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The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Vinyl Siding

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Probably the most significant benefit to replacing your vinyl siding is getting rid of a product that has outlived its useful life and no longer protects your home.

So before putting time and money into painting, inspect your siding carefully for one of the following signs of damage:

  • Cracks, gaps, and gouges
  • Increasingly higher utility bills
  • Moisture and mold
  • Abnormally high maintenance is also a sign your siding needs replacement. Maintenance is time-consuming, and the costs will eat up your budget.

    Consider how much this maintenance level would cost, compared with buying a newer and better product and “starting the clock” anew.

    How To Paint Vinyl Siding For Best Results

    If you want to paint vinyl siding there are a few things to consider. When painting vinyl siding, if youre not careful, the paint might peel or your vinyl surface could warp. If you do it right the first time, you wont have to worry about problems arising in the future.

    To help you learn more, well show you basics of vinyl siding. Well also show you how to choose the best paint color and what which paint is the safest for vinyl surfaces.

    And well also provide you with instructions on how to paint vinyl siding.

    Whats The Best Way To Clean Vinyl Siding

    If you use a power washer, be careful with the pressure settings so that you dont damage the siding or peel off paint that is well-attached with the power of the stream. If the siding had been previously painted, you can power wash any peeling paint from the surface. The best way to clean siding for painting is to use a garden sprayer.

    When did I get bug spray on my Vinyl siding?

    The neighbour had rented an airless sprayer to stain his fence and didnt mask off properly and covered the vinyl with tiny droplets of stain. This happened back in October 06 and I took it off in June 07 using Tagaway.

    Can you damage vinyl siding with a pressure washer?

    The answer may surprise you. The answer is: YES, pressure washing absolutely can damage vinyl siding if done incorrectly. We have seen countless homes and buildings that have damaged areas because someone without the proper training has tried to pressure wash their building.

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    Can Oil Paint Be Used On Vinyl Siding

    Oil paint is not a good option when considering a type of paint for your vinyl siding. Oil-based paint will not adhere correctly.

    You can use oil paint on vinyl siding, but oil based paint is not the best choice. It will not adhere properly to the vinyl, even with a primer coat underneath. If you use oil paint on your vinyl siding, you will end up with bubbling and peeling paint.

    Using oil-based paint on your vinyl siding will result in a finished project that will not last you very long. Oil paint will very quickly bubble and peel, leaving your vinyl siding looking unfinished and unprofessional. You should not try to use oil paint to change the color of your vinyl siding.

    Painting Old Vinyl Siding Vs Siding Replacement

    How to Paint Vinyl Siding? The Entire Guide

    Few things will update the appearance of your home like changing the color of the siding. But should you replace your siding or just paint over it? There are benefits to both. There are also reasons why you wouldnt want to paint your siding and reasons for not replacing it.

    The painting vs. replacing conundrum can be stressful for homeowners who want to do the right thing, for their homes and for their pocket books. Fortunately, were here to help you make the right decision based on your unique situation. As youll see below, we outline the various reasons you would paint your siding rather than replace it. Youll also see reasons why you wouldnt want to paint your siding and why replacing it makes the most sense.

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    Specifics For Painting Vinyl Siding

    When it comes to the process, answering the question Can you paint vinyl siding? does not require any departure from a normal approach. Clean, prime , cut in with a brush , use a roller on everything else and apply two coats.

    Siding that has worn to the point of losing its original color or that exhibits pitting or porous sections will need a coat of primer. Just as with the topcoat, choose a primer formulated for use on exterior vinyl.

    You can choose to apply the topcoat with a sprayer, but since it requires backbrushing for the best bond with the vinyl , it really does not save you any time or effort.

    Some other limitations do exist, however, but observing a few simple guidelines make painting over vinyl a much more cost-effective renewal solution than removing your siding and reinstalling it on your house.

    Factors To Consider Before Making A Decision On Painting Or Replacing Vinyl Siding

    You might have your eye on a new vinyl siding product, but youre also considering taking a less costly route painting your current siding.

    Consider the following:

    If you still have questions, talk to a siding contractor and get an inspection. That will help you make a fact-based decision about the steps you need to consider next.

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    Why Is It Necessary To Paint Vinyl Siding

    Siding will not retain its original luster indefinitely. The siding’s protective covering will eventually wear away. It will fade with exposure to the sun, and filth will accumulate with time. You know you’ll have to paint vinyl siding or replace it at some point shortly because power cleaning only works for a certain amount of time.

