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Choosing House Paint Colors

Best house paint

Selecting from a nearly endless parade of exterior paint color ideas can be overwhelming, and the very act of exterior home painting is a big job. Follow these tips for choosing exterior paint colors that go together so you can be confident as you undertake your painting project. With a little know-how, you can create a color scheme that suits your home’s architecture and style and reflects your tastes.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Exterior Paint

Choosing an Exterior Paint

As previously stated, the outside of your house is significantly exposed to adverse weather conditions such as scorching sunlight and rain. In addition, the life cycle of outdoor paint is often shortened due to UV light exposure and other environmental influences. As a result, choosing and applying the proper exterior wall paint is critical.

A few variables to consider while selecting exterior wall paint are listed below.

Finding The Best Quality House Paint

The premium line from any manufacturer will almost certainly cover better and last longer than its less-expensive versions. Because the expense of painting is mostly in the labor, it makes sense to buy premium paint. But suppose you plan to move or want to change the color scheme of your home in the next few years. Here’s where you can save with a midlevel paint that’s backed for 10 years or so versus 15 or more for many top-of-the-line paints.

“We find customers really don’t believe warranty claims,” says Lane Blackburn, vice president of architectural marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “But they do use the warranty as a guide to quality.” For example, Ace Hardware, like most retailers, offers two exterior-paint lines: Royal Shield and Quality Shield .

There are other ways to pick quality exterior paint out of a lineup:

Proper pigments. Quality pigments allow a good paint to cover fully with just one coat. Paints with lower-cost pigments often must be applied in several coats. That means more work, which makes buying low-quality paint a poor financial decision. The best pigment is titanium dioxide. Look for it when ingredients are listed on the can.

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Dos & Donts For Interior & Exterior House Colour As Per Vastu

  • Orange and Red are two perfect home colour outside to paint the walls in the southeast direction of the house.

  • As per Vastu, the living room should ideally be in the North-West direction of the house and be painted white according to the Vastu exterior house color design.

  • The parking area should ideally be in the South-East or the North-West direction of the house as this will keep your vehicles safe as per Vastu Shastra.

  • The kid’s room should have walls painted in white colour and must be built in the North-West direction, and as this direction is ruled by the moon.

  • Vastu home colour outside suggests that the master bedroom of the house should be built in the South-West zone. The bedroom should be painted in a light shade of pink, green, and blue this will help bring peace and prosperity into the lives of the family members.

Modern Exterior House Paint Colours And Vastu Guidelines

Exterior Paint Schemes And Consider Your Surroundings

When renovating your home, it is also necessary that you look at some Vastu guidelines when picking the best colour for house exteriors.

The exterior of a house should have a light colour such as light yellow, white, beige mauve, etc., according to Vastu. Sometimes, Indian house colours for homeowners are recommended based on the direction of the house. Also, never have black colour outside the home as it absorbs negativity and may lead to depression. According to Vastu, if the home faces the south-east, home color such as orange, pink, and green are the best. For the south-west facing houses, light brown or peach can be used. For the north-facing homes, green colour is recommended according to Vastu. The north-west facing house should be painted in light gray and cream colour as the ideal house color combination for inviting positivity. The best colour for house outside in a west-facing home is painted in blue or white.

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Prevents The Formation Of Wall Marks And Stains

A fresh coat of paint on your external walls can not only fix issues but will also cover up any blemishes or stains that have accumulated on your walls over time. In addition, having dust on your outside walls is frequent in cities and locations that see a lot of building activity. This may be prevented by using anti-dust exterior paints, which have a dust guard technology that prevents dust from adhering to your homes walls.

What Is The Quality Of The Surface

The state of the surface is important both in deciding what type of paint to use and also the preparation work youll need to do . If youre painting over an older surface, make sure its dry, clean and in good repair that any dust, mould, algae or moss has been removed and any rust has been sanded down. You may need to use a primer and/or undercoat to ensure both the best finish and that your paint job lasts for as long as possible.

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Best Season To Paint A House Exterior

The optimal painting season for the house exterior is when it is warm, and rain is at a minimum.

Painting in Summer

To escape the rain, one may choose summer for painting. But summer doesnt mean the same all across the country for areas that experience cyclones or monsoon conditions toward the end of summer, not all of summer is ideal for painting. In places like this, start painting in the early summers.

During Monsoon

Exterior paints should only be applied on dry surfaces. Amid heavy rainfall, youll hardly find any.

Painting in Autumn

Temperature fluctuations also play a key role, as paint doesnt dry well when temperatures vary drastically. For that reason, early fall may also be a good time of year to paint.

Gray White And Orange

Chosing Dunn Edwards paint best for exterior house painting.

