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How To Paint Cabinets with a Paint Sprayer

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The Best Way To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Heres a quick run-down of the important steps to paint your cabinets but youll want to see the detailed instructions here: The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint Oak Cabinets

  • Download your Free Cabinet Painting Roadmap.
  • Label all cabinet doors and note on a piece of paper how they are labeled. Remove all kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware including hinges, knobs, and pulls. Put all hardware in a plastic bag and put it in a safe place.
  • At this point, I like to drill any new holes for the new hardware so that if I make a mistake, its easy to fill at this point in the process: The Easiest Way To Install Cabinet Handles
  • Degrease the cabinets with Krud Kutter and a green scotch bright scrubber. Let them dry.
  • Fill the old holes with wood filler and let them dry. You can see how I used a great wood grain filler here: The Secret to Removing Wood Grain on Cabinets
  • Set up your doors and drawer fronts on tables in your garage. Sand over your cabinet doors and boxes with a 150 grit sandpaper pad. I like to use my mouse sander whenever possible. Remember you are just roughing up the surface, not sanding to the bare wood How to Sand Wood FInishes
  • Use a damp cloth or tack cloth for wiping off the sanding dust.
  • Apply your first coat of primer, let dry, sand with 220
  • Repeat the last step of sanding and wiping.
  • Prime a second time and sand with 220 grit sandpaper.
  • Wipe off your cabinets again and this time vacuum the floor.
  • Why Use A Paint Sprayer

    It can be tempting to pick up some spray paint and use that instead of a paint sprayerwithout having to purchase a sprayer, you can start painting your cabinets with a tough modified alkyd paint typically found in a range of 75 to 100 color choices. However, canned spray paint is only a viable choice for covering a cabinet or two, as one can of spray paint covers just 20 square feet. To paint an entire set of cabinets this way would result in dramatically higher costs compared to sprayed-on latex paint.

    To paint an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinets, it would be best to buy, rent, or borrow a paint sprayer. Whether you use the less expensive “cup style” paint sprayer, which holds 1.5 quarts, or the more expensive type that draws directly from the paint can, either will be cheaper and less wasteful than using spray cans.

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    Reliable Is The Capacity

    Do not avoid looking for the real capacity while choosing Paint Sprayer For Cabinet. This will offer long-term performance as it stops a refilling option. Smaller capacity will ideally affect your task timing, and more efforts will be needed. But larger capacity Spray Equipment will fetch more easiness. However, the critical is that such bigger capacity paint guns will offer more heaviness with less mobility. A more massive capacity cup and other components will directly drive you off with the portability feature. So best is to pick with the medium-sized capacity cup for more sustainable use.

    Hvlp Vs Airless: Which Is Best For Cabinets

    Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

    Well, firstly stop wondering, within the tragic query of which one is better, HVLP or Airless Paint Sprayers For Cabinets. As both of the spraying tools are equally useful yet just holds different features, design, and reliability. These two are different types of Spray Machines that relatively work over the same theory but within various functions and techniques. But a significant fact is both of them are real-time and energy saver options when you need Layers Of Paint with the finish.

    However, HVLP paint sprayers paint out, which leads to more usability to controls and saves wastage of paint. You can smoothly go with a steady flow of paint over furniture, decor items, even massive tasks. These are rightful options when as provides a more professional finished look within overspray and different patterns. But Airless Handheld Spray Guns follows the technique of high pressure to shoot paint out. This is good for massive painting tasks, especially related to outdoor spaces, walls, ceilings, etc. Airless painting tools offer to paint with larger particles, which automatically takes less time to cover more space. So when going with furniture painting jobs then we personally suggest opting for HVLP sprayers.

    These spraying tools more widely used for excellent finish, and pro looks within Different Spray Patterns. However, some thoughtful Spray Paint Guns For Cabinet and other furniture will surprise you with their features in same.

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    We Unmask Your Kitchen And Get It All Cleaned Up And Pretty


    Ta-da!!! At last you can see your finished kitchen. We take down all the paper and plastic, remove all our equipment, and clean up the whole area. If this were an HGTV show, this would be the big reveal!


    uestion: Thats a detailed list of steps. How long does all this take?

    Answer: Its pretty amazing, but we rarely take longer than a week to transform a kitchen! In fact, if yours is a small to medium-sized kitchen, were usually done in 3 days.

    Although there are lots of steps involved in painting cabinets, its a process weve researched and practiced over and over to get the best results. Weve done hundreds of kitchen painting projects, and were very proud of our streamlined system!


    Feel free to read about our cabinet painting services, browse our gorgeous project galleries, and see some fun before-and-after projects. And because we think your cabinets are too great an investment in your home to leave to just anyone, learn how to evaluate and choose a good painting company here.

