Can You Return Paint To Lowes

What Should I Do To Return The Paint To Lowes

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You can return the paint to Lowes in two ways. Both the ways are pretty simple. The first one is visiting the in-store personally and returning the paint. The second option is for people who bought the paint online. Be it whatever option you choose, you will require the original payment method , receipt of purchase, and your Photo ID. After verification of all the aforementioned documents, you will either get a refund or an option to exchange your paint with another paint of comparable color.

How Do I Get Paint Returned To Lowes

Paint can be returned to Lowes by two easy methods. You can either return the paint in-store, or you may mail it back if you purchased online.

With that, you will need the original payment method , a photographic ID, and the receipt to return the paint to Lowes.

  • Lowes Store Paint Returned
  • You can return your paint to Lowes by simply taking your original paint container with you to the store.

    Lowes representatives at customer service will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns.

    Lowes will exchange paint or offer a full refund if you provide proof of purchase.

  • Via Mail, Lowes Paint Returns
  • You have two choices if the paint was ordered from Lowes website.

    Paint can, for example, be taken back to Lowes stores to exchange it or to get a refund.

    Register to Lowes account and start a return by clicking the online link.

    Prepare the paint before shipping.

    Finally, you will need to print two labels: one for each side of the package, and another for each end.

    Finally, your Lowes parcel can be delivered to a carrier.

    Can You Return Mixed Paint To The Home Depot

    The Home Depot offers a 30-day Paint Satisfaction Guarantee. If you purchase mixed paint from The Home Depot and it wasnt mixed properly or the paint has other quality issues, you can bring it back to the store within 30 days, along with your receipt. Then, The Home Depots paint specialists can either try to correct the paint you currently have or mix you a new, comparable can of paint. However, note that if the paint you purchased was the correct shade but youve simply changed your mind about the color, the store will not likely accept the return

    Additionally, The Home Depot will not refund your money regardless of the reason youre returning the paint.

    If you purchased oops paint paint that someone else returned and exchanged for a different color the Paint Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply. These sales are final.

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    Does Home Depot Have A Color Match Guarantee

    Yes, Home Depot color match guarantee on paint from materials such as paint cans, drywall, chips of paint, fabric, metal, plastic, etc.

    They have several ways to make matches for you, depending on what you want. In addition, you can bring back the original paint container if you dont love the color and its within 30 days.

    Sending Paint Back To Lowes Via Mail

    Can You Return Paint To Lowes

    When ordering paint from Lowes website, however, you have two choices for returning the product you received.

    With Lowes paint, for example, you may either return it to your local store or ship it back to Lowes.

    The first step is to enter into your Lowes account or start a return using the companys online returns page.

    After that, make sure your paint is in its original container and has all of the essential components before delivering it to your destination. Print the two return labels, one for the packages inside and one for its outside.

    Finally, you may drop off your Lowes return package at a carrier or carrier facility, and Lowes return website can direct you to nearby carriers.

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    What Is Lowe’s Refund And Return Policy For Custom Products

    No returns. Any product that has been cut or mixed cannot be returned. Any custom SOS products like doors, windows, window treatments cannot be returned.

    Excludes merchandise in Installation Services programmes see contract for details. No returns for purchases made with cheques will be made if you have outstanding cheques with Lowe’s. Lowe’s may require valid picture ID for any return. Lowe’s stores use refund and cheque verification systems. All returns are subject to system approvals. Valid picture ID information or phone number may be entered into these systems where authorized by law.

    These remedies are your exclusive remedies. All other remedies are hereby excluded. All warranties and conditions, express or implied, including the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. The exclusions herein are subject to and may be limited by applicable law and you may have additional rights which vary from province to province.

    What Is The Standard Lowe’s Return Policy

    Lowe’s general return procedureswhich apply to plants other than trees, shrubbery, and perennialsdictate the following requirements:

    • Customers unsatisfied with any product may return it within 90-days of the date of purchase
    • Customers must present a receipt to process the return

    You may qualify for a 365-day return window if you used one of the following methods of payment for the purchase:

    • Lowes Commercial Account
    • Lowes Business Advantage
    • Lowes Advantage Card
    • Lowes Business Rewards

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    Can Opened Paint Be Returned

    When a paint can is returned and its color cannot be satisfied if the package was opened during the 30-day warranty period, you cannot return it to Home Depot. Further, if the paint is not the right shade, Home Depot will attempt to correct it, and it will be replaced as an even shade, if it is not correct.

    Can You Return Unopened Paint To Lowes

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    Yes, you can return unopened paint to Lowes without much issue as long as youre within 30 days of the date of purchase and bring a receipt. Both paper and e-receipts are allowed, giving you some flexibility if you originally made the purchase online.

    It is important to note that the product needs to be in like-new condition. If the product is damaged in any way, even if it is technically unopened, it may not be eligible for a return.

