Blue Paint Colors For Bedrooms

General Finishes Milk Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Proclassic

5 Best Blue Paint Colors for Bedroom Accent Wall

For us, the real contest is General Finishes Milk Paint vs. Latex. For our latex paint, I picked a high persformance latex paint which is a water-based alklyd. It basically has a lot of the good properties of oil based paint like good coverage, lack of brush strucks and great durability. However, because it is a water-based product, it has easy clean up, low VOCs and is not flammable.

General Finishes Milk Paint is actually a latex paint but GF milk paint is an acrylic latex and Sherwin Williams proclassic is actually an waterborn aklyd latex. In other words, the difference is in the type of resins used.

Both require a primer in most cases and both are very durable, however, Sherwin Williams ProClassic hardens to a more durable finish as a cabinet paint. General Finishes Milk Paint would need a top coat if used on cabinets or other high-use pieces.

The General Finishes has less VOCs than most latex paints making it safer to use indoors around your family and pets.

General Finishes had much better coverage than the Sherwin Williams paint with using a roller. However, Sherwin Williams came out ahead when it came to smoothless.

In terms of cost, Sherwin Williams is almost $10 less a quart than General Finishes Milk Paint and has more color options available.

Best Neutral Colors For Bedrooms

No color is more classic than white or off-white. These shades are beautifully neutral and versatile, so they can either enhance your decor or fade into the background, depending on what you want them to do!

Choosing white paint can be deceptively complicated, so here are my top neutral white paint colors for bedrooms to make the process easier!

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is an off-white that has remained popular for a while now and isnt going anywhere thanks to its creamy appearance. It has slight yellow, green, and gray undertones making it read soft and inviting, as you can see on the board and batten in the bedroom below.

Pair it with Accessible Beige, Hale Navy, Storm, and Iron Mountain.

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Silver Satin is a stunning off-white with a silvery appearance and just a wink of purple undertones that peek through at times. It will read warm, creamy off-white in bright lighting, but darker, cooler lighting will reveal its silver tendencies.

Pair it with Cloud White, Gray Wisp, Glass Slipper, or Cumulus Cloud.

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

Shaker Beige is a warm, mid-toned beige that adds a cheerful, homey character to any room, so its one of my favorite bedroom paint colors. You want your bedroom to be homey, right? Trust this shade to create a warm and cozy timeless backdrop in a bedroom.

Pair it with Simply White, White Dove, Lush, or Goldenhurst.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White

Benjamin Moore Smoke Lrv: 5649

Benjamin Moore Smoke is one of the two blues that wasnt on my radar for great blue paint colors until after some of you recommended it. After seeing it in use, I am in LOVE! You can see it in action on the cabinetry in Jillian Harris amazing laundry room:

Its definitely a color Id love to try in my home maybe on my girls bathroom vanity?! You can find more pics and details of this beautiful laundry room on Jillians blog .

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Helpful Tools If You Are Going To Paint Yourself

Here are some painting tools that may come in handy if youre going to do the painting yourself. Also, be sure to check out my article on the Top 10 DIY Painting mistakes and how to avoid them. The products below can be found on Amazon and delivered straight to your door.

  • Painting brush this one costs a bit more, but its totally worth it. It will help you paint faster and more accurately. If youre going to paint yourself, dont skimp here. Incidentally, this is Amazons Choice as well.
  • Painters tape a must have. Use for all the trim as well as ceiling area
  • Paint roller kit this includes a tray. Use the brush for the edges and the roller for main areas of the wall .
  • Drop cloths Yes, youll need them for sure. Some people have some on hand, but often not enough if you are doing many rooms.

Do you need any paint shade fan decks?

Amazon can help with that. Its so much easier when you have the full color wheels and can see all of these in your own home .

Create An Elegant Finish With Painted Panels

Help! Which Bedroom Paint Color Would You Choose?

Whether your walls are tongue-and-grooved or paneled, or you’re creating your own DIY wall panels from lengths of MDF pinned and glued to the wall, painting it in an authentic, period shade , will give your bedroom an elegant, traditional appeal that’s rather smart, too.

Then all you have to do is choose contemporary furnishings and accessories for the perfect mix of old and new.

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The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

If you have dark room in your home, you may be wondering, What is the best color to use in a dark room?

Most commonly, the darkest rooms in your home are going to be the ones that dont have windows. This includes hallways, bathrooms, and basement rooms.

But once in a while, youll come across a room that has windows, but is just dark anyways. These rooms can have lots of trees outside blocking the sunlight, or are frequently northern facing.

In these instances, opening the blinds really doesnt help much.

If youre facing a situation where you have a dark room, keep reading to find out what paint colors will help brighten your space.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions, please see my disclaimer page.