Neutral colours gray and white with a dash of orange are a beautiful colour pairing for home outside. These modern house outside colour combinations look subtle yet impactful, and contribute to the freshness of the house. With the white colour combination for house exterior painting, the accent orange colour can be added in a small portion to the exteriors. Orange radiates warmth and happiness, and is best to team up with the dull gray shade. This trio is a harmonious outdoor colour combination for house external walls.

Get a glimpse of the elevation colour combinations of orange, greys and white in the image of outside paint for house above.

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When To Start Planning Your Exterior Painting

Manufacturers and experts often recommend winter as the best time for exterior wall painting. The interior can be painted anytime, and the conditions will be ideal. But extreme sun or rainfall in monsoon can degrade the quality of the paint. During winters, the dryness in the air and ideal temperature help exterior paint to harden and successfully coat a houses exterior.

Best For Front Door: Modern Masters 275266 Front Door Paint

Courtesy of Home Depot

Size: 1 quart | Coverage Area: 100 square feet | Color: Black | Finish: Satin

  • Must use primer first

You can make a bold statement with a colorful front door. The Modern Masters Front Door Paint is available in just about every shade you can imagine, from black to bright yellow. The water-based formula can be used on interior and exterior metal and wood surfaces. It is ideal for doors and shutters. The never-fade formula ensures it will always be as vibrant as the day you painted it.

Each 1-quart container of this paint can cover up to 100 square feet. The formula dries down to a smooth satin finish. The brand recommends applying two coats for optimal coverage. The best part is that you can paint your door without taking it off its hinges.

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How To Get A Long

Primer grips the surface and gives it a uniform porosity. Use primer over unpainted wood siding or a chalky surface. It’s not needed over sound paint. For best results, stick with primers labeled “exterior” or “interior/exterior.” All oil-based primers and some water-based ones stop “bleeding” of red cedar and redwood. Coat knots with a pigmented shellac, such as BIN.

Indigo Exterior Emulsion Paint

The Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors

The Indigo exterior paint protects your house from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The paint is anti-algal and antifungal. The exterior paint provides beautiful features to your home, making it a sight to watch. The price of this product is Rs. 560/-.


  • Protects your home from UV radiation
  • It is an antifungal paint.
  • Protect your home from environmental factors.


  • Inhalation might be challenging while painting
  • It might lead to skin irritation

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Best For Brick: Romabio Bianco White Limewash Interior/exterior Paint

Courtesy of Home Depot

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 200-450 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Matte

  • Variable coverage per gallon

  • Application process might be confusing

Painting the exterior of brick homes is a popular trend. If youre hoping to transform your masonry, the ROMABIO Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint is specially designed for the job. This product is an authentic slaked-lime paint that allows brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces to breathe, reducing moisture build-up. Its UV-resistant and durable, resisting peeling and chipping.

This zero-VOC formula has a flat finish that emulates the natural limewash look of historic Europe. You can use a garden hose or spray bottle after painting to achieve this style. One gallon covers up to around 450 square feet and dries in 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the conditions.

Best Exterior Paint Finishes

Exterior paint comes in a number of finishes, including flat, satin, and gloss. In contrast to what many think, the paints finish is not just about aesthetics. Its important to note that it also plays an integral role in how paint performs.

Flat Finish

The most porous among the three is the flat finish. It does not reflect light, which makes it an excellent choice for old houses as it can help hide those imperfections and flaws on the surface. However, if your paint has a flat finish, it may not be the best paint for exterior doors, floors, railings, and windows as its not a very durable finish due to its porosity. For best results, just reserve its use to exterior walls that arent often touched.

Satin finish

The most popular paint finish among homeowners is the satin finish due to its subtle sheen. Its not too shiny but isnt dull and boring either. Plus, its very easy to keep clean and maintain. A satin paint finish is more robust than a flat finish and is perfect for painting walls.

Glossy finish

If you want a paint finish to be used for high-traffic areas like the doors, windows, outside furniture, handrails, etc., a glossy paint finish is a great option. Glossy paint can also be a great deck paint with a shiny finish that reflects light and can magnify every detail of your exterior structure. So if you want to draw attention to any architectural details on your house, then painting it with a glossy finish will achieve this end.

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Pewter Cast Gray By Sherwin

Sherwins Pewter Cast is a cool-muted tone of gray that works well for exterior stucco, lap siding, or cedar shingles. For homes with dark gray shingles or black roofs and exposed stone or brick, this gray exterior colors adaptability is key. It also pairs nicely with white exterior trim colors like Zircon .

Where this gray paint shines is when you have decorative exposed brick or stone with cooler undertones on your home. Oftentimes, its rare to find a gray paint color that coordinates with these elements. Pewter Gray is the perfect deep cooler-toned exterior shade for the job. Combine this gray tone with wood accents and a dark blue or brown front door for a gorgeous modern exterior color palette.

