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What Is Vinyl Paint

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As you seek to make your vinyl sidings or other surfaces look new, do you know that vinyl paint can be of great help? Can you identify a vinyl color from the rest of the many paints?

Well, worry no more. Here, well cover everything to help you know what vinyl paint is before buying.

Yes, going to shop for paints can confuse you. At any store, youll get many types of paints.

Be sure to get vinyl paints in most stores that sell paints. But you cant use them in every place.

Are you ready? Well start with the meaning of vinyl paint.

Is Painting Vinyl Flooring Cost

Painting vinyl offers a reasonably quick and affordable option for updating old lino flooring. However, as vinyl isnt designed to hold paint, how long it lasts depends on what room its in.

High traffic areas will see paint fade and chip quickly, meaning touch-ups or complete repaints will happen more often. This not only adds more to the cost but also takes several hours of prepping and painting.

If youre looking for a long-term flooring solution or upgrade, replacing it completely is an affordable option. There are various designs to choose from, and once its installed, you have a 10-20 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Vinyl Floor Paint Topcoat

You are now ready to apply your chosen vinyl floor paint topcoat. As a general rule, it will usually require 2 coats.

Full application instruction data sheets are available on our website. We recommend that you follow these instructions fully and ensure that you are wearing the correct protective equipment at all times.

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You Cant Refurbish Vinyl

Vinyl is not like hardwood. Once its scratched, cracked, or worn, it unfortunately cant be refurbished in the same way that hardwood can. If you paint on top of vinyl flooring, there are numerous issues that can create a stressful and expensive mess to clean up

Always browse the vinyl selection when choosing your flooring to ensure that it will go with your homes current esthetic, furniture, and any upcoming changes you plan to make. Dont automatically go for the paint.

How To Paint A Vinyl Floor

Learn How to Paint Vinyl Floors {yes, you CAN do that!}

While vinyl is a popular flooring option for many rooms in a house, its color can fade because of exposure to sun or normal wear. Fortunately, painting vinyl is a budget-friendly way of bringing your floor back to life. Whether youre interested in changing the look of your vinyl floor or making your floor look like new, this helpful guide will walk you through the important information you need to know before you paint a vinyl floor.

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Can You Paint Laminate Flooring

Most people agree that you should at least clean, sand and prime your laminate flooring before painting, even if you disagree on the best way to paint it. If you want paint to stick to the surface, you might want to degloss it after sanding it.

If you dont have the time or patience to do all of this, you can still paint the floor with a paint roller. This is a great way to get a nice, even coat of paint on your floor, without having to worry about getting paint all over the place.

Can You Paint Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is one of the commonly used floorings by developers and homeowners. Vinyl tiles are smaller and simple to lay on any room and stairs if you area DIYs. Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to install, affordable, durable with attractive designs among other benefits. But can you paint old vinyl floors?

Yes, painting vinyl flooring offers a simpler easy way to rejuvenate old looking vinyl flooring without breaking a bank. Painting is an easy way and money-saving solution to making the old vinyl floors look new and shiny. Prepare the floor through thorough cleaning, de-gross the floor, apply primer, and finish by painting your floor. For best results apply two coats of flooring paint on two coats of primer to leave your floor impermeable.

Pictures of painted vinyl floors before and after

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Tips For A Painted Vinyl Basement Floor

The main reasons you would paint over a vinyl floor are one, the fact that its extremely cost effective in comparison to other flooring options. And two, painting a floor is way easier than most any other flooring do-it-yourself process. Here are 13 tips to help you choose paint, find the right products and get a good idea of whats all involved in painting your vinyl floor.

Apply Enamel Floor Paint

Painting Vinyl and Linoleum Floors

Now that you have the paint base all set up, you can go ahead and apply your first layer of enamel floor paint to the vinyl. But before you do, grab a mixing stick and stir the paint for 2 to 3 minutes. This will help blend the binders and pigments so the paint adheres to the surface properly.

Next, dip the roller into the paint and apply the paint to the vinyl using long, even strokes. Do not use chalk paint it is not hard-wearing and will easily get marked when people walk on the floor.

Allow the paint enough time to dry. Depending on how warm or cold the weather is, you can give it 12 hours or less. If there is too much dust outside, keep doors and windows closed so the floor doesnt get dusty. You will also want to keep kids and pets away from the room so they dont walk over the paint before it dries.

If you like how the paint looks after it has dried, you can leave it as it is. But if you are looking for stronger, deeper color, simply roll on a second layer of paint. This extra coat will also make the floor look smoother. Just make sure it is completely dry before bringing your furniture and appliances back into the room.

