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Best paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

I just recently tested the best fence paint and shed paint so this follows on nicely from the best fence sprayers test. It got me thinking could we repurpose these sprayers around the home? A quick bit of testing showed me absolutely yes and in fact as I quickly learnt some are branded as paint sprayers! Be it walls, ceilings, cabinets, or old furniture. The tests came out reasonably well I was a bit critical of the overspray but had to remind myself we are only talking about budget paint sprayers. In fact, they were so effective considering the low price, I decided to buy another Wagner W100 that is specifically designed for paint spraying on a budget and test that too on kitchen cabinets. Wagner have some superb mid range stuff but Ive left most out due to the fact the budget sprayers do so well already!

Wagner W100GinourVonhausWagner Fence

Basic: Homeright C800766 Power Painter

Sometimes you just dont need all the bells and whistles and simple HVLP paint sprayers will do the job. As long as its easy to use, easy to clean and can leave a professional finish on cabinets or furniture, what else do you need.

You just need a cheap sprayer for kitchen work with the essential features and thats it. In this respect, the HomeRight C800766 has you covered.

The HomeRight is an HVLP sprayer with 400-watts of power and a fixed 2.0mm tip. The turbine motor and high-quality brass tip and nozzle mean that it can spray far more constantly and smoothly then plastic models. Furthermore, the brass makes it resistant to corrosion and typical wear and tear.

It can spray most types of paint including primer, chalk, milk, and latex and other materials like varnish, stains, polyurethane, primers, and enamels making it ideal for cabinet spraying.

It also has the standard adjustable features with 3 standard spray patterns and flow control knob that lets you quickly alter the output of material as you work through a project. This helps reduce overspray and improves the finish of smaller projects.

The container holds around 27 ounces of material and the gun itself is 2.76 lbs. so it is incredibly light in the hand. Though you may have to refill it more than other models, you are far less likely to get fatigued as you progress.

The combination of good power, quality parts, and basic design makes this the perfect choice for those who dont want any frills, just utility.

Reduce Effort And Work Time

Because an airless paint sprayer can paint a wide area in a shorter time, labor and effort are considerably reduced.

Instead of waiting until the next day, you can finish the first coat quickly and apply the second coat within a few hours. An HVLP sprayer has a user-friendly design that makes the painting procedure simple.

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Cabinet Paint Sprayer Faqs

What is the best type of paint for cabinets?

Enamel is the better spray paint to use on kitchen cabinets because it dries with a harder surface.

What is the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets?

-Benjamin Moore Advance-Valspar Cabinet Paint-Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Water Base Alkyd

What is the best paint for bathroom cabinets?

Our two top choices are to prime with Rust-Oleum or Kilz Kitchen and Bath Primer.

Best Sprayer For Cabinets

11 Best Paint Sprayers For Cabinets: Reviews &  Comparisons
  • Can you spray kitchen cabinets with an airless paint sprayer?
  • The best paint sprayer for cabinets is a specific need that requires thoughtful consideration. In the following article, we have narrowed down the search significantly.

    There are a lot of variables to sort through so we have categorized each choice to fit a certain requirement. The best paint sprayer for cabinets should be the last thing you have to worry about when you start your project.

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    Masking And Preparation Of The Airless Paint Sprayer

    Carefully mask all areas that do not need to be primed.

    Fill the paint into the paint sprayer hopper and prime the sprayer. Before you start painting the kitchen, test the spray pattern and adjust the pressure if required.

    Tip: For a particularly even finish, the material is heated to the optimum temperature with the aid of a TempSpray heating hose, which also significantly reduces any spray mist.

    Paint Sprayer Vs Rollers For Cabinets

    With a paint sprayer, using a good technique will provide you with a thin layer of paint that has a low risk of running or gathering into thick spots.

    If you dont have good technique, however, then you can end up with spots, dots, and runs on your cabinets.

    Sprayers also use more paint than a roller. Depending on which type of spray gun you have, HVLP, Airless or Gravity Feed, a paint sprayer will use between 20% and 40% more paint.

    Inexperienced technique or poorly maintained equipment like tips, can increase paint waste or overspray by up to 50%.

    Paint rollers place a thicker layer of paint on your cabinets that you can thin out as you roll it. There is a higher risk of runs happening. The finish is also not as even or consistent when rolling. If youre not super careful you could end up with roller marks on your cabinets too.

    All in all, we recommend a paint sprayer for the best results.

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    Homeright Super Finish Max Extra C800971 Paint Sprayer

    This next paint sprayer from HomeRight should be more within your price range. This has a decent amount of performance and power for the price, making it potentially an incredibly useful sprayer for your cabinets. This motorless paint sprayer doesnt produce a lot of noise, and that is a good thing not many paint sprayers are quiet by any means. The Super Finish Max is built in ways that make the paint not produce much sound as it shoots out your paint gun. There are a trio of spray patterns that come with this sprayer:

    Horizontal pattern, which is ideal for walls. Vertical pattern, which is ideal for floors and ceilings. Round pattern, which is good for objects like crafts, furniture and cabinetry.