Exterior Color Dos And Don’ts

Consumer Reports Searches For Top House Paints

Selecting an exterior color scheme is a big decision. The level of commitment is more intense than picking a wall color. But knowing a few exterior color dos and don’ts will save you a lot of color regret. See how to play up your home’s best features and pick the right hues with these simple exterior color rules.

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Best Overall: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint And Primer In One

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 400 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Semi-gloss

  • Paint and primer in one

  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  • May require second coat for even coverage

  • Goes on too thick for some

What do buyers say? 52,900+ Home Depot reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

If you’re looking for exterior paint that makes your work easier, our best overall pickBEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterioris an effective two-in-one paint and primer. You can skip the priming step altogether with this product, saving your time and energy. This 100 percent acrylic paint is also long-lasting, resists stains, mildew, peeling, and fading, and is Greenguard Gold Certified .

This sleek low VOC paint is available in semi-gloss, flat, and satin finishes and is suitable for numerous applications, including many types of sidings, stucco, brick, and fences. Maintenance is easy, too: Use soap and water to clean the surface. One coat should be all you’ll need to touch up any nicks or scratches. Although, you may want an additional coat for the best coverage.

While the price is pretty consistent with others on our list, it might add up quickly if you have a large surface area to paint. Depending on application and surface porousness, a 1-gallon can cover about 400 square feet. This dual paint and primer is also available in 1-quart, 1-gallon, or 5-gallon containers.

Best Aerosol Spray Paint

Aerosols are something Ive been using a lot of lately. I like using them for smaller bits of exterior trim such as hanging basket brackets, garden furniture, door knockers, planters and various other bits. I have used many brands over the years, but the best by miles is Maston 2K.

Available online, this is the only multi-use 2K product of its type. It does come with a primer, but to be honest, the topcoat bonds to pretty much any surface unaided. Being a 2K product, Maston is perfect to use outside the home. The finish is not only flawless, but its also resilient to toxins such as petrol and oil.

We do have a full review, which you can see here.

I wont spend too long on each of these.

The best exterior caulk Ive ever used is Onetime from Ciret. Not because of the application or the aesthetics, but because I know it will not fail over time as other products will.

The best masking film I have used is Indasa Coverall. This is a blue plastic film with masking tape at the top. You simply roll it out over a window, door, or whatever else you want to cover, cut it to length and unfold the plastic. Electrostatic will cause the film to drop flush to the surface long enough for you to tape around it.

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Shoji White By Sherwin

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams is an excellent off-white option. Its warm, yet not overly yellow or beige, so it looks great in any light. If youre torn between greige and cream, this could be the color choice for you.

I love pairing Shoji White with warm browns and bronzes, like SW Urbane Bronze.

Shoji White works wonderfully with more traditional exteriors since it gives a neutral color palette while also keeping the house looking fresh and modern. Its great with deep reds, blues, greens, taupes, greys almost any color.

This is color ideal for those who prefer off-whites that are more creamy than harsh.

Best Colour Combination For Indian House Exterior Walls: Top House Painting Colour Choices

10 Inspiring Exterior House Paint Color Ideas

When it comes to outside colour of house, go for one or two maximum three house exterior colours. Go in for exterior colour combinations that look attractive but overall looks pleasing. If you wish to stick to just a single colour, use different shades of the same colour to avoid monotony.

Here are some exterior paint color combinations for Indian houses:

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Exterior Wall Paint With Elongation Qualities

Internal tension has often been recognised as a significant cause of deterioration of the paint used for the exterior wall. The flexibility and tensile strength of various kinds of coatings vary greatly. As shown by epoxy, acrylic, and Poly siloxane coatings, high-strength films are less flexible. The polyurethanes were very malleable. As a result, elongation qualities become vital in the choice of exterior paint. The elongation of material establishes its flexibility and, as a result, its capacity to withstand deformation without breaking. Combining a high ultimate tensile strength with a high elongation results in materials with a high degree of toughness.

Historic Color Palette: Bungalow

This simple house style from the first third of the 20th century is characterized by bold trim and architectural details, such as eaves brackets. At the time, body colors tended to be muted autumnal shades of brown, green, and gray.

Similar to shown: Thomas Point Light , Antique White , and Peach Clay in Glidden Exterior about $20$40 per gallon Glidden

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Best Exterior Paint For Your Home

The best exterior paint for your project can improve your homes appearance while also protecting it from moisture, fading and temperature changes. Different types of exterior paint are available for every part of your homes exterior, including siding, fences, doors, gutters and more. This guide will discuss the paint qualities you should look for and help you determine the best outdoor paint for your home.

Note: Practice lead paint safety. If the house or surface you’re painting was built before 1978, see EPA’s renovation, repair and painting program for guidelines.


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