Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro

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What’s the difference between CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO and EX?

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If you own a permanent Clip Studio Paint PRO/EX license, you can purchase a monthly plan at a special rate. This offer can be used once for each permanent license you own.*The 3 month free period is not available when using the special rate, even if its your first time. *Monthly usage plans can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.9.9 or later.

Current Clip Studio Paint EX permanent license holders

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Current Clip Studio Paint PRO permanent license holders

Clip Studio Paint EX

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License for 4 devices

Monthly: First 6 months

License for 2 devices

Monthly: First 6 months

License for 4 devices

Monthly: First 6 months

Similarities Between Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex2022

Here are some of the similarities between clip studio paint ex vs pro, so that you can know what things are the same in these two.

Single Page Of Illustration

In Clip Studio Paint Pro and ex, both have a feature of Single page illustrations and comics. This helps in creating and customizing the paintings that you have created. Here, you can also change the color of the whether you want to keep it black, white, or colorful. So, this feature is covered in both versions of Clip studio paint.

Numbers Of Materials, Tools, And Brushes

In clip studio paint ex vs pro, there has a number of color materials, options, custom tools, & brushes that can change the look of any painting that you want. So, these features are also almost the same in both versions.

Customize Tools

In both clip studio paint pro vs ex, you can see the wide range of Customizable tools and pens that will give the natural effect of the art. Here, you can easily give the effect of the painting that you want like natural, miniature models, and fiction also.

Vector Layers & Lining

In clip studio paint ex vs pro, there is an advanced feature of vector layers & lines. With this, you can glow the different effects on your art by bold, light lines & layering. Also, you can draw a vector layer to maintain the quality of your lines scaling or transforming.

Thats it, there are some similarities in clip studio paint pro vs ex so that you can get these features in both of them.

Is Csp Ex Worth: Clip Studio Ex Vs Pro

After comparing clip studio paint ex vs pro we found that CSP Ex is worth spending money on. It provides many great features and assets along with very useful tools. Plus it is compatible with both Mac and PC. According to our research, CSP Ex is worth the money.

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Clip Studio Paint Is A Powerful Vector Graphic Design Program That Has Many Pros

1. it is very user-friendly and easy to learn.

2. Clip Studio Paint has a wide variety of features that allow you to create professional-looking graphics quickly and easily.

3. it is affordable compared to other programs with similar capabilities, making it a good option for budget-minded designers.

4. Clip Studio Paint supports a wide range of file formats, making it compatible with a variety of platforms and devices.

5. its support for Adobe Photoshop features makes it an excellent choice for seasoned graphic designers who want to transition to vector graphics editing.

6. its integration with social media platforms makes it easier than ever for users to share their creations online.

Summary: Who’s The Winner Should I Get A Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex

Clip Studio Paint Pro o EX Versus Photoshop

I think both Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO are worthwhile purchases. Both offer great features that cater to different types of artists. In order to decide which version of Clip Studio Paint to get, it is important to consider what features are most important to you.

If you need advanced features such as comic creation tools, unlimited animation frames, or 3D preview for your book, then the EX version is likely the better choice. However, if you just need basic painting and drawing features, then the PRO version may be all you need!

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try both versions and see which one better suits you. They’ll give you a chance to try the EX exclusive functions from time to time, like they said on this page.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Feature:

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a powerful graphics program that comes with a lot of features. One of the best features is its ability to export graphics as .png files. This makes it perfect for use on websites or in other graphic design projects. Additionally, Clip Studio Paint Pro has a wide range of effects and tools that can be used to create stunning designs. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced designer, Clip Studio Paint Pro has something for you.

-A wide range of vector tools to create stunning artwork

-A powerful brush engine that supports both traditional and non-traditional brushes

-An impressive layer system that makes it easy to organize your artwork into layers and control the opacity, color, transparency, and shape of each one

-The ability to export your artwork in a variety of formats, including image files, PSD files, PDF files, and even video files

-And much more!