    Want to see how we can transform your kitchen? Just schedule a free in-home estimate, with either our Austin or San Antonio locations. Painting cabinets is our specialty, and wed love to show you how beautiful your cabinets can look!

    Wagner Spraytech With Ispray & Detail Finish Nozzle

    This sprayer was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It uses a two-stage turbine engine with a stationary base to make the painting process a smooth one.

    Its nozzle features a versatile design that can be used for any number of projects, and the unit comes with two different-sized cups so youll be able to carry around the amount of paint you need for any project size.

    In addition, you can control the pressure and flow rate. This model comes with a 1-year warranty, so what are you waiting for?


    • Low pressure, high volume system atomizes paint well
    • Hose dial allows for paint flow customization
    • 20 foot hose provides greater flexibility


    • Not easy to clean

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    Can I Spray My Cabinets

    Yes, you sure can! I just bought a sprayer and am not the person to ask about how to spray anything , but I know many people swear by it. The difference is in the prep.

    With a sprayer, youll need to remove all your doors and hardware first, and be sure to cover everything else to prevent overspray.

    Some sprayers require you to thin the paint, but I know the HomeRight Finish Max is supposed to be great for chalk paint and Id assume it would be for enamel paint as well.

    Acrylic Vs Alkyd Paint Vs Oil Paint

    Spray Painting The Perfect White Finish For Cabinets
    • Water-based acrylic paint does not leave the same chemical odor as oil-based. Acrylic paint is breathable, water-resistant and easy to clean.
    • Alkyd paints, which are often thought of as oil-based, do not have oil in their makeup. Instead, it is an enamel finish that has a finish similar to that of oil paints. They have long been preferred for durability and performance. They are perfect for high-moisture rooms such as kitchens and baths, and are often stain-resistant. New water-based alkyd paints are growing increasingly popular due to their quality, durability and cost-effectiveness.
    • Oil paint is the hardest, most durable paint to use for painting cabinets. It takes longer to dry and is harder to clean up, but when applied right and allowed to cure, the result is a finish that can hold up scratches and hard use for years. Oil paint should be disposed of properly for environmental safety reasons.

    Choosing the right paint for your next cabinet project can be challenging. Thankfully, The Home Depot has a wide selection of high quality paints and finishes to choose from. Order online to make selecting the right paint color a breeze, or use The Home Depot Mobile App to help you decide the color and finish before you head to the store.

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    Best Corded Electric Paint Sprayerearlex Hv5500 Hvlp Spray Station Paint Sprayer

    For a heavy-duty sprayer, this hefty Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station is a no-brainer when sifting through electric paint sprayers. Spray patterns can be controlled as well as the flow. This machine can also handle a range of different paints, such as latex, oil-based, lacquer, acrylic, and water-based.

    The built-in cart also makes it easier to transport and roll its sturdy two-stage turbine and 13-foot hose. Its size and finish make it a suitable professional paint sprayer.

    I bought the unit for my normal cabinet making business but the first use of the unit was for a local event hall and some cabinet work I made for above one of their bars, wrote a reviewer. The level of control over the amount of material sprayed was stellar… everything from a very fine mist to a heavy coat seems possible. Another managed to coat the likes of 30 cabinets, noting the sprayer performed flawlessly.


    The Best Paint And Primer For Kitchen Cabinets

    All high-quality paint brands need a good primer! A good bonding primer makes all the difference in how well your paint adheres to the old finish. For that reason, I used Zinsser Cover Stain under all the samples I tested and I used it on my own kitchen cabinets with good results.

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    Q What Makes A Good Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colour

    The beauty of modern decor is that the are no rules. Whether you go for a neutral white or cream, an ultra-modern black or anthracite grey or a colourful orange or red, the options are endless.

    Here are a few of our favourites to help give you a bit of inspiration:

    We love green at the moment! Whether it is a pale green or a dark green, they have a fantastic ability to create a homely feel and bring life to any room. Why not try a dark green like NTB93 or a light pale green like NTB47, that are both hugely popular at the moment all over the home.

    Our next piece of kitchen cupboard inspiration is a demonstration of just how beautiful black can be. Many people are scared of black, but they shouldn’t! Dark kitchen units are an easy way to create a luxurious feel. Even the most rundown kitchen units can look completely different in black, especially when a high sheen glossy finish is uses to create a polished look.

    Why not opt for a bold deep black such as jet black, or a slightly more subtle black grey. There are plenty of choices that can all work brilliantly, especially depending on the finish of paint you opt for.

    Many people think grey automatically means boring, but when it comes to kitchens, grey is a fabulous choice. No shade is more versatile than grey. They come in a huge variety of shades, with dark and light options, plus the ability to have a tinge of others colours such as blues or greens. Whether you want a modern or a rustic look, they can work in any scenario.

