Best White Exterior House Paint

Simply White By Benjamin Moore

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

Pure and simple, you cant go wrong with choosing Simply White as your homes exterior paint color. A softer white with a hint of yellow undertone, Simply White is a popular paint color for both interiors and exteriors.

Because Simply White only has a slight yellow undertone, its quite a bright white comparatively speaking to a lot of the off whites that are popular on farmhouse exteriors today. If youre searching for that bright white for your homes exterior, try Simply White.

Simply White has a LRV of 91.7

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White Cc

If you cant resist a pure white, Benjamin Moores Decorators White hits that sweet spot between cool and modern. Nothing beats a clean, crisp white wall, and my go-to is Benjamin Moore Decorators White, Ohara Davies-Gaetano explains. Its crisp and slightly cool, making it the perfect backdrop to pop other colors used within a room.

While Decorators White is a great fit for any room that requires a bright, clean hue Jeff Andrews shares that he specifically uses this shade for ceilings and woodwork.

The Best Exterior Paint In 202: Our Top 13 Picks

With so many options to choose from, you may be wondering how to narrow down the giant list of the best exterior paint choices to ensure youre selecting the best exterior paint for your specific home, location, and needs. Were here to help you with that step, too.

Here we provide a few quick tips on things to consider when choosing from the wide range of paint options on the market. You want the best of the best for your exterior paint joband well help you narrow it down!

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Benjamin Moore Ivory White 925

Pair your rich, wooden finishes with Benjamin Moores Ivory White, a creamy white that designer Christina Kim stands behind. Sometimes you need a creamy white, which can be tough to get right. Its easy to veer too yellow, I really love Benjamin Moores Ivory White, she says. This creamy white works best when you envelop the room completely and paint the trim, walls, and ceiling in it.

Best White Exterior House Paint Ideas

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

Choosing the perfect exterior colour for your house is a challenging task. Although there are many options, many homeowners love the elegance of white exterior house paint colours. White paint is popular because it will match nearly all other colours. Plus, there are plenty of white exterior paint colours in the market, giving you lots of variety.

When choosing a white exterior paint colour, one should evaluate the possible undertones to avoid settling for too bright or dull shades. Another essential consideration when choosing a white exterior paint colour is its effect on natural light. The lack of adequate reflection makes the exteriors appear more awkwardly calm than expected. You might not want to use a white thats too dull or bright for your exteriors.

Although white paint colours match nearly all environments, some tones are suitable for certain surroundings while others arent. Consider your surroundings when choosing the best white paint colour for your exterior. Similarly, various home designs will accommodate white paint colour differently, especially on the exteriors. For instance, pure white is more suitable for modern homes than traditional ones. You should consider a white tone that perfectly matches your other exterior features, such as the doors, roof, and trims.

There are several considerations one should make to avoid colour clashes and related mistakes. Here are the seven best white exterior house paint ideas:

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White Dove By Benjamin Moore Oc

Has there ever been a more tried and true white for interiors and exteriors in the history of paint? Doubt it.

I love that the homeowner who chose it for her new build sampled it with other whites and snapped a photo. What a help to the folks who need a place to start!

You can clearly see the different undertones coming forward in the white paint colors when they are grouped together like this.

Even though Seapearl is not in todays lineup, Im reminded of a certain jaw dropping gorgeous showhouse where it played a starring role:

How amazing is Seapearl with Pashmina!?! But back to White Doves beauty for historical properties and classic charm

It truly is something special, and if I ever get the itch to paint my own red brick home, White Dove is the first paint color sample for which I would reach.

Here it is on a lovely carriage house:

Pure White 7005 By Sherwin

Its a beautifully soft white. I have heard color experts say what makes Pure White soft is its LRV.

Since the LRV is 84 and crisper whites fall within the 90-94 range, this white is more passive.

Pure White also has some warmth, though its not as warm as SW Alabaster or Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Maybe passive is not the ideal descriptor I mean, look at how clean Pure White is on the brick house above in Tennessee.

Pure White looks calmer and softer as photographed in a different quality of light on the exterior above.

If the homes painted SW Pure White above and below prove anything, its that natural light will definitely do its thing and cause the same paint to present differently. It reads very clean and crisp on the siding above, while it glows with more warmth with the particular exposure below.

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Best Overall: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint And Primer In One

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 400 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Semi-gloss

  • Paint and primer in one

  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  • May require second coat for even coverage

  • Goes on too thick for some

What do buyers say? 52,900+ Home Depot reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

If youre looking for exterior paint that makes your work easier, our best overall pickBEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterioris an effective two-in-one paint and primer. You can skip the priming step altogether with this product, saving your time and energy. This 100 percent acrylic paint is also long-lasting, resists stains, mildew, peeling, and fading, and is Greenguard Gold Certified .