What Are The Prices Of Csp Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Price Comparison

You can buy this software at a budget cost. You will get the option to add this software to devices accosting to your needs. CSP provides a monthly plan, annual plan, and one-time purchase option. You will receive a great saving Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code to save extra bucks.

Clip Studio Paint Monthly Plan Prices


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Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex: Scope

Clip Studio Paint Ex is great for professional comic creators. It is used for creating amazing comics as well as for animations. Even if you are a beginner, you can use it to create artworks that can help you rise in the field of animation and cartoon creation.

It offers multi-page animation creation and gives you the chance to create using unlimited frames for professional animation.

With the help of Clip Studio Paint Pro, you can combine various characters to create an altogether masterpiece. It is used for creating single-page comics and allows up to 24 frames of animation.

Comparison Table Of Krita Vs Clip Studio

Should You Buy Clip Studio Paint Pro or EX? What are the Differences?

We will compare Krita and Clip studio on the basis of system requirement, supported file format, availability, and many more thing we have in this table which are as follows:

Now after going through the good and informative comparison table of this article, I think we should also analyze the differences between Krita and Clip studio so let us move toward it in the next step of our article which is Key differences.

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Let Our Active Community Be An Asset To Your Creativity

New art tutorials are posted every week on our official site and YouTube channel for free. Have fun improving your skills and learning the ins and outs of the app with our friendly community of Clip Studio Paint artists.

Take advantage of the over 120,000 materials uploaded by other community members to the official material store, Clip Studio Assets. Download materials for free from the service and make the most of the community in your art!

The artist’s app for drawing and painting.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Feature:

Clip Studio Paint Ex is a simplified version of Clip Studio Paint Pro that is designed for beginners. It has fewer features and is less powerful, but it is easier to use and provides a good foundation for learning more advanced editing tools. Clip Studio Paint Ex also includes support for importing images from the camera or your computer, as well as creating graphics directly on the canvas.

-You can use Clip Studio Paint to create illustrations, logos, and icons.

-Clip Studio Paint is great for creating photo retouches, including fixing skin tones and removing blemishes.

-Clip Studio Paint also includes powerful tools for drawing and painting in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator style.

-Its easy to share your work with others using the built-in sharing feature.

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Which Version Of Clip Studio Should I Buy

Clip Studio Paint Pro vs Corel Painter Essentials 6: Review &  Full ...

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, youll find Clip Studio Paint as the best software to use for digital drawing and painting. This digital art software offers two versions named Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro. Most of the users always remain confused about which version of Clip Studio Paint should they buy? Well, it actually depends on what type of art you want to create as both these software programs servers different needs. Here we will do a contrast of these programs to know which one is better for you.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex: Tools And Brushes

Clip Studio Paint Ex provides you with a large variety of different shapes, gradients, 3D references as well as custom brushes.

Other tools like special rulers, realistic paint and brushes, numerous skin functions, and many other 3d shapes and features make it an easy and very useful option for artists.

There are multiple brush options too, that help creates various shapes and sizes. Moreover, it provides its users with manatees, g-pen brushes, etc. so that they can create manga.

Using the amazing variety of tools, objects, and templates, that are provided to you by Clip Studio Paint Pro. You can create animations with a realistic feel in them.

It also offers many kinds of tools, shapes, brushes, text tools, etc. To make creating an amazing piece easier for the user. At a low cost, you can get all the basic vector tools and brush tools. To create professional art and paintings and drawings.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex:

When you compare Clip Studio EX vs PRO then you will find that both are the ideal software to use.

Which Is Better Clip Studio Paint EX Vs PRO?

If you are a beginner then Clip Studio Paint PRO is an excellent choice for you because the features of the EX version are not very easy to understand.

If you are an experienced guy and used multiple painting software then EX is a fantastic choice for you. So, I think now you can decide the right one for you between the mentioned software.

Other Related Comparison

FAQs Related To Clip Studio PRO Vs EX

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What Are The Similarities Of Clip Studio Paint Ex & Pro

In both software, you will find few similarities. Before using this software lets meet with the similarities of Pro and Ex.