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    Lowes Return Policy Gives 90 Days To Return Craftsman And Black & Decker Outdoor Power Tools

    Most outdoor power equipment like mowers, chainsaws, generators, blowers, and pressure washers must be returned within 30 days of your purchase date in order to get a refund. But if you buy Craftsman or Black & Decker outdoor power tools, then that window jumps up to 90 days.

    But even if you make it within the larger return window given to Craftsman and Black & Decker equipment, the products still need to look unused. Youll have the best chance of getting a refund if you return the equipment in its original packaging.

    Paint On Which Lowes Guarantee Applies

    Lowes return policy is applicable for interior and exterior liquid paint. The stain and resurfacing paint also occur in this category. For returning and refunding, bring the mixed paint product in its original new Unused container with a receipt of foothold. The process must have opted before the completion 30 days from the date of purchase.

    Once you return the paint, follow the policy.

    Either you can apply for a refund or return the old damaged product.

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    Can You Return Items Containing Hazardous Materials To Home Depot

    You can return items containing hazardous materials to the local Home Depot store. However, you cannot return items such as lawn leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and other items that use flammable liquids or gases through the mail.

    It doesnt matter if youve drained hazardous materials from the items. When returning items containing hazardous materials, you must be certain not to return them through the mail due to safety hazards.

    The return needs to be processed so that you dont cause more damage. Also, know that there are no guarantees when returning such items.

    Can You Return Unused Paint

    Can I Return Paint Samples To Lowes  View Painting

    It is impossible to return the unused paint to the lowes. Because they consider it is hazardous the paint contain ingredients mixed up well after they brought to the home and they are not eligible to return. Some paints cannot be resold and return back to the lowes and the home depot. Even you can returned before within in the span of 30 days.

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    What About Defects That Happen After 90 Days

    You just might be eligible for some relief if your product/appliance has a manufacturer defect after your 90 day return window expires.

    Just call Lowes at 1-888-77-LOWES to schedule a factory-certified service appointment.

    If the repair is covered by the manufacturers warranty you wont be charged a cent.

    What Is Lowe’s Refund And Return Policy For In

    Customer satisfaction is our goal, but if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return the merchandise to any Lowe’s store in Canada within 90 days.* We, in our discretion, will repair it, replace it, or, based on your method of payment, refund your money.

    Lowe’s may require valid picture ID for any return. Lowe’s stores use refund and cheque verification systems. All returns are subject to system approvals. Valid picture ID information or phone number may be entered into these systems where authorized by law.

    Products must be unused in order to receive a refund. Items still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be repaired at no cost to the customer. Repairs not covered under warranty are the responsibility of the customer.

    For returns with valid receipts, we will refund:

    • Cash if your purchase was made with cash.
    • A credit to your debit card if your purchase was made with a debit card.
    • In-store credit if your purchase was made with a cheque less than eight days ago.
    • Cash or in-store credit, depending on cheque system approval, if your purchase was made with a cheque eight to 15 days ago.
    • Cash if your purchase was made with a cheque more than 15 days ago.
    • A credit to your credit card if your purchase was made with a credit card.
    • In-store credit if your purchase was made with an in-store credit or gift card.
    • A credit to your Lowe’s Account Receivable if your purchase was charged to your LAR.

    For returns without valid receipts:

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    Does Lowes Take Paint Returns

    Yes, Lowes does take paint returns. Dorothy restrictions that the company places on paint returns, but if you meet all of these requirements, you can happily return as many cans of paint as you need.

    The first restriction is that the can of paint must be returned within 30 days.

    The Generals return policy allows customers to find somewhere in their busy schedule to return the paint that they picked out and select a new color.

    Do not mix up the 30-day return policy with the 90-day return policy on other items.

    The paint department will only accept, return, or credit paint that has been purchased in the last 30 days

    The second restriction is that the customer needs to have a receipt showing proof of purchase date when they return the paint.

    What types of paint can you return to Lowes?

    Lowes allows the paint department to return or exchange most types of paint.

    The paints that qualify for return or store credit are:

    • Interior paint

    Which types of paints do not qualify for Lowes generous paint return policy?

    • Spray paint
    • paint products that are no longer sold in the store
    • tinting sprays and paints
    • Paints that are sold during certain sales and deals

    If youre not sure which paint youre buying and if it qualifies for the paint return policy, ask the paint department.

    They are knowledgeable and will know which paint products can be returned and which cannot.

    Are Opened Paintings Acceptable For Return To Lowes

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    Lowes paint warranty allows you to return any opened paint within thirty days after purchase, provided that the receipt is valid.

    If you have purchased defective paint, the wrong paint color, or the wrong type of paint, Lowes allows you to refund or exchange the paint.

    Lowes will accept any paint that has been opened and returned in the original packaging to make it eligible for replacement or return.

