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How To Apply Waterproofing Paint In Your Basement

How I Painted My Concrete Floor! DIY Budget Friendly Basement Floor Option

Its vital to go stepwise to apply such paints on the base walls or floors.

First of all, store the paint after youre done picking up the stain right for your cellar. Its better to fill it in a bucket keeping at a safe distance. Make sure its in a humid-free zone with the fitting temperature.

You are moving to the second step. Check if your walls are painted before hand or not. Scrape off the old layer of the tint to get a flat finish. Next, start with your brush and paint.

Take it down, covering all the nooks and edges. Hence, you fix a bar in the basement. Now, it is better to take spray paint if you are aware of how to use it.

Voila! Your wall paint plus waterproof film has met its final stage. Let it dry and equip for the second or final coating.

Types Of Paints And Stains For Concrete Floors

Freshen up your concrete, basement or garage floor with a stain or a new layer of paint. Applying paint or stain to the floors outside your main living areas can keep them looking finished and clean for extended periods without extra care. This guide will explain the differences between epoxy and stain. It will also discuss the best floor paint for your needs, as well as which surfaces can handle each product.

Top 10 Basement Concrete Floor Paints

Concrete floors often pose a challenge for homeowners looking to remodel. It’s hard to paint, sometimes there are cracks in the floor, and it can be difficult to clean.

Slapping a fresh coat of paint on your floor is only one step when you’re restoring your floor, but it’s the final and most important one. You can’t just use any paint.

Basement concrete floor paint is made to withstand heavy traffic, adhere to concrete well, and look nice. Here are ten of the best concrete paint options for your remodeling needs.

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What Color Should A Basement Floor Be

Ivory If youre looking for classy and clean, we recommend painting the concrete floors in a soft ivory color. Such a color instantly makes the basement look nice and clean. And white reflects light very well, helping to make the space look more well-lit. Gray Gray is still the most popular color for concrete.

Other Concrete Coating Options To Consider

Have a look at this fantastic basement ceiling

As mentioned earlier, epoxy coatings can yield a stronger, longer-lasting finish than paint for certain applications. Epoxy coatings can also give you a more polished, glossy look, so its often recommended to use mix-in anti-slip compounds to offset the slicker finish.

Note: While a one-part paint with an epoxy additive can achieve some of these benefits, a true epoxy product will always have a two-part formula with the epoxy and a hardener additive.

Polyurea generally costs a little more than epoxy, and professional application is recommended, but its more flexible and abrasion-resistant than epoxy. Similarly, a polyurea coating can be very smooth, so anti-slip compound is recommended.

Concrete stain gives you options for changing the color and appearance of your concrete with a permanent, penetrating chemical reaction, so youre not adding material on top as you do with paint and other coatings.

Concrete sealer works like wax on your car. It can be a good option to protect your concrete surface from water damage, freeze and thaw cycles or oil stains, without changing the color or adding to the thickness of paint.

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Be Forewarned When Painting Basement Floors

Sun., Aug. 2, 2009

Q. Our concrete basement floor was painted before we moved into our house, but the floor was bare in spots. We had it repainted, but now the new paint comes off easily if scuffed. Is it possible to successfully paint a basement floor?

A. It is definitely possible, but painting a basement floor has several pitfalls:

Moisture seepage. If water is wicking up through the concrete from the soil underneath, it is virtually impossible to get any coating to stick the hydrostatic pressure will simply lift the paint off.

Before attempting to paint, check for seepage by taping foot-square pieces of aluminum foil at several places on the floor . Let the foil in place for several weeks, then remove and examine it. If moisture has collected on the underside of the foil, the floor is seeping.

Stopping seepage can be very difficult.

The cause is sometimes a malfunctioning rain-gutter system or improper grading around the building .

Wrong paint. Painting a concrete floor require special paint. Most so-called porch-and-floor paints will work if other conditions are good, but it is best to look for a special concrete-floor paint. Epoxy paints are the toughest, but even these can fail if other conditions are not right.

Improper preparation. Always read and carefully follow the directions on the paint container. Thorough cleaning is the minimum preparation, but some concrete floors also require etching with an acid etch to overcome excessive smoothness.

What Makes Basement Concrete Floor Paint Special

You cant just use any paint for basement floors. Basement cement floor paint needs to contain certain features to help protect the concrete underneath. This is not only a visual paint, but it also acts as an important waterproofer and layer of protection. Typically, basements are dark, damp places. They may be home to washing machines, workshops, or heavy storage containers. Because of all this, the best basement paint should be strong enough to endure this.

First of all, basement cement floor paint should provide a waterproofing seal over the concrete. Concrete is a very porous substance, and when it absorbs moisture it can start to crack or crumble. It is important to add a layer of concrete basement floor sealer to protect the floor from this.