    Let’s say you don’t have the funds to replace your siding right now, but you know that applying a layer of paint to your existing siding will restore its luster. If you’re sure, the siding is still in good order.

    What Kind Of Paint For Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding – Yes it can be painted.

    As we briefly touched on above, 100-percent acrylic latex paint is vinyl-safe paint. Fresh paint needs to be vinyl safe to expand and contract with the siding.

    The primary reason youd want to utilize the acrylic latex paint over anything else would be its innate ability to adhere more soundly to the vinyl and not damage it while keeping your color choices open. High-quality paints bond well and expand with the vinyl without cracking or peeling off.

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    Increases The Houses Value

    Just like in any other home improvements, painting the wall vinyl siding helps in increasing the value of the house. This is ideal if you have plans of selling or leasing the house. It makes good money in the long run even though all that was changed is the painted vinyl siding. This small change transforms the entirety of the price of the house. That is why if you want to increase its market value this is one of the good ways to start. Besides, painting the exterior of the house is cheaper than any other home improvements.

    Like A Dirty Chalkboard

    Saarraaahh! We need to talk about our vinyl siding, Jason calls out.

    Sarah walks outside to stand next to Jason. He points at their house. See how its looking all chalky and uneven? We have to paint over it now because washing wont do the trick anymore.

    Sarah frowns in thought. Can you paint vinyl siding? How do you paint vinyl siding? Jasons eyebrows rise in surprise. Do you mean for us to do it? I thought we were going to hire somebody. We did look up the cost of exterior painting just the other day, he points out.

    Well, lets look it up anyway. I want to make sure whoever we hire knows the right way to do it. I dont want to see this dirty chalkboard look on our house again for a long time, Sarah says.

    Jason pulls out his phone to do some digging. After looking on Google, here is what he finds:

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    Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted

    As proud homeowners, we do everything we can to keep our property as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unfortunately, our vinyl siding will fade after years of exposure to the elements. At this point were faced with a situation: do we replace the siding or should we paint it?

    Throughout this article were going to run through the pros and cons of painting vs. replacing the siding. Were going to talk about the right way to paint siding and the factors that would steer you toward replacing your siding rather than simply painting it.

    Important Steps To Paint Vinyl Siding

    Can You Paint Vinyl Siding

    Most of the homeowners with vinyl siding are unaware of the fact that vinyl can be painted successfully. In fact, painting vinyl siding is considered one of the cheapest alternatives to replacing the same. By applying a fresh coat of paint on your vinyl siding, you can actually restore the faded siding and improve the look and feel of the entire home. If handled by expert painter, paints on vinyl siding last longer than on porous surfaces like wood. It is also very easy to apply vinyl paint and perfection can be achieved even without using a brush and roller. However, there are few important facts that you need to consider when painting vinyl siding. Mentioned below are the most important steps that you need to consider while painting vinyl siding.

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    Follow These Expert Tips To Add Color And Curb Appeal To Your Home’s Exterior

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    If done right, however, painting vinyl siding can be a tremendous value for the price. Here are some instances when you can and should paint a vinyl home exterior.

    Whats The Best Paint For Vinyl Siding

    So, you want to paint the vinyl siding on your house? To do that you need specific paint, but you also need to know several other important details.

    In this article, thats exactly what well discuss. By the end of the piece, youll know which paint is the best for your vinyl siding and everything else you need to know before you start painting.

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    Here Are Some More Things To Think About:

    The painting appears to be less risky than other art forms, yet history has shown that this is not the case. When it comes to painting, everything has to be suitable from the weather to the cleanliness of the siding to the sort of paint you use. What’s more definite is that when you replace your siding, you will notice benefits that will leave you with no regrets about your decision.

    How To Prep Vinyl Siding For Paint

    Can I Paint My Vinyl Siding?

    Arguably the most important step in the painting process is the cleaning and preparation you need to do beforehand. Painting vinyl siding can be a challenging task to do on your own. At the very least, you should enlist a professional contractor to inspect your home beforehand to ensure your siding is in adequate condition to be painted. Typically, a property survey costs between $350 and $700. If there are any serious damages, you can expect to pay $3 to $20 per sq.ft. for siding repairs.

    After that, thoroughly clean your siding, which typically costs between $0.30 and $0,40 per sq.ft. If dirt or grime is left on the surface, the paint will look bad and peel off much faster. Next, you should select your paint color and decide if you need a priming coat. If the color you chose is a big change from the one currently there, the professional will prime first. After the actual painting is done, be sure to check your siding regularly for any problem areas. It is also a good idea to clean your siding at least once a year.

