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How Do I Make My Floor Look Like Marble

How to: Epoxy over outdated granite countertops – detailed process

Choose the color and apply a primer base coat to the lor and paint the floor with a primer base coat. Making things easy, spray paint an effect based on marble. Apply a top coat of varnish or epoxy varnish to coat the veins on the floor. It is very simple to use the faux painting technique using this step-by-step method.

What About Safety Precautions

If you decide to use a palm sander to zip through the initial part of the project, make sure to wear safety glasses and keep your hair out of the way. And dont forget to wear a dust mask.

Youll need to give the dust a few hours to settle after youre done sanding. And unless you have power-vac sander attachments, youre going to have a large mess to clean up..

Fumes from the paint, resins, and sealants can be toxic if inhaled. Open a bathroom window before you start working and allow it to stay open as you sand and paint. If youre working in a space without window access, take frequent breaks and give your newly painted bathroom at least 48 hours to ventilate after youre done painting.

Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit

  • Improved tensile strength thanks to an ultra-resin topcoat.
  • Avoid minor scuffs with this low-odor, zero-VOC product.
  • It covers an area of approximately 35 square meters.
  • Processing in three stages.

The Carrara highlands in Tuscany, Italy, are famous for their large deposits of Carrara Marble, a classic, monumental stone. This particular surfaces distinctive qualities include a vast amount of white limestone cut by thin, gentle veins and plumes of grey quartz.

It is an excellent choice for a bathroom or kitchen, thanks to its neutral color and pattern. Marbles polished look can brighten any traditional or contemporary space.

Get the kitchen of your dreams without having to deal with the hassle of having to replace your countertops. In just one weekend, the Giani Marble Kit will transform your countertops from shabby and outdated to elegant and brand new, giving your home an instant up-gradation.

Giani Countertop Paint is non-toxic, low-odor, and contains no volatile organic compounds . Marbled quartz can be created by using a special primer to cover up existing dark spots, stains, burns, and minor scratches.

Each kit includes an Epoxy Resin Topcoat that is non-yellowing, high-gloss, and ultra-durable to ensure that your countertops are well-protected.

You can transform laminate, Formica, Corian, butcher block, ceramic tile, and cultured marble with Giani Countertop Paint, a simple, three-step application in just one weekend.

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How To Paint Kitchen Counters Without A Kit

If the $89 Gianni kit is out of your budget and you want to paint any surface in your home to look like Carrara Marble.

I have painted Carrara Marble many times before using a kit. I used craft paint and paste wax to create a realistic marble look on the top of a dresser turned into a bathroom vanity that gets wet. It has lasted over 8 years so far. You can see that method in this post.

  • After using the White Diamond Granite Giani Paint Kit and seeing what the new Carrara Marble Kit has in it, if I ever was to paint a surface to look like Carrara Marble again, I would use my Faux Marble Painting Tutorial, method as it will work just as well and will cost less. The products that come in the Carrara Marble kit are basic paints and supplies that you can buy at any paint or home improvement store. White primer/paint, two shades of flat grey acrylic paint, 2 small tipped brushes, a 2-inch soft bristle paint brush, a microfiber paint roller and Minwax Polycrylic it is water-based and will not yellow over time.
  • No matter what you decide to use, the key to making a lasting Carrara marble look and finish is cleaning and prepping the surface properly and then after adding the veins sealing with water-based poly like Minwax Polycrylic in a semi-gloss sheen.
  • Painting The Marble Faux Finish

    Can You Actually Paint Countertops To *Look* Like Fancy Marble ...

    This kit comes with a foam core board to practice on, which is nice. It doesnt work exactly the same, but its nice to feel confident before getting started.

    The instructions also recommend planning out the direction of your veins to look like the marble came from a slab. Its also recommended to

  • Mix the gray veining paint.
  • Use the tiny paintbrush to add veins. Hold the brush at the end and let the bristles roll in places to make thicker lines.
  • Make sure that your lines have movement and arent perfectly straight.
  • Use the bigger paintbrush to dab at the line to break up the lines.
  • Spray the paint with water to dilute the paint a bit. The more water you add, the softer your veins look.
  • You can add more paint during this process or you can let it dry and see how it turns out.
  • Spray in one direction against the paint to create a fun effect.
  • If you spray too much water, you can use a big brush to move the water back to the vein line.
  • Keep adding veins about 12 to 15 apart, varying the movement and width apart from each other.
  • You can add the backsplash and edge parts as you go or at the end. Just make sure they match the direction of the main vein.
  • You can go back and add Y veins or parallel veins to add interest.
  • The directions dont include this tip, but its something I did. I added areas of very faint gray paint veins in between some of my major veins.
  • You can remove areas with a wet paper towel if needed.
  • When youre happy with it, let it dry.
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    Can You Paint Marble Tile

    You can paint on marble tiles. Before that, you need to prepare the tile surface to avoid an incomplete finish or peeling off the paint from the surface. For this, you must use an oil-based primer before putting the paint over the tiles. Once the primer has dried up, you can paint the tile.