    This paint sprayer also includes a solid two-year warranty. You have a long time to see if anything is wrong with this sprayer, and if that is the case, you can get the product replaced by HomeRight with nothing further coming out of your pockets. You might need a brush or two, however, as the finish from this paint sprayer is not all that it is cracked up to be. You will get a rather rough spray, and some extra effort may be required on your end to help smooth your paint out.


    • Has a warranty that lasts two years.
    • Has three spray forms included.
    • Runs quietly and makes very little noise.
    • Is great for spraying stains on wood.
    • Does not require a motor.


    • Gives a rough finish.

    Why Use A Paint Sprayer

    How To Paint Cabinets with a Paint Sprayer

    It can be tempting to pick up some spray paint and use that instead of a paint sprayerwithout having to purchase a sprayer, you can start painting your cabinets with a tough modified alkyd paint typically found in a range of 75 to 100 color choices. However, canned spray paint is only a viable choice for covering a cabinet or two, as one can of spray paint covers just 20 square feet. To paint an entire set of cabinets this way would result in dramatically higher costs compared to sprayed-on latex paint.

    To paint an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinets, it would be best to buy, rent, or borrow a paint sprayer. Whether you use the less expensive “cup style” paint sprayer, which holds 1.5 quarts, or the more expensive type that draws directly from the paint can, either will be cheaper and less wasteful than using spray cans.

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    Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer

    Specification: Power: 400W, Flow: 800 ml/min, Maximum viscosity: 60 DIN/s, Nozzle Sizes: 1.3mm/1.8mm/2.6mm, Container capacity: 800 ml

    Meterks electric spray gun sits in the exact price range that the Tacklife and Terratek paint sprayers also occupy, but still manages to hold its own with traits of both of its main competitors and features of its own on top.

    It resembles the Terratek in its size and weight, even surpassing it in the compactness category but still being a tiny bit heavier. This makes it great for larger jobs when youre going to be spending a lot of hours holding your paint sprayer as the hand and arm fatigue will be less of a problem.

    Like the Tacklife model, this Meterk sprayer comes with a selection of nozzles, three to be exact, in 1.3mm, 1.8mm, and 2.6mm sizes. It also has the almost obligatory twistable nozzle to select from the three main spray patterns we have mentioned several times already.

    What I did like about the design of the Meterk model was the placement of the adjustable valve dial. It sits right on the back of the trigger, which is nothing new, but for some reason it just felt better placed with this model and more natural to use with the thumb.

    So, if you want the small size of the Terratek combined with the choice of nozzles that the Tacklife sprayer offers, the Meterk spray gun might be for you.

    Best Paint Sprayer For Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2022

    New kitchen cabinets can be an expensive endeavor, and you likely dont want to go through a major remodel in order to get a whole new set of them. If you believe your cabinets are still serviceable, and just want to change the color of them, you are likely wondering if it is possible to re-paint them in record time. Fortunately, you can get the best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets.Simply apply paint thinner to your cabinets to strip the paint or stain off, and then allow your paint sprayer to paint your cabinets in the color of your choosing. Buying a paint sprayer and paint is more affordable and time-consuming rather than buying new cabinets in colors that may or may not be available.In this review, we will be looking at seven great paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets from brands such as 3M, Graco, Critter and Wagner. Read on to see what each paint sprayer excels at and what they need to improve upon. At the end of our review, youll find out which paint sprayer is the best for your kitchen decor.

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    Best Paint Sprayers In The Uk On A Budget My Top Picks As A Professional Paint Sprayer:

    Best paint sprayer: Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer

    Most powerful paint sprayer on a budget: Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer

    Best paint sprayer for ceilings and walls:

    Alternative pick: Vonhaus paint sprayer slow but leaves a nice finish on walls and cabinets/wood

    Some decent alternatives worth a look:

    Paint Sprayer,Meterk Electric Spray Gun

    Achieving The Smoothest Finish When Painting Cabinets

    Best Paint Sprayers For Kitchen Cabinets

    Achieving an even, smooth finish on your cabinets requires you to follow a few steps in the process. First, your spray tip must be well suited for your application purpose, and you should go about completely removing any dirt blemishes by sanding your cabinets properly. You then require the appropriate primer and a compatible type of paint. To achieve the smoothest finish, it is recommended that you sand between each coat once it has dried completely.

    Ensure you select a spray unit that allows easy operation and simple cleaning and maintenance. Decide between an airless or HVLP spraying system, as each has specific benefits. You can then combine this great spraying unit with correct application methods and this will completely update the surface of your cabinets.

    Ensure the primer you use works well with your selection of paint so you can achieve a consistent, even cabinet surface.

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    Painting Cabinets With An Hvlp Sprayer

    What type of paint sprayer is best for cabinets? We recommend an HVLP paint sprayer. HVLP sprayers are well suited for cabinet work. They apply paint with low pressure, resulting in a soft finish.