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    How To Make The Paint Last On A Vinyl Siding

    Just like any other painting job, the adherence of the paint to the vinyl siding is the most important. We want to make sure that the coating of paint adheres to the vinyl siding. There are ways how to make this work even when painting a vinyl material is not highly recommended. This gives your old exterior a second chance to look fresh and appealing. We have rounded up tips on how to make the paint last on vinyl siding without the need for other excessive toxic materials. Check out the tips we have for you below.

    You Will Have To Clean The Walls Before Painting

    To paint your vinyl siding, you must first clean the walls. The paint will go on much easier if you remove any dirt, dust, and other debris accumulated on the walls before painting. This is a disadvantage of painting your vinyl siding because getting all the dirt and debris off the walls can take hours.

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    How To Paint Your Vinyl Siding

    The use of primer is something that even professionals disagree on. Some professionals believe its best to use a primer before any paint job. Others feel primer is warranted only if the siding is in poor condition.

    If your siding is pitted or weathered, using a coat of primer first will create a smooth layer for the paint to adhere to, resulting in a better-looking finish.

    Should You Prime Your Vinyl

    Can You Paint the Vinyl Siding On Your St. Louis Home?

    There are varying opinions on whether you should or should not prime your vinyl before applying your paint. Primer helps to create a seamless paint job and extends the durability of your paint.

    Some professionals choose to use primer in every painting project, while others will only use a primer when required by analyzing the condition of the item, in this case, the siding.

    For instance, you may consider using a primer if the surface of your siding is not level or if there are signs of wear and tear or deterioration.

    But always refer back to your manufacturer guidelines and follow their advice if you are unsure.

    Bear in mind: If you plan to use a primer, remember that paint adheres to the previous layer of paint, so its vital to ensure the paint you use is formulated to stick to the primer.

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    What About Color Choices

    If youve heard debates about painting vinyl siding, youve also likely heard the arguments about which colors work best. Until recently, the standard on painting was sticking to the same shade when covering the previous color. You could also get away with using lighter shade, however.

    What a disappointment it must be, for the homeowner who wanted to update their white siding by making the bold statement of farmhouse red!

    Its all about thermal expansion, as well as the way vinyl behaves when it gets hot. When exposed to high temperatures, vinyl expands and contracts. Vinyl siding, over time, can develop peeling and cracking due to thermal expansion.

    If you apply a dark color over a lighter-colored siding and it cracks, you end up with an unsightly mess. Imagine the example of farmhouse red, with old white paint peeking out from beneath the cracks.

    If your heart is set on something other than a neutral white or beige, we have some good news! You can find premium paint that not only comes in a selection of darker colors, but also comes with an excellent performance rating.

    You might not find that ideal farmhouse red, but youll still find a wide array of blues, greens, greys, and browns.

    The Bottom Line About Painting Vinyl Siding

    While it can be tempting to look for ways to save money when updating the exterior appearance of your home, not every idea is created equal. While it is technically possible to paint your vinyl siding, it is definitely in your best interest to carefully consider your specific situation.

    If you live in the greater Chicago area, your best bet is to have a vinyl siding expert from Rusco come out and professionally evaluate your siding. Then, youll be able to realistically evaluate all options.

    For 85 years, Rusco has helped homeowners just like you with all their home improvement needs. For more information about vinyl siding or to schedule a free home inspection contact Rusco TODAY!

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    How Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted

    You may consider yourself an expert painter, but before you gather your brush and roller, make sure you choose the ideal way to apply paint. Vinyl isnt like the wood siding in your interiors.

    Most factory-made vinyl siding has a low-gloss finish. You can also buy vinyl with a grainy pattern, designed to mimic wood. If you use a brush or roller, youll end up having distinguishable marks.

    Spray painting is the most highly recommended method! It doesnt take nearly as long as rolling, and you end up with a finish that closely resembles what came from the factory. If you decide to go with spray painting , youll need to prep the entire exterior of your house. Use plastic to cover windows, doors, and downspouts. Cover bushes and any hardscaping close to the house with tarps.

    Most home improvement stores offer airless paint sprayers, which are available to rent. Pay attention to the size of the spray tip you useyou should find the size on the paint can.

    Weather is also essential, which well discuss next.


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