This sleek low VOC paint is available in semi-gloss, flat, and satin finishes and is suitable for numerous applications, including many types of sidings, stucco, brick, and fences. Maintenance is easy, too: Use soap and water to clean the surface. One coat should be all youll need to touch up any nicks or scratches. Although, you may want an additional coat for the best coverage.

While the price is pretty consistent with others on our list, it might add up quickly if you have a large surface area to paint. Depending on application and surface porousness, a 1-gallon can cover about 400 square feet. This dual paint and primer is also available in 1-quart, 1-gallon, or 5-gallon containers.

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White Siding With White Fascia And White Gutters

Best Paint Colors for a White House with Black Trim

An all-white palette is also a classic and timeless look. This beautiful coastal cottage palette kept the whole house white except for the wooden front door, dark blue shutters and blue-green front porch ceiling. We specified James Hardie Arctic White pre-painted siding which is equivalent to SW Extra White. Discover more about this project in Coastal Cottage Exterior Makeover.

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White Dove By Benjamin Moore

White Dove is the brightest white on this list with an LRV of 85, and is a popular choice for a beautiful, pure white exterior. If you compared it to true white, however, youd see that White Dove is actually a soft, warm white with a hint of gray, which makes it one of the most beloved whites amongst designers for both interiors and exteriors. Go with White Dove if you have a house that gets lots of shade, and/or you want that crisp and clean white look.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM White Dove HERE.

Source: J-Taylor Designs

Most Popular Exterior House Colors 2022

by Andre Kazimierski | Jun 1, 2022

Choosing the best exterior house paint colors in 2022 can be daunting. As a homeowner, painting your homes exterior is a big investment. Accordingly, you want to find a timeless but modern house color that maintains curb appeal for years to come.

Our expert team sorted through all of the trending colors and classic house combinations to make things easy for you. We found the 10 best exterior paint colors from popular brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.

Before we dive in, Improovy just opened its newest storefront in Plano, Texas! Our team of experts is excited to provide a more convenient house painting experience to Dallas-area homeowners.

Now, from whats on-trend to classic neutral undertones, here are the 10 exterior house colors that made our 2022 list.

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Free Paint Color Organization Printables

If you frequently paint your home like I do, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all your colors organized! Thats why Ive created a free paint color organization printable set that I think you will all love!

Simply complete the form below and Ill email the PDF files over to you to start using today! It will also subscribe you to my email list, however, you can easily unsubscribe at any time if that isnt your thing.

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White Duck By Sherwin Williams

15 Best White Home Exterior Ideas to Up Your Curb Appeal

Despite the name, White Duck actually an off white color. White Duck is very creamy and has a bit of a greige undertone peaking out. If youre looking for a white paint color, but really want something with a lot of warmth and creaminess to it, White Duck is an excellent option.

Make sure to think about the trim color you pair with White Duck, as a trim color thats more creamy will help bring out the creamy undertones of White Duck, versus a color thats on the cooler side, as that will bring out the greige undertone.

White Duck has an LRV of 74

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White Siding And Black Fascia And Gutters

This home was a recent project and turned out amazing. We incorporated black fascia and gutters with white siding . We chose Pure White, a crisp off-white, because it matched perfectly with the white vinyl picket fence in front. This unified the home with the fence so that it looked intentional.

If you want more information about which parts are fascia, soffit and gutter, here you go!

Another variation is white fascia with black gutters, but we really prefer black gutters with black fascia to hide the gutters as an architectural feature. If your house has this pattern, it can be very lovely, but its just not our preference.

Best Exterior White Paint For Home8 Colors Explored

Choosing interior paint is one thing its nerve wracking for sure, but its a huge bang for the buck and not the end of the world if you have to change a room.

Exterior paint colors? Whole different set of anxiety-provoking concerns right there. Expensive, property value implications, coordinating trim and roof colors, and curb appeal to consider.

Deep breath and giggle with me about the summer heat:

Feelin more relaxed? Yay!

Well explore 8 different white paint color possibilities in this gallery of inspiration. The colors have proven highly successful for builders, designers, homeowners, and color experts.

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Sherwin Williams Oyster: Best Whitepaint Colors For House Exterior

Ok this one is a goodie! I guess Id call this a transitional home . And for this style, a warm white just as this, not too bright and not too yellow seems just right!

Ill never forget when our across the street neighbors painted their exterior and the white paint color they chose looked so bright you almost had to shield your eyes from it. What a bummer, it just wasnt subtle enough. So I caution you guys, if your home is in direct sunlight without a lot of shade, pick your white carefully!

