Blue Gray Paint Benjamin Moore

North Star By Sherwin Williams


North Star is more of a cool gray with pale blue undertones. Its a very neutral color, so it works well for more masculine decor. I love it with dark hardwood floors and a light/white area rug.

5. Granite Peak by Sherwin Williams

Granite Peak is a dark gray with blue mixed in and some super subtle green undertones. Its a deep grayish blue that is perfect for accent walls, powder or media rooms. It really adds drama to your space.

What Other Paint Colors Do You Recommend

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Mineral Alloy By Benjamin Moore

Mineral Alloy is a darker gray blue. As the name implies, it looks like a metal color. Its part of their classics line and I see it most often bedrooms as its on the darker gray/blue sideso its one of those colors that relaxes you and helps you fall asleep faster.

Need a sample? You can find a sample here.

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What Is Blue Gray Paint Color What Does That Really Mean

I consider blue gray to be primarily a blue color with gray undertones . So they are more like dusty blues. But, there are some others that believe its more of a gray color with cool blue undertones. The truth is there is a range of color expectations when someone say blue gray or bluish gray or grayish blue. So, I always need to double check with customers to probe what they really mean.

The best way to do this is show them color swatches and have them react. Did they mean something like this, or did they want something more blue or more gray .

For that reason, Im going to share a wide range of blue grays ones that are more gray, ones that are more blue, lighter ones and darker ones. i want to stress that there is no wrong answer hereits more a matter of what you prefer. All of these colors can work pending on your style and purpose. And, dont forget that some of these colors can be used as accent walls (rather than all four walls. The world is your oyster.

Benjamin Moore Evening Dove

Best farmhouse country blue gray paint colour, Benjamin Moore Wedgewood ...

Evening Dove is another blue gray color that leans almost to violet. I say almost because it only looks violet against the more green blue-grays, I dont think it looks violet on its own.

It reminds me a lot of the ever popular Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore.

Evening Dove vs Hale Navy

Lets compare Evening Dove with Hale Navy, in a battle of dark smoky blues!

Can I say that I prefer Evening Dove? Its so hard to choose!

For the purpose of this article, which is to find blue grays, I think Evening Dove has a more smoky look than Hale Navy.

Evening Dove vs Blue Note

Tossing its hat into the ring is Benjamin Moore Blue Note.

Blue Note might be just a touch darker than Evening Dove, and where Evening Dove is warm blue-violet, Blue Note is warm blue-green.

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A Round Up Of The 9 Best Blue Grey Paint Colors Recommended By Designers With Ideas For The Best Rooms In The House To Use Them

We just finished painting the playroom with the sweetest blue grey paint color and I can already envision this precious space coming together for the girls!

This is the final color of the Blesser House Paint Color Collection with Romabio that we named Carolina Sky after our favorite place in the world famous for its soft blue.

We live right on the North Carolina / South Carolina border, so this color always reminds us of home.

This blue grey paint is juuuuust vibrant enough without being overwhelming and creates a feeling of calm

How To Find The Perfect Gray Paint

What is the perfect gray?Its a question we get regularly.

Given the wide range of undertones in gray paint colors, choosing a gray can be daunting. Cement Gray 2112-60, Gray Owl OC-52 and Coventry Gray HC-169 are three of our favorite recommendations.

Livable in most lighting conditions, these colors work in any room, including living rooms and bedrooms, where gray is one of the most popular paint color choices.

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Warm Blue Gray Paint Colors

Its generally accepted that both blue and gray are cool toned colors, but what if you want to paint your house a blue-gray AND have it be a cozy welcoming place?

Good news!

Colors, like a lot of things in life, are all relative. First I will explain my logic briefly, and then Ill share some blue gray colors that I think are warm and inviting.

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Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

Unmatchable: Grow on Us, Van Deusen Blue Paint Color | Benjamin Moore

One of the deepest gray blue colors on this list, Morning Fog reads as a cool, calming gray in most lighting situations. Its got an LRV of 42, so use it sparingly or in a room with lots of natural lighting.

Pros: Even though it reads as very much a gray color, its still a cooler blue than many of the comparable options at this LRV.

Cons: This one is quite dark, so be careful of your light sources and be sure to test it at night.

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What Is The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Color

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

  • Gray Owl. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is a light gray paint color with soft green undertones.
  • Stonington Gray. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is a light to mid-tone gray paint color that has soft blue and green undertones.
  • Chelsea Gray. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray is a darker gray paint color.