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    How Will I Be Refunded After Returning The Paint

    It depends on the type of payment you used while checking out. For example, if you used cash while purchasing the paint, the refund will be in the form of cash. Most probably, it will be handed over to you personally. In case, you used your credit card, the amount will be refunded to your credit card.

    What Can You Do If Lowes Doesnt Honor A Paint Warranty

    This may be the question you want to ask after Lowes refused to honor a warranty that came with the product, as many people in online forums have voiced.

    But thats the wrong question.

    The real question is, who is responsible for the warranty coverage?

    And the answer is Not Lowes, but the manufacturer of your paint.

    Lowes is only the retailer for their product and is not responsible for the products defects.

    Therefore, even though Lowes may have to recall the paints from the same brand you purchased, they cannot do anything with the defective product or fix the problem for the manufacturer.

    So, theyre not the ones responsible for honoring that warranty.

    Instead, when youve received a defective paint but only found out after the return window specified by Lowes, dont call them for the problem, call the manufacturer directly, and the customer service there will surely be able to help you out.

    So, there you go. These are about the common return scenarios you could encounter when purchasing paint from Lowes and how to deal with them.

    The Conclusion

    Now lets go back to the question in the title of this article: Can you return unopened, unused, or even mixed paint to Lowes without a receipt?

    Yes, you definitely can.

    In fact, many other home improvement stores like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, etc. have a similar policy that is designed for the well-being of the users.

    So, thats it on returning paint at Lowes. Good luck with your paint jobs.

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    Can I Bring Tinted Paint Back To Lowes

    According to its paint color guarantee, Lowes cannot accept returns on tinted paint, no matter how light or dark the shade is set to be initially.

    The managers discretion may allow some Lowes locations to accept a refund for colored paint, according to some online customers. Lets say youre trying to get a refund for colored Lowes paint.

    Otherwise, youll need the original container, payment method, and government-issued photo ID in addition to the receipt .

    Can You Return Paint Samples To Home Depot

    Can I Return Paint Samples To Lowes  View Painting

    Paint samples are among the non-returnable and non-refundable merchandise at Home Depot. You cant possibly return a paint sample since the Home Depot return policy does not apply to it. But you can replace incorrect paint samples with the assistance of the Pro customer support team. Major appliances are also parts of the non-returnable items at Home Depot.

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    Lowes Return Policy After 90 Days: Need A Receipt

    Can you return home appliances, electronics, outdoor machines, tools, or other home improvement essentials to Lowes after 90 days? Well, understanding the Lowes return policy will help you know whether you can or cant return items for a refund, exchange, or store credit. It can save you a lot of stress down the line.

    Lowes is the second-largest home improvement store in the US after The Home Depot. The hardware chain has over 2,000 home improvement and hardware stores throughout the US that carry building supplies, electronics, lighting and bathroom products, faucet water filters, tools, hay bales, outdoor equipment, gardening essentials, and more.

    As such, DIYers, building and construction workers, excavating contractors, and many individual customers flock to Lowes stores every day to purchase home improvement products. But what happens when you purchase an item at Lowes and find it defective or change your mind a few days later? Can you return it to Lowes?

    Of course, Lowes anticipates that not every purchase will go well with customers and has a standard return policy about how returns are handled.

    Lowes General Store Return Policy

    You can make returns in person at a Lowes location nearby. For example, if you purchased the items online at, itd come with a free return shipping label to mail it back.

    Can I Return Lowes Paint If Its Used

    Lowes accepts returns of liquid paint containers that are unsealed, as long as you used only a portion of the paint before returning the product. If that portion matches a small test amount of paint, your return request is likely to be accepted.

    Lowes reserves the right to exchange the paint for a matching product or issue in-store credit instead of monetary compensation if it determines you used a large portion of the paint.

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    How To Return You Lowes Product

    You will find a prepaid merchandise return slip with most of the items purchased on You need to refer this slip to initiate the return process explained below.

    Step 1: Pack the item you want to return in a sturdy shipping package.

    Step 2: Include items having a prepaid return slip.

    Step 3: Include all manufacturers original packing materials, manuals and accessories.

    Step 4: Complete and include your prepaid return slip.

    Step 5: Place the enclosed shipping label on your shipment.

    Step 6: Mail the shipment through your local parcel carrier or drop it off at your nearby Lowes store.

    NOTE: Shipping charges are to be borne by the customer i.e. they are not refundable.

    NOTE: Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office ship-to addresses are not eligible for no-charge pickup.

    If bought at the local Lowes store

    Mode of payment Required at the time of return
    MyLowes card/credit card
    Not required Your phone number

    For all other returns, you would need to present a receipt or invoice. Find Lowes store here or you can call them at 1-800-445-6937.

    Note: While returning the item, do not forget to include manuals and accessories with it.

    If bought online and delivered via mail

    You can also get a full refund or exchange on prepaid parcel-shipped merchandise purchased from or

    Follow our step-by-step guide on how to return to initiate the process of return/exchange.


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