Best Light Grey Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Dior Gray

My 4 Favorite Gray Paint Colors

The Spruce

If you want to go bold with your gray, consider a deep, soothing dark gray like Benjamin Moore’s Dior Gray . This rich color works in bathrooms and bedrooms and pairs well with golds and rich reds for a classic palette that will transcend trends. When placed next to a fresh white subway tile, Dior Gray looks extremely chic and modern.

The Bottom Line On The Best Gray Paint Colors

Gray is so universal. Its easily adaptable to a variety of environments. Certainly, there are tons of options in the world of gray tones, and that can feel like a lot to sift through. However, we hope this list of our favorite gray colors helps with your dreams of a new, beautiful home exterior.

If you need help deciding which gray color will work best for your home, reach out about your project. We can even create virtual home designs comparing two of your favorite gray colors!

Benjamin Moore Cement Gray

BM Cement Gray 2112-60, image courtesy of Ballard Designs

A cool, modern gray, Cement Gray is a classic neutral with both a red and blue undertone. It has a reliably gray appearance that doesnt appear cold or muddy, although it may occasionally take on a slight purple tone. Cement Gray sets off warm brown and red tones perfectly and has a soft look against crisp white trim. This chic color is a designer favorite.

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Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

This is a gorgeous, calming grey color that I am presently living with at the new house. It is painted on the walls of the dining room, living room, entry, and powder room.


I am considering Repose Gray for kitchen cabinets too! Why? It is beyond popular for good reason. When youre after a greige that looks smashing with crisp white trim and only seems to improve when the sunlight hits itthis is it.

In fact, since Im a huge fan of atmospheric blue-greys, I love how Repose Gray looks with natural light. BUT. If your room is dim, you may still love it!


I know this because I still love the hue on the gloomiest of Chicagoland days! It is cooler for sure, but never cold or sterile.


See this kitchen tour and resources too RIGHT HERE.

Colonnade Gray By Sherwin Williams

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Walls  Jillian Lare

Colonnade Gray LRV: 53

Colonnade Gray is a medium-light gray with RGB values of R: 198 G: 192 and B: 182. The weak blue in this color profile gives Colonnade Gray its warmth, and the prominence of red is responsible for some brown undertones.

This is a great choice for nearly any room, but Colonnade Gray is one of the best gray paint colors for kitchen cabinets. The beautiful gray cabinets in the image below are Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Heres a look at Colonnade Gray used in a laundry room. The fun texture of the beadboard really brings the paint color to life.

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Why Choose A Greige Paint Color

When it comes to painting your walls, greige can be a solid choice. Most light greige paint colors have a high LRV number making them ideal for reflecting natural light. They add an easy and subtle look to the room, while dark greige colors can make your room pop without being too loud or bright.

On top of this, the greige color blends very well with other color accents since it is a mixture of gray and beige, forming the perfect neutral tone. Indeed, greige is so versatile that you can easily pair it with red, blue, orange, or green, whichever color you like.

Not only that, greige paint colors have become widely popular on the market. In fact, some of the best-selling wall paint colors are greige.

Also, some major paint brands, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, are known for their excellent greige paint colors. So, dont hesitate to go for a greige paint color to decorate your walls.

Stonington Gray By Benjamin Moore

Stonington Gray LRV 59.75

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore is a medium gray paint color and has some cool blue undertones. The color should look like a true gray in most rooms. However, with cool lighting or blue objects in a room, the color can end up appearing bluish.

With a LRV of 59.75, Stonington Gray is right in the middle of what I consider the sweet spot for gray paint colors . This doesnt mean the color is subjectively best, it just means that has a wide range of compatibility aka it will look good in almost any room!

In rooms with good natural lighting, Stonington Gray ends up looking a little brighter then it really is thanks to the cool undertones. This makes it a great paint color choice when you want a definitively gray color, but want to keep things feeling bright and open.

Heres how Benjamin Moore describes Stonington Gray on their product page:

This color is part of the Historic Color collection. A collection of 191 time-honored hues comprises our most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces. Unveiled in 1976 to celebrate the US bicentennial, a collection of 191 colors inspired by Americas historic landmarks.

Looking for the perfect gray to make your bathroom feel fresh & clean? Stonington Gray is one of the best gray paint colors for a bathroom.

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Oc

Gray Owl has been popular for quite some time now, right up there with Revere Pewter . However, with an LRV of 65, not only is it lighter, but its also cooler.

