Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinet

Painting Tools And Techniques: The Basics

The Absolute Best Paint for Cabinets

Paint with a mini roller: A good painter can work wonders with a brush, but for most of us a mini roller is a great alternative when painting kitchen cabinets. Youll find mini roller frames and sleeves at home centers and paint stores.

Type of mini roller: There are many roller sleeves available, but when learning how to paint cabinets, mohair, microfiber or foam sleeves are good choices. Foam sleeves will leave the smoothest finish, but they dont hold much paint, so youll be reloading frequently. Experiment on the inside of doors to see which sleeve works best with your paint.

Follow the wood grain: If youre painting frame-and-panel cabinet doors, follow the direction of the wood grain with your finishing brushstrokes. The vertical stiles should receive the last brush strokes running from top to bottom.

Roll, then brush: If youre old-school and still like to paint with a brush, you can speed things up by first applying the paint with a mini roller. Roll on the paint. Then drag paintbrush bristles lightly over the surface to even out the coat and eliminate roller marks.

Final Thoughts Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen. Paint can truly transform the space. Not only is it a more budget-friendly way to renovate your kitchen, but its also a project you can DIY.

When it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet paint color, dont forget to take into account things like the lighting or design features in the room. You want to make sure the kitchen is well balanced.

Dont forget to swatch the paint color you choose. If you read my paint color posts, youll see Im adamant about this.

Be prepared to swatch! Grab yourself somechippy brushes.

Swatching the paint colors will allow you to get a real feel of how they look once they are up on the cabinets.

Use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples for a mess-free way to test paint colors!

Finally, take your time and go through the appropriate steps when choosing the perfect cabinet color. Using this advice will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

Remove Doors Drawer Fronts And Hardware

Weve all seen painting projects where the hinges and hardware are covered with paint and paint is slopped over drawer interiors. Its tempting to leave the doors in place for painting as you begin your how to paint kitchen cabinets project, but youll get a much neater and more professional-looking job by removing them, as well as all the hardware.

On many modern cabinets, drawer fronts can be removed from the drawer by backing out a few screws. But if your drawer fronts are part of the drawer and cant be removed, use masking tape to cover the drawer sides and bottom if you dont want to paint them.

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The Best Paint For Cabinets

You need special paint and primer when painting kitchen cabinets. Likewise, there are multiple steps in the prep process you cannot overlook including sanding the surface and even skim coating rougher cabinet face textures. Given the amount of time and skill it takes to properly paint cabinets, we recommend skipping this as a DIY project for homeowners.

The best finish for cabinets is achieved using a specialized sprayer versus rolling or brushing. While you can rent a sprayer as a homeowner, the skill needed to apply cabinet paint properly is very high. You can visit Home Depots paint sprayer rental page for more information.

In any case, some home painting jobs are just best left to professionals. Cabinet painting is definitely one of those projects. However, using the right kind of paint matters. Here are our recommendations for the best Sherwin Williams cabinet paint as well as Benjamin Moore.

How I Tested Cabinet Paints With The Best Coverage

20 Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors, According to Pros

As I mentioned in the introduction of this blog post, coverage has a huge effect on how many coats of paint you have to apply which also affects your application time and cost. Thats why coverage is one of the biggest considerations when picking the best paint for cabinets.

To test coverage, I painted a black line down the length of two sides of the line after painting on a couple of coats of primer. Then, I painted each sample of paint in 10-inch bands on the board. After the second coat of paint, the brands that no longer showed the black line had the best coverage. The one where the black line was most prominent had the worst coverage.

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Studio Green By Farrow And Ball

A yummy color for cabinets worth trying is Studio Green by Farrow and Ball. This is the boutique paint companys darkest green color. However, it lightens beautifully without losing its rich color. A dark hue like Studio Green may come off as intimidating, but it makes a smaller room look large.

With that said, Studio Green goes well with shaker-style cabinetry for a bold statement. Nevertheless, you can still paint your flat-surfaced cabinets, but it just really makes your shaker cabinets stand out.

How I Tested Cabinet Paints With The Smoothest Finish

When it comes to a smooth finish, Im such a stickler! Unfortunately, one of the downsides to painting honey oak kitchen cabinets is that they have a very open grain. In other words, you can see lots of small indentions on the entire wood surface. To specifically test which paint finishes would settle into the wood grain to make smooth surfaces, I painted a sample of each on the back of one of my own cabinet doors.

