Best Paint For Garage Walls

Get Your Garage Paint Color Choices Right The First Time

Best Paint For A Garage Floor (My Top 2 Choices)

As with any room that is being painted for the first time or repainted, its important to get your color choices right the first time. Its a terrible feeling when youre staring at a freshly painted room and instantly regretting the colors you chose for the project, followed by the dread of having to redo the project.

When choosing your garage paint colors, follow these five simple guidelines.

What Color Paint Hides Imperfections Best

Including the type and severity of the imperfections, the type of paint being used, the color of the paint, and the lighting conditions. That said, some colors of paint are more forgiving than others when it comes to hiding imperfections.

For example, light colors tend to highlight imperfections whereas dark colors can help to camouflage them. Similarly, colors with a high level of gloss can highlight imperfections whereas colors with a flat or matte finish can help to disguise them.

Ultimately, it is best to experiment with a few different colors of paint to see which one works best in hiding the imperfections in your particular space.

Hgtv Home Showcase Interior Paint & Primer

Perfect for garages and high-traffic areas, this semi-gloss paint from the HGTV Home line is highly resistant to stains while being durable enough to scrub as needed. Since its made by Sherwin Williams, you know you will be getting a high quality paint.

Its Greenguard Gold certified, 100 percent acrylic, mildew resistant, and is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

This paint applies with nice, smooth coverage. In many cases, a single coat will do a good job, although darker colors will need multiple layers to completely cover. Be warned, the splatters of this paint can be a bit more difficult to clean than others, so be sure to use painters tape and surface covers.

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The Reasons Why Exterior Paint Isn’t The Recommended Way To Go

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Garage wallsthey’re kind of outside, kind of inside. Some are temperature controlled, others aren’t. They can double as laundry rooms, storage rooms, man caves, and more. It’s a lot to take in and can pose quite the conundrum when trying to determine which variety of paint is best for brushing on the walls, but we did the legwork, and it all comes down to ventilation.

While a couple of other factors do weigh in, it’s the fumes in an enclosed space that rule out exterior paint. Interior latex paint, specifically varieties formulated for high-traffic areas, is what’s best for garage walls thanks to its fast-drying speed, minimal odor, and easy clean up as compared to oil-based versions. Exterior paint typically has more toxins and a stronger smell due to anti-mildew properties, making it best left for exterior spacesand completely open air ones at that.

When To Use Oil

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With many leaps in water-based paint technology, oil paints are quickly fading but there are certain times you will want, or even need, to use oil-based paints. One primary reason is when the previous paint was oil based. No matter how you prepare a surface, a water-based paint will not adhere to an oil unless you strip off the previous paint, which can become a pricey project.

Oil based paints are very durable and hold up well to high traffic areas such as trim or doors. Oil from your hands will mark these coatings so a tougher oil based product would be more beneficial beside a light switch or door handle in the garage since it is easier to wipe marks away.

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What Type Of Paint Do You Use In The Garage

While oil-based paint used to be the industry standard, latex-based paint is not only safer but performs just as well.

There arent many reasons not to use latex paint for all of your DIY painting jobs. Thats still true, even when you paint a garage. Oil-based paints used to be the standard of professionals and DIYers alike. But theres been so much development in paint technology over the last decade that water-based latex paint performs like an oil-based paint without the volatile organic compounds .

Many brands now offer two-in-one paint and primer, which cuts down on prep work and how much time you`ll spend with a paint roller in your hand. Theyre often zero-VOC, and low-odor so you dont have to clear the family out of the house for the day.

Whatever paint you end up deciding is right for you, for safety and convenience, get a latex paint.

Tip : The Best Paint For Garage Walls Ceilings And Floors

The best paint for garage walls and ceilings is interior latex paint, though oil-based paints can also be used. Latex paintis quick drying, can be thinned with water because its water-based, and has less odor/vapors than oil-based paint. Its also easier to clean up with soap and water, and is less irritating to your skin.

Oil-based painttakes longer to dry, must be thinned with paint thinner, and has a strong odor and fumes. It is also much more challenging to clean up, since you cant use soap and water.

WARNING: Do not use exterior paint in your garage, thinking its more resistant to stains, scratches, scuffs, or mold. Exterior paints often have toxins that can be harmful if used indoors, even in a well-ventilated room. There are many durable interior brands that are safe options for garage wall paint.

The same paint can be used for garage walls and ceilings. Garage floors, however, must be painted with a brand that is specifically designed to be used with cement. Usually homeowners seal garage floors with an epoxy-type coating, rather than paint.

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Garage Wall Paint Color Recommendations

When it comes to the best interior garage wall paint colors, most people prefer painting their walls a shade of white, as it gives a bright and vivid look.

However, white isnt always the best option. Why? Because it easily gets dirty. Touching your white walls while youre fixing your car is one of the worst things that can happen as the stain will be so hard to clean. White and other light colors can easily reveal stains.

