Car Touch Up Paint Pen

Get The Paint Started On A Separate Surface

Touch-up Paint Pen Toyota

The pen works by depressing the tip, which allows the paint to flow out, but dont try to just push the pen into the scratch. This will lead to a messy application. Instead, lightly tap the pen on a separate surface to get the paint moving, then use the tip of the pen like a brush.

It might be tempting to skip this step, but you might end up overflowing the paint and causing a bit of a mess.

Best Car Paint For Bmwsbmw Alpine White Touch

BMW has its own branded touch-up paint readily available on the market. This particular color code is Alpine Whitea popular car shade for many BMW drivers. The product comes with a color-matched paint and a clear coat, ideal for touching up minor paintwork damage.

The brushes are quite thick, so it is important to try and apply several thin layers to avoid an uneven finish and then top it off with a clear coat. For a more precise application, its worth purchasing finer brushes to use with the product.

The paint can adhere to both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. A high-quality, hard lacquer that dries quickly, wrote one reviewer. The color is a good match to the original, and the resulting touchup is nearly invisible.


Removing Blobs From Touch

Over the years, Ive developed a method for removing blobs left from bad car paint touch-up since I come across it so often. I use the blending solution that comes with each Dr. Colorchip touch-up kit. Put several drops on a folded t-shirt cloth, then add a few drops of acetone. Dont use any other solvents because they WILL damage the clear coat.

Then, gently rub out the paint blobs and frequently wipe off the residue with a microfiber towel as you work. If you dont want to buy a Dr. Colorchip kit, you can just use acetone, but youll need to wipe if off every few seconds and then start again. Acetone will eventually remove the clear coat and paint around the damage if youre not careful. The darker the color of the car, the more likely acetone will damage the finish. Dont leave it there for long. If the acetone dulls the finish, use a soft cloth and rubbing compound to buff the affected area. You shouldnt need to put too much pressure. Wipe off the rubbing compound with a microfiber cloth and your car should shine just as before !

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The Best Automotive Touch

Touch-up kits to scratch fix any light marks and even deep scratches in a vehicles paint come in several styles. In addition to being available in many paint colors to get your perfect match , these can come in paint pens, paint bottles with a separate brush attachment, or spray cans that can prove less messy than when working with spray guns.

In relation to finding the best automotive touch-up paint for your needs, our list features some of the best available. To summarize, the TouchUpDirect aerosol kit has all of the necessary equipment to tackle deeper scratches and bigger touch-up jobs. For a perfect match, you can expect a professional result with this product thanks to its exact color matching.

For smaller jobs, such as fixing minor marks and scratches, the Dupli-Color scratch fix touch-up pen is a great product and has many color options available to allow you to find the best color match.

We hope our review of the best car touch-up paint has been helpful and you found the best productswhether paint pens for touching up your car paint or versions with built-in brusheswith the perfect match for your needs. For more suppliers of car paint and other automotive-related products, including tack cloths, car wax, primer, car buffers, and automotive tape, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

Best Automotive Paint Touch

Multicolor Auto Paint Pen for Car Scratch Repair Remedy Remover Touch ...

If youre faced with a paint repair job that needs more substantial fixes than a paint pen can provide, but isnt quite big enough for an aerosol spray kit, then opt for the Color N Drive touch-up paint kit. Color N Drive has a special paint formula that includes ecological solvents, color pigments, and hardeners to help protect the repair and make it last.

The Plus kit comes with OEM color-matched paint which can be tailored to the color code of a particular vehicle, a German patented cleaning solution to wipe away any excess paint, a carnauba-based wax, and paste. There are also five small paint brushes that allow users to apply just the right amount of paint.

This product works pretty well, wrote one happy buyer. I have many scratches on my vehicle due to my younger kids learning to ride their bikes in the last few years. Dealership paint jobs to fix them all would cost a fortune. So I decided to give this a try and was pretty impressed.


Size: Paint: 100ml Cleaning Solution: 50ml Wax: 25ml Paste: 25ml Brushes: 5

Format: Paint and brush

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Best Car Paint Pens Testing Process

Using the 2018 Ford Fusion, our team tested each car paint pen in this review. As mentioned, the Fusion has a three-stage color finish and white, tri-coat pearl paint. Some paint pens are single-stage formulas, which will never match three-stage paint perfectly. We used each car paint pen according to the directions on the package and applied these pens to the vehicles rear fender, where some of the paint was chipped.

We took notes on both the process and the results, scoring each car paint pen based on its ease of use and how well it matched the surrounding paint job.

