what is available, but you can also see what will work with the fabric or room youve chosen to decorate.

    Below are some fab colour palettes that you can look at on our social media platforms for some inspiration:


    To get a tester or a full-sized tin of these colours, just pop onto our colour match page, and type in the PPG code above.

    Common Color Matching Values

    Designers have used color values in web development or the printing industry for many years, but they haven’t been commonly used in the paint color industry. This process has evolved over the years. Now, you can determine the exact values for your colors by taking your samples to a paint shop. Typically, they can determine the color based on formulaic values. Here are the most common values:

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    Option : Big Brand Colours

    As mentioned earlier, we can match to Big Brand Colours too and its really easy to do.

    Just go on to our colour match page and type in your Brand & Colour Name in the free text field and then choose your quantity and finish.

    As you know we can match over 19,000 so we will most likely be able to match the colour youre looking for.

    As an added bonus, we will be able to match the one you want at just a fraction of the price.

    We can even match discontinued colours so you can always have the colours you love, even when you cant buy them anywhere else!

    If All That Fails Just Scrape Some Paint Off

    Office Paint

    Lets say that youre out of ideas. You cant find anything else in your house that matches that specific shade of green on your bedroom walls, and nothing is quite like the off-white you put in the kitchen.

    Youve been to the craft store to look at all the shades of thread, and nothing seems right. Youve even tried out the apps and still cant match that color.

    An easy way to match your existing paint color is to simply take a knife and peel off the top layer of paint, says Scott Specker, owner of Five Star Painting in Suwanee and Alpharetta, GA.

    Dont worry, theres no need to dig a deep gash into your otherwise pristine drywall or to remove a large section. Scraping a super thin, 1-inch-square sample will do the trick. Its like creating your own paint splotch!

    If you take that piece into any local home improvement store, they should have computerized color-matching technology that can assess your paint and tell you its exact color, he adds.

    Finally, when all else fails, consider consulting with a colorist. The pros have all the tricks for matching paint colors.

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    Just A Few Quick Reminders

    Before heading straight to your favorite paint shop, there are a few things to consider, such as the lighting. Always remember that light determines how the paint color appears. Light changes throughout the day, impacting color matching. The type of paint you utilize also affects how the paint transmits with light. Matte finishes take in more light and keep the color looking relatively consistent. In contrast, the glossier shine is more likely to reflect light. Remember these things as these is the key to knowing how to blend touch-up paint on walls perfectly.

    Check in with your proprietor to make sure you have the authorization to paint the property if youre renting your house. Your rental agreement may prevent you from customizing the area with your preferred paint shades. While the property owner may make an exception, make sure to get a written document approval to prevent any issues if and when you eventually leave the house. If youre just doing some touch-ups, make sure to know how to match paint color already on wall. The property owner or the landlord may also provide precise paint color matches with paint they already have on hand together with the best paint brush for wall touch-up. So better ask and communicate first.

    House owners have much more freedom.
    Did you know?

    What Color Floor Goes With Blue Walls

    Blue has to be almost everyones favorite color as it oozes a calm and soothing ambiance. When used for the interior walls of a room, this cool-toned color is sure to bring a tranquil vibe to your place. The one downside to painting your interior walls blue is the challenge of pairing this color with the floor.

    Deciding on what color floor goes with blue walls can be tricky, as the wrong color can make your blue walls appear unattractive.

    So whats the best floor color to complement your blue walls? Light or dark hardwood, white tiles, and neutral carpet colors all go with blue walls. But it depends on the shade of blue youve chosen.

    To ensure you correctly pair your blue walls with the floor color, explore our following ideas with images right there:

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    Cut A Paint Chip From Your Wall

    It may sound drastic, but a good way to match paint already on a wall is to cut a small sample from it and take it to a paint specialist or store with a color-matching service. This is the best method for finding a paint match that is as accurate to your current color as possible.

    If all other paint matching methods have failed, use a sharp utility blade to score and remove a small square of painted drywall in a non-conspicuous area. You should try to get a sample that is at least 1in in size for the best results.