  • Final thoughts
  • Although the marble tiles can provide you with a natural finished look, you can still apply different types of paints or stains over the marble tiles to make them look more attractive.

    Applying multiple layers or coats over the marble tiles is recommended to achieve the best finish. For this, you need to scrub the surface using soap and rinse it thoroughly, allowing it to dry before continuing to the next steps.

    It is explained if you can paint on the following types of marble tiles:

    How To Fix A Painted Countertop

    A few years after painting my kitchen counters to look like Carrara marble, I got a new stovetop. When it was installed, it was smaller than the previous stovetop therefore the unpainted portion of the countertop was now exposed.

    To find out how I successfully fixed this, see this post:

    If you have been thinking about painting kitchen countertops or even the counters in a bathroom or any surface using the Giani paint, I say go for it. I am so happy that I did.

    I LOVE how the counters turned out.

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    How To Paint A Countertop To Look Like Marble: Budget Countertop Redo

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    Make designing your dream room a breeze with my .

    Learn how to paint countertops to look like marble. This is a great way to update your kitchen on a budget in just a weekend. For about $200, you can redo your laminate countertops to look like marble.

    If youre interested in more kitchen updates, you might like this post on painting laminate cabinets.

    This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Although my laminate countertops were a neutral color, I hated them. They stained so easily and always looked dirty.

    Everything that touched them stained the surface. It was so annoying. The fronts were also painted and were flaking off with use.

    So we knew that we needed to do something to fix them. A complete kitchen renovation isnt in the budget right now, so we looked for a cheaper DIY solution.

    So I decided to try out the Gianni marble epoxy countertop kit.

    The kit contains almost everything you need to paint and seal your countertop. The only thing I added was more tarps because my kitchen has a bar ledge that needed to be coated as well. I also needed painters tape and a roller tray, both of which I already had.

    Now I have enough to redo all 3 of our bathroom countertops as well.

    For about $200, I was able to redo my laminate countertops in a weekend.

    Dont Make These Mistakes

    PAINTING OUR COUNTER MARBLE// faux marble countertops on a budget

    We attempted painting our countertops with a faux white marble finish in the fall of last year. Although we loved them we sealed them with paste wax the first time around.

    This required that the paste wax be reapplied every 3-6 months and I forgot so we were seeing a lot of wear and tear on them.

    We needed to sand them down and repaint them and this time we sealed them with oil based varathane! Oh my goodness what a mess. the oil based varathane stained the white countertops an awful yellow glossy color. So we sanded them down AGAIN!

    This last tine we sealed them with a water based varathane and far prefer it to paste wax for durability. And bonus it dries clear, no gross yellow countertops for us!

    These countertops are STRONG now and shiny and they have stayed in perfect condition for over 8 months now.

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    Can I Use Spray Paint On Granite

    Consumer Reports indicate granite is a popular natural stone to decorate homes for centuries. However, its an expensive stone that demands good care and maintenance and requires money. By using spray paintgranite countertops you can impart a new and shining look at half the price of replacing your old and worn-out countertops.

    Paint Your Corian Countertops

    After letting 24 hours pass, you can wipe down the countertops once more. Just use a dry rag this time.

    You are now ready to paint your Corian countertops. Apply the primer first and make sure to get it on the surface as even as possible. Let the primer dry after application.

    With the layer of primer dry, you can now apply the first layer of paint. Remember to let each layer dry before you add on top of it. Once all the layers of paint have dried, your Corian countertops will feature a different appearance.

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    Is This Kit Hard To Use

    This kit was really easy to use and very forgiving. The paint went really far and covered really well. I needed 2 full coats of paint and 1 touch-up coat for the corners where it met the backsplash. It probably took about 1 1/2 hours, if that.

    The marbling part was so fun and easy to correct if you created an ugly spot. It took me about 2 hours to complete.

    The epoxy was pretty painless as well. I think it took about 30 minutes for this process. I had my husband help me, but I could have done it by myself.