  • Page Illustration and Comics- The creator can create comics and illustrations with both softwares. You have impressive color options black, white or multi-color. This function is available in both CSP Pro & Ex.
  • Vector Layers- Create fine lines, dotted shapes, and other layers. It maintains the quality of lines after scaling and transformation.
  • Customizable Tools- In this you will get a bunch of natural and easy to customizable brushes and pens. In both, you will find the equivalent features.
  • Number of Features- Multiple tools, color palette, brushes, and pens. In both, you will find similar features.

Clip Studio Paint Cool Features

How to make Screentones in Clip Studio Paint (CSP Pro and EX)

Clip Studio Paint comes with some cool features that make it stand out from other software packages. Here are some of them:

  • Perspective rulers to make your illustrations look realistic
  • 3D models that you can pose and customize to create perfect figures with perfect anatomy and posture
  • An AI coloring mode that will colour an illustration for you in a few brushstrokes
  • A smart fill bucket tool that will close the gaps in your lineart automatically
  • A smart verctor pen tool that looks like a natural pencil

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Packed Full Of Special Comic And Webtoon Features

Create expressive speech bubbles, panel frames, focus, and effect lines for manga in an instant with Clip Studio Paint. Materials and 3D tools make drawing backgrounds a piece of cake! Keep tabs on your webtoons composition as you draw with the built-in webtoon canvases and smartphone preview features. Whats more, Clip Studio Paint EX even handles multi-page comic and manga projects, so you can add, re-order, and convert pages to spreads as you please.

When Is Clip Studio Paint On Sale

Clip Studio Paint goes on sale a few times per year, and the sale usually lasts one week. That’s the ideal time to buy Clip Studio Paint at a significantly discounted price.

We will notify you when Clip Studio Paint goes on sale.

When the button below goes ACTIVE, it will mean that Clip Studio Paint is on sale that week.

The sale will be on for one week, and we don’t know when it will be on sale again.

Now you can get Clip Studio Paint at a discount up to -40% off its official price, clicking the button below.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex: Similarity


Single Page illustration And Comics- With single-page illustrations and comic features, you can customize your comic color whether you want to keep it black and white or color. CSP pro and CSP Ex both have this feature. Here, Both Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Paint Pro work the same.

Vector Layers You can draw on a vector layer to maintain the quality of your lines after scaling or transforming. Both Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Paint Pro will give you the equivalent feature.

Customize ToolsClip studio paint provides you natural and customizable pen and brush tools so that you can customize every drawing tool for your different drawings. Both CSP Pro and CSP Ex have this feature.

Number Of Materials Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex both provide you the same number of materials such as tools, color palette, etc. Over, here you will get the same advantage with Clip studio paint and clip studio paint pro.

So What’s The Main Difference Between Pro And Ex

Clip Studio Paint Ex + Intuos Tablett Bundle

As you may see, the PRO is ideal for single-page comics and illustrations since it doesn’t have a feature for multipage projects. It is more affordable than the EX version, and it also comes with fewer features.

The EX version is designed to work with manga, comics, illustrations, and animation. It has more features than the Pro version, and it is also a bit more expensive. It even has a teamwork functionality, which I think will be better for comic or manga artists who work with a team. You can create a 3D book preview of your project before printing it too! Oh! EX has many fancy functions.

In EX, you can create an animation with unlimited frames, unlike in PRO, where you can create only 24 frames.

Here are the interesting functions in EX to help you with your Webtoon, Manga, and comic drawing

In general, if you have a plan to draw manga, comics, or Webtoon, you may want to start creating your own comic series or animation. Clip Studio Paint EX is the better option for you. The EX version is ideal for those who have wide usage from drawing artwork, drawing comics, or making animation.

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Make Videos With Our Suite Of Pro Animation Tools

If youre new to animation, why not start by adding some movement to your doodles and drawings? Place your illustrations in on the timeline in your desired order and then play them at the frame rate you choose to add eye-catching movement to your pieces. Then, add sound, play around with the camera work, and before you know it youll be making fully fledged animations all in Clip Studio Paint!


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