    At a paint store, staff will use a spectrophotometer to analyze the chip and match it to their brand’s closest color. They may not be able to match a trademarked color, so if you can use the same brand as the original paint you will get the best match.

    Before patching your wall paint, remember to fill the hole you made in the drywall beforehand. As this method uses a lot of time, precision, and effort, it may be worth considering how much it costs to paint a room to weigh up whether it is worth it.

    How Accurate Is Paint Matching

    How To Match Paint Colors On Wall (Get Sample)

    Paint matching can be fairly accurate if it is done by a professional. Whats crucial also is to match paint of the same brand where possible to maintain the same finish and quality of paint, says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief of Homes & Gardens. This will eliminate some of the variables that can make your efforts less successful.

    But it is important to note that different batches of paint will have slight variations naturally due to variations in pigments and mixing.

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    S For Matching A Paint Color

  • Start by checking the basement or the garage in case the previous homeowners left it behind. If you can locate a can, it should have the color noted on the lid.
  • Try holding paint chips up to the wall to see if you can get a close match, though its unlikely youll be successful with this method. This is a ton of work and requires a back and forth between the paint store and the room being painted.
  • Cut out a small sample of the wall in a low-visibility area, like behind a couch or near an outlet. With drywall, its easy to cut the paper on the face of the drywall and that can be patched later.
  • Take the paint sample to the home center or a paint store. Most locations have a color-matching scanner that can closely reproduce the color of the chip.
  • Patch and then paint over the chunk cut out for the color scanning.
  • Paint the wall or areas requiring touchups as originally planned. The darker the color, the more likely it will be that you will have to paint the whole wall or even the whole room, since dark colors are nearly impossible to match.
  • Once painting is complete, save the can or keep a good record of the paint used to paint the room so you dont have to color match again.
  • Foam Brushes And Rollers

    Go with a foam brush for small patches on smooth walls professionally sprayed or rolled, Wingington says. Use a light touch, and extend past the edges of the patch slightly by repeatedly lifting and dabbing with the end of the brush.

    If your patch job is larger than a nail hole, use a mini roller and dont load it fully. Starting from the center of the patch, roll outward with the least amount of paint possible at the edges.

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    Paint Colour Matching On Walls For Touch Ups

  • Paint Colour Matching On Walls For Touch Ups
  • Sometimes wall paint gets damaged or dinged and then you have to go about repairing them. After you have repaired the actual hole in the wall, you obviously have to repaint the area that was damaged. However, you painted that wall over 10 years ago and you cant quite remember the exact paint colour match for the wall to touch it up. In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area , most of the walls are comprised of drywall and the older homes of plaster. So, there is usually a way to get this paint on the walls matched.

    Nix Color Sensor Mini

    Artistic and mesmerizing, the ombre look is a design trend that keeps ...

    At $100, this color sensor isn’t exactly cheap, but it could make life a lot easier for anyone matching multiple paint colors. The pre-calibrated Nix Color Sensor Mini blocks out ambient light and uses a calibrated light source to read a surface’s color. The sensor then sends that reading to your phone via Bluetooth and the Nix Paints or Nix Digital app, where you can match colors to a dozen different paint brands in the US and Canada.

    The Color Muse color sensor uses a built-in light source to detect color.

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    What To Do If You Cant Find The Perfect Color Match

    If youre struggling to color match paint, there are options that work really well to choose a complementary color for painting your wall.

    Option one involves using a complementary color wheel. A color wheel goes through the entire spectrum and matches up colors with their opposites. This is a fun option for accent walls and adjacent rooms.

    Option two is using a color palette. This option is similar to the color wheel, but youll get a range of colors that mesh well with your color. Instead of having one option, you have 5 to 20. Just search for a color palette generator on the web, and youll see a lot of options you can use.

    Option three involves going neutral with a white or light gray. Although this option doesnt sound fun, using a neutral color in your home can really make other colors pop and stand out. Consider it a less-is-more approach.


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