    We Take Care Of Any Obvious Surface Imperfections

    Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets


    Dings, cracks, or other imperfections are easier to see after priming, so we take care of them now. Everything weve primed gets inspected, including the cabinet bases and both sides of the doors and drawer fronts. We fill dings and sand out rough spots, taking extra care on the fronts, or visible sides of your cabinetry. And if your project estimate includes filling any existing hardware holes, we do that now too.


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    Do I Need To Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

    If youre considering painting your kitchen cabinets, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not they need it. Kitchen cabinets take a lot of wear and tear, so if theyre looking a little worse for wear, its definitely worth considering a fresh coat of paint.

    If your cabinets are peeling, delaminating, sagging, breaking, or have large and visible damages, you will be better off replacing them. Repairing these damages and then painting them will cost a lot. Painting over the damages will only give them a new color, and the damage will cause the paint the peel or crack quickly.

    If your cabinets are in good condition, then a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up your kitchen. Its also a great way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money.

    Airless Vs Hvlp: Which One’s Best For Cabinets

    I own both, but from a production standpoint, an airless sprayer is the time-saver and what I use for my cabinet projects. The biggest disadvantage of an HVLP sprayer is the limited capacity of the fluid cup. Most cups hold only one to two-quarts, which is plenty for spraying cabinet frames in a small kitchen, but for multiple doors and drawers, you would have to refill the cup several times.

    The finish: When set up right, no doubt, an HVLP sprayer produces a finer finish than an airless because the material is sprayed at pressure as low as 9 PSI. Compare that to an airless rig that sprays at pressure as high as 3,000 PSI. That’s a huge difference. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a smooth finish with an airless. You can get a beautiful finish spraying at the right pressure with the correct spray tip size.

    The spray gun settings: By far, an HVLP sprayer is more versatile when it comes to fine-tuning your spray fan and finish. The spray gun comes with adjustments for controlling the flow of air and fluid, as well as the size of the spray fan itself. With an airless, you’re limited to the pressure setting and the spray tip to control your finish.

    The clean-up: Cleaning a paint sprayer is messy regardless, but I hate cleaning my HVLP spray gun. The fluid nozzle and needle have to be removed and carefully cleaned. The inside of the gun has to be cleaned too, along with the cup. With my airless, I flush cleaner through the pump and spray hose, wash off the filter, and I’m done.

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    Feeling Impatient Theres Spray Paint For That

    If painting by hand sounds tiresome, it is possible to spray-paint your cabinets. Follow all of the same prep steps with care, then take your cabinet fronts and drawers outside before spraying. Source a professional-quality sprayer and remember this mantra: multiple thin coats, not one thick one.

    More tips and tricks to know before you remodel:

    How Much Money Do You Save By Painting Cabinets Yourself

    Best paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

    Painting your own cabinets is such a budget-friendly way to make a huge upgrade in the room of your house that is most important for resale. I was quoted a cost of over $3,000 to hire painters for my kitchen cabinets, but by doing it myself, I paid just over $300. For more low-cost ways to make a big impact on your home, get this free list: The Easiest Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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    Words To Look For When Painting Cabinets Furniture And Trim:

    • enamel This paint will dry to a tough finish, and you shouldnt need a topcoat.
    • acrylic Ive found that acrylic paints tend to adhere to finished wood much better. They also dont peel or flake away from the surface over time nearly as much.
    • urethane and/or alkyd These paints were traditionally used for industrial or automotive applications because they are tough, but now with some of the blends that have been created, components are being integrated for easy use in the home.

    How Can I Expect The Best Result

    The perfect tool technique, Spray Tips, and hacks, with the right kind of Functional Paint Sprayer, will enable the best results.

    How To Carefully Spray The Cabinets?

    Careful techniques, within all features, will help you to get the right kind of Smooth Surface To Paint. You also need to take care of safety measures and other solutions.

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    What Is The Best Benjamin Moore Paint For Cabinets

    This was my first time doing a large DIY project with a Benjamin Moore paint. After using Advance on my cabinets and island, it is clear why it was the perfect choice and I will never use another paint again! Not only is Benjamin Moore Advance the best Benjamin Moore Paint for Cabinets but the results from blind-testing show that it was clearly the Overall Best Paint for Cabinets.

    Final Thoughts On The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

    Best spray paint kitchen cabinets

    Painting your cabinets yourself is so worthwhile and its a cost-effective way to increase the ROI of your home. There are few projects that have such a significant impact on one room and the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home. While painting cabinets is a lot of work, picking the right paint makes all the difference in the results. After several rounds of testing, you can be confident this post on the best paint for cabinets will give you all the information you need to ensure that your cabinet project turns out better than you could have imagined. Good luck with giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint that you can be confident will last a long time!Also, dont forget to see the full Guide to Painting Cabinets Like A Pro HERE and get your Free Cabinet Painting Roadmap!

    I love to hear your thoughts and questions! Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply!


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