Best Paint For White Trim

High Reflective White Sw 7757

The Best White Paint Colors for Trim

With a LRV of 93, High Reflective White SW 7757 is the whitest white in Sherwin Williams collection. It does, however, have a slight touch of warmness to it without looking yellow.

All these things together make it a gorgeous color for not only your trim, but for your kitchen cabinets, as well.

Its a nice clean white that, while it does lean slightly warmer, pairs well with cooler colors and with gray materials. Keep in mind that it could pick up on the colors around it, and it could look a little too stark against a wall or floor that is a really warm hue with golden undertones.

Tape Around Wood Trim

This is really one of the most important steps. Tape around walls, floors and move anything you dont want to paint with frog tape. When I ran out of frog tape I did use regular painters tape. Either frog tape or painters tape works.

Tape along the edges of the trim and ensure that you are taping in a straight line. Any areas where the tape is not close enough to the edges will need to be touched up, so its worth taking your time to tape well.

Even more importantly we REALLY did not want paint to get on our floors since we just installed new ones. So on the floor you will want to stick the tape underneath the baseboards as far as they will go. You can use a butter knife to poke it under just a little bit more.

Put multiple layers of tape around doorways and baseboards. Then put drop cloths or plastic underneath the tape covering the floor.

You will also want to cover furniture or anything in the room that you do not want paint to drip on. We moved furniture and other items to the center of the room or into a different room if necessary. When I worked on the closets. I pinned a sheet up over all the items inside.

Take all the time necessary to ensure things are well covered. You wont regret it!

Tip: If you are replacing your flooring too, paint your trim first! If painting walls at the same time as trim. You will only have to tape once! Bonus!

What Do You Need To Paint

In order to paint over your stained wood trim without sanding, youll need:

  • Primer: You can use VOC or no-VOC primer, but know what you are getting.
  • Abrasive Hand Pad: Youll use this for light sanding to help the primer stick to your wood.
  • Paint Cup: This will help keep your paintbrush clean and your wood looking seamless.
  • Paint Brush: A wide brush generally works best for more even painting.
  • Paint: We recommend semi-gloss. Again, be sure to check whether it is VOC or no-VOC.
  • Paint Trim Guard: This guard will protect your surfaces from unwanted paint.
  • Drop Cloth: Drop cloths are critical to maintaining the integrity of your floor.
  • Paint Tray: The paint tray will make your life easier and keep your paint smooth and clear.
  • Painters Tape: Youll want to use this to section off your room and keep paint only where it needs to be.

You can assemble all of these must-have paint items at your local hardware store.

With this in mind, its time to take a look at exactly how to get your wood trim white without sanding.

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Design Tips For White Paint

  • The secret to white paint is counter-intuitive. You should always use white in a sunny space. If you use a bright white in a poorly lit space, the shadows make the room look gray and dirty. Check out the 6 Best Whites for Dark Rooms here.
  • For a monochromatic white paint palette, use paint sheen to add texture and depth. For example, if you choose to paint with Chantilly Lace, paint the baseboards satin, walls eggshell and ceiling flat. It will look as if you painted with three different gorgeous whites.
  • Dont have your paint store try to match a color. Instead, test the right color from the manufacturer.
  • Use warm woods and materials in a white space to keep it from looking cold.
  • Hardwood and terra cotta floors go with any color white. Treat them like jeans they go with everything.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Painting your trim white? These are the best white trim paint colors ...

In spaces where the home is filled throughout with a lot of natural light I recommend Benjamin Moore Simply White because it a softer white with that very subtle neutral-ish undertone . Simply White will help balance/diffuse the abundance of light that can causing the white trim to look too bright. The abundance of natural light makes Simply White appear brighter/lighter.

Recently, my client built a home that was full of an amazing amount of natural light. Strong natural light flooded almost every room in the home and I advised my client to use Simply White on her trim and cabinetry throughout her home to offset all the natural light that would make her whites even brighter. As you can see below, while Simply White is not even close to being a bright white, but mixed in with the natural light you can its crisp with just the right amount of brightness.

One of my favorite examples of Simply White that I show my clients when they have a lot of natural light in their home is this kitchen below painted with Simply White by Studio McGee:

The Studio McGee kitchen has a lot of natural night and youll notice that the shade of white is absolutely perfect and no strange undertones jumping out! Not too bright and not too dull and all that natural light brightens Simply White, which in a space with no natural light could be too subtle of a white/lacking that crisp-ness.

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The 3 Best White Trim Paint Colors

I cant believe in all these years I have never written a post on how to choose the perfect white paint color for trim throughout your home. Its real easy for me and my clients because from my experience, there are only 3 whites that I use, love and recommend to my clients for painting trim. Today I wanted to share with you guys which colors I think are the 3 best white trim paint colors and explain why we only work with these colors.

