Best White Paint For Exterior Of House

Warm V Cool Hue White Paints

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

The next element to consider is if you want a warm or cool hue to your exterior.

Warm colors pull orange, yellow, or red undertones, while cool colors pull green, blue, or purple undertones.

Stark whites are often considered a best exterior white paint because the cool hue relates to natural colors well.

Blue sky, green grass, and green landscaping all work well with cool hue paints.

Cool whites feel more modern, classic and fresh.

Conversely, warm whites feel more cozy, relaxed and timeless.

Best Color Selection: Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell Paint

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 480 square feet | Color: Varies | Finish: Eggshell

  • Ships from the U.K.

Farrow & Ball is known for its rich, beautiful paint colors. Its Exterior Eggshell paint is available in 148 colors, which means you’re likely to match the hue you’re looking for. This exterior paint is made from a flexible resin-rich formula that expands and contracts with the weather to prevent flaking, peeling, and fading for years. It has a 20 percent sheen for a silky finish. The water-based formula is quick-drying with minimal VOCs. It resists water, fungus, and algae growth. The only downside is that Farrow & Ball paint is expensive The cost can add up quickly if youre painting a large home.

Smart Process For Getting The Right White

Even when you decide itll be white, good gracious, there are a ton of choices. And if youre painting over brick!?! You want to get that white soooooo right, am I right? Start by viewing photos online of homes where the color is supplied such as those in my archives.

Probably the most important advice I can leave you with here is to not fall in love with a paint colors name or a particular exterior color in a photo that charms your pants off.

Why stay open and not choose based on one photo?

BM Balboa Mist

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// Eider White By Sherwin Williams

When off-white colors start leaning into grays, something to look for is a purple or pink undertone. If youve used a purple under-toned gray paint without realizing it, the result can be quite shocking. The lighting of your home and your exterior accents can definitely make a grayish off-white look purple. Eider White by Sherwin Williams is one of those colors you should be cautious of if you dont like purple undertones. Its a cooler white with an LRV of 73 and pairs well with aqua and blue, as well as cooler greige tones and brown.

Olympic Mountains By Benjamin Moore

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

Olympic Mountains is very similar to Shoji White, in that its a very well-balanced off-white, with similar coloring. However, it has the lowest LRV on this list at just under 72, so it could almost be considered a very light beige. Its so light of a beige that it will read like a soft, creamy white, and its gray undertones will keep it subtle and fresh for todays more muted looks.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Olympic Mountains HERE.

Designed by: Frusterio Design | Image Source: One Kindesign

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Best White Paint Colors For Exterior Of House

Do you want to transform the appearance of your homes exterior? There are many white paint colors available on the Sherwin Williams Colorwheel, but we are here to present to you the top 10 BEST white paint colors to use for the exterior of your house. These different shades of white give a refreshed look to your home.

In this top 10 paint color list, you might find it confusing to choose the best white paint color for the exterior of your home. It is worth mentioning that even if all the colors are white, the shade will vary. Therefore, careful observation is a must to avoid any confusion. This top 10 guide will help you to choose the best Sherwin Williams white paint colors:

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Spruce Up The Exterior To Sell

Like the hues you choose for indoor spaces, exterior house colors should be ones that put a smile on your face day after day. That said, if you’re planning to put your house on the market in the near future, the wise course is to consider which exterior paint colors are going to attract the most buyers.

“Neutral and traditional colors are a good bet if you are going to paint your home’s exterior to get it ready to sell,” says Elizabeth Mendenhall, a realtor in Columbia, Missouri, and a former president of the National Association of Realtors. “You want a look that is warm and inviting. Unique colors may turn away some potential buyers.” If you’re painting for resale, consider these 12 exterior house paint colors with undeniable curb appeal.

White Dove By Benjamin Moore

Before You Paint Your House’s Exterior White…

White Dove is the brightest white on this list with an LRV of 85, and is a popular choice for a beautiful, pure white exterior. If you compared it to true white, however, youd see that White Dove is actually a soft, warm white with a hint of gray, which makes it one of the most beloved whites amongst designers for both interiors and exteriors. Go with White Dove if you have a house that gets lots of shade, and/or you want that crisp and clean white look.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM White Dove HERE.

