Car Touch Up Spray Paint

Is Car Paint Oil Based Or Latex

How to use Spray Cans to touch up car paint scratches like a pro!

Car paint is typically oil-based, but there are latex options available. Latex paint is typically not as durable as oil-based paint, so it is not as popular for use on cars.

Whats better, oil-based paint or latex paint? When compared to latex paint, oil-based paint emits a stronger odor. If you have asthma or breathing problems, oil-based paint is most likely not the best option for you. Latex has a lower odor but a faster drying time, so it is more expensive. Oil is more durable than water. It is much thicker and self leveling than other types of insulation, making it an excellent choice for homes with high exposure zones. Because of its composition, a piece of latex can yellowing or cracking.

In order for oil paint to adhere to the surface, it must be applied with a primer. When it comes to painting, oil paint is traditionally used for people who have been doing so for a long time. Although latex paint is preferred by both professionals and amateurs alike, it is a more suitable medium for amateur painters. If youd like to learn more about the professional paint services offered by Spray Tex Painting, please contact them.

How Your Touch Up Paint Spray Can Is Made

PaintScratch Has Over 20 Years Experience In The Industry!

Your touch up paint spray can kit is custom made and compatible with Lincoln’s industry standard specifications. Paint is professionally mixed to color match the original factory OEM color and compatible to Lincoln’s color code.

This Spray Can Kit can cover larger areas that are too big for the Pen or Bottle Kits. You can cover up to six square feet and achieve a smooth, professional finish – even on the biggest paint problems.

How To Choose Your Color & Find Your Color Code

  • Step 1. Find your Vehicle Tag that lists various information including your vehicle’s paint color code.
  • Step 2. Paint codes can typically contain numbers and letters. Please view the example tag below for your model. If you can’t find the tag please call your local dealer and they may be able to help you find your tag.
  • Step 3: Once you find the paint color code on your vehicle, check to make sure it matches the color code for this kit. If not, select the kit with the matching color code.
  • Step 4: Order your custom PaintScratch touch up paint kit.

Remember, PaintScratch custom makes this touch up paint spray can so it’s compatible with Lincoln’s industry standard specifications. Paint is professionally mixed to color match the original factory OEM color and compatible with Lincoln’s color code.

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Best Automotive Paint Touch

If youre faced with a paint repair job that needs more substantial fixes than a paint pen can provide, but isnt quite big enough for an aerosol spray kit, then opt for the Color N Drive touch-up paint kit. Color N Drive has a special paint formula that includes ecological solvents, color pigments, and hardeners to help protect the repair and make it last.

The Plus kit comes with OEM color-matched paint which can be tailored to the color code of a particular vehicle, a German patented cleaning solution to wipe away any excess paint, a carnauba-based wax, and paste. There are also five small paint brushes that allow users to apply just the right amount of paint.

This product works pretty well, wrote one happy buyer. I have many scratches on my vehicle due to my younger kids learning to ride their bikes in the last few years. Dealership paint jobs to fix them all would cost a fortune. So I decided to give this a try and was pretty impressed.


Size: Paint: 100ml Cleaning Solution: 50ml Wax: 25ml Paste: 25ml Brushes: 5

Format: Paint and brush

What Is The Best Oem Paint ExpressPaint Aerosol

Make it easy on yourself and get a guaranteed color match. Go with this company:

Automotive Touchup

The best OEM paint is the one that makes your car or truck look new again. It covers the chips and scratches and it is not noticeable that repair work was done.After evaluating numerous factors, including:

– Guarantee

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Premium Paint Simple Application


Whether you are looking to touch up a rock chip, or re-spray a quarter panel, we can help you get the job done with our custom mixed touch-up and aerosol can paint products. Looking for an exact paint match? Bring in the vehicle and well make sure you get the right color the first time.

For Larger Surface Areas

Finding A Cars Color Code

Getting the best result from a DIY touch-up job will also require finding the perfect matchor a very close matchof the vehicles original color. Although a scratch or a stone chip may stick out on a car like a sore thumb, choosing the wrong color could also look just as unsightly.

To match the original color of the vehicle, first, it is essential to find out the color code of the car. This can actually be located on the vehicle, typically in the glove box or wheel well. It does depend on the car manufacturer, and its best to check on your specific car make and model. Once the correct color code is found, then its simply a case of checking whether the paint color is in stock.

