Best Paint Finish For Bathrooms

Best Paint Finish To Use When Painting Kitchen Or Bathroom

Best paint for bathroom – lesson learnt!

Choosing the right paint colours is the first part of decision making when planning a home painting project, but equally important is what types of paint finish to use.

On average most homeowners and DIYers are not aware that there actually is a difference between the different paint finishes and that choosing the best type especially for painting bathrooms and kitchens is important. Lets explore why.

What Is The Best Paint Finish For Bathrooms

In general, the best paint finishes for bathrooms are satin, semi-gloss, or glossy. Unlike matte or eggshell, these offer a high sheen that forms a hard, impermeable coating that repels water. Although minor imperfections are more apparent through glossier sheens, theyre much easier to clean than flatter finishes, which can make life a lot easier in a room that sees a lot of spatter from multiple places.

Paint Finishes + Hiding Wall Damage

A huge consideration in wall finish is the appearance of texture or dings in the surface of the walls.

Glossier paints reflect more light, right? So, if there is a ding, you will notice more that light is being reflected at an angle instead of straight back at you like a flat wall.

So, glossier paints draw more attention to dings and texture in the walls compared to flat finishes.

In that way, an eggshell finish is MUCH better for textured or dinged walls than satin finish paint .

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The Best Finish For Bathrooms

Picking the right finish for bathroom paint is a crucial part of ensuring that your painting project meets with success. The finish of the paint, or how shiny it is, might seem like an aesthetic decision only, but its really a matter of how durable and mold-resistant your bathroom walls will be.

Flat paints have more pigment particles and less resin and binders. As a result, these paints have a rich color and low luster, but are more prone to moisture infiltration. Additionally, they dont stand up to scrubbing and it can be tough to clean walls with flat paint without affecting the finish. For these reasons, its best to pass on a flat finish paint for bathrooms.

The exception would be a paint made for bathrooms specifically. If you opt for one of these mildew-resistant and more durable paints, you may be able to get away with a flat finish in the more humid conditions of a bathroom. These paints usually carry a premium price and we wouldnt recommend them over regular latex paint unless you have your heart set on a flat finish paint in the bathroom.

The best finish for a bathroom paint is semi-gloss or gloss. Semi-gloss paint is shiny and holds up to cleaning well, however it can highlight imperfections on your walls. Both options will give you a finish with some shine that helps the paint resist absorbing extra moisture that leads to mildew growth.

And Why Finish Is Key

Best Paint Finish Bathroom Medium Grade

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Any bathroom renovation is rife with opportunities for mistakesdon’t let your choice of wall paint be one of them.

When picking out wall paint for your bath, you have so many options in regards to brand, hue, and finish. The paint world is your oyster, but there’s one essential thing to remember: Of all your choices, the paint finish is the most important.

Why finish? Because few rooms produce as much dampness as the bath. The widespread consensus is that paints with shiny finishes are both easier to keep clean and more resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew than flat finishes. That’s why paints with shinier finishes are better choices for walls in the bath, a space notorious for the amount of moistureand potential mold and mildewit generates. The mistake, then, is choosing a flat finish for your bathroom walls.

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A Bit About Color And Paint

  • White: You cant go wrong with crisp, clean white. This gives you a cool color palette. If you want to go a bit warmer because shiny white can be antiseptic looking, go for an off-white.
  • Cool, dark colors: Accent white walls with navy blue or hunter green trim.
  • Pastels: Pretty pastels are on trend, and you can highlight them with different paint on the trim. Softer colors, such as pastels or softer tones of white and green, are calming, but satin and sheen are still reflective, so its calm, not dull.
  • Yellow: Yellow is vibrant and cheerful. Soft gold is a bit dated, but yellow is lovely in a bathroom.
  • Mint green: Mint green is cool and tranquil.
  • Gray: A blue-gray is nice in the bathroom, but you can embrace the space with darker, moody colors such as cobalt blue, which add depth to the walls.

Satin and sheen are both acceptable for a bathroom, but there are subtle differences in reflectivity and washability. They can both be used in different areas of the same room for a sophisticated look. Sometimes cost might be what pushes you to one over the other or depth of color. But remember no matter what you choose, be sure to use a moisture-resistant primer.

Editors’ Recommendations

Best Paint Finish For Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom ceilings are prone to mildew and mold build-up. Because they are difficult to clean especially if you have a high ceiling they often dont receive the same care and maintenance as bathroom walls.

To keep molds from building up, you will need a paint finish that is highly resistant to moisture. Thus, paint experts recommend using water-based acrylic latex paint with either a satin or semi-gloss finish. A high gloss finish also works but some people find it too shiny for their taste.