Blue Gray Paint Colors

But, before I dive into the world of blue gray colors, I want to hit ya with a few fun facts. I mean who doesnt love a fun fact from time to time?

According to Wikipedia,

  • Blue-grey is a medium bluish-gray color. Another name for this color is livid this color name comes from the Latin color term lividus meaning a dull leaden-blue color, and also used to describe the color of contused flesh, leading to the English expression black and blue’.
  • There is a range of colors called livid colors that combine the colors blue and gray. Some of these colors are shown below.
  • Livid is the opposite concept from brown. Brown colors are mainly dark orange and dark red colorswarm colors on the warm color side of the color wheel, while blue-gray colors are mainly dark blue and dark azure colorscolors on the opposite side of the color wheelcool colors on the cool color side of the color wheel.
  • The first recorded use of livid as a color name in English was in 1622.
  • Blue-gray was a Crayola crayon color from 1958 to 1990.

Out of all these facts, the only one I knew was the crayon one. And Im actually curious why they stopped making it in 1990. Anyone else?

Want to paint like a true professional?

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Sherwin Williams Rock Candy

This is a pastel gray blue color that showcases some more purple undertones. Its an icy color that is beautiful with lots of natural light, with one of the highest LRVs on this list- 75!

Pros: Very light and in many lighting situations, wont have much contrast from your trim.

Cons: The purple background can be complex to work with. Be sure to try this color against your trim and look at it throughout the day!

What Rooms Are Best To Use These Colors In

B Moore

The bluer colors work best in bedrooms, bathrooms and nurseries. The grayer shades are better for the other rooms of your home.

Any of the shades would work for a stunning cabinet color. Get creative! Paint your bathroom vanity, kitchen island or laundry room cabinets for a a pretty pop of color against a neutral background.

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Best Benjamin Moore Blue Paint Colors

Now comes one of the most interesting topics to talk about!

Here are some of the popular and handpicked best Benjamin Moore blue paint colors to choose from.

Benjamin Moore offers tremendous options for blue paint colors in a variety of undertones and vibes.

So, let me proceed with the popular ones and then my absolute personal favorites.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

BM Classic Gray CC-23

Classic Gray is a pale gray that is just a hint more saturated than off-white. This greige-leaning gray has neither blue nor green undertones, so it will remain firmly neutral in all types of lighting. Classic Gray makes its strongest showing in a room that isnt flooded with bright daylight that can wash it out. Pair warm grays with white trim or wainscoting for a soft contrast. One of our favorite Benjamin Moore grays, Classic Gray will change throughout the day as the natural light changes, so be sure to test a sample in your space.

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No 5 Benjamin Moore Solitude

As we venture into the medium blue-grays, Benjamin Moores Solitude is one to talk about. This paint color has a touch more blue in it than some of the others on my list, but enough gray in it to still keep it refined and relaxing. Its a beautiful, classic, popular paint color from Benjamin Moore, and worth a sample, for sure. Get your peel-and-stick sample of BM Solitude HERE.

The Magic Of Undertones In Blues

Blue Colour Combination Benjamin Moore Paints

The reason why each of the above-mentioned blue paint colors appears differently is due to the undertones.

Undertones always have a major role to play in defining the style and vibe of a color.

And at the same time, this is the factor that differentiates all the blue paint colors.

A blue paint color with deep green undertones will feel more warm, eclectic, and quirky.

At the same time, a blue paint color with deep navy undertones will feel more crisp, refined, and modern.

Theres another light blue with minty undertones that makes this color appear airy and spacious.

Ah, the ultimate magic of undertones!

But mostly, every blue will make your space feel calmer, relaxed, tranquilized, comfortable, and larger.

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Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green

Okay, so I know its in the name, but Narragansett Green isnt truly green. Thats not just my opinion, I checked it out and it is squarely in the cyan range.

Isnt it gorgeous?

Narragansett Green would actually be a great neutral for all kinds of other colors, because its such an ambiguous gray.

Narragansett Green vs Newburg Green

Newburg Green is another not-actually-green color. Its basically the same as Narragansett Green, but lighter and slightly less gray. Its still in the same general cyan range.

Narragansett Green vs Sherwin Williams Narragansett Navy

If you read more from me you will know that I always like to compare colors of the same name when they come up.

Its usually a battle between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, and its funny, but often the colors arent the same at all!

First of all, I am nothing if not curious: Narragansett is a town in Rhode Island, and a tribe of Native American people.

So the name is not indicative of a particular color.