Gray Owl is a light gray. In fact, Gray Owl is a WARM gray that will act as a soft cool gray on your walls, picking up a sometimes green, sometimes blue, and sometimes non-existent undertone. You can expect this bad-ass colour ninja to really change its tune as your exposure shifts.

Read more

What is the difference between Gray Owl and Stonington Gray?

Now, not EVERYONE wants a soft, light neutral there are some of you who like things a bit deeper. That being said, if youre doing home staging, I would HIGHLY recommend that you stick to the ABOVE depths for mass appeal.

For those of you who want a bit more depth, without getting too hot n heavy , you might REALLY love

Light French Gray By Sherwin Williams

Paint Colour Review: Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055

Light French Gray LRV: 53

Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams is a lovely medium-light gray paint color with good balance. The color could easily be considered a cool-neutral because the cool tendencies are understated.

The colors LRV of 53 is dark enough to stand out, but not to the point where things start to feel gloomy.

Light French Gray has been an extremely popular light gray paint color in recent years. Its currently included in five different Sherwin Williams color collections which is the most of any color in this gray paint color guide.

Heres a look at Light French Gray used in a bathroom. I love how it looks when paired with white trim and wood accents. Stunning!

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Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray Sw

My love affair with Colonnade Gray has been going on for a while. And while I sure as heck didnt love our last home, I DID love how Colonnade Gray looked in it.

Colonnade has an LRV of 53, so it sits like a soft, light-medium depth, rather than a fresher, brighter light depth as its got a bit more meat on its bones.

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

Click HERE or on the above image to see available packages

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How The Quality Of Light Changes Paint Colours

Paint colours will change depending on HOW MUCH NATURAL LIGHT you get in your room. For example, lets say the main floor of your home has mostly south-facing windows, but the bottom level has greenery or a deck that blocks a lot of natural light. Or maybe, your living room is north-facing and your kitchen is south-facing either of these situations will TOTALLY affect how your paint colour looks and even the SAME COLOUR in both spaces can look considerably different!

  • A LOT of natural light will wash out paint colours, especially the ones were going to look at. Just remember, the sun shifts throughout the day and so will your paint colour!
  • Average natural light is when your paint colour will look truest to form.

And dont forget to pay attention to your LIGHT BULBS!

And the MOST IMPORTANT of all! Me. Just jokingkind of. Really though, its important to remember that a gray or greige may favour one or two undertones, but can slide into ANY of the cool undertones given the right environment. You MIGHT not be able to satisfy EVERY room, EVERY countertop, EVERY flooring in your home with ONE paint colour sometimes, something has to give . Be prepared to look at additional colours in your palette if you need to.

Lets hit that bad boy one more time

So, while I love to hear myself talk, I know that youre REALLY only here for the pretty pictures , so lets get at it!

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Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath No 229

The Spruce

New York City architect John Mochelle is partial to a paint shade called Elephant’s Breath. “The color’s warm beige undertone makes the hue extremely versatileit can work in many different rooms including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. The shade pairs perfectly with other neutrals, especially bright whites. It also works with vibrant shades of green.”

West Coast Ghost By Backdrop

Modern Neutrals: 20+ Beautiful Light Greige Paint Colors

Not into warm paint colors? Keep your cool with Backdrop’s favorite gray: West Coast Ghost. “People have always really loved West Coast Ghost,” explains Natalie Ebel, Backdrop’s co-founder. “The gray with cool undertones is elevated and also has an architectural feeling that can really brighten and open a space.”

Want to make your room look instantly larger? Brush on a coat of this can’t-go-wrong gray.

Undertone: CoolTo buy: $59 per gallon,

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Sherwin Williams Wordly Gray

The last of our favorite light gray colors is Wordly Gray by Sherwin Williams. This color is both warm and soft and offers that subtle contrast again against white walls or trim. It is the perfect color to use on a homes exterior, interior walls, or even cabinets. Worldly Gray is a slightly darker than one of the previous colors, Agreeable Gray. If you plan on using it on the interior, it might be best to use it in a room with lots of natural light since it is a little darker.

Smart Grey Paint Color Tips

1. Consider all the various nuances of light grey paint colors .


2. Decide whether objects in the room are cool or warm .

3. Assess the lighting in your spacedoes it receive a ton of natural light or very little sunlight .


4. Choose a few grey paint color to test large swatches on the walls.

But which greys?

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Best Light Gray Paint Colors

Light gray paint colors are popular for home interiors because of their neutral vibe. Theyre not too bold, but a more cozy than a stark all white room.