The Spruce Blue Marlin Spr

The Spruce

For the perfect middle ground between barely there blues and deep color, we love The Spruce’s Blue Marlin. This medium blue has solid gray undertones and is perfect for nearly every bedroom style. We also like this muted blue for modern nurseries and children’s rooms, as it’s simple and soothing. It even can remain the perfect neutral canvas as the decor in the child’s room changes as they grow.

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Warm Neutrals Are Stand Out Interior Color Choices For Selling

Image: Joshua Smith

If youre planning on selling a home, 82% of experts feel that warm neutrals are the best choice for interiors. Warm neutrals have been the overall favorite color palette for interiors in 2022. Warm neutrals are often seen as a fresh canvas, and considered as both welcoming and safe color options. While some people may not love them, they are rarely turned off by them entirely. Its for this reason that while neutrals with bold colors are trending, its still not being recommended for those that are selling soon. A personal color preference that speaks to you may not speak to everyone.

Following warm neutrals, white is the next most recommended color by 61% of experts. White is often considered light, neutral, and clean. It makes a blank slate for the people moving in to put their own stamp on. It also works well in any space – dark spaces or small spaces can feel bigger and brighter with white paint. Cool neutrals are also recommended by 32% of experts for similar reasons these colors look good in small or dark homes, which can make these types of homes easier to sell.

While deep colors are beginning to trend this year, only 2% of experts feel you should use them if you plan on selling soon. This could change as dark or rich colors grow in popularity, but for now its best to use them only in homes you plan on staying in yourself.

Laura Muller

Four Point Design Build Inc.

Laura Muller

Four Point Design Build Inc.

Bracing Blue By Sherwin Williams

Paint the room Blue| Master Bedroom Makeover

Bracing Blue is an even deeper version of Daphne. Its a deep darkish color and often works well with a lot of white or as an accent wall. Its a deep dusty blue.

You can find a sample here.

Before I cover the final 7 bluish gray paint colors, I wanted to share a VERY helpful video from Sherwin Williams, with some quick and super useful DIY painting tips. Its just 2 minutes and covers types of brushes and painting techniques. Also, at the end of this article, I share the painting tools and accessories that we use .

Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn Painting tips for DIY homeowners

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Best Earthy Green: Ppg Paints Moss Point Green

The Spruce

Paint experts like Don Torrance at Paintzen say you should opt for cool colors over warm shades for bedrooms. This is because cool colors draw us inward, while warm colors encourage socializing. “Moss Point Green by PPG Paints is an excellent hue with zen-like qualities that lends itself to a refreshing night of sleep. It is also one of many earthy tones trending…for its comforting quality that brings the outdoors into your home,” says Torrance.

Benjamin Moore Santa Monica Blue 776

This paint color by Benjamin Moore just screams ocean vibes. It is a deep and saturated shade of blue that never fails to evoke thoughts of tropical coastlines and warm ocean breezes.

For an exotic style, choose vibrant shades in your color palette to accent against the blue, such as coral, chartreuse, and flamingo pink, or set the color against simple white and beige shades for a more beach-inspired look.

In a coastal-style bedroom, paint a shiplap feature wall in Santa Monica blue, and paint the remaining walls in pure, crisp white. Choose soft, ecru bed sheets and lampshades to add a casual feel to the space.

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Add Height With A Painted Dado Rail

Firstly, loving this all over pink. It’s perfect for a small bedroom as it almost blurs the edges of the room and alludes to the space being bigger.

The dado rail effect helps give the room height too, and you could really easily recreate this paint idea in your own space with any bedroom color. Just use masking tape to create your line and then use a slightly darker tone of the wall color above to create the subtle color block effect.

Magnolia Under The Stars

Bedroom Paint Color Trends for 2017

The Spruce

Bright, bold blues aren’t for everyone’s design tastes, but they can add depth and look endlessly sophisticated. Magnolia’s Under the Stars is a deep blue with green undertones that works beautifully in a bedroom, either on an accent wall or throughout the whole room. Pair this rich color with neutrals or pure white to keep your bedroom from feeling overwhelming or dark.

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What Color Should I Paint A Room With Little Natural Light

If you want to make a room look brighter, whites, off-whites, and pastels are going to be the best options.

These shades are light and bright.

Like all paint colors, youll need enough light in the space to make the paint color shine though. So, be sure to support these colors with artificial lighting if you dont have a lot of natural light.

Paint A Bedroom In A Pastel Pink

Pink is still a massive trend right now, but in interiors, we have moved past the slightly brighter millennial pink, towards softer, more blush pinks which we personally think are so much easier to decorate with.

Blush pinks are perfect for bedrooms because they instantly make a room feel more cozy and warm and just more inviting. This bedroom idea for women quickly upgrades a pretty princess space to a cool Queen scheme.