Narragansett Navy is a true navy color, with basically no gray and no obvious undertones.

This is why Narragansett Green and Newburg Green suddenly do look green. Its because they are green, in comparison to a color that is strictly true blue.

Why Are Blue Gray Paint Colors Popular

Blue is a soothing color, but can lean juvenile or pastel if not mixed with gray tones. So, a true blue gray paint color will be soothing, calming and versatile when chosen for a home.

Blue and white is a classic color combination, so white trim and blue walls are a no-fail color choice. These colors work really well in bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue gray is a great color for cabinetry and even kitchens and laundry rooms!

A boys room looks wonderful in a blue gray paint color, too. So, you have a ton of solid choices when adding one of these beautiful colors to your home!

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Gorgeous Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Calm Interiors

If you are sprucing up things around your home, maybe these ideas will help. Today, well consider a handful of Gorgeous Light Blue Grey Paint Colors for Calm Interiors. These quieter, sophisticated paint colors have earned accolades from happy home decorators as well as designers and are worth contemplating.

BEHR Cumberland Fog

I independently selected products in this postif you buy from one of my links, I may earn a commission.

A Collection Of The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors Along With Examples In Real Homes There Are So Many Beautiful Serene Options That Work Well For Walls Doors And More

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Grey Dining Room

Todays post is an exciting one! Im finally sharing our freshly painted interior front door along with the best blue gray paint color options! I spent a lot of time researching the perfect blue gray paint color to use, and I think I found a winner for our home. But, because natural lighting can play such a huge factor in how a color looks in a home, Im sharing my other top picks for you, as well!

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Light Blue Gray Paint Colors

LRV 45-100

Smoke by Benjamin Moore

This color tips more towards gray, with bold blue undertones shining through. Smoke just cant be beaten it works in every room of the house, pairing well with just about any accent color.

Gentle Gray by Benjamin Moore

Doesnt this feel like a hug from your favorite aunt? Its very versatile, it pairs well with most colors, carrying an aqua undertone. I find many aquas dont often feel sophisticated, but the gray side to this tone gives it that elevated feeling. Make sure to swatch this one on your wall before committing, as it can look different depending on the lighting.

Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore

I cant describe it any better than the BM Website does, A silvery shimmer characterizes this very pale shade of whisper-soft blue. Delicate and light, it relies on a generous amount of gray to achieve its misty quality. Its perfection!

Gray Sky by Benjamin Moore

On the verge of feeling like a pastel, Gray Sky feels icier and cooler in a room rather than warm and bright like a pastel. While light, it does not fade away in the background of a room like other lighter, neutral colors might. In fact, it holds quite a bit of saturation despite its lighter color and grey undertones.

Do you have any of these gray blue paint colors in your home? I would love to know how they turn out in real-life home examples.


Where Can You Use Them

The beauty of blue-gray paint colors is that you can use them in just about any space, just like neutral paint colors.

Use blue-gray paint colors on the exterior of your home.

The exterior of the home is one of the best places to use a darker blue gray paint color. It will make a dramatic statement without going overboard. And because the exterior of the home is outside and has more square footage to cover, it can handle a darker shade.

Blue-gray paint colors in the bedroom.

In my opinion, the bedroom is the optimal place to use these colors. Since blue promotes calmness and relaxation, its perfect for a bedroom. Blue grays are great because they have a bit of color to them while being on the neutral side. And that makes sense for a bedroom paint color since you dont want your paint to be overly colorful or vibrant.

Try a blue-gray in the bathroom.

The bathroom is another room where you want to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere. Again, blue is a color that is peaceful and calming. Bringing in a lighter blue-gray paint color will add a neutral softness to the room.

What about the kitchen?

Id think twice before painting your entire kitchen blue. According to a study published in Appetite, people tended to drink and eat more when they were using blue cups and plates. I find this fascinating.

I mean Im not sure how relevant this is to paint colors in your kitchen. But it is still something to think about.

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Benjamin Moore Morning Dew

BM Morning Dew 1493

Morning Dew is part of Benjamin Moore paint colors 2022 Color Palette. Its a soft, serene gray with visible green undertones, but very few blue tones. Its a soothing shade thats versatile enough to coordinate with both pastel and bold colors. Play up its complex undertones with warm wood furnishings and silver accents. While it may appear to be the palest green, this is a soft gray that changes with the light and looks beautiful in large, airy spaces. Pair Morning Dew with a creamy white for timeless cottage style.


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