Source: J-Taylor Designs

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Sherwin Williams Pure White

With Sherwin Williams Pure White, you might be thinking that this white paint color will give a completely white look to your home exterior, while it is a bright white paint, it is not excessively stark, you will not get the appearance of odd white. Instead, it will offer a clean look that does not appear too white. Pure White SW 7005 is perfect if you want your homes exterior to appear brighter, as this paint color can make your home pop and really impress new home buyers if youre deciding to sell the house.

Simplify Your Search For Less Stress

Youre going to see LRV mentioned below, and no need to sweat it. Those letters stand for Light Reflectance Value, and the number is the percentage of light a paint color reflects . No need to get worked up about LRV or understand much about undertones if you simply take this advice:


BM Balboa Mist

Should you not be able to decide between two whites that appear equally awesome, sometimes the answer is to have them mixed 50/50 for a custom white all your own. I did this for garage doors on our former home. Trying to match the siding, I couldnt decide between Farrow & Balls Cornforth White and Hardwick White. In the end, I used them 50/50 and the custom shade was just right.

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Sherwin Williams Extra White Sw 7006

LRV: 86

Sherwin Williams Extra White is my number one favorite choice for any type of trim work. This white is considered to be a cool white. There is no warmth in it. It actually has a very slight hint of blue in it. Dont worry, you cannot see the blue at all. Its such a versatile white shade for trim because it honestly works well with all paint colors including true white and off-white walls.

I have used Extra White on the trim, baseboards, and crown molding throughout my entire home. For reference, the paint colors I used on the walls are BM White Dove, SW Repose Gray, SW Alabaster, and BM Moonshine.

If you want a clean crisp white for your trim or baseboards, SW Extra White is a great option.

The 17 Best Exterior White Paint Shades For Your Home

The Best White Exterior Paint Colors For Your House In 2021

Choosing to paint the exterior of your house white may seem simple, but white is more complicated than you might at first think. White paint comes in many shades and tones, and some colors that look wonderful indoors are too bright for an exterior.

Dont worry if this seems complicated, were here to help you find the best exterior white paint for your project!

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Best For Brick: Romabio Bianco White Limewash Interior/exterior Paint

Courtesy of Home Depot

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 200-450 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Matte

  • Variable coverage per gallon

  • Application process might be confusing

Painting the exterior of brick homes is a popular trend. If youre hoping to transform your masonry, the ROMABIO Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint is specially designed for the job. This product is an authentic slaked-lime paint that allows brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces to breathe, reducing moisture build-up. Its UV-resistant and durable, resisting peeling and chipping.

This zero-VOC formula has a flat finish that emulates the natural limewash look of historic Europe. You can use a garden hose or spray bottle after painting to achieve this style. One gallon covers up to around 450 square feet and dries in 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the conditions.

The Region The House Lives In Is Important

A white in the sunny Southeast or Southwest of the U.S. will look different than in the NW or NE. Bright sun washes out color so in tropical/arid climates some might feel a house needs more color and more saturated color at that.

Amy Krane Color

Look how different the white of this farm house looks from the first white house above. The first house is brighter and colder. It creates a more stark impression in the bright sunlight. The white of this house is softer and more compatible with the decorative flourishes and well lived in personality of the house. This home is Benjamin Moores Vanilla Milkshake. When considering whites make absolutely sure not to choose or even evaluate the color from a photo or what you see online and be sure to weigh its appropriateness outdoors to fully appreciate how all the ambient natural light will affect the color. Just because you liked a paint color you saw on does not mean it will look the same in your environment or you will like it in the real world. Test, test, test your choices on the house itself. Its too big of an investment to just guess and hope.

MJ Larkin

This newly built modern farmhouse is also a soft creamy white Benjamin Moores Swiss Coffee. The creaminess of the white makes the building really approachable. Because its not a cold, stark white there is less contrast and shadow created by the board and batten.

Maison de Cinq

Amy Woolf Color & Design

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The Houses Architecture Is Important

Is the home historical? Styles like Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Carpenter Gothic are a few which historically were painted white . Is it an old farmhouse? Is the cladding board and batten, is it wood clapboard? Are there many decorative details? The answers to these questions might influence which white you choose. And of course, personal taste always rules.

Where Should I Place The White Trim Color

Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

The cultural convention is that white trim should be painted on window trim, garage door trim, front and side door trim, and the roofline . Keep the roofline color the same throughout the house to unify the color scheme. Often builders paint the soffits the body color because the labor is less expensive, and homeowners carry that through.