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Where To Buy Oem Touch Up Paint

There are 4 primary places to buy OEM auto touch up paint. Two are private label and two have manufacturing labels.Private Label OEM Auto Paint Providers

Automotive Touchup

Automotive Touchup by Microfinish, LLC, is headquartered in New Orleans. This company is our leading recommended seller of OEM auto touch up paint.Automotive Touchup has more than 100,000 OEM based colors it uses to created hundreds of thousands more custom colors to exact color match vehicle. This is only company we have found that has the capability of match faded car paint. If the area you need re-touched is sun faded then getting the original bright paint color of your vehicle may not do you a lot of good.We have comparison shopped found Automotive Touchup’s pricing to be better than other alternatives.Automotive Touchup has said their paint is OEM certified and they guarantee a color match. The paint is sold under the Automotive Touchup brand label.Here are direct links to specific car brands where you can order the Automotive Touchup paint:

Paint Scratch

How To Locate Your Paint Code

How to touchup your car scratches – Spray Paint

The first step to any paint matching process is to locate the paint code for your vehicle. Almost every vehicle in the U.S. has a paint code printed on a tag stuck to it. Watch this video to help locate the code for your vehicle. As always, feel free to contact us if you are having trouble.

Questions About Repairing Your Vehicle? Contact Us Using the Form Below.

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The Aerosol Applicator Kits

Touch Up Everything Kit

This kit has everything you need to give your car a polished finish. It has the Colorcoat, Clearcoat, and Primer that will allow you to paint. The Platinum Kit comes with our wax and grease remover wipe, tack cloth, polishing compound, sandpaper pack . Those who purchase this kit will also receive Free TUDCare, our replacement warranty.

Everyday Touch Up Kit

The Preferred Kit is good if your paint is down to the bare substrate . With this kit, you will receive paint, Primer, Clearcoat, and the wax and grease removing wipe. You will need primer if the scratch is deep.

Lite Touch Up Kit

The Essential Kit gives you just that: the essentials. In this kit, you will receive the Colorcoat and the Clearcoat. This is best used if your scratch is very light and you don’t need Primer.

Optional: If Needed Apply Primer On Chipped Area

In most cases, applying a primer is not needed. But if the chip is very deep, go ahead and apply primer. Apply the primer ONLY if the chip reaches metal new paint does not adhere to metal so the primer will ensure your touch-up paint sticks. Squeeze a small amount of the primer onto the area. Using a small, fine-tip brush, gently cover the metal area with a thin coat. Then, wait for the primer to dry. It is important to only put the primer onto the chipped area, as it could potentially damage the finish of the car in the surrounding area. If the primer does get on the surrounding area, wipe it off immediately.

As an alternative to the primer, rust arrester also works for this step. If you opt to use both a rust arrestor and primer, make sure to use the rust arrestor BEFORE the primer.

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Types Of Automotive Touch

Aerosol Paint

One of the most common formulations out there, aerosol paints are easy to use but offer messy application results than other varieties. If you choose to use an aerosol, keep in mind that the spraying distance mattersthe further away you hold the can, the more dispersed the color will be. Overall, these work pretty well, but other applicators are more user-friendly.

Touch-Up Pens

The most common type of automotive touch-up paint out there, touch-up pens often come standard with a new vehicle purchase. Most car manufacturers also make them in the exact colors of their vehicles, giving you a perfect match fairly easily. The downside here is that they work best for really small chips or scratchesanything too deep wont be filled by the rather thin formulation.

Paint Brush Touch-Up Kits

A couple of different varieties of the paint brush automotive paint exist on the market. Some have a finer, felt-like tip, while others mimic a brush with fibers. Both can work well, depending on the overall quality of the product. Just keep in mind that these tend to apply thickly, which can make matching the rest of your paintwork a little difficult.

The Different Types Of Automotive Paint

Auto touch up spray paint 400ml can

Lacquer is the most commonly used type of automotive paint, which is made of resin and a hardener. Lacquer paint is one of the most durable types of paint and is ideal for exterior painting. It is a type of paint that consists of a resin and a hardener that is resin- and hardener-based. Lacquer is a more expensive type of paint than enamel and is best used on interior walls. The most recent type of automotive paint is urea, which is made up of a resin and a hardener. Because of its durability and hard qualities, urea is the best paint for high-traffic areas.

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Learn How To Successfully Touch Up Scratched Car Paint With These Videos

In the following videos, PaintScratch founder Collin Harris demonstrates how to get the best results using touch up paint on your car. For additional touch up paint guidance, .

How to Use a Spray Can Like a Pro

Collin shows how to touch up a large area of unpainted surface and paint scratches with a spray can on his ranch truck.

How to Use a Touch Up Paint Pen

Collin shows how to use a touch up paint pen to repair a scratch on his truck.

How to Touch Up a Rusty Spot with a Bottle Kit

47-year mechanic and YouTube superstar Scotty Kilmer entertainingly demonstrates how to touch up a rusty spot on a truck!

Preparing Your Car For Touch Up Paint

Collin demonstrates how to prepare the surface for paint scratch repair. Start by cleaning off the area, then use a wax and grease remover.

How to Use Wax and Grease Remover

How to remove wax and grease from your cars paint before applying touch up paint.