Weve also got an article for if you are painting over shower tiles on this page.

Why water-based acrylic latex paint?

This type of paint dries faster than its counterparts. They are also more durable, washable, and moisture-resistant.

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The Best Bathroom Paint Finish

Its extremely important to take note of the following factors when it comes to choosing the best paint finish for your bathroom.

Mildew or mold-resistantMildew and mold build-ups normally thrive in the bathroom because of its humid and moist environment. While paints do not completely prevent them from building up, some are highly mold-resistant.

Washable If you dont want to find yourself scrubbing your bathroom walls regularly, choose a paint finish that is highly resistant to dust, dirt. and grease.

DurableRegularly cleaning your bathroom walls may cause some paint to dull after some time. So in the long run, long-lasting paint finishes are actually more cost-effective than your regular paint finishes.

What Is The Best Paint Finish For A Bathroom

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets // Secrets for a Perfect Finish

Choosing the right type of paint for a bathroom involves much more than choosing your favorite shade. It would be best to choose a paint that can resist moisture and mildew, as bathrooms are often damp environments. So read on to learn about the best paint finish for your bathroom before you start painting your bathroom.

Semi-gloss paints offer some of the best bathroom finishes. This kind of paint creates a slightly shiny finish that is more moisture-resistant than other types of paint, therefore reducing the risk of mildew developing on your bathroom walls.

Semi-gloss paint is also easy to clean. You wipe down painted surfaces with a slightly damp cloth. Choose a semi-gloss paint that is specifically designed for bathrooms to ensure mold stays away.

If you want a slightly less shiny finish on your bathroom walls, choose satin paint, another popular choice for bathrooms. Satin paint is very durable and can stand up to regular cleaning and scrubbing.

Matte or flat paint is not a good choice for a bathroom. This kind of paint doesnt stand up well to the moisture typically present in a bathroom. Thus, this paint is likely to fade quickly and could allow mildew to develop. If you have your heart set on a flat paint finish in your bathroom, youll need to apply a sealer over the paint to protect it from moisture in the air.

Ready to choose the perfect paint for your bathroom? Contact Paintzen to find the right paint for your home.

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Confused About Which Paint To Use In Your Home’s Dampest Environment We Asked An Expert About How To Choose The Best Paint For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are, by definition, dripping wet places that can be a breeding ground for musty mold and mildew. Damp painted surfaces can also be susceptible to peeling and chipping especially if walls arent properly prepped and maintained.

When deciding which bathroom paint to buy, there are several factors to consider:

  • Ventilation: Whether or not the bath or shower room is well-ventilated and
  • Mold and Mildew: If the bathroom has problems with mold or mildew in the past.
  • Health and the environment: Low-odor, non-VOC latex paints are not only durable, but theyre also safer to inhale when wet.

Expert tip: If your bathroom doesnt already have one, install an exhaust fan right away. Its the first step in alleviating mold and mildew problems.

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Waterproof Paint Over Tile

Christofora points out that many of his customers opt to paint over tile. Considered a short-term solution rather than a long-term fix, the right primer is absolutely critical in this situation. The primer needs to be a high-bonding primer to adhere to the tile. He recommends using Zinsser BONDZ Maximum Adhesion Primer. It sticks to surfaces that are typically resistant to coatings, creating a strong bond for any topcoat .

Perfect for DIYers, water-based epoxy paint, like Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint, is a heavy-duty water-resistant product for use on shower stalls and bath surrounds. Each can of Tub and Tile covers 15-square feet in one step, leaving behind a shiny, durable and hard finish.

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Best Paint Finishes For Painting Kitchens And Bathrooms

When painting a kitchen or bathroom choosing the right paint finish is different from choosing a paint finish for any other room and the primary reason for that is the moisture and humidity levels of any kitchen and bathroom are different from the rest of the rooms.

The paint used for specifically painting kitchens and bathrooms is specially formulated to provide a barrier protection from mold and mildew.

The best paint products to use in areas that have a lot of moisture and humidity are waterborn interior paints that can guarantee protection from moisture buildup and mildew problems along with paint problems such as paint peeling or bubbling.

The most common and most recommended paint finish to use for painting kitchens and bathrooms according to some of the best painters is a semi-gloss paint finish, as it provides the right amount of sheen, helps protect paint from peeling or bubbling under extreme moisture conditions and a semi-gloss paint finish is the most durable and easiest to clean in these specific areas.

