Best White Paint For Interior Doors

Clean The Door Thoroughly

How to Paint an Interior Door – White

Before you go to paint an interior door you’re going to want to make sure your surface is prepared for paint. If it’s the first coat it’s as easy as giving it a really thorough scrub down.

For this part I used a mop bucket with warm water, a scrubby sponge, dawn dish soap, and my homemade all-purpose cleaner .

  • Scrub everything very thoroughly, ensuring you’re getting into any recessed areas.
  • Then dry with a clean dry rag.
  • Let it sit and dry thoroughly for 10-15 minutes before applying paint.
  • Tips For Choosing The Perfect White Paint

    • Paint a large swatch of your shortlisted colours on the wall immediately all is revealed about their differences and their nuances. Ensure you look at the painted swatches in the morning, the afternoon and at night to see how the colour changes under different light conditions.
    • We only put Dulux tint into a Dulux paint, otherwise you are taking a gamble with the outcome if you mix and match tints and brands.

    The Best Trim Paint: The Perfect White Paint Color For Trim And Baseboards

    Why choose a white shade? Is this really the best choice?

    Is there a bad color?

    The top choices for are the three white trim colors mentioned today:

    • White Dove by Benjamin Moore
    • White by Benjamin Moore

    This holds true even if your walls are white -these three all still all a great option.

    However, you obviously do not have to choose a white color.

    Is there a bad color?

    The short answer is NO!

    Ive seen everything from white walls with contrasting high gloss black trim to bright yellow rooms with matching trim.

    To further illustrate this point, Ive included a photo of our powder room, with its black high gloss paint trim,- seen below.

    Since the majority of our homes interior trim is in fact painted white, Ive dedicated this post on the three best white paint choices for trim.

    But, I did want to mention, at the end of the day the sky is of course the limit when it comes to paint choices

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    What Type Of Paint Sheen Is Best

    The more sheen, the more durable the paint, so typically semi-gloss is most commonly used for trim. However, in my personal home, I opted for satin because I dont like the shiny look and I dont have a problem cleaning it and it has held up well. A satin finish hides imperfections much better than a semi-gloss as well, and for our trim that was for an older home that needed nail holes filled, it hides so much better.

    My # favorite color is Pure White of course because thats what I used in my own home but it truly depends on your preference and the other colors in your home!

    Sherwin Williams sells quarts of paint and I always buy a quart and test the color before I buy the full gallon. You can even order 8.5×11 sheets of paint samples that peel and stick to your wall. How easy is that?!

    Best Paints For Interior Doors And Trim

    This is How to Choose the Right White Paint, According to Designers ...

    Here are the best paints available for interior doors:

    Diamond Brite Paint 31000 Easy to apply with brush, roller, or even sprayer and 6-8 hours drying time.

    Glidden Premium HDGWN52D A budget-friendly version with the same quality as expensive paint

    Rust-Oleums 7798502 Rust and corrosion resistant Perfect for all surfaces including wood, concrete, masonry, metal, etc.

    KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Dries in about 30 minutes and can be used over old doors before you repaint.

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    What Are The Best Baseboard Colors For White Walls

    Now we get to the question What color do I paint my baseboards and trim if I have white walls? This is something that always throws everyone off. But it shouldnt.

    If you have white walls, paint your trim and baseboards the same white color as your walls. I know it sounds boring and it seems like there will be no distinction from the walls to the trim. However, thats certainly not the case here.

    The way to use the same white paint color on your walls and trim is by using different sheens /finishes. Lets say you painted your walls with Sherwin Williams Alabaster in a flat/matte finish. For the trim color, use Alabaster in a semi-gloss finish.

    The two finishes handle light differently. The flat or matte sheen will diffuse light whereas, the semi-gloss will reflect the light. The different sheen allows the same paint color to look different.

    I also recommend using the same white on the ceilings as well. Mixing whites is a challenging task and if you get it wrong, it will be very wrong. Keep it simple and stick to one white paint color for walls trim, baseboards, and ceilings.

    Dont start painting until you have the right tools!

    Properties And Purpose Of Environmentally Friendly Paint For Doors

    It is undesirable to repaint the interior doors several times. That is because the layers on the end surface prevent the door from entering the door frame tightly and closing fully.

    Therefore, it is important to immediately decide what kind of paint for the doors to choose. It will ensure you do not have to repaint soon.

    It is better to choose an expensive, but high-quality environmentally friendly dye without odor for specific rooms. They include cottage and utility rooms, and bedrooms.. Painting is done only on primer, which not only promotes perfect adhesion, but also equalizes small irregularities and microcracks in the wood.