Basement cement floor paint also needs to be particularly durable. Unlike the paint you may use on your walls, this paint needs to hold up against foot traffic and heavy items. This paint needs to be particularly strong and impact resistant. It should also not peel, crack, or blister if exposed to moisture and dampness something that is often present in basements.

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Best Paint For Basement Floor With Buying Guide

We sorted through the top-rated paint for basement floor available online, selected the top options and analyzed them to help you decide which one best fits your requirements. We created an extensive testing plan and graded each paint for basement floor on how well they executed each task.

Before kicking off our analysis, we made a list of the most redeeming qualities of an paint for basement floor and used those elements to formulate our test plan. We researched to evaluate the competition on different metrics. The overall top-scoring models have the best balance of these qualities.

These are the metrics we use in our research:

  • Quality of the paint for basement floor
  • Useful features and advanced features
  • Designs of every product

Basement Floor Paint Epoxy

How to Paint Concrete Basement Floor

Epoxy coating is unlike traditional basement floor paint. Epoxy acts as a sealer that helps you prevent lines and cracks on the floor.

This kind of coating will also help to trap moisture in the slab. You can feel cleaner, drier, less musty basement flooring.

Pros Cons
Its well-known for its affordability. Compared to other options of flooring, its quite affordable Its a temporary flooring solution and you have to replace it eventually
This kind of flooring is highly resistant to just about everything, oil, bleach, transmission fluid, gasoline, cleansers, and many more For oil-covered epoxy, it will be very slippery
It has a longer lifespan than many others The preparation can be an issue
This flooring option protects the underlying concrete from any flaws It takes a long time to dry properly
It has strong fumes

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How To Make Anti Slip Garage Floor Paint

An absolute belter of a tip I picked up along the way was to add some fine sand to your paint. Now, obviously forget a smooth looking finish but I much rather a little extra rough than landing on my backside! Also another drawback is the sand protrudes and obviously wears away much more quickly guaranteeing youll need to coat again far sooner. But, with those draw backs it really does give you a fair bit more purchase.

The best thing to do is experiment on a test patch with how much sand you want to add, and workout a sensible balance of aesthetics, durability, but also that crucial Anti Slip garage floor paint property that is hard to come by!

I hope you liked our review of the best garage paints and feel free to chime in with any weve missed. The more we can share for the community the better informed our decisions and the happier we all are

Faqs When Buying Garage Floor Paint

Theres a whole myriad of questions people are asking everyday whats the best garage floor paint in the UK, Can you get anti slip floor paint? But the most frequent is how to actually get the job of painting done from start to finish. So unusually in this FAQ I use those individual questions I get to walk you through the entire process. Its worth the 3 minute read you can be sure to pickup a top tip or plan better as a result.

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How Much Weight Will The Surface Take

For what reason are you using your basement or garage? Are you parking the car in the basement or doing maintenance of different automotive parts? Or do you have playful kids?

First of all, you have to know how much traffic your selected paint can withstand. Remember, pricier paint offers premium durability. Also, they come with a water-resistant, weather-resistant, anti-slip, stain-proof feature so that the user can comfortably clean the floor. When a basement is painted with superior quality paint, regular cleaning can eliminate dirt, spots, and other marks.

Can You Waterproof Painted Basement Walls

How To Paint a Concrete Floor

Whether you are waterproofing basement walls from outside or inside, its always safer to remove the earlier painted layers.

Otherwise, the drawbacks of that old paint may deteriorate the leakage issue further. Peel that pre-painted coat, and then you can even opt for a premium quality sealant.

This way, your new paint will get the scope to adhere firmly and last longer!

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Hides Imperfections And Makes It Less Slippery

Imperfection on concrete basement floor can be easily concealed by painting it.

Small cracks, as long as they are not caused by and dont cause water damage, can simply be concealed with paint until you have enough budget to repair them.

Certain type of basement floor paint also makes the floor less slippery.

Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete Prime Quality Paint For Garage Floors And Concrete Surfaces

The Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete paint is true to its color, and you will get the same color as advertised.

In fact, you will not be able to raise your fingers regarding the performance of this paint.

No pressure there!

Once it is applied evenly, you will get a smooth surface, delivering much better performance than its rivals. With less preparation, applying the Rust Bullet Duragrade for Concrete is effortless.

After drying, you will get a shiny floor all the time. This stuffs performance is awesome. Applying only 2 coats, it will allow you to cover an old etched stamped patio. Looks great, slick, and easy to clean.

So, have we got that straight?

The great thing about this paint is you can apply it directly on concrete, and acid etching is entirely unnecessary. You will love to hear that it offers consistent performance, both indoor and outdoor.

Being an outdoor paint, you might be thinking that it can be damaged due to severe weather. The truth is, it is UV-proof and chemical resistant that it retains its effectiveness in harsh weather too.