So if white isnt the best option, should you go for dark colors? Well, dark colors might be advantageous in some ways as it does not easily get dirty. Even if you accidentally touch it with your dirty hands, the stain wont be obvious.

But still, dark colors arent the best option. Why? Dark colors, such as dark blue, black, or dark grey can make your garage appear confined and dim. The lighting in every garage must not be dim as it might cause accidents whenever youre parking your car or youre fixing something.

Yes, light colors such as white, yellow, bright green, and dark colors such as dark blue, black, and dark gray arent good for your garage walls. These are the most recommended colors you can apply to your garage walls:

So if youre thinking of painting your garage walls, always go for neutral colors. These colors are very easy to maintain. Stains and dirt can be easily cleaned with these neutral colors and even if they are not yet cleaned, these stains and dirt wouldnt look that obvious.

Ideal Garage Wall Paint

How to paint a garage in 20 minutes! | Graco 695

In terms of garage walls and ceilings, latex or oil-based paints are great. However, interior latex paints are the best choice.

Moreover, latex paints are made from polyvinyl acetate.

Polyvinyl acetate is a thermoplastic polymer found in glues, paints, and a variety of industrial adhesives making the paint extremely strong and long-lasting.

Let us give you a quick review of their pros and cons:

Interior Latex Paint

WARNING: Exterior paints are not recommended in your garage.

The use of external paint in an indoor environment can be hazardous.

These paints contain chemicals that frequently emit toxic chemicals that can cause respiratory difficulties, including volatile organic compounds .

These items should be utilized outside in the open air, not in a confined environment.

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Whats The Color To Paint A Garage

When deciding on a color to paint a garage, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, one should take into account the overall look of the exterior of the home. If the house is painted in a neutral color, then a bolder color for the garage can be considered.

Additionally, the color should coordinate well with any outdoor furniture and other exterior accents, such as mailbox and planters. Additionally, keep in mind the climate and environment. For example, a lighter color may be preferable in a hot, sunny climate, while a darker color can be used in colder or humid climates to absorb more heat.

Lastly, it is important to take into account the overall quality of the paint and ensure that it can withstand inclement weather and is lead-free. Popular paint colors for garages include white, gray, beige, blue, and brown.

Interior Paint + Primer: White/white Interior Paint/pearls And Lace One Coat Eggshell By Glidden

  • Excellent hide and stain block: Youll only need fewer layers or a single coat to hide typical stains and transform your walls.
  • Expertly selected colors by professionals: Ideal for use in every room of your home thanks to its hand-selected attractive White Paint Colors.
  • Makes walls washable: Scrubbability and washability are exceptional, allowing you to easily remove any stains.
  • Variations of colors: Glidden One Fresh Coat of Paint is now available in over 300 more premium-curated paint colors.

These are selected by experts to ensure the success of your next painting project.

  • Less odor and Low VOC: This paint allows you to paint with less stress and disruption to your daily routine.
  • Variety of Finishes: It is available in a variety of finishes, including flat paint, eggshell, and semi-gloss.

You can also use this for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and nursery.

  • Glidden One Coat Paint is shipped safely and securely so you can get your paint fast and without a big mess.
  • This company is an expert in the field of painting: It has made it easy for homeowners to stop procrastinating and start painting.
  • Theyre good at making inspiration into action, from the first latex paints created and marketed under the Glidden brand decades ago to todays extensive range of flexible colors.
  • Glidden Paint makes painting faster and easier.
  • Glidden One Coat Paint & Primer has a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Affordable paint for home and commercial use.
  • High-quality and low-impact.

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Getting The Right Garage Floor Color

All visually appealing garages have one thing in common attractive floor surfaces.

A durable, high-quality polyaspartic floor coating is the better choice when compared to epoxy coatings and floor paints. Garage Livings Floortex floor coatings have numerous attractive colors to choose from.

The UpCOUNTRY Designer Series theme incorporates neutral colors like taupe and brown to give garages a warm, relaxed design aesthetic.

With colors that range from the natural look of Creek Bed to the bolder aesthetic of Orbit, you can pick whatever fits with your décors needs. You can use some of the colors from the accents in your speckled flooring to help tie the whole room together.

Remember that giving yourself as many color choices as possible when planning your garage remodel will result in a finished project that fully meets your design aspirations.

Any Floortex floor coating color you pick will be easy to maintain, too. The garage floor coatings textured look from the decorative flakes sprinkled during the application process is very effective at hiding dirt and dust.

We offer a wide range of garage floor coating colors to help you effectively complement your garages interior décor.

How To Paint Garage Walls And Ceilings

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As weve already seen, the garage has evolved from a humble beginning to a central area in many modern homes. But garages, much like basements or attics, wont reach their full potential when left unfinished.