Sheen Bathroom Paint Finish

Shimmering powder bathroom

Now, sheen really looks its best on trim and moldings. If you use the same color in satin on the walls and ceiling, and sheen on the moldings, there is a subtle, sophisticated difference. Dont neglect the ceiling, especially if you have a small bathroom with no windows. You want as much reflective surface as possible, and moisture hangs out on the ceiling, too, so you want it protected from mold and mildew.

Sheen highlights the architectural details of the molding and trim areas and other woodwork. This finish is also washable. Thats important if you think about what you touch in the bathroom and areas that you cant help but handle often its usually the trim around the door. Extra makeup, hand lotion, and little childrens sticky finger residue all wash off nicely if you use sheen.

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What Is The Best Type Of Paint To Use In A Bathroom

There are a few things to consider when choosing paint for a bathroom. The first is moisture. Bathrooms are high moisture areas and need paint that can withstand that environment. Look for paint that is labeled moisture resistant or mildew resistant. The second thing to consider is durability.

Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear. Choose a paint that is durable and can withstand scrubbing. Look for paint that is labeled scrubbable or washable. The third thing to consider is the finish.

Bathrooms are typically high-traffic areas and you want to paint that will stand up to that traffic. Paint with a high gloss finish is typically more durable and easier to clean than paint with a flat or matte finish.

So, what is the best type of paint to use in a bathroom? There is no definitive answer, but the best paint for a bathroom is typically moisture-resistant, durable high gloss paint.

Best Paint Finish For Bathroom In October 2022

You want to purchase the best paint finish for bathroom. However, you are inundated with information and dont know which best paint finish for bathroom is your ultimate option. Were here to help you out. This article will walk you through the fastest and easiest ways to choose the best paint finish for bathroom.

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Tips For Painting Bathrooms

Once you have chosen the paint color and finish, you can pick out a second paint to accent the trim and doors. When comparing pearl vs. semigloss for trim, it is good to know that pearl has about 25 to 35 percent gloss, while semigloss has about 70 to 85 percent. Using this combination can result in a very pleasing aesthetic.

Consumer Reports has additional tips for bathroom painting, starting with prepping the walls. You will need bleach, water, sponges, tarp or blankets, painters’ tape, paint brushes and, of course, your paint. For bathrooms with showers or tubs, mix one part bleach with three parts water, open a window and clean the walls with a sponge to remove any mildew. Wipe them down and let them dry completely.

Use the painters’ tape on all the edges of everything that you do not want painted. Then, protect the floors, sinks and toilets by covering them with the tarps or blankets you can secure them with extra tape. Sash brushes work well for painting bathrooms since they have diagonal edges to get into tight places. Other than that, follow the manufacturers directions about how to apply the paint and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.


Think About Ease Of Wiping The Walls

How To Paint A Bathroom – DIY At Bunnings

Bathrooms tend to accumulate dripping, brown stains on the walls due to moisture. Its unsightly. You need a paint that can be easily wiped. Choosing the right finish will help.

Flat finishes should be avoided in a bathroom because they absorb moisture and are difficult to wipe. When using flat, stick to out-of-the-way areas of your home that rarely need to be wiped.

Eggshell finishes are more easily wiped, but they arent good for moisture-prone areas.

Satin finishes are slightly glossy and are suitable for a low-moisture bathroom, like a powder room.

Semi-gloss finishes repel moisture well, and are easily wiped.

High-gloss is excellent at repelling moisture, and is easily wiped. But it doesnt always look good when painted on large surfaces, like a wall. Using it on the trim or on your bathroom cabinets is a good idea, while semi-gloss is better reserved for the walls.

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Oil Paint Vs Latex Paint

If youre looking for the right type of paint for your bathroom, reach for a water-based latex paint. While oil paint has its reputation for durability and ability to stand up to scrubbingmuch needed qualities in paint for bathroomsit requires the use of mineral spirits for clean-up, dries slowly between coats, and releases high levels of volatile organic compounds . Theres also the chance that oil paint will yellow over time, especially in low light conditions.

Latex paint is a better pick for bathrooms and many formulas today offer much-improved durability and moisture resistance. Just be sure that if you opt for water-based latex paint, you pick a paint that is washable. These paints will typically have a tighter molecular structure that doesnt allow water to penetrate, meaning you can scrub away stains and residue without worrying about moisture from your cleaning efforts ruining your paint.

When planning a bathroom makeover, do yourself a favor and go with easier-to-use and quicker-to-dry latex paint. You can clean up brushes and spills with water, and youll breathe easier in the small space when using a low VOC paint.

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