Over the years, I have tried all of the popular white trim paint colors that Im sure you guys have all heard of including Benjamin Moore Dove White, Benjamin Moore Cloud White, ect.. When I moved into my home back in 2000, all of our trim was painted Sherwin Williams Dover White. Back 10-20 years ago, every contractor and designer was using Dover White for the main trim color. Even to this day, I still see home builders using Dover White on trim.

Sherwin Williams Extra White Sw 7006

LRV: 86

Sherwin Williams Extra White is my number one favorite choice for any type of trim work. This white is considered to be a cool white. There is no warmth in it. It actually has a very slight hint of blue in it. Dont worry, you cannot see the blue at all. Its such a versatile white shade for trim because it honestly works well with all paint colors including true white and off-white walls.

I have used Extra White on the trim, baseboards, and crown molding throughout my entire home. For reference, the paint colors I used on the walls are BM White Dove, SW Repose Gray, SW Alabaster, and BM Moonshine.

If you want a clean crisp white for your trim or baseboards, SW Extra White is a great option.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Paint Colors For Trim

Choosing a paint color for your trim is a much easier decision once you understand the colors a little bit better.

To narrow the decision down even further, Ill give you my top two paint color choices for trim.

My first choice for a white paint color for trim and doors is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Because this color is almost undertone free, it goes with just about any paint color you put it with. It gives a clean look without looking too terribly stark.

My second choice for a white paint color for trim and doors is Sherwin Williams Pure White. Pure White is a great trim color if you want a bright white trim that has a softer approach. With the touch of gray in it, Pure White looks classic but not jarring in its brightness.

If you are sure that you want a cool white for your trim, my top choice is Super White. It is cool but not blue in its appearance, and that gives your trim a nice, defined look without being too chilly.

Overall, if you stick with a white paint color on this list, youll probably end up with a trim paint color that looks gorgeous!

Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? Check out my , where you can get everything you need to start painting, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color decks!

Have a question or want to show off your project? I try to answer all comments within 2 weeks, but for a much faster response, join my !

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Oxford White Also White Heron

TOP 5 WHITE PAINT COLORS for Trim & Baseboards | Benjamin Moore White Colors

White Heron is a clean white with slightly warm undertones and looks amazing with marble and cool gray finishes . We see it most often as a ceiling and trim white color. For the wall color, make sure you use this white in bright spaces to prevent dingy gray corners. This crisp color is a perfect backdrop for colorful art. In this photo, we show a room with White Heron/Oxford White Ceilings, trim, and fireplace.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Carrara marble counters, crisp grays, blacks, and clean colors. The best granite is honed absolute black.
  • Dont use with: Dark earthy granite countertops. Could end up looking like primer. Be careful about using this color with quartz countertops. Because of the quartz manufacturing process, most of their whites are off-white or creamy. White Heron will not go well with off-white or creamy quartz.
  • Best ceiling color :White Heron or BM White Diamond
  • Best trim color : White Heron
  • Best Paint Matches:Sherwin Williams Pure White

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Wimborne White No 239 Farrow & Ball

Creamy, off-white paint colors add subtle warmth to a room, but it’s important to choose a shade that doesn’t veer too yellowy. Wimborne White from Farrow & Ball has just a touch of yellow in it for added softness and depth. Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for the brand, loves this soft white because “it has none of the cooler, blue undertones you get in many generic whites.”

Valspar Corporation Interior Latex Semi

With a generous price tag, VALSPAR Corporation offers you one of the richest, shiniest, highest-quality interior trim paints with latex semi-gloss sheen that allows you to beautify your house without spilling or causing a mess cleanly.


  • The Semi-Gloss paint is richer and more gloss retentive than other competitor paints.
  • VALSPAR Corporation Interior Semi-Gloss Paint is smooth and offers great durability.
  • The white-colored version of the semi-gloss paint offers the perfect elegance you require from your trims.


  • It is one-of-a-kind paint that can make your walls look elegant again.
  • It is a perfect tool or product that can give a fantastic finish to your surfaces without exceeding your budget.
  • Choosing a perfect spray painting product like this can get your ordinary-looking walls to look bright and more smooth again.
  • You can rely on this powerful feature-rich to complete your projects within the stipulated time

Pros and Cons as Described by Real Users


  • Not applicable for glass or metal

Verified Buyers Review

Reason to Buy

The best thing about the VALSPAR Corporation Semi-Gloss trim paint is that it is highly rust-preventive. This means it is more durable and offers better protection against moisture and rust on the surfaces.