Above is all you need to do to give your old vinyl floor the much-needed makeover.

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Sand The Vinyl Flooring

The next step is to sand the vinyl flooring. This step is important as it helps to remove the water-resistant wear layer on the floor so the paint can stick better.

To sand off the wear layer, you should use 220-grit sandpaper and a floor sander or circular sander. Sanding the vinyl floor manually will be time-consuming and difficult given the texture and size of the vinyl floor.

After sanding the wear layer off of the vinyl floor, remove the dust nibs on the surface. Then mix some detergent in a bucket of water and use the soap mixture and a mop to clean the floor.

If the vinyl floor is filthy, the paint will not stick properly. Also, the filth on the vinyl floor can cause bubbles and stains in the vinyl floor. So, the floor needs to be clean.

Can You Paint Over Vinyl Flooring

Nowadays, vinyl is an affordable flooring type many people install in their bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and kitchens. It is a favorite option because you can clean it effortlessly, but it is worn out over time, looking pretty ugly.

The best solution is to replace it with new flooring, but it can be an expensive, time-consuming, and tiring job. For instance, you need to pay at least $600 for 1,200 sq ft for the new vinyl flooring, while you should set aside only about $150 to paint the same surface. Plus, painting vinyl is relatively quick and easy, and you can do it yourself as a DIY project.

However, you should be aware that you cant apply any paint type on this surface type to avoid stains and damaging appearance. For instance, latex enamel is not durable enough for this purpose. There is one more thing! It is impossible to cover up existing holes and dents with paint.

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Introducing Safekote Anti Slip Floor Paint

Safekote is a low profile anti-slip paint coating which provides UV protection to wooden floors, metal, plastics, fibreglass, marble and decking. This product has an attractive, non-slip, low gloss finish which is easy to clean and maintain.

Safekote is ideal for Steps and Walkways, Bathrooms, Ramps, on slippery floors exposed to water such as Showers, Change Rooms and Ablution Blocks. Clear Safekote is ideal for providing an anti-slip coating on surfaces such as marble, wood, or any other substrate with an aesthetic surface.

  • Can be overcoat after 30 minutes
  • Offers excellent adhesion where conventional primers will not work
  • Theoretical coverage of 10m2 per litre
  • Available in 1 and 4 litre tins

Keep Touch Up Primer And Paint Nearby Because Touch Ups And Scratches Are Normal

Vinyl Floor Paint Home Depot

Look, while there are some types of flooring that dont get scratched or worn out. Most affordable and budget friendly flooring is going to get wear and tear. Such is the case with a painted vinyl floor, or painted any type of floor for that matter. Once you have completed your floor project, hopefully you will have a small amount of the primer and the paint left. Seal up the lids and label them. Tuck them nearby so you have them handy in case you do need to do a touch up from a scratch.

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Doesn’t The Painted Floor Need A Top Coat To Make It More Durable

No, no, no, no, no. I cannot overstate this. Porch and floor paint contains everything the paint needs for durability built into it. And if you put a top coat on it, it is very likely to yellow which is probably not the look you want. We had no issues with durability. We also painted and stenciled our wood kitchen floors with this same paint. It endured FAR more foot traffic and abuse than this laundry room floor and held up just as well without a top coat. Trust the product!

If you want to tackle this project yourself, why not make it easier by being able to print the instructions?! Just fill out the form below to grab your free printable instructions 🙂

What do you think? Are you tempted to paint vinyl floors now?!

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Vinyl Flooring Painting Steps:

Step 1: Clean the floor

First things first, youll need to give the floor a good scrub and clean. Mix some detergent in a bucket of warm water and give the vinyl a quick mop. You may need to use a clean cloth or sponge to remove any scuff marks or stubborn stains. Before you move onto the next step, allow the floor to dry.

Step 2: Sand down the floor and remove the shiny finish

There are 2 ways to go about sanding down the vinyl. You can opt to use a machine operated sander which will save you a lot of time and efforts or use a sanding pole if youre uncomfortable with using a power tool.

Begin sanding the vinyl surface until the shiny finish has been removed.

Step 3: Prep the floor with liquid deglosser

Using an extra-long handle paint roller, apply the liquid deglosser to the vinyls surface. This will help improve bonding with the paint, similarly to a primer. To avoid painting yourself into a corner, start from the back corner of the room at the opposite end of the entrance and work your way back.