Continuing on with the best white paint colors for house exterior, this Snowbound, white is a cool option. Notice how its a cool toned white with hints of gray. The purity of the color and lack of yellow, sits will next to the complimenting taupe and gray trim and shutter colors.

Basically, what a great trio of paint colors to potentially use for your next home transformation!

Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee : A Sophisticate Fail

The Best White Paint Colors for Trim

The first time I fell in love with Swiss Coffee was when I saw McGee and Cos kitchen cabinets in this color. And in case you need to know what Im talking about, Ive linked it!

Furthermore, I then painted my master bathroom cabinets in this color and I couldnt be more thrilled. .

**Actually, while I remember, I used Swiss Coffee at 135% saturation, so that it would be just a tad bit darker. Remember, increasing or decreasing the saturation of a certain color is also an option too!

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Moderne White By Sherwin

Moderne White has a slightly muddier look to it than some of the other whites on this list. It is similar to BM Seapearl/China White, in that it has gray undertones, but it has a lower LRV at 74. It wont be a bright white, but will still look white, and it will pair beautifully with darker gray accents. Great for homes that get a lot of warm, west-facing sun, as the gray undertones can help neutralize the warm light.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Moderne White HERE.

Source: Young House Love

How I Chose The Perfect White For My Weatherboard

When Im choosing an exterior white, I tend to look at shades that are more chalky, slightly warmer tones than Id use internally. You can get away with a crisp white inside, but your exterior is always going to be exposed to the elements. As much as you try to prevent it, itll end up a bit dusty and dirty, and you dont want that to show.

I usually start out by ordering A4 colour swatches from the fab folks at Dulux. Theyre easy to stick on your wall and you can eliminate a whole lot of shades quickly. When youre down to your final few, youll want to order sample pots or pick some up from your local hardware to paint them straight onto your house for a true colour test.

Make sure you paint really big swatches, give it two coats and look at the colours in various lights throughout the day. Exterior colours will look different the larger they get and depending on the type of light they are in. Dont forget to paint on the names of the colours underneath each swatch because you dont want to get your White Pointers mixed up with your White Polars or your Chalk Whites with your China Whites that could be an expensive mistake!

TIP: Just one word of advice on this – dont contrast your downpipes with your exterior walls. Lets be real, downpipes are #fugly, not a feature, so dont make them stand out. Paint them the same colour as the walls.

P.S – Erin wanted a quick decision from me but I needed to take my time and so should you. Dont rush this one.

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+ Best Color Combinations For House Exteriors

  • 22.03.202117.05.2021

To achieve a harmonious combination of colors on the facade of a house, it is important to choose the right palette, follow the rules for its use and integrate the building into the environment. The choice and combination of paints in the exterior of the house depends on the architectural style, landscape range, technical characteristics of the building, its size and purpose.

Sherwin Williams Pure White

The Best White Paint Color And What Most People Donât Realize

With Sherwin Williams Pure White, you might be thinking that this white paint color will give a completely white look to your home exterior, while it is a bright white paint, it is not excessively stark, you will not get the appearance of odd white. Instead, it will offer a clean look that does not appear too white. Pure White SW 7005 is perfect if you want your homes exterior to appear brighter, as this paint color can make your home pop and really impress new home buyers if youre deciding to sell the house.

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Examples Of White Exterior Paint Colors

Cass Makes Home painted her home Swiss Coffee by Behr. Swiss Coffee is an off white with slightly creamy undertones.

Thistle Harvest used White Dove by Benjamin Moore. White Dove is a soft creamy white. It has yellow undertones that make it feel warm without losing its crispness.

I use White Dove on all my interior trim. You can also see how it looks inside on my kitchen cabinets in this post.

Jenna Sue Design chose Oyster White by Sherwin Williams. Oyster White is a very warm white, bordering on light greige. I love how soft it is and how it pops with black and wood accents.

White Farmhouse color matched her home in a color called Linen . This is a soft white that is modern with a subtle warmth.

The Fox Family Den used Ultra White by Cabot. Ultra White is a solid white exterior wood stain as opposed to a paint.

This is a great option if you prefer stained exteriors but want to eliminate the wood tones.

Jess from Carcaba Road used Pure White by Sherwin Williams for her rentals exterior. Pure White, contrary to its name, is a soft white with an almost creamy undertone.

I love how subtle it is against all of the beautiful natural colors surrounding it.

Room for Tuesday used Nuance by Sherwin Williams for her balcony brick and it is stunning! It is soft, but still fresh and modern.

Tiffany from Gowler Homes used Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore on this barn build. I love how crisp this white is, especially against the white brick and wood accents.


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