    Environmentally friendly paint for doors of imported production is an ideal solution for internal works. This option is suitable for:

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    Crown Quick Dry Satin

    Crowns quick-drying Satin is a great choice for a good value, durable paint with a great lasting finish. Once dry, the colour is a bold and bright white with a mid sheen satin finish, perfect for encouraging extra light into a room or hallway. Its resistant to yellowing to keep it looking brighter for longer, and can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    Its also been formulate by Crown to be exceptionally low-odour its a water-based paint that is completely free of solvents. As its water-based, its dry to the touch in around an hour, and needs 6 hours between coats if more than one is necessary. Coming as standard in a 2.5 litre tin also makes it very good value for money, that when paired with the other great features, makes it hard to beat.

    Remove Your Door Hardware

    The Best White Paint Colors for Trim

    For this step, you’ll need a Philips Screw Driver or Drill and Philips bit, and a Ziploc Bag .

    If your door is fresh from the hardware store you can skip this step.

    However, if you’re giving an old door a fresh coat of paint keep reading.

    You may choose to keep your door installed, so you would keep the hinges on and simply use painter’s tape to cover them. Use a utility knife to cut around the tape-covered hinges.

    However, for a professional look you will want to remove your door knobs vs just covering them in tape. Place all hardware in the quart size Ziploc bag including knobs, screws, etc.

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    Final Thoughts The Best White Paint Colors For Trim & Baseboards

    When it comes to trim, baseboards, doors, moldings, etc. a white paint color is the most popular choice. It provides a beautiful contrast to the wall color, really making it pop. Not all white paint colors are created equally so before you decide on one for your trim, you need to access the situation of your room.

    For example, do you have a lot of warm tone finishes and decor or are they cool toned? Knowing the tones you are working with to start will help you choose the best white paint for your trim.

    I have to say Im a sucker for a crisp and bright white trim. I feel as though a white trim paint color provides the room with a fresh and clean feel. I think that if you are looking for the best white for your trim, you should definitely consider looking at one of these 8 brilliant white paints.

    As always, test your paint colors! The color you see on the computer screen is not an exact representation of the paint color in real life. Sampling paint colors is the absolute easiest way to see how the color looks in your home and it will help you avoid costly mistakes.


    Sherwin Williams Extra White

    Sherwin Williams Extra White paint is what we have on all of our trim in our house. Up against our Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls, you can tell theres a difference, but it still looks like a clean, bright white.

    We also painted our upper kitchen cabinets with Sherwin Williams Extra White and it feels way more of a stark white as a color when you use it elsewhere other than trim.

    It has a subtle sheen that creates a glow from any angle while also maintaining a true white hue. At 45%, the pigment ratio is a bit higher than that of other options.

    Skrrrrt. Wait just a minute.

    What is a paint pigment ratio?

    A paint pigment ratio is a bit different than the LRV which I talked about when I was sharing all about us using Sherwin Williams Alabaster in nearly every room in our house.

    The paint pigment ratio is the proportion of pigment in a particular color. Its best to have a high pigment ratio for best coverage and best quality when using this type of paint for your trim work.

    When comparing best white paint for trim, dont forget to consider gloss level as well.

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    The 3 Best White Trim Paint Colors

    I cant believe in all these years I have never written a post on how to choose the perfect white paint color for trim throughout your home. Its real easy for me and my clients because from my experience, there are only 3 whites that I use, love and recommend to my clients for painting trim. Today I wanted to share with you guys which colors I think are the 3 best white trim paint colors and explain why we only work with these colors.

    Over the years, I have tried all of the popular white trim paint colors that Im sure you guys have all heard of including Benjamin Moore Dove White, Benjamin Moore Cloud White, ect.. When I moved into my home back in 2000, all of our trim was painted Sherwin Williams Dover White. Back 10-20 years ago, every contractor and designer was using Dover White for the main trim color. Even to this day, I still see home builders using Dover White on trim.

    The Quickest Way To Update Any Room Is Paint: This Includes The Doors

    Pin on i.d.: entries

    When it comes to painting doors, interior will require a different strategy than exterior doors. But it still remains one of the quickest, simplest, and most cost effective ways to make a huge difference in an area.

    For example: a front door would require an exterior paint. But for a pantry door, closet doors, a laundry room door, bedroom, or any other interior door follow the recommendations below.

    Another great way to update a flat door, panel door, or wooden door is to buy new hardware.

    But real quick, let’s discuss the two best ways to start this entire project.