How to Use a Clearcoat Pen

After using touch up paint to repair your scratched car paint, use clearcoat. Clearcoat seals the touch up paint, protecting the auto paint and making it look great!

We hope you found these videos helpful! Please let us know if you would like us to add additional how-to videos by contacting us.

Best Automotive Touch Up Paint

Automotive touch up paint is a paint used to cover up scratches or other imperfections on a vehicle. It is available in a variety of colors to match the color of your vehicle. Automotive touch up paint is easy to apply and dries quickly.

By making the process of covering scratches and other minor damage as simple as possible, you will be able to remove them as easily as possible. The Mopar Touch-Up Paint Pen, in addition to providing a quick and easy solution for scratches, chips, and other minor damage, is an all-purpose device. This website offers a wide range of color options for vehicles manufactured by different manufacturers and models, including Jeep hard tops and auto equipment. With Rust-Oleum Automotive Scratch Repair Marker, you can repair paint damage as soon as possible. The TouchUpDirect Exact Match Touch Up Paint Essential Kit includes two methods of applying the paint. In the kit, you will receive 0.5 ounces of paint in the color of your choice, plus two application heads. A Duplicolor Perfect Match Touch-Up Scratch-Seal Pen is designed to go even further.

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Best Automotive Spray Paintdupli

Dupli-Color is a well-established brand that has been providing automotive touch-up paint solutions for many years. The Dupli-Color Perfect Match aerosol spray is just one of its many great products. This acrylic lacquer aerosol paint is quick drying and easy to use and doesnt require any lacquer thinner. Available in many colors, it has been specially designed to achieve a perfectly-matched color to the factory paint job of the car.

The 360-degree nozzle and wide spray pattern enable users to achieve a smooth even coat. Its perfect for bigger touch-up jobs, color-matching vehicle accessories, and motorcycle paint repair projects. The paint should be used after applying any filler to scratches, and then should be topped off with a clear coat for additional protection.

The paint dried within seconds and I was amazed, wrote one happy reviewer. The bumper looked like new with no evidence of scratches. I came back the next day and buffed the area lightly with a smooth rag. It looks great. I keep going out occasionally to stare at it.


The Best Automotive Touch

How to Use an Aerosol Spray Can to Touch Up Your Car Paint! | TouchUpDirect

Touch-up kits to scratch fix any light marks and even deep scratches in a vehicles paint come in several styles. In addition to being available in many paint colors to get your perfect match , these can come in paint pens, paint bottles with a separate brush attachment, or spray cans that can prove less messy than when working with spray guns.

In relation to finding the best automotive touch-up paint for your needs, our list features some of the best available. To summarize, the TouchUpDirect aerosol kit has all of the necessary equipment to tackle deeper scratches and bigger touch-up jobs. For a perfect match, you can expect a professional result with this product thanks to its exact color matching.

For smaller jobs, such as fixing minor marks and scratches, the Dupli-Color scratch fix touch-up pen is a great product and has many color options available to allow you to find the best color match.

We hope our review of the best car touch-up paint has been helpful and you found the best productswhether paint pens for touching up your car paint or versions with built-in brusheswith the perfect match for your needs. For more suppliers of car paint and other automotive-related products, including tack cloths, car wax, primer, car buffers, and automotive tape, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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Aerosol Applicator Features And Benefits

  • Our Aerosols are designed to re-spray entire areas.

  • The Aerosol Spray features a rotatable nozzle that creates a smooth fan pattern good for bumper repairs, mirrors, and other large panels.

  • Larger panels like hoods, mirrors, or trunks lids.

  • Each applicator is filled with our low-VOC environmentally friendly touch-up paint.

What Kind Of Paint Is Automotive Touch

Most automotive touch-up paints are lacquer-based. This means that they are thinner and dry faster than other types of paint. They are also more susceptible to damage from weather and UV rays.

A Preferred Package from TouchUpDirect is one of the best-selling kits for touching up your cars paint. Each kit comes with built-in brushes, making it simple to apply the product to the jars. For the sake of your car, you can use the formulation on a regular basis because it is safe, waterborne, and environmentally friendly. Because acrylic lacquer is an ideal medium for this easy paint, it dries quickly. The formulation is unique because it blends so well with the existing color that it almost looks like it is. With an EZ Touch nozzle, you can work in a wide pattern of spray that gives you a smooth, even coat of spray. Minor scratches, dings, and rock chips can all be hidden with this touch-up kit.

A variety of affordable universal products are available for less than $15 each. There is a wide variety of kits, aerosols, and pens available for $15 to $30. There will be more seamless results than a single-step paint pen can produce. When purchasing touch-up paint for your vehicle, you should look up the color code of the car you want to paint. In any case, you can find out what the shade of your car is by simply looking up the color code. Spray paint can sometimes be used as a touch-up product for cars.

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