After applying the paint pens and letting the affected areas dry, we washed the vehicle several times to see how well the paint stayed in place. We also monitored the area to see that the color held up for over a month.

Dont Assume Too Much From The Pen

While a paint pen is a great way to clear up small scratches on your exterior, they arent a cure-all for any damages your car might have had. If the scratch is too big, the paint pen wont really help you youll have to actually repaint the area.

Only use the paint pen for scratches that are around the width of the pen itself, any bigger, and youll need to consider opting for a more intensive approach. These pens may also get you better results when used in tandem with a Scratch Repair product that only requires application, which can more easily cover the smaller nooks and crannies.

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Car Touch Up Paint: Different Types Of Car Paint Scratches

The problem is that not all car paint scratches are created equally! Literally every scratch, every chip will be unique in character and require a unique approach as to how you go about fixing these unwanted marks on your car.

Most of you will be dealing with scratches that represent what I call more traditional scratches in the form of hairline car paint scratches . These kinds of hairline scratches will not be the moment where you reach for your traditional car touch up paint that typically comes in the form of a brush or pen like applicator.

A car scratch must be wide enough and deep enough to actually “accept” touch-up pint into it, rather than just lying on top of the scratch. Sure this car touch up paint may indeed cover the unwanted scratch, but ti will also extend outside the specific scratch thus creating a different sort of unwanted effect.

Nissan Touch Up Paint Pen

How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen to Repair Car Paint Scratches (New!)

The Nissan Touch Up Paint Pen is a quick and easy solution to fix minor scuffs and scratches. The Nissan Paint Pen is custom matched for the color code of your vehicle by plugging in your VIN above. Keep your vehicle looking brand new with the Nissan Paint Pen. Use clear coat to seal, protect and ensure a factory matched finish.

  • The Nissan Touch Up Paint Pen will work for all Nissan models. Provide your VIN so our team can color match your vehicle!
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 999PP-SD-000-KH3

Please indicate the color needed if vehicle is two toned


Paint color may not match older vehicles perfectly due to fade from outside elements

Can NOT be shipped outside the U.S.

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Paintscratchcom Touch Up Paint Product Pricing

These are just pictures of our products. To order, select your vehicle and find your color.

Tricoat Paints

Product Description
1/2 oz. Tri-Coat Paint Pen 32.49
1 oz. Tri-Coat 34.95
2 oz. Tri-Coat 54.49
12 oz. Tri-Coat 57.99
16 oz. Tri-Coat 194.99
32 oz. Tri-Coat 325.99
128 oz. Tri-Coat 889.99
California residents, please see Prop 65 information here.

Shipping/Handling Charges

Spray cansSpray cans cannot ship by air.International Shipmentsinternational ordersExample One

1- Paint PenBasecoat 16.49

Multiple Color Orders

  • Select the color youwish to order.
  • Use the order form onthe next page to select which products to order.
  • Add these items to your shoppingcart.
  • Continueshopping by selecting the next Yearand Make followed by the Model.
  • Select the next paintcolor and order the products on the order page.
  • Continue ordering asmany colors as you need and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Once you are done,proceed to Checkout. All the orders will be combined.

Shipping MethodNote on our PricingClearcoatPrimerDiscounts

Quantity Ordered

How To Use Touch

The unthinkable has happened. You came back from your parking spot at the grocery store only to find your cherished ride is now sporting a paint scratch. Or maybe a wayward pebble took a piece of paint with it on the highway. Regardless of how the paint scratch happened, fixing it at home has never been easier. Lets take a look at how to use touch-up paint on a car and get your vehicle looking its best again.

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Car Repair Paint Touch Up Paint Pen

  • Easy to Use – This new car scratch remover for vehicle paints is the best choice for car enthusiasts and drivers. It is easy to use. And it will save a lot of money, helping repair many small scratches. And the paint is also waterproof. You can use it in any weather conditions.
  • Produces a Perfect Finish – If your car has minor scratches, swirls, or other marks, you can easily repair it with the waterproof touch up paint pen. It will help you to easily remove and repair the scratches and restore their appearance, making them even newer than the original ones.
  • 6 Colors Available – Our waterproof car touch-up paint pens have 6 colors available. There are matte black, white, yellow, red, brown, silver, and black. There will be one suitable for the color of the paint of your cars.
  • How to Use – Clean the paint scratches before use. Remove wax and rust from scratches. Shake the multi-color paint scratch repair pen about 20-40 times before use. Very easy. And please use it on sunny days to ensure efficacy.
  • Car Refurbishment Kit – This set of waterproof touch up paint pens for cars includes 2 different paint pens. One is the scratch repair and removal pen and the other one is the polishing pen which is used to help to restore the appearance of the car paint. Great for car paint refurbishment.