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Which White Paint Colors Dont Work In Darker Rooms

Dont pick bright whites or clean whites as wall colors, though they work well as ceiling and trim colors when paired with the best wall colors in dark rooms.

White colors strong blue undertones such as SW Extra White, BM Decorators White, or BM White Diamond. They will look good as a ceiling or trim color.

BM Chantilly Lace, BM Oxford White, and SW High Reflective White are clean whites that make great ceiling and trim colors, but not wall colors in a darker house.

White colors with pink or taupe undertones such as SW Snowbound, BM Cloud White sometimes work but should be tested first.

What Not To Choose

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Diluted with White 25%

Dover White is the WORST shade of white for trim because its a dirty white and on the trim it looks dirty, dull and dirty. Did I mention dirty?! It does absolutely nothing for trim and the color in no way enhances a space or a wall color. Quite the opposite! By the way, Dover White can be really pretty on a wall. I dont totally hate this color.

White trim looks best when its a subtle crisp white contrast to the wall color but not so crisp and bright of a white that is a bright jarring white. The magic happens in a space with that subtle crisp white and details pop out in the trim work and the wall color is beautifully complimented.

On a side-note, I always recommend to my clients that its best stay away from creamy off-whites for trim color, unless we choose a white with the subtlest of neutral undertones or we a choosing more of a color. Lucky enough, most of the time I can convince them to compromise with Benjamin Moore Simply White , which has the slightest hint of warmth in the undertone. If you really sure you want an off-white trim color, I have a trick for instantly spotting undertones in whites/off-whites here.

So to help, I am breaking down the three best white trim paint colors that I use by 1) bright, 2) brighter and 3) brightest to help talk you guys through this.

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Our Brightest Cleanest White Paint Colour

  • Adaptable: Colour combinations with either of these colours is effortless.
  • Super Bright: If you are looking for a crisp, refreshing white, these should definitely be on your list.
  • High Light Reflectance Value : In colour parlance, this means they reflect a lot of light.

No 2 Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is one of my all-time favorite whites. It works for exteriors, interior walls, doors, cabinetry, ceilings, and trima jack of all trades! White Dove has softness and warmth to it, due to its greige base, but it looks pretty neutral and gorgeous in a wide range of applications. If you are thinking of painting anything white in your home, put White Dove on your list of colors to try. Its just that good!

You can order a sample sheet of BM White Dove HERE. I love this hallway pic from Studio McGee for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that the walls, ceiling, and trim are all painted BM White Dove.

Source: Studio McGee

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Majic Paints Diamond Hard High Gloss Paint: Best Low

Majic Paints Diamond Hard High Gloss Acrylic Enamel Paint is a great option if youre looking for amazing color retention and incredible value. It is great for all kinds of surfaces, and the coating is glossy and elegant as well.


  • It comes with all-purpose usability, which means it can be used on wood, metal, brick, drywall, steel, glass, vinyl, and many other surfaces.
  • The Diamond Hard High Gloss Paint is incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it very valuable.
  • The colors of this variant provide superior gloss retention, which is better than the competing interior paints.


  • This all-purpose suits the needs of every painting enthusiast perfectly.
  • It is an ideal tool for homeowners.
  • You can easily use this professionally-made paint on different surfaces like metal, wood, brick, steel etc. with ease.
  • The last-longing, versatility, and ease of use of this flexible paint makes it perfect paint for beginners.
  • This easy-to-apply paint can effortlessly get your DIY, household, or commercial project done without exceeding your budget.

Pros and Cons as Described by Real Users


  • Little Extra Odor

Verified Buyers Review

Reason to Buy

The Majic Paints Diamond Hard High Gloss Paint is a great choice because of the low-odor, non-flammable water-based solution that its formula uses and the amount of gloss the coating provides.

White Trim Paint Colors

Best White Paint Trim Colour with Green Gray in Interior Decorating

Of course, anyone who has tried choosing a white paint knows it isnt quite as easy as it sounds. There are so many different whites! In other words, there are warm whites and cool whites, each with its own undertones that will affect the way your eye sees the final color.

Dont worry Ive got you covered. I tend to prefer whites with warm undertones, because I like the warmth and softness that they bring to a space. But here is a list of all of my favorite go-to whites warm and cool and why I love them.

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No 3 Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White is a beautiful, bright white with a slight yellow undertone, which gives it a lovely softness. Simply White is not only great for trim, but a fabulous color for kitchen cabinets and walls, too. For rooms with a lot of natural light, Simply White will look like a bright white. However, if your room is a little darker, or your wall color is very light, Simply White may not be white enough for you.

Heres a picture of a beautiful space with all of the wall panels and trim painted BM Simply White. Think Simply White is for you? Order your peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Simply White HERE.

Source: Sutherland Home


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