As good as it sounds!

300 ft2 is the coverage capacity of the paint. The hot tire can peel up basement paint, but this paint doesnt peel up due to hot tires or heavy traffic. It can be used for decorative purposes too.

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Best Basement Paint: Kilz Epoxy Concrete And Garage Floor Paint

This option by Kilz is our top pick as a basement concrete floor paint. The paint is a unique 1-part epoxy acrylic mixture that is suitable for both interior and exterior use. This paint is highly durable, easy to clean, and wont scuff, fade, or crack over time. The paint is designed to withstand hot tires and all kinds of heavy activity.

This is a water-based concrete floor paint that is resistant to staining from oil, chemicals, and gasoline. It delivers a satin finish that is smooth and easy to apply. The paint dried fairly quickly and is only suitable for flooring. If you are after a basement concrete floor paint that looks great and provides a high level of durability and resistance to foot traffic and general wear and tear, then this option by Kilz is the answer.

  • Does not perform the same as a two-part epoxy solution

How To Paint Concrete

Best way to remove paint from concrete floor, basement or garage, dust free, for $50

Before painting your concrete floor, you’ll first have to evaluate whether it’s ready for a new coat. Often, you’ll have dust, cracks, or other issues with your floor that need to be taken care of.

Worst case scenario, you need to install a new concrete floor. If that happens, a mechanical edger will smooth over your concrete better than a trowel.

A motorized edge can operate at specific angles and move around sinks or protruding pipes, making it ideal for reflooring your basement. If you’re a contractor, consider investing in a concrete edger.

For concrete floors that don’t need removal, you can use a floor grinder to clean off residue and smooth over imperfections.

They work for removing paint, oil stains, old coatings, and polishing the surface. A multi-surface concrete floor grinder and polisher will make the job much easier.

It’ll help if you know what kind of paint you’ve used previously, as some paints are more receptive to new layers.

Once the floor is level and clean, you paint it as you would any other surface.

Prime the floor if needed, apply painter’s tape, mix the paint, and apply. Often, your paint will require multiple coats, which means you have to take into account drying and setting time.

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The Best Concrete Floor Paint For Basements

DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint is a one-step paint and primer scientifically developed to preserve and decorate masonry floors. The beautiful, flat, non-slip formula works on both new and previously painted surfaces and comes in 16 vibrant hues. It cleans up with soap and water and can be applied with a brush or roller.

Do I Need To Seal A Painted Floor

Applying a clear concrete sealer over a painted concrete floor isnt necessary, but it will help to protect the paint from scratches, peeling, and abrasion. A concrete sealer will also give your floor a nice sheen and make it easier to clean. For the best results, apply a water-based sealer designed for interior use and make sure the product is compatible with the paint you are using.

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Jetcoat Farm Pride Waterproof Exterior Paint

If your eyes are on a leading brand of exterior paint, youre on the right track. To your blow, Jetcoat Farm Pride, with 50 years+ expertise, comes with a quality waterproof paint. Lets learn more!


It comes with an acrylic formula, which ensures that your paint stays safe from fading and peeling. Be it any harsh climate. It saves your basement surfaces from water leaks.


Youll not disappoint at the one-coat coverage this paint has to offer. If you take its one gallon, you can paint up to 100 square feet on a clinch with subsequent coats.

Versatile Use

Its versatile formula allows you to go for multiple uses. Apart from water-blocking the cellar floor, you can enhance farm roofs, barns, fences, foundations, grain bins, and silos.

  • Overdose and coatings may add efflorescence to the floor


Itll help if you stick to its instructions as the manufacturer states. Make sure to note down the temperature at a minimum level of 60 ºF when you apply.

How Many Coatings Do Waterproofing Paints Need

Awesome Garage Floors Ideas, perfect for your home

Well, it depends on the claims your paint brands make. But to be on the safest side, it is always advisable to go for no less than two coats.

A single coat does not support the basement floor waterproofing paint to retain its water-blocking ability. As a result, after 1-2 years of application, you may start noticing leaks once again.

However, two coats can make it waterproof if it is a paint with a little thick consistency. It may even need a bit more time to dry and shine.

But some paints ask you to make 3-4 layers of colors to accomplish the objective.

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Helps Protect The Floor

Certain paint type, which we will discuss more below, can actually provide a protective layer to your floor and make it stronger, more durable and more resilient.

If you abuse your basement floor a lot, perhaps because you use your basement as a storage area, a laundry room, an entertainment venue, etc, this protective layer can be handy to prevent floor damage.

Behr Premium Granite Grip

Behr Premium’s Granite Grip offers a multi-speckled finish for concrete surfaces. As opposed to the sleek and glossy finishes of other paints, you’ll transform your weathered concrete surfaces into a .

Available in multiple shades of gray and copper, you can use this paint both inside and outside of your home.

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