Can You Paint Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Wall Stickers And Transfers

How To Paint Bathroom Tiles

If your landlord isnt keen on the idea of painting, or if you just want a quick fix to makeover your bathroom, stickers or transfers could be the perfect solution.

Not all stickers are suitable for use in bathrooms, so look for ones that are marked as suitable for rooms with high humidity. If you are trying to cover up tiles that are heavily patterned or brightly coloured with stickers, this can prove tricky. However, if you shop for stickers that are more darkly coloured or which have a stronger, more modern pattern, you should be able to cover up the old tiles.

Stickers and transfers are also great for injecting a bit of personality into a bland, boring bathroom which has plain white wall to ceiling tiles. There are dozens of internet sites selling stickers and showing you how to use them, so browse around for inspiration.

Does Painting On The Bathroom Tile Floor Last

There is a clear answer to this question: a painted bathroom tile floor lasts long without any problems. No matter how many people use your bathroom, the color of the floor will not fade. Strong layers can also be damaged due to severe injuries to other high-traffic floors.

If a good quality waterproof paint is used on the tile floor, it will undoubtedly last a few years in the same way. The painting is safe as nothing heavy is used in the bathroom.

How To Paint Tile:

  • Tape around tile to protect surfaces around tile if needed.
  • Hand sand using medium grit sandpaper with a sanding block, or if possible an electric sander to rough up the surface so that primer can adhere.
  • Thoroughly clean the tile with a stripper.
  • Rinse clean and allow to dry.
  • Prime tile and allow to dry. Use a second coat if needed.
  • Roll on your paint, starting with the farthest corners of your space and working your way towards the door as you exit. If you choose to do a second coat, lightly sand between coats so the paint properly adheres.
  • Extra Points: If youd like, you can take this project one step further and seal with a coat of polyurethane sealer. This might be a good idea if youre working with a high moisture area, but we havent felt that weve needed it thus far!

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    Does Painting Floor Tiles Last

    The short answer is that yes painting floor tiles does last, even with excessive amounts of floor traffic! However, there are definitely some issues to consider!

    Overall, when standing and looking at the room as a whole, the painted floor tile looks good and you cant see any major problems.

    But, if you look closer, there are several small nicks, scratches, and chips.

    There is noticeable wear and tear in the high traffic areas of the tile, especially along the edges of the tile. Also, there is some darker discoloration of the tile on certain areas.

    In the lower traffic areas of the room, the painted tile looks really good with barely any chipping or scratches.

    Painting Bathroom Or Shower Tiles

    Can You Paint Over Ugly Bathroom Tiles

    The answer to the question of whether you can paint bathroom tiles is it depends. On what, I hear you cry! On what the tiles are made of. And to a lesser extent, where theyre positioned in the bathroom.

    Not all kinds of tiles will bond effectively with paint. Unglazed tiles will simply absorb it. That will leave you with a dull, flat color if theres any color at all.

    Glass isnt a good option for most paints either. Its so smooth, it wont provide a key for the paint to stick to. There are glass paints out there, but theyre not designed to be used on large areas.

    If your tiles are glazed ceramic or porcelain, though congratulations! You can paint them and get good results without spending a fortune.

    Its best to paint tiles that dont get excessively wet. You canpaint tiles in a shower cubicle and weve seen it done to good effect. But you may well find that the paint begins to blister and peel after a while.

    If youre happy to do some touching up, that may not be a problem. Just be prepared!

    So now you know what types of tiles can be painted how do you do it? Lets start by taking a look at what youll need for the job.

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    Ready To Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

    That brings us to the end of our investigation into whether you can paint bathroom or shower tiles. As long as your tiles are made of glazed porcelain, ceramic or concrete, the answer is yes!

    Just take your time with preparation, and choose a primer thats suitable for your tiles. Add a couple of coats of paint, and your tiles will look great!

    Changing the grouting will make them look even better, but its a lot of work. Whitening it up with a grout pen when youve finished painting will take a fraction of the time. And the results will be almost as good.

    Tile Surfaces Most Suitable For Painting

    The correct type of paint will adhere to ceramic, stone, porcelain, and other materials. Most bathroom tile surfaces, like floors, walls, backsplashes, and countertops, are suitable for painting.

    The only exception is shower walls. The constant exposure to heat and water may cause the paint to crack, peel, and fade prematurely, requiring repainting or touching up.

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    Why Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

    There are many reasons as to why you would want to repaint your bathroom tiles. These include the following:

    • You may not like the current color and look of the tiles.
    • You may want to add a personal touch to the tiles to match with the rest of the house/bathroom.
    • The tiles may have some growths such as molds that makes them look ugly.

