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Candy Apple Red Mustang Paint Job – It’s painted! – Turbo Cobra

Candy paints offer the richest, deepest automotive colors available due to the superior transparency of the dyes used in true candy paints as opposed to pigments used to color conventional automotive colors. We offer candy in three versions 2K urethane candy color , base-form candy midcoat , and pearlized candy basecoat . In general, the EKU series offers the deepest, richest color, while the EKB series is best suited for graphics and tapeouts, and the KGC series is the easiest to spray and repair. Check out our candy colors below. The colors can be clicked on for pricing and more photos if available. To learn more about candy paints read-on below

Candy Apple Red Aerosol Paint 35oz Can


The Spaz Stix Candy color line up is the real deal. The hard anodized metal colors give your R/C vehicle a bold and realistic look delivering a custom paint job every time. Spaz Stix Candy paint is a translucent color that when applied correctly, will produce eye-popping results. Candy paints spray out very clear, and will require several light coats to achieve best results. The color will build in intensity with each coat, but at this point, the color will be very faint. After achieving an even finish with the Candy paint, you MUST use a backing color to make your paint job pop. We recommend the following backer color combinations:

  • White : Produces the brightest color, but the least amount of depth
  • Silver: Produces a bright, rich color, with some depth
  • Metallic Silver: Produces the same results as silver, but with sparkles. This is our favorite combination!
  • Gold: Produces a darker finished color, with the most depth.
  • Ultimate Mirror Chrome : Produces a unique colored chrome effect.

All Spaz Stix paints are formulated for use on polycarbonate material. Specifically, clear bodies for R/C cars and trucks. Be sure to test compatibility when using on other surfaces. If using for on an external application, apply the backer as a base coat, rather than after the Candy paint. You will also need to apply a quality clear coat to achieve a high lustre.


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Candy apple paint color chart. In addition to varying the base coat color the amount of candy applied. Sem Color Horizons Candy Apple Concentrate 273ml Crop. In the HSL color space 981815 has a hue of 1 degrees 76 saturation and 34 lightness.

In the RGB color model 981815 is comprised of 5961 red 941 green and 824 blue. 169 Best Candy Paint Job Images Candy Paint Car Painting. If you just place your focus on the candy layer alone your options will typically include apple red wine red cobalt and other shades of blue greens purples golds coppers browns oranges teals and pinks.

We are a specialized Motorcycle custom paint shop with over 10000 custom original colors in stock. Penulis Elex 42 Blood Red Candy Apple Car Paint Colors. 66 69 Ford Candy Apple Red Wo Activator Automotive Paint Colors Eastwood Candy Apple Color Chart Custom Candy Colors 500ml Ready For Use Rfu Candy Apple Red Basecoat Bike Car Boat Pre Thinned Candy Apple Red Basecoat Gallon Kit Over Silver Car Vehicle Auto Paint Auto Paint Hq Candy Apple Color Chart Custom Candy Colors.

The amount of candy paint colors that are applied on top of the basecoat also impacts the final color. This color has an approximate wavelength of 61036 nm. Dupli Color Candy Apple Red Spray Paint.

This house of colors candy paint chart may want to be checked if you are interested in repainting your car or other stuff. All Candy paints are made in France by StardustColors. Candy Colorz Dna Custom Paints.

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How Do Candy Automotive Paint Colors Work

The candy layer must be transparent for the system to work. Certain proprietary coloring agents need to be used to ensure the translucence of the finish. One of the most appealing things about candy paint colors is the chance to experiment with various base colors and come up with distinctive new shades. It is important to realize that the base color has great influence on what the final color will be. Depending on the blending methods employed, it can either subtly or dramatically change the final product. The number of coats or layers of paint involved in producing the finish also has a major impact on the final look. Oftentimes, using multiple layers will create a finish that is so deep in tone it almost looks wet. This wet look appeals to many auto enthusiasts even more than the final color itself does.

When candy colors combine with clearcoats and reflective basecoats , they create a rich, impressive sparkle that the average automotive paint simply cannot produce. These mixtures are known as tricoat or three-stage finish systems, and they are made to impress.

Joe Bailon Inventor Of Candy Apple Red And Other Paints Dies Aged 94


Lay down a coat of gold first, then red atop that, then follow that with a clear coat with some red mixed into it and you get deep, delicious glowing paint known the world over as candy apple red. Sounds simple, but it took Joe Bailon the customizer credited with inventing the process, who died this week at the age of 94 10 years to perfect.

Bailons eye for color and shape well predates candy apple red, of course. He applied scallops to the first car he had a hand in customizing, a 1929 Ford Model A, in 1937, and he experimented with adding silver and metalflake to paint at his first job as a car painter. Nor did the Bay Area sunsets or the orchards across from his childhood home play no small part in influencing his palette, but the inspiration for the technique came shortly after he returned from a stint in the Army during World War II.

According to an American Hot Rod Foundation he grew entranced at the color of taillamps at night reflected in the rain-soaked streets. It was so pretty, he said. I thought, wouldnt it be nice to see the whole car the color of that taillight?

Bailon closed his Hollywood shop in 1984 to return to his roots. Rather than work on high-profile commissions for celebrities and studios, he returned to the radical customs of his youth. He also began a long-term re-creation of Miss Elegance, which he sold in the early Fifties .

According to Kustomrama, Bailon suffered a stroke on Saturday, leading to his death on Monday.

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Types Of Candy Paint Colors

There are several different kinds of candy paint colors, and each has its own optimal use. The four main types that are currently available on the market include:

  • catalyzed urethane candy
  • pearl modified candy base coat
  • candy concentrates
  • Catalyzed urethane candy has been a staple for decades and constitutes the largest group of candy paint colors. This type of finish needs an activator and contains highly durable urethane resins. Although it looks glossy when it is applied, it still requires a clearcoat to increase its longevity. As its name implies, candy base coat is the authentic base coat form of candy paint colors. It is an excellent choice for graphics because it dries more quickly than catalyzed urethane candy. It is also easier to tape.

    Pearl modified candy base coat has a special element added to the color. This makes any automobile sparkle, and it decreases transparency to a certain extent. This candy paint color is easier to spray on uniformly than urethane candy is. It also makes base color less influential in determining the final color. Pearl modified candy bases are popular among air brush artists and custom painters. Our line of pearl modified candy basecoats, Kandy Graphic Colors , is displayed above.

    UreChem is currently the only store that offers all four of these types of candy paint colors from the factory. We make them available at an unbeatable price.


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