Determine What Can And Cannot Be Touched Up

X Autohaux Car Auto 12Ml Capacity Touch Up Repairing Paint Pen Pearl ...

After locating your color and purchasing it, either from an online retailer Scratchwizard or your local car dealership, find what spots you will be able to do-it-yourself. Any major dent or dings larger than a nickel usually need professional help. Scratches larger then a pencil eraser will also need more care. Wash your car thoroughly and discover where you need to touch up, a little paint goes a long way, so if you have multiple scratches for longevity of the touch up paint it might be easier to reorder than order more than you need. Test your color on either on a piece of sheet metal or in a inconspicuous spot i.e. under the hood, trunk or in wheel well.

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Get The Exact Paint For Your Car

Dab, don’t “stroke” for blob free repairs.

First is find your color, there is no point in a do-it-yourself job if the end result is going to turn out the wrong color and be more noticeable then what you had before. There are many different names of colors on the market, just because you have a jewel red pearl on your Chevy does not mean that it is the same jewel red pearl on an Audi. This is why it is important to find your proper color code. The main areas to look are driver or passenger door jams, in the glove box, under the hood near the fire wall or in the trunk results may vary by manufacturers.

Top Quality Car Paint And Accessories At Great Prices

Repairing scratches, dings, and chips with touch up paint is an affordable alternative to taking your car to a repair shop. We offer the highest quality touch up paint and accessories so you can get professional looking results. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible while providing excellent car paints and customer service. Please find our exact pricing below:

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Finding A Cars Color Code

Getting the best result from a DIY touch-up job will also require finding the perfect matchor a very close matchof the vehicles original color. Although a scratch or a stone chip may stick out on a car like a sore thumb, choosing the wrong color could also look just as unsightly.

To match the original color of the vehicle, first, it is essential to find out the color code of the car. This can actually be located on the vehicle, typically in the glove box or wheel well. It does depend on the car manufacturer, and its best to check on your specific car make and model. Once the correct color code is found, then its simply a case of checking whether the paint color is in stock.

Learn How To Successfully Touch Up Scratched Car Paint With These Videos

Paint Touchup Pen – Easy Fix for Rock Chips and Door Dings on Your Car

In the following videos, PaintScratch founder Collin Harris demonstrates how to get the best results using touch up paint on your car. For additional touch up paint guidance, .

How to Use a Spray Can Like a Pro

Collin shows how to touch up a large area of unpainted surface and paint scratches with a spray can on his ranch truck.

How to Use a Touch Up Paint Pen

Collin shows how to use a touch up paint pen to repair a scratch on his truck.

How to Touch Up a Rusty Spot with a Bottle Kit

47-year mechanic and YouTube superstar Scotty Kilmer entertainingly demonstrates how to touch up a rusty spot on a truck!

Preparing Your Car For Touch Up Paint

Collin demonstrates how to prepare the surface for paint scratch repair. Start by cleaning off the area, then use a wax and grease remover.

How to Use Wax and Grease Remover

How to remove wax and grease from your cars paint before applying touch up paint.

How to Use a Clearcoat Pen

After using touch up paint to repair your scratched car paint, use clearcoat. Clearcoat seals the touch up paint, protecting the auto paint and making it look great!

We hope you found these videos helpful! Please let us know if you would like us to add additional how-to videos by contacting us.

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Why Should You Use A Touch

There’s an array of touch-up paint pens available in the market, which indicates that people use them widely. Below, we have shed light on some benefits to justify why they are quite sought-after.

  • These paint applicator pens are very simple to use. As a result, you can finish fixing the scratches or spots in a few minutes.
  • The felt tip brush incorporated in the design helps you cover the hard-to-reach spots on the wall or other surfaces.
  • Touch-up paint pens save you a lot of time and money as you don’t have to call a professional for paint restoration work.
  • These pens are budget-friendly, so they wont burn a hole in your pocket when you buy them.

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Faqs About Touch Up Paint Pens

Yes, we can likely match the paint in your home. However, please keep in mind that our version of the color is based on matching an official color sample. The color and sheen of your paint may vary as it is likely that the color has changed over time. MyPerfectColor will be sending a match of the original color which has not been exposed to light, dust, weather, etc… If your exterior or interior paint has aged and you need a touch-up application, we can create a touch-up solution precisely matching the current color of your paint from a sample you send.


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