    If you have any of these reasons , continue reading on how to do a painting or repainting job for your bathroom tiles.

    Clean And Sand The Tile Before Painting

    Painting Ceramic Tile – Easily update your old tubwithout remodeling! | Hometalk

    Thoroughly clean the tile that you plan on painting. You may need to use abrasive bathroom cleaners to get rid of stubborn grease. Get rid of all dirt, hair, and soap scum. After removing debris, wipe the tile and grout with a damp sponge.

    The sponge helps collect any remaining residue. Wipe the surface dry with a clean rag before sanding the tile. Sanding is necessary for most types of bathroom tiles, including ceramic, laminate, and vinyl. You dont need to sand glass or stone tiles.

    Use a fine grit sandpaper to remove the glaze from ceramic tiles. Sanding laminate and vinyl tile scuffs the surface to help the paint adhere better. If you want to get the job done faster, use a handheld orbital sander or palm sander.

    A floor sander is also helpful when painting tile flooring. Whether you use sandpaper or a sander, sand lightly. Sanding lightly keeps you from removing too much material or damaging the tile. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after sanding to remove dust. Allow the surface to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

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    Can You Paint Bathroom Tile

    As someone whos done it, absolutely. There are, however, some important considerations, because the process isnt the same as painting a wall.

    • You must meticulously clean and scuff the tiles before you paint. Glazed tile, the kind you find most often on bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, is non-porous, so adhesion is the main concern. Any stray grease or soap scum left on the tile will result in lifting paint.
    • You can paint most tile, but tile with a clear urethane finish should not be painted. Use a razor scraper in an inconspicuous area to check for a clear finish.
    • You need to prime. Primer acts like an adhesive.
    • You need the right kind of paint. The best choice is a waterborne epoxy formulation such as Behr Pro. But some super hard acrylic resin formulations like Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa or Majic Paints Diamond Hard Repurpose will also work.
    • Think twice before painting tile with lifting or cracks or crumbling grout, or tile subjected to unusual amounts of water. Youre probably better off covering that with a vinyl liner or wall panel.

    Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

    Now were getting into the statement piece of the bathroom: the vanity! Swapping out your long-standing vanity for a new one will change the entire look of your bathroom.

    Most home improvement centers carry a wide range of bathroom vanities. You can find anything from the basic, traditional models to the latest trend in bathroom style: floating vanities, like the one shown below.

    Vanity prices range from about $175 for a standard, single-sink model but can obviously climb into the thousands of dollars if you want a custom model. You can install these yourself or have a professional do the job, depending on your budget.

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    How To Paint Shower Tile

    For this weeks post, I wanted to go back through the archives and breathe new life into a project I did a few years ago in our old house. In this case, how to paint shower tile. This post was a hit back then, but I really feel like its still relevant for so many people today. If you have a bathroom you arent loving or want to update on a budget, try painting your tile! I know it might sound a little crazy, but it really can do a lot for a space to brighten it up and modernize it. Follow my tutorial below for tips on how to paint your shower tile, and then check out the other update I did to that bathroom way back when: my Stenciled Tile Tutorial, where I stenciled my tile to look like cement tiles!

    I painted my shower tile guys! Thats right, not only have I painted my floor tiles to look like cement tiles, but now I painted my shower tiles too! Read on as I share how to paint shower tile! .Will it hold up you ask? Is it waterproof you ask? Well my answer is I think so haha! I know thats not the firm answer you were hoping for, but I gotta keep it 100! I used the same epoxy paint product to paint my shower tiles as I used on my bathroom tile floorswhich, btw, are holding up beautifully without even a scratch. This may not be a totally permanent solution for your ugly shower tiles , but for now , it will do just fine.

    So the question is, do you have an ugly shower surround that youd like to transform? Well, Here is your solution.

    Two: Painting The Wall Tile

    How to Painting Bathroom Tiles?

    Before you open the paint cans, make sure you are properly ventilated. We opened windows and had 2 fans blowing the air out the window. Especially if you have a small bathroom.

    This is an epoxy paint and does have a strong odor.

    I made sure to wear a breathing mask while I was applying this along with protective gear like my goggles and gloves.

    There are two cans inside the package that you mix together. Take your time and make sure they are thoroughly blended.

    Make sure to mask off any areas you don’t want painted using painter’s tape.

    We started brushing any areas that needed cutting in. Then we immediately starting rolling after.

    Work in small areas. We found the paint got tacky quickly.

    Here’s a side by side of our tile painted vs unpainted.