You also want to make sure that your paint doesnt show brush strokes or roller marks. To test for a smooth surface, I painted one side of the board I mentioned above with a brush and the other side with a roller for every paint sample. Im glad I tested both because some paints that did great with brush strokes did not go on very smoothly with a roller!

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Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Of 2022

by Andre Kazimierski | Mar 20, 2022

Painting your kitchen cabinets but struggling with colors? Choosing the best kitchen cabinet color is difficult for homeowners. Especially with all of the white, green, navy blue, and dark gray color trends that are in right now.

No question, its common to feel overwhelmed with hundreds of kitchen design ideas. Given that, weve created a guide to finding the perfect kitchen cabinet paint colors to create a look youll love. Not to mention, our 11 best cabinet colors are classic shades that will stand the test of time. As opposed to the typical fly-by-night interior design trends.

To help you pick the best colors for cabinets we asked our painting experts here at Improovy for the latest and greatest hues. From classic white cabinets, painting kitchen islands, to darker colors, our trend-worthy list covers it all. Likewise, well showcase before and after pictures of cabinet painting projects to inspire your next kitchen makeover.

After selecting a few of the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors, try placing swatches next to your countertops and backsplash. That way, youll get a better idea of how a new cabinet color coordinates with your current kitchens look.

Whether you prefer a neutral white kitchen color or two-toned cabinetry style, the photos in our top 11 cabinet paint colors will make deciding easy.

Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors In 202:

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Network

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What Is Cabinet Paint

Cabinet paint is a type of paint specifically designed for use on cabinets. Cabinet paint is usually a high-gloss or semi-gloss paint, and it can be either oil-based or water-based.

Cabinet paint is typically more durable than regular wall paint, and it can resist staining and fading. It is available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose a color that matches your kitchen décor.

When choosing Cabinet paint, it is important to select a quality product that will provide long-lasting results. The best cabinet paints are those that are easy to apply and provide a smooth, even finish.

Best Cool White: Sherwin

The Spruce

Jessica Salomone, the owner and principal interior designer at Lotus and Lilac Design Studio, loves to update kitchen cabinets with paint when designing new spaces. One of her top picks for cabinetry is Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams. The hue has a slightly cool undertone, unlike commonly used warm whites. “This crisp, clean white is perfect for transitional and modern interiors,” she says. Sherwin-Williams hues come in all types, including acrylic, latex, oil-based, and more.

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Transform The Look And Feel Of Your Kitchen With These Paints

Giving your kitchen a refresh neednt cost jaw-dropping quantities of cash. In fact, the best paint for kitchen cabinets can be relatively affordable, if you know where to look. So why not do-it-yourself and treat your kitchen cupboards to a new lick of paint to spruce things up?

Watching paint dry is nobodys idea of fun, but painting your own cupboards costs far less than paying a professional and you can still get excellent results, if you choose the right paint. On top of that, youll have the satisfaction of basking in a kitchen that would have Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen nodding his head in approval.

So whether youre doing a full refit or just fancy changing things up, our pick of the best paint for kitchen cabinets has you covered, whatever your style or budget. If youre new to DIY painting, give our buying guide below a read first for some handy tips. Or, if youre already in the know, simply scroll on for our top cabinet paint picks.

Should I Use A Paint Sprayer Or A Brush And Roller

The 7 Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

When painting your kitchen cabinets, you have the option of using a paint sprayer or a brush and roller. Some people find that a paint sprayer produces a more even finish, while others prefer the control that a brush and roller give them.

If youre not sure which option is best for you, try spraying a small section of your cabinets and seeing how you like the results. Spraying can be easier than brushing if you get the hang of it. With spraying, you can always go back and brush or roll over any areas that youre not happy with.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to follow all the manufacturers instructions for the best results.

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Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray 7029

Agreeable Gray can be a gorgeous choice for kitchen cabinets. Being a light depth greige with MINOR undertones, it accommodates a wide range of countertops and backsplashes.

Agreeable Gray is also a great choice as its not overly warm OR cold, giving you more flexibility down the road.

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE

Option : Valspar Or Behr Cabinet And Furniture Enamel

Valspar and Behr both make a good cabinet and furniture enamel, similar to the concept of the Satin Enamels in option 1.

These enamels tend to be a little thinner consistency, which can result in paint drips if youre not careful as you apply the paint. This the only reason theyre not yet my #1 choice.

But as long as you apply the paint somewhat lightly, your finish will turn out great. You may need two or three coats of paint, which is true of all the paint options.

The great thing about these cabinet enamels is you can have them mixed in any color you choose. The Valspar paint is also available in both Satin and Semi-gloss finish, which is nice.