    HVLP paint sprayers spray a slower, finer paint mist and are known for precision at impact on smaller jobs like cabinets and furniture projects.

    Wagner Control Spray Hvlp Paint Sprayer

    Another affordable paint sprayer is the Wagner 0518050. This HVLP paint sprayer offers you an element of control with three different spray patterns and variable control. Spray patterns can be anything from 1-inch to 10-inches which is great for a variety of different DIY projects, indoors or outdoors. Whether you want vertical, horizontal or round pattern shapes, youll be able to change this quickly and easily. Setup and cleaning after spraying are designed for convenience and doesnt take too much time at all. As such, you can spend the majority of your time actually spraying and not worrying too much about complications.

    As with any budget paint sprayer, you can only really expect to be able to use this product on smaller jobs. Its not a heavy-duty paint sprayer as youll be able to tell from the plastic construction. However, it feels sturdy enough and should be able to withstand the odd bump or scrape. One small area of concern is in the weight which is 4.2 lbs. This isnt terribly heavy but does become noticeably uncomfortable during extended periods of use. Regardless of such issues, it simply does the job required without too much fuss. Youll save time and energy over using a paintbrush or roller so its well worth the investment.

    • At 4.2 lbs its quite heavy and can cause hand fatigue
    • Its only really designed for smaller paint spraying jobs

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    How To Prime Your Cabinets

    Priming your surfaces properly is a crucial part of this entire process. Without an effective priming layer, achieving the professional results you desire just isnt possible. A well-primed surface creates far superior adhesion strength with the paint, allowing a smoother resulting finish in a variety of lasting colors.

    Always begin working from the top of your cabinets, as this reduces the chance of the paint running. A roller or brush will help you to smooth out your already primed surface.

    Ensure your primer is completely compatible with the paint type used. Once your surface is primed, you can then proceed with painting your cabinets.

    When applying primer on your cabinets, be sure you only use 2 layers of primer coating, as the spraying process will thin the paint slightly, causing it to dry rapidly. These two primer layers will be sufficient to cover your cabinets completely, but if you need to mask a dark stain you can use 3-4 primer coating layers.

    Allow the initial primer coat to dry for at least 1-2 hours before you start painting, and be sure to test the surface before you proceed with the second layer. By allowing the initial coat to dry totally, you can prevent the surface from bubbling or peeling. Keep in mind this can be time-consuming, as you can only paint one side of each cabinet door at a time.

    Best Cart Paint Sprayergraco Magnum Prox19 Cart Paint Sprayer

    How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with a Paint Sprayer

    Going between several rooms, worksites, or around the perimeter of a house requires something on wheels and this cart sprayer from Graco is perfect. Even cabinet painting is no exception for what it can handle. Its equipped for plenty of projects and can handle problems it encounters, too. The spray tip is designed to reverse when clogs happen, allowing the continuous flow to carry on.

    Its spray tips are also built to spray paint in a softer spray pattern than other models, which gives less splatter and a more natural, smooth finish .

    Works greatyou get flawless coverage, even, described one person. Keep it clean and use the right tip, and you will love how easy it is to paint like a pro. We did cabinets and they look perfect.


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    Best Hvlp Sprayerfuji 2202 Semi

    HVLP spray guns are a go-to for things like kitchen cabinets. For a super high-quality sprayer, customers would happily point those searching in the direction of this Fuji Semi-Pro 2 system. The burly power source is a two-stage bypass motor comes packed in a metal case, and the professional-grade spray gun offers an ultra-smooth finish.

    Spray painting projects of any caliber are simple as the tool can handle quite a few kinds of thickness and compositions , which can be catered to with the different nozzle types it comes with.

    The fan spray pattern helps get maximum coverage without losing paint to the floors and surfaces that dont need it. Multiple reviewers noted this saved them loads of money instead of paying extortionate prices on professionally-made cabinets or custom manufactured sets.


    Power: 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor

    Weight: 25.2 pounds

    Spraying Cabinets With An Airless Sprayer

    Airless sprayers spray paint at high volume. They are great for large jobs because they apply paint in a thicker coat, faster than an HVLP.

    If youre looking for quick results instead of detailed results, youd use an airless sprayer. Con is that you would need to purchase different tips to do each project, including your cabinets.

    Check out our Airless Vs HVLP comparison post for a ton of details about picking between these two types of sprayers for your projects.

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    Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

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    Have you ever been in question about what to do with your old kitchen cabinets? Buying new is entirely costly, but renovating them might take up too much of your time, especially if you are inexperienced. Well, our team is here to give you a solution with the best paint sprayer for cabinets. You will not only make the cooking area in your home look like new, but also do the paint job faster, no matter if you are a novice or a pro.

    Also, we have prepared for you our paint sprayer for cabinets reviews so that you can have an idea of what to look for when getting ready to refresh your inlaid cabinets in the kitchen. Moreover, you will find some extra tips and practical advice in our guide below, so lets get started!



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