The light gray paint colors in this category have been carefully curated to avoid paint colors with strong undertones, making them the best light gray paint colors for 2022. These paint colors go with almost any decorating style and look good in any room of the house.

This list of neutral light gray color selections are all colors with LRVs ranging from 57 to 75.

Evergreen Fog By Sherwin Williams

Neutral Colors for Walls | Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

I had to update this list to add Sherwin Williams latest color of the year pick, Evergreen Fog. A beautiful deep green with greige undertones, Evergreen Fog is one of the darkest hues on this list. If you want a color that packs a punch and you also have quite a bit of natural light in the space in question, consider Evergreen Fog.

If you like the idea of gray green paint but didnt quite find what you were looking for, check out my review on Pigeon by Farrow and Ball or you can find other paint color reviews here.

Need help deciding what color to paint your room? Heres my full guide on how to choose paint colors!

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Arctic Seal By Benjamin Moore

Arctic Seal LRV: 14.96

Arctic Seal by Benjamin Moore is DARK! It has a LRV of 14.96, which makes it the darkest color in this gray paint color guide . This cool dark gray could also be classified as a gray-black hybrid color.

Benjamin Moore personifies Arctic Seal in their paint color description:

In his chilly underwater playground, a graceful shadow darts and twirls among the polar ice flows.

View the color Arctic Seal on the Benjamin Moore website here.

Arctic Seal would be a great option if youre wanting something moody but not quite as bold as going full on black. This color would make a really pretty accent wall in an office or bedroom. Itd also be fun to paint bathroom cabinets with this dark gray paint color. Get creative!

What Does Greige Mean

Grays with a brown undertone are called greige because are a mix of beige and gray.

For the purposes of choosing a paint color, I classify greiges as a different color than grays, but technically speaking, they are both grays. Greige paint colors are warm and welcoming, while true gray paint colors give off a more refined and modern air.

If youre interested in warm, gray paint shades with a hint of beige, check out this post on the best greige paint colors.

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Is Warm Gray The Same As Greige

No. While similar, a warm gray does not have enough beige in it to be a greige. Some paint colors are borderline, though!

A warm gray still reads as a gray when its on your wall. Greige colors look decidedly beige. Put them next to each other and you’ll instantly be able to see the difference.

If you want your room to feel warm, then a warm gray may not be what you are looking for. Sure, it will be warmer than a blue toned gray but it will still look gray!

Gray Paint Undertones Explained

Light Gray Paint Colors Are Trickier to Decorate with Than Youd Think ...

Gray paint is interesting. When you view a tiny swatch of a gray paint color, it just looks gray. But, when you compare one gray paint swatch next to a different gray paint swatch, you begin to see the undertones. The first gray paint swatch may now look blue, and the other may look beige.

As mentioned above, gray paint colors can be either warm or cool, depending on their undertones.

Almost all grays have some sort of undertone. The most common undertones for grays are green, blue, purple or brown. Grays with a blue, purple or green undertone are typically cool grays, while grays with a brown undertone are typically warm grays.

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Best White Gray: Benjamin Moore Graytint

The Spruce

Torn between gray and white? Consider Graytint your solution. This gray is light enough to be considered a dark white and is a brilliant color for bedrooms that lack natural light. It’s misty, moody, and tranquil, creating an elegant hotel-like atmosphere in any bedroom once up on the walls. Pair with a white linen duvet for a space you’ll never want to leave.

Sherwin Williams Big Chill Sw

Big Chill is wicked coolliterally. Its a light gray with a soft, subtle blue undertone. Like most grays, it CAN flex into the other cool undertones but doesnt go easily.

Big Chill isnt an OVERLY icy gray, but it sure as heck isnt warm, ESPECIALLY in a north-facing room. And with its LRV of 62, it hits me RIGHT in the happy place . I also have a mild weakness for Sherwin Williams On the Rocks and Crushed Ice same ideaslightly different undertones.


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Summit Gray Vs Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Summit Gray vs Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is another great side by side comparison. These are both extremely popular Sherwin Williams gray paint colors.

Summit Gray is significantly darker than Agreeable Gray, however, both are very appealing in their own way. Both colors are pretty neutral with no significant undertones, and no strong cool or warm bias.

Choosing between the two will come down to personal opinion, but keep in mind that Agreeable Gray would be a better choice for a room with limited natural light.

I recommend testing both colors in your home to see which one looks better in person. Sampilze peel & stick samples makes this super easy Check out these Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples from Samplize.

In many cases, seeing the samples side by side in the room youre wanting to paint will make the decision so much easier!


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