To use the Valspar or Behr option, you would follow the same process as the Satin Enamels, which you can find in this cabinet painting post or outlined below. As with the Satin Enamels, these paints require no sanding and very little prep. Its basically the Satin Enamels process, just with a more accessible paint.

Pros & Cons of Option 2

Pros: You can find this paint at either Lowes or Home Depot and get in it in almost any color you want. Just as durable and easy to prep as option 1. No primer or top coat necessary.

Cons: The consistency is a little thinner, so you need to be a little more careful when applying to avoid drips.

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Can I Spray My Cabinets

Yes, you sure can! I just bought a sprayer and am not the person to ask about how to spray anything , but I know many people swear by it. The difference is in the prep.

With a sprayer, youll need to remove all your doors and hardware first, and be sure to cover everything else to prevent overspray.

Some sprayers require you to thin the paint, but I know the HomeRight Finish Max is supposed to be great for chalk paint and Id assume it would be for enamel paint as well.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

What Is The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Rustic colors are the perfect manifestation of being used with love. Rustic kitchen cabinet paint colors are cozy but not stuffy, comfortable, and yet still elegant and intentional. In fact, traditional rustic interior design colors tend toward earthy, natural colors. This means the color palette is made up of warm neutrals, beiges, and browns, but dont forget about your greens, yellows, and greige , too. Rustic designs include a lot of exposed wood, which complements these natural colors perfectly.

Here are a few suggestions for your rustic kitchen:

5. Benjamin Moore Soft Sand

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B& q Goodhome Durable Matt Cabinet & Wardrobe Paint 750ml

Best matt paint for kitchen cupboards

Reasons to avoid:

  • Long drying time

Although easily cleanable satin or gloss paints are generally recommended for kitchen cabinets, this durable matt paint has been formulated to be hard-wearing and water-resistant to daily splashes, spillages, and even household cleaners. So you can still keep it clean and wipe off marks easily whilst enjoying a flat matt finish.

The water-based formula also makes this easier to work with than a solvent or oil-based paint, and reduces the strong smell – although it’s always advisable to ensure good ventilation of any painting area.

And best of all, itâs super affordable, offering great value and a good selection of colour choices to aid you in your kitchen transformation.

Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Is It Better To Buy New Cabinets

Painting cabinets yourself is always cheaper than buying new cabinets or cabinet doors. As long as your cabinets are solid wood and in good condition, painting them yourself will save you a lot of money. For more ideas to save you a ton of money while increasing your homes ROI, click here: The Easiest Projects To Add Character and Value To Your Home

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V33 Renovation Smooth Satin Kitchen Cupboard & Cabinet Paint


Satin seems to be the finish du jour for paintwork right now, and this V33 Renovation Smooth Satin paint is proving especially popular among the contenders. Specially designed for use on kitchen cupboards and cabinets, reviewers found it applied beautifully with a foam roller, and provided opaque coverage that made cabinets look just like new after application. They also found a little went a long way, and that post-painting, any splashes or splatters could be easily wiped off without any detriment to the finish, proving this paintâs staying power â it’s one of the best washable paints in our guide.

Painting Your Own Kitchen Cabinets To Create A Professional Finish Is Totally Possible With The Right Type Of Paint This Post Describes The Best Type Of Paint For Cabinets It Includes The Best Brands Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets The Cost Of Various Brands And Where To Purchase Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

10 Beautiful Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas

This post was originally published in August 2019. Updated in June 2022 with information on new brands of paint available for painting cabinets.

Spoiler Im not a professional painter. BUT, I have personally used each of the paints listed in this post. Plus, Ive painted several different sets of kitchen cabinets, and hundreds of different furniture pieces. Im a DIYer, but I assure you I refuse to write about topics I dont have experience with and knowledge about.

Kitchen cabinets are a high use item and need special paint that is able to withstand lots of use and cleaning. All paint is not made the same. There are definitely certain types of paint that I have found work best for cabinets. Thankfully, these paints are readily available at many stores perfect for those of you that want to paint your own cabinets!

Even if you are hiring a contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets, I would still highly recommend that you request for them to use alkyd paint on your kitchen.

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Best Navy Blue: Sherwin

The Spruce

Navy is a classic paint color for kitchen cabinets that will never go out of style, and it works great with warm-toned metals, such as brass and copper,” says Rebecca Langman, an interior designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design. She recommends Salt Dog from Sherwin-Williams. It’s a beautiful true navy that works with most kitchen hardware finishes for faucets, knobs, and cabinet pulls.


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