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    Sanctuary Sw 9583 Sherwin

    Sanctuary from Sherwin-Williams is a warm, welcoming shade designed to evoke calm. “It has just a touch of gray, giving it a soothing effect that’s perfect for a relaxing space like a living room or bedroom,” Wadden says. “If you want your space to feel even more Zen, pair it with greenery and natural materials like wood and stone.”

    A Note On Color Matching

    I’m a big proponent of color matching. If you only have a Benjamin Moore Store nearby but want a Sherwin Williams color, they will color match it for you. And vice versa.

    However, I do not recommend color matching white paint. The base formula, the “white” that the paint formula starts with varies greatly between the two brands. Sherwin Williams’ whites are much whiter, so mixing and matching between the two will not get you an accurate result. Other paint colors come out just fine , but don’t color match the whites!

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    Johnstones Quick Dry Satin

    Johnstones interior-specific satin paint is offered in a selection of 10 different hues ranging from lights to darks via creams and pinks, meaning that theres bound to be a shade out there that perfectly complements your household aesthetic. The satin finish, sitting neatly in the middle between matt and gloss, is bold and hard-wearing. This is especially important for doors, as such high traffic surfaces in the home.

    Johnstones paint is touch dry in only around 2 hours, thanks in no small part to being a water-based paint. This water base also ensures that the paint remains very low odour and additionally super simple to just wipe clean. Naturally, then, this means that your doors are going to be looking their best for a very long time, saving you time in re-coating them down the line. Johnstones are also notable for their value for money this paint comes in at 1.25 and 2.5 litre volumes for a very competitive price.

    Valspar Cabinet Enamel In Black Satin

    How to paint interior doors

    One of the most popular paints for painting interior doors and trim, Valspar Cabinet Enamel has a ton of color options and finishes.

    The black satin finish has a slight sheen and is super durable. It does have a slight odor but its nothing like the smell of oil-based paint. I love using this on cabinets and furniture as well as doors!

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    What Color Should Doors Be Painted

    ‘The color you paint your doors is a personal choice, and is dependant on the atmosphere you wish to create in your home,’ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative director, Little Greene .

    ‘To create impact, opt to use one color across both walls and woodwork for a statement finish.

    ‘If opting for a traditional white on a door, consider painting skirting and woodwork, almost framing the door, in a darker color such as Lamp Black which will define the space.’

    If you’re a fan of maximalism in interior design, a lovely idea is to use bold wallpaper on the walls, and then pick out an accent color from the print to paint the doors and trims with. This will make a coordinating contrast and add a joyful shot of color.

    Paint Finish For Interior Doors

    Interior doors take a lot of use worse than any other surface of your home. As such, the sheen you choose should stand up to the years and not show it.

    Semigloss is the best paint finish for interior doors and trim. The reason being, semi-gloss can take up quite an abuse and stand up to nicks and scrapes better than any other sheen, flat or eggshell finish.

    The large surfaces gather dust just like your furniture. So, make sure that the paint is easier to clean and hold better with frequent cleaning.

    The glossy sheen of the paint makes it easier for the architectural details of the trims and the doors to stand up against the relatively flat nature of the walls.

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    Avoid Paints With Strong Odors

    It is not uncommon for people to put off repairs and put up with the appearance of an old door. That is because they do not want to deal with the caustic smells of chemicals.

    For example, if there are small children in the house or allergy sufferers, you do not want to have problems. For example, because of a possible reaction of the body to a solvent or reactive component.

    Today there is no need to postpone repair with this choice of building materials. The reason is there is an excellent solution paint for the door without smell.

    The 3 Best White Paint Colors To Use For Trim Doors And Baseboards:

    [New] The 10 Best Home Decor (with Pictures)

    This post was recently updated on November 8th, 2020.

    What are the best white paint colors for trim and baseboards?

    This is one of the most popular questions I get asked around here!

    So today Im sharing my top three favorite white paint colors to use on your trim and baseboards.

    In other words, these are the best white paint colors for trim that weve used again and again.

    Tried, true and tested door and trim paint!

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    Sherwin Williams Extra White Sw 7006

    LRV: 86

    Sherwin Williams Extra White is my number one favorite choice for any type of trim work. This white is considered to be a cool white. There is no warmth in it. It actually has a very slight hint of blue in it. Dont worry, you cannot see the blue at all. Its such a versatile white shade for trim because it honestly works well with all paint colors including true white and off-white walls.

    I have used Extra White on the trim, baseboards, and crown molding throughout my entire home. For reference, the paint colors I used on the walls are BM White Dove, SW Repose Gray, SW Alabaster, and BM Moonshine.

    If you want a clean crisp white for your trim or baseboards, SW Extra White is a great option.


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