For a great pink paint for bedrooms try Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink .

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Top Paint Brands Color Of The Year 2023

2023s Colors of the Year look very different from the ones popular brands selected in 2022. While last year shades of green dominated the industry, this year the colors are much more diverse, as well as richer and more vibrant. This year sees just one shade of green – Vining Ivy selected by both PPG and its sister company Glidden. It also includes a creamy white – Behrs Blank Canvas – some cool and warm neutrals – Ivory Brown by Valspar and Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy, as well as some more daring colors. These bolder shades start with the saturated Redend Point that looks like a softer version of terracotta, and moves into the much richer Terra Rosa from Dunn Edwards and Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore.

One of the nice things about the various colors of the year for 2023 is that so many of them can be used with one another. Whether you choose one of the more neutral shades and go bold with an accent, or you make one of the bolder choices the main color of the room and pair it with Blank Canvas or Rustic Greige on the trim, these colors can all be used to help create that quickly rising color palette of neutrals with pops of color that is predicted to be popular this year.

Benjamin Moores color of the year Raspberry Blush is the perfect example of a color that inspires. We are spending more time at home. Our home environment should connect to us on a level that engages us.

Michelle Cortizo

Michelle Cortizo interiors

Michelle Cortizo

Colors That Match Lavender

5 Bedroom Paint Color Ideas That Will Inspire You

It cannot be denied that lavender is a calming and cooling shade that its often associated with luxury and royalty. When this color is integrated into your walls, it can amplify your creativity and imagination.

Easy to look at, lavender features different shades for you to work on. And from there, you can work on the color palette that you believe will look great for your bedroom.

There are so many colors you can pair lavender with that sometimes you can be overwhelmed and wont know where to start. The key though is to choose a style and personality first that you want your bedroom to have and then choose the colors that can create that effect.

To help you with your options, here are some of the most popular colors that go well with lavender.

Pink: Pink, similar to lavender, is a gentle and soft color. The difference though is that while lavender has a cool undertone, pink has a warm one. This creates a balance between these two subtle colors making them a perfect combination to try out.

You can go for baby pink for a more flowery, powdered, and soothing effect or bright pink for a vibrant addition to your room and brighten up your bedroom even if you dont have many windows for natural lighting.

Neutral Colors: You can never go wrong with neutral colors primarily due to their nature of blending well with other colors and this is the same thing when coupled with lavender.

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Gentle Gray By Benjamin Moore

Gentle Gray is a light gray blue with an aqua undertone. This color tends to shift based on lighting and the other elements in the room. Sometimes it looks more gray, other times more blue and other times it looks like a dusty aqua. The grays make it look more upscale and sophisticated than a typical aqua.

Would you like to see this color in your own room? If so, you can get a sample here.

People Are Willing To Go All

Image: Deborah DiMare, DiMare Design

DiMare Design

When it comes to introducing new colors into the home in 2023, most experts recommend that you simply paint the whole room a new color. Doing this can have the biggest impact on a space, changing the way that it looks and feels.

Following right behind this trend is using new colors in textiles, of which 44% of experts said would be most popular. This can be a way to incorporate more than one color into a home, or a way to incorporate some bolder shades if you dont want to commit to them on the wall. Wallpapering the entire room rounds out the top three choices with 36% of industry professionals believing it would be how most homeowners will opt to introduce a new color. Given the popularity of wallpaper, this makes sense if you find a print or pattern that you love, covering the entire room will have a similar effect to painting it.

Experts also agree that furniture and wallpapering an accent wall are also great ways to include new color in a design. Both of these options can be an interesting way to introduce something bold to the room. A brightly colored furniture piece or a bold, bright wallpaper on an accent wall can quickly draw the eye, letting them take center stage in the room.

The ceiling is seldom treated as an accent wall. As interior design creativity continues to be stretched and challenged I think the ceiling will become the element that takes a space from great to spectacular.

Christopher Charles Evans

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Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Lrv: 6117

Palladian Blue has been on my must-try-some-day list for front door colors its a gorgeous soft greenish blue . Laura of Laura Murphy Interiors painted the front door of her beautiful home with Palladian Blue and I couldnt love it more:

Follow Laura on

As a reminder, the same paint color in your home wont necessarily look exactly like it does in someone elses home. Get samples of a few favorites and paint them on poster board or use Samplize peel and stick paint samples to see how they look in the room that youll be painting. The amount of light, the direction your room faces, and the furnishings in the room can all have a big impact on how a paint color looks and its best to find that out by sampling your paint color instead of realizing it once youve painting an entire room.

Do you have a favorite from my list of 8 or is your favorite one that didnt appear in my post? Id love to hear! If you enjoyed this post and want to get details on other tried and true paint colors, these are two great posts to check out:


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