We love the look of a white roofline with white soffits. It is light and lovely!

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Always Test Your Paint Colors

No matter what, dont forget to test your paint colors. Its a standard best practice. Whenever I test my paint colors, they are perfect, and when I dont test they turn out wrong. We love to test with SAMPLIZE peel-and-stick samples. Check out the SAMPLIZE website HERE.

NEVER, EVER use paint matches from a different brand than the one specified. Results are poor and there are no standards for the sheens. Even though your painter may truly believe it can be done, dont do it. See results from paint matching here.

Best White Paint Colors For House Exterior: 10 Exact Color Examples

Some of the best white paint colors for house exterior are included in this picture survey below. These homes and their paint color are the EXACT paint colors, rather than simply inspiration and guess-work. So enjoy!

I hope you find these examples as helpful as I have while proceeding to do your home makeover!

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A Picturesque Traditional Home: Sherwin Williams Original White

Wow, how this house has a story-book feel. I cant say this enough, paint your paint samples on large presentation boards and hold them up on various exterior walls of the home and in different lights to see how they work.

But ultimately, this is a cool example where they have provided complimenting shutter and trim colors and that is a real treat!

White Siding With White Fascia And White Gutters

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

An all-white palette is also a classic and timeless look. This beautiful coastal cottage palette kept the whole house white except for the wooden front door, dark blue shutters and blue-green front porch ceiling. We specified James Hardie Arctic White pre-painted siding which is equivalent to SW Extra White. Discover more about this project in Coastal Cottage Exterior Makeover.

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What Are The Best Baseboard Colors For White Walls

Now we get to the question What color do I paint my baseboards and trim if I have white walls? This is something that always throws everyone off. But it shouldnt.

If you have white walls, paint your trim and baseboards the same white color as your walls. I know it sounds boring and it seems like there will be no distinction from the walls to the trim. However, thats certainly not the case here.

The way to use the same white paint color on your walls and trim is by using different sheens /finishes. Lets say you painted your walls with Sherwin Williams Alabaster in a flat/matte finish. For the trim color, use Alabaster in a semi-gloss finish.

The two finishes handle light differently. The flat or matte sheen will diffuse light whereas, the semi-gloss will reflect the light. The different sheen allows the same paint color to look different.

I also recommend using the same white on the ceilings as well. Mixing whites is a challenging task and if you get it wrong, it will be very wrong. Keep it simple and stick to one white paint color for walls trim, baseboards, and ceilings.

Dont start painting until you have the right tools!

Best Overall: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint And Primer In One

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 400 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Semi-gloss

  • Paint and primer in one

  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  • May require second coat for even coverage

  • Goes on too thick for some

What do buyers say? 52,900+ Home Depot reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

If you’re looking for exterior paint that makes your work easier, our best overall pickBEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterioris an effective two-in-one paint and primer. You can skip the priming step altogether with this product, saving your time and energy. This 100 percent acrylic paint is also long-lasting, resists stains, mildew, peeling, and fading, and is Greenguard Gold Certified .

This sleek low VOC paint is available in semi-gloss, flat, and satin finishes and is suitable for numerous applications, including many types of sidings, stucco, brick, and fences. Maintenance is easy, too: Use soap and water to clean the surface. One coat should be all you’ll need to touch up any nicks or scratches. Although, you may want an additional coat for the best coverage.

While the price is pretty consistent with others on our list, it might add up quickly if you have a large surface area to paint. Depending on application and surface porousness, a 1-gallon can cover about 400 square feet. This dual paint and primer is also available in 1-quart, 1-gallon, or 5-gallon containers.

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Sherwin Williams Extra White

Sherwin Williams Extra White is one of our favorite picks for exterior house paint colors due to many reasons. First of all, it will not have any cool or warm undertones. You will have only a bright white appearance. The color appears pure, bright, soothing, and refreshing to the eyes. You will find this white paint even brighter than Pure White. The reason is that it will not have undertones. Therefore, you can expect a shiny look

Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006 is perfect for any modern farmhouse. Also, you can use it on different textures or pair it with contrasting accents to get a preferred look. Yes, you can use this refreshing color in your interior and get a brighter appearance. The color and appearance will look and feel appealing to any new homebuyers or visitors.


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