The first step is painting the interior. However, this is a more complicated process than adding a new coat to the spare bedroom, and following all of these steps and tips will help ensure a wonderful, inviting garage space for years to come.

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Interior Garage Wall Paint Colors

Heres our guide to interior garage wall paint colors including best paint color for garage interior, garage wall color recommendations and more.Whenever youre designing or renovating your garage, selecting what paint colors youll use is crucial. The paint color youll apply on your garage walls will have a huge impact on its appearance.

If youre going to use the perfect paint color and finish for your garage, your interior appearance will be greatly enhanced. Plus, it will give a more pleasant ambiance that truly elevates your comfort level and satisfaction.

In this article, youll be well-informed about making your garage interior eye-pleasing and extraordinary. Lets begin!

Do Garage Walls Need To Be Primed

New Drywall

Using primer depends on the surface condition. If the drywall is new and unpainted, you should absolutely apply one coat of PVA drywall primer first. PVA primer seals the surface of new drywall for durability and an even paint finish.

When the paint is applied directly over new drywall, the paint soaks into the surface too fast, resulting in a poor finish. When the paint is applied over primer instead, the paint dries evenly and looks better.

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The Drying Times Of Water

1-4 weeks 2 to 3 days

Due to the high level of volatile solvents, numerous states have limited oil-based paints in houses. But exterior alkyd enamel paint can be ideal for the walls thanks to its smooth patina and durability. Latex paints are also great for garage walls, but the modern paints are glossy and durable.

Latex paint is generally created by mixing PVC and latex, which provides an extremely high tolerance to condensation. But its main advantage is the ability to be used outdoors and indoors without undergoing any form of degradation.

Of the two, latex paints are more expensive and produce an excellent finish that you cannot get with acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Unfinished Garage Walls

Concrete Paint: Best Concrete Floor Paint (Buying Guide)

As you pull out from the driveway each day, you walk past your bland garage and think, This space is just begging for a new paint job. If youre ready to spruce up the place, there are plenty of rookie-mistakes you should avoid in the process!

Can you paint unfinished garage walls? Yes, you absolutely can. However, garage walls already have a thinner drywall layer than interior rooms. If your garage is unfinished or without drywall, it will be even thinner and require specialty paint, primer, and technique. You will want to avoid interior wall paint like satin or gloss and lean more towards oil-based primers, latex, and exterior paints that are mildew resistant.

If you are ready to freshen up your garage and give it the fresh coat it deserves, this article can guide you through the differences that your unfinished garage possesses versus a finished garage, the steps for how to paint your unfinished walls, as well as the best paint brands for the job!

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The Differences Between Interior Vs Exterior Paint

You can utilize interior and exterior paint on your garage walls since they meet varying needs and purposes. But as the name suggests, interior paint is best left for rooms inside. Using interior paint outdoor will not last long because it is exposed to harsh elements.

In the same token, you can use exterior paint to redecorate the family room or the bedroom. However, you can use both materials for your garage project because this part of your home is somehow in the in-between category. To help you decide, look at the details of each kind below.

What Is Interior Paint Use For

Interior paint isnt as flexible as exterior paint but has fewer VOCs.

  • Resist cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Dont scuff or smear.
  • Have both high- and semi-gloss sheens for high traffic areas.
  • Dont off-gas from resin or added chemicals.

But keep in mind if you have a damp or un-insulated garage, interior paint may crack or peel with exposure to moisture and temperature changes. However, theyre true to the low- and no-VOC. You still have to keep the rooms youre painting well ventilated, but the smell should subside within a few days.

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What Should You Think About When Choosing Garage Wall Paint

When selecting interior paint for a garage, read the chemical list carefully to see if the colour is compatible with the wall type and durable enough for an area that isn’t ordinarily climate-controlled. Continue reading to discover more about these traits and how to choose the best garage wall paint.


When it comes to garage wall paint, there are two options: oil-based and water-based. On the interior walls of most homes, however, oil-based wall paint is no longer used. It’s unpopular due to its high VOCs , long dry time, comparatively high price, and laborious cleanup.

Oil-based paint can still be used in a garage because ample ventilation is provided by opening the garage door, eliminating the high-VOC concern. Some oil-based paints dry to a hard shell, making them more resistant to scuffs and scratches. Its toughness makes it excellent for garage walls, which are subjected to a lot of abuse.

Water-based wall paint is available in acrylic and latex finishes and uses water instead of oil as a solvent. As a result, the paint dries significantly faster than oil-based paint, has fewer VOCs, and is easy to clean from brushes.

Low VOCs

VOCs are gases released into the air by items such as paint. Overexposure to VOCs can cause headaches, dizziness, skin rashes, and nausea by irritating the eyes, nose, and throat. Long-term VOC exposure can harm organs and the central nervous system. Some VOCs, like benzene, have been linked to cancer.


Surface Suitability



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