Step 4: Apply the primer

Before applying the primer, line the walls or trim of the room with painters tape to avoid getting any splashes on the wall. You can apply the primer using the same extended paint roller brush used to apply the liquid deglosser in step 3, as well as the same method. Allow the primer to completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: Its time to start painting

And thats it! Youre all done! Take a step back and admire your hard work.

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What To Look At Before Buying A Vinyl Paint

Whether you are a pro painter or not, choosing the best vinyl paint can be tricky. People lack the idea of where to start in picking the brands.

Remember, there are many brands of vinyl paints in the market. Each varies with its qualities and prices. But heres what will guide you to see that you have bought the best vinyl paint.

Have You Ever Considered Whether You Can Paint Vinyl Flooring Surprisingly Its A Common Question But More Surprisingly The Answer Is Yes You Can

Painting Linoleum or Vinyl Floors with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Lacquer

Admittedly, its not just a case of splashing some paint all over the floor. But it is doable.

However, there are several things to consider before you paint over vinyl. Common questions to ask first include:

  • Is the vinyl flooring old or new?
  • How long do I want vinyl paint to last?
  • What type of paint do I need for vinyl flooring?
  • Is replacing vinyl flooring more cost-effective than painting it?

Below, we explore the various stages of painting vinyl flooring below to discover whether it is the right option for the room.

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How To Paint Vinyl Floors: The Budget Friendly Way To Update Floors

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Make designing your dream room a breeze with my .

Learn how to paint vinyl floors!

My favorite projects are those that are inexpensive and simple, like installing shiplap, painting cabinets, and staining concrete. They usually involve paint because I am constantly amazed by the power of paint.

Paint can make something ugly look pretty, it can make something dirty look clean! I have a major crush on paint.

So when my husband told me that he had to go out of town for a few days, I knew that I needed a project! There was only one on my mind.

Ive been wanting to paint and stencil my bathroom vinyl floor since I made a few updates to make my bathroom prettier.

With those updates, the floors were glaringly ugly. Today Im sharing my tips for how to paint a vinyl floor and add a stencil. This floor stencil makes me smile every day!

Three: Seal The Floor

As with painting any walls or any other surfaces, a sealant is very essential. This will be the last and final step. However, it is very important. The sealant is what will make sure the coat keeps it color and no scratches or water will wash away the paint. Once the paint has dried apply a couple coats of sealant to ensure that the paint job will be around for a while.

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How Do I Paint Vinyl Floors

If you have decided to paint over your vinyl flooring after all, we would recommend use of either the Safekote or Protecta-kote as listed above. These are both anti-slip options that could be perfect in a kitchen or bathroom environment. Whichever of these you opt for you must use the primer first as this is the only way to ensure good adhesion. We also strongly advise you to try a small test area, first of all, to see if you like the outcome.

To begin you will need to thoroughly abrade the surface with a 600 grit coarse sandpaper. Follow this by cleaning the surface with a xylene based solvent wipe, and leave to dry.

Can You Stain Vinyl Flooring

Can You Paint Vinyl Floors

You should not stain vinyl flooring because the stain will not stick to the vinyl material even if you sand it. Also, stain is not strong or tough enough to handle the weight and traffic that floors go through.

If you stain a vinyl floor, the stain will turn into a sticky mess on the vinyl flooring. Also, the stain will not dry and will begin to smell after a few weeks on the floor.

Stains dont work the same way as paints. When you apply paint over a surface, the paint sticks to the top layer of the surface. This is why paints will stick to vinyl after you sand.

Stains on the other hand dont stick to the top layer. Instead, the stain coating will penetrate the surface. This is why stains are usually used on porous materials like wood that allow the stain to penetrate. Vinyl however is not a porous surface.

Vinyl is a hard-multilayered material made from recycled materials. Since vinyl is not porous, then the stain cant penetrate the vinyl floor and if stain cant penetrate, it wont stick or dry properly. Instead, the stain will turn into a tacky mess on the vinyl flooring that will gunk up your shoes and feet.

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What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Paints

There are many types of vinyl paints in the market. All have some same specs to help. But now, the problem comes when you have many options to choose from.

It should never trouble you. Each vinyl paint has its purpose and where to use it.

So, below are the styles of vinyl paints youll get in the market. Remember, you can get them in three classes:

  • Silk vinyl paint
  • Sheen vinyl paint
  • Matt vinyl paint

Silk and sheen are the best for most surfaces. Under these classes, you can get them in either gallons or vinyl spray paints. So, please read on to see what can be best for your vinyl floor, siding, or surface.


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