    This stuff goes on super smooth. We had the first coat of all the wall tile finished in about 2 hours. That included the tub around the tile and all the tile on the walls of our bathroom – which was a lot.

    FYI: We didn’t paint our cast iron tub. It was already white and in great condition. But it would be an excellent option to make an old tub look new.

    Allow to dry at least 1 hour before you start a second coat.

    In one day, we had both coats finished.

    We started on the floor a few days later, but probably could have started painting the floor the next day.

    It looks so smooth!

    One package covers 110 square foot, which should work for 2 coats on an average bathroom.

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    The Best Paint For Tile

    Not every paint type is suitable for tiles. Water-based paints disintegrate, and ordinary wall paint won’t stick to the surface. Epoxy paint is a good option because it is highly resistant to abrasion and cleaning solutions. Alkyd urethane and enamel paint are commonly used, as well as silicone-based paint. There are also specific water-resistant tile paints available that are built to withstand the high temperatures and moisture of kitchens and bathrooms.

    From Ugly To Wow: How To Paint Bathroom Shower Tile

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission- at no extra cost to you.

    Do you have a bathroom with outdated tile? Maybe its a less than desirable color? 70s green, pink or blue? Or maybe a dark brown?

    Did you know that the tile in your bathroom CAN be painted?

    To hire it out can cost thousands, and I dont know about you but that is NOT in my budget. BUT, did you know that you can paint it yourself?

    Yes YOU can paint your tile in your bathroom and give it a fresh, updated look and do it on a budget. It cost me less than $50 in paint to update my shower tub and tile.

    Want to know how?

    Im going to tell you what I did. What didnt work and what did, and some tips along the way.

    First, I always like to share the BEFORE. Now, while my tile wasnt bad it wasnt the bright, fresh look I wanted for my bathroom. So while I was starting my bathroom refresh, I knew that giving the tub and tile a fresh look was on the list.

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    Remove The Masking Tape

    There are different views on the best time to remove the masking tape.

    Do it too soon, and you risk the wet paint dripping onto the unprotected areas. But leave it too late, and the paint between the tape and the tiles can harden. That means you can take small flakes of paint from the tiles when you remove the tape.

    We recommend leaving it half an hour after painting before peeling away the tape. At this point the paint should be tacky, but not wet. Take care as you peel, and keep the tape away from your clothing!

    Now all thats left to do is to stand back and admire your handiwork!

    The Advantages Of Painting Your Bathroom Tiles

    One Room Challenge: How To Paint Shower Tile – Updated your UGLY/DATED Shower for $50!

    Painting your tiles has various benefits among them the following:

    • You can renew the look and feel of your old tiles.
    • You will spend less time and money on painting as compared to retiling the floor afresh.
    • When done right, painted tiles are as good as new in terms of durability.
    • You can change the look of your bathroom with a new look on the tiles.

    Besides these benefits, you also get to clean them properly and even eliminate accumulated germs and dirt as a stage in the repainting process.

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    How Long It Takes To Use Bathroom Again After Painting Tiles

    It depends on how you paint the tiles and what type of paint you use. If you use a quick-drying paint, then it will take shorter time for the bathroom to be usable again.

    However, if you use a slow-drying paint, then it might take a day or two for the bathroom to be ready for use again. Either way, it is best to consult with the manufacturer of the paint you are using to find out how long it will take for the paint to dry completely.

    Three: Painting The Floor Tile

    The Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating is a two step process that was so very easy!

    I think this floor tile paint was what made the huge difference in this bathroom makeover.

    The first coat of paint is the base coat followed by top coat to protect the surface. What I love most about this system is the variety of awesome colors that are available!

    Before we began painting floor tiles, we made sure to sweep any debris from the floor. You want to have a clean surface.

    If you are painting the walls as well as the floors, make sure to allow the walls to completely dry before moving painting floor tiles.

    Again, take a moment to make sure everything is in good shape before starting.

    Next, we taped off the edges. We didn’t want to get any gray paint on our new white wall tiles!

    Once prep is done, you are ready to paint the floor.

    Stir your floor paint before applying, especially if you have a darker tint. Make sure all color is incorporated together. Settling and separation can occur which may show up.

    Pour a small amount into a paint tray.

    First we cut in along the edges of our ceramic tile floor.

    Then we used a foam roller to fill in the tiles. You could also use a small nap roller as well.

    Since our floor was this hexagon shaped tile, we found that our roller didn’t easily get into each grout line.

    As we worked our way out, we would brush the grout lines and follow up with the roller.

    In just 6 hours for dry time, you apply the top coat.

    Home Depot

    We are certainly glad we did!

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