    How To Paint Marble

    Painting Granite Countertops to Look Like Marble
  • Start by cleaning the countertop as best as you can and scrape off anything that is stuck on. Using a blade, scrape off any caulking in the seams.
  • Paint a coat of primer on with a foam roller.
  • Paint three coats of white paint. I used Amy Howard Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint because it has very good coverage and I had extra left over from another project.
  • Add a little bit of water to the grey paint. Using a small paint brush, draw a crooked line with the grey paint to create a vein.
  • Dampen a sea sponge and blot the grey to blend it in.
  • Use the dry soft brush and gently go over the vein to blend it in even more.
  • Using a softer sponge, blot white paint over the grey and then use the soft brush to go over it again.
  • Repeat this until you have a good amount of depth and layers built up. The more layers, the more it will look like real marble.
  • When you are getting closer to the end, mix a bit of black into the grey or mix up a grey of your own by adding black to white paint to get a darker grey. Use this darker grey to create deeper veins by doing the whole layering process again.
  • For the top veins, try not to blend as well so that you can see the veins.
  • Once you are happy with how it looks, let it dry and then apply the epoxy on top. Follow the directions on the box. If you have a backsplash you are doing like me, start by pouring the epoxy on that and letting it fall down, then spread it over the counter.
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    Applying A Topcoat Or Sealing

    Your countertop will appear freshly painted after all the painting is done but will not display its luster. The top coat gives your countertop a glossy and realistic look that makes your kitchen environment attractive. Nevertheless, the choice of your sealer will significantly influence the shine-off of your marble countertop. We advise that you read the directions carefully to make sure to apply as written.

    Understand that sealing wont wholly prevent staining but will help resist major stains and enhance your countertops glossiness. Since sealing doesnt give that much assurance, we advise completion at least thrice a year. A better choice for your sealer would be Envirotex Lite , even though the polyacrylic sealers work the same.

    The difference between Evirotex Lite and the polyacrylic sealers lies in the resin. Envirotex Lite has a thicker resin that makes it more resistant and durable than polyacrylic sealers. Envirotex Lite will also give a realistic look because of the profundity it adds to the paint job. It is self-leveling, drying up to a smooth finish that wont require further damping and smoothening of any sort. The intriguing part of this sealer is its resistive heat ability, which you wont find in polyacrylic sealers.

    Most users spend hours scraping off dried-up sealers from their cabinets and floors after their work, but that can be avoidable if you protect the surfaces you dont intend to seal. Latex gloves will make a fine choice, by the way.

    $30 Diy Faux Marble Countertops

    If youve ever dreamed of marble countertops and then nearly fainted at the price, you NEED todays post! When I saw how Ronda from Batchelors Way had created faux marble countertops for her laundry room, I begged her to share the tutorial with us here because it is going to knock your socks off!

    Instead of paying $650 for Carrera marble or even over $200 for marble-look laminate, Ronda picked up a countertop from the ReStore and some leftover paint and made her own faux marble countertop for just $30! Heres how:

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    How To Marble Paint Countertops

    Follow these steps for painting countertops to look like marble:

  • To make the paint look like real marble, you want the surface as smooth as possible. So, dont skimp on the prep work.
  • Thoroughly wash the countertop with hot water and soap. Rinse, and allow to dry.
  • Part of marbles beauty is its smooth, glassy surface. If there are any deep scratches or nicks, fill them with laminate filler. Then, to help the paint adhere, roughen the countertop surface with medium sandpaper. Remove the dust with a damp rag or tack cloth and allow to dry.
  • Using painters tape, and plastic sheeting, cover anything you dont want to paint, like the floors, backsplash, sink, and cooktop edge.
  • Using a small roller, apply primer to all the surfaces you want to paint, remembering the edges. Allow to dry overnight and lightly sand with fine sandpaper. Wipe with a damp rag or tack cloth to remove dust.
  • Paint the entire countertop with the white paint by first cutting in with a 2-inch natural bristle brush and filling in with your 7-inch roller. Allow to dry.
  • Next, start adding the color variations that will impart the marbled appearance. Working in sections, use the round brush to randomly dab on the three grey colors, starting with the lighter shade, then the medium, then the darker, blending as you go.
  • Before the paint dries, brush over it with a clean, dry paintbrush or blot with a dry sea sponge to blur some of the edges to give the veins some depth and breadth.
  • It Took Mondragon And Her Husband Four Days To Paint The Faux

    Spray on Countertops | Stone Coat Epoxy

    Mondragon told Insider that she and her family moved into their current home about six months ago. The house came with the granite countertop, a feature she wasn’t particularly fond of.

    So, she decided to give the kitchen counter a makeover ahead of the more extensive renovation her family is planning to undertake this year.

    She and her husband started by doing a deep clean of the surface before applying a primer for “shiny, smooth surfaces” to avoid any potential chipping. The following day, they applied the base coat of paint.

    Mondragon said that they allowed four hours of drying time between each coat.

    The next step might have been the most artistic part of the whole process painting dark veins that made their project truly marble-like. The last step was applying the epoxy.

    Epoxy resin is a strong, durable substance that provides protection against heat and chemicals, which is pretty essential for a countertop.

    The whole process took Mondragon and her husband four days. She told Insider that the hardest part was “the pressure of painting the veins on to get them to look in an aesthetically-pleasing way” but that they were happy with how it turned out.

    “The whole process is easier than I thought it would be and then the end results